Study Finds 5 Best Hosting Providers in Canada as Measured by Speed, Uptime, and WordPress User Friendliness

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    SAN DIEGO, CA, May 22, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — In Canada, the need for fast Web hosting is on the rise, with 7 million websites hosted in 2019. Recently CSSKarma carried out intensive research on top hosting companies in Canada. For this research, benchmarks for speed, security, reliability, value, and Eco-friendliness were used to rank performance.

Results: Top 5 Hosting Companies in Canada

1. SiteGround
Established in 2004, this hosting platform has grown to become Canada’s number one hosting provider. It has 4 data centers in different parts of the world and the closest to Canada in Chicago. From our testing, it scored a speed rate of 138.1 ms which made it the fastest web hosting platform in our top 5 listings. This is because of an SSD disk that delivers data 30% faster than the traditional HDD. As for the reliability, our uptime checker software confirms it to be perfect, it has maintained a steady spot since 2016. SiteGround has one of the most secured equipment, they operate on an AI integrated security system that has been preventing numerous cyber attacks from external forces. It’s 24/7 customer care agents are considered the most responsive. Their state of the art equipment is made of non-carbon emitting compounds thus, making them an Eco-friendly company. Their prices range from $ 5.95/month for new customers and $ 19.95/month on renewal.
• Free daily backup
• 24/7 Technical. Support
• SuperCacher
• Cloudflare CDN integration
• 20GB SSD storage

2. Bluehost
“Our speed, Your Success”! This is what the company slogan says, and they are living up to that promise. This company has a very large number of servers which spans across Asia, Europe, and American continents. Their closest datacenter is Michigan and scores 149.8 ms at the speed test. But while in Canada, it’s average speed moves at 13 ms. The company is determined to make all its customers experience the fast speed of their services which is why they have moderated their prices to suit new customers. All the company’s hosting plan has the same quality SSD storage, Apps, Cloudflare CDN, and Hackscan protection, with each feature representing the speed, security, reliability, eco-friendliness. Their pricing is fixed at 10.26 CAD/$ .
• Turbo server
• Limitless Bandwidth
• optimized WP
• Free Site Migration
• Money back policy (anytime)

2. Hostinger
This is the cheapest on our list, it is also popular among Canadian webmasters. It has proven itself to be among the top-performing web hosting service platforms in the country. Due to its performance, this company has spread its services to the other 36 countries with 6 datacenters to boost. Their closest datacenter to Canada is the one in South Carolina. This platform is fast, from our speed test it has scored an average of 143.1 ms in speed, but in Canada it has scored 38 ms, meaning that it is twice as fast for Canadian users. Like we mentioned earlier, this hosting platform is extremely cheap even with their quality delivery, they charge $ 0.80/month for a 2 year, making them the cheapest hosting platform in the Canadian market. The platform measures 99.9% in its uptime test thereby making it the second most reliable hosting platform in Canada. As per their security effectiveness, their Bitninja security suite makes them impenetrable by hackers.
• Host unlimited websites
• One domain name for free
• SSH access
• CPanel
• Local support Centre

4. GreenGeeks
This company represents what an eco-friendly tech-business environment should look like. They operate on a 300% green energy system and has emerged as the fourth fastest hosting platform on the list. Unfortunately, this is not a Canadian-owned company, it is American (Californian) but operates in Canada. Currently, we have counted their total number of data centers to 5, sited in different parts of the world. As per the speed, we have measured it at 178.6 ms, but while in Canada, the speed rate was measured at an incredible rate of 9 ms. The is people-oriented which is why each plan has the same bandwidth, domains, Limitless Space, emails, and databases. Their services also come with a reasonable price offer, their offer goes for $ 3.95/month (for 3years) coupled with a stiff security apparatus.
• 300% Green
• Limitless SSD
• Well Encrypted wildcard SSL
• cPanel & Softaculous
• 24 hours technical Support

5. Digital Ocean
This is an award-winning hosting company and probably the oldest on the list. They are known for many attributes but one of their popular traits is that they offer a combination of SSD, advanced server caching, and an NGINX set-up on their services. Unfortunately, it scored a bit low (to compare with its counterparts) during our speed test with 67 ms. Again, this company offers lots of free offers to their customers which we believe is a diversion method to distract them from the slow speed factor. These offers include Limitless storage space, free domain name, bandwidth and disk space, free themes, and free marketing photos and content.
How Each Site was Tested

Here at csskarma, we make use of different contemporary software tools which has much sped up the research process. Though we took a hint from some online platforms who usually engage in grading e.g. BulevurGames®. But the most helpful is the online poll and the random online interview which was conducted on two major social media platforms – Facebook and Twitter. We also made effective use of BirdEye software – a customer rating tool that helps generate the best performing product using various online reviews. And we had to apply a keyword tool to further confirm the popularity of each hosting platform.

Which Sites Had the Best Uptime
Despite the grading of these various hosting platforms, we will like to add that they all function perfectly well according to their unique attributes. But we believe two out of them are the most legitimate and therefore recommended as the most preferred. Those two are:
• SiteGround
We believe the speed of this platform has the most interesting features as per our benchmark for grading these companies. They make use of cutting edge technology especially in their area of saver security. Again, the fact that they control 4 datacenters located in different parts of the world makes them an internationally acclaimed hosting company. From our research, both their customer service section and their management operations are top notches.
• Hostinger
We will like to also add this company to the list of the most legitimate. Hostinger despite its popularity and quality of the services they offer, this company still presents one of the cheapest hosting price rates in Canada. With CAD/$ 5.93 per month, a speed of 38 ms, and more positive user reviews, it sure qualities to be ranked as the most legitimate.

Which Hosting sites is/were the Best

We will still pick SiteGround as the best WordPress hosting company in Canada. The reason for this is because they have a very high customer base. From our online survey, we noticed that they have very large and enthusiastic customer loyalty. It gets to a point where some customers defend any assumed unprofessional attitude by the company. It takes a lot of quality service to build such customer loyalty. So yes, SiteGround is considered the best hosting company in Canada compared to the rest on this list.

How These Hosting sites should be Used

Website hosting is not like any other online service. As a user, your level of usage is limited; all you need do is to pay for the hosting, and the company takes it from there. We strongly advise that these users of these services apply a high level of caution and moderation. Users of these services must follow each company’s stipulated “Terms of Use” and avoid any dubious activity that will undermine the reputation of the company, or cause them to restrict your usage of this service.

The Data
In the first quarter of 2019, an estimated 7 million websites were hosted in Canadian data centers. Since then till now, we have recorded a year on year (YoY) increase of 3.7 representing a total user growth of 122 million on an annual basis. And out of the 330 million domain users, 38.8% we have noted are “dot com” users. It will also interest you to know that there are currently 1.24 billion hosted websites in the world today, and the numbers are rising on a rather slow note.

Canada has 26 different categories of websites which range from Blogs, Educational Websites, Online Magazines, Online Company Websites, e.t.c. all hosted by different Canadian-based. In this article, we are going to present a comprehensive review of the best hosting providers in Canada; their strength uniqueness, and efficiency.

To be successful in web hosting service in Canada, speed should be given a priority. Though other features like security matters, but Canadians are extremely busy people and will not think twice before abandoning a slow hosting company. Again, we must advise users to make out time to go through the company’s Terms of Use Agreement, or their Legal Terms to understand their service model before signing up.

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