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Sturgeon boasts over 80% of Scots back her lockdown approach during 'Trump-like' briefing

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon interrupted her press briefing to bring up Scottish Government polling on her approach to the lockdown. The SNP leader broke with Prime Minister Boris Johnson last week when she refused to back his decision to ease lockdown restrictions and change the messaging from Stay At Home to Stay Alert. However, Ms Sturgeon suggested she was vindicated after unveiling flattering poll numbers that showed a “widespread endorsement” of her approach.

She said 84 percent of people agreed with a “slow and gradual lifting of restrictions” while 82 percent agreed that before any further changes are made to the lockdown the impact of any changes that have already been made should be assessed.

Ms Sturgeon added that 86 percent of Scots agreed that decisions on when and how to lift restrictions “must be based on saving lives and protecting the NHS”.

The bizarre boast of high poll numbers drew comparisons to US President Donald Trump’s fixation on polling from BBC viewers. 

The Scottish First Minsiter insisted the polling proves that “the bond of understanding between government and the public is currently very strong”.

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Users on Twitter remarked that the polling number boast was similar to Trump’s own erratic press briefings.

One user said: “Sturgeon actually telling the public about a poll during a briefing! This is up there with Trump!”

Another added: “Sturgeon & Co now using this briefing as Back Slapping exercise and party political broadcast. Saying polls support her Governments stance on coronavirus.”

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A third BBC viewer remarked: “I’m astounded by it. Hopefully the journalists have picked up on this. I’d expect this in a Donald Trump press conference.”

The only change the Scottish Government has made to lockdown restrictions so far is to allow people to exercise more than once a day.

Ms Sturgeon said she was “very keen” to get the economy moving again but warned social interactions had to be considered “carefully”.

She opened her press briefing by announcing that there have been 14,260 positive cases confirmed – an increase of 143 from yesterday.

The First Minister said a further 46 people have died, taking the total to 2,053 deaths in Scotland.

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