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Sturgeon defies official No10 coronavirus advice and tells Scots to wear face coverings

Scotland’s First Minister stated during her daily coronavirus press conference that guidance had been issued on the Scottish Government’s website advising members of the public to wear face coverings when outside. Ms Sturgeon stressed that she did not mean medical grade face masks but rather a scarf or covering made out of a textile material. 

Ms Sturgeon said: “I want to address face covering, an issue that has attracted lots of attention lately.

“Guidance on this issue has just been published on the Scottish Government’s website.

“I want to stress a very important point and ask you to bear this in mind.

“I am talking here about face coverings made of cloth or other textiles such as a scarf.

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Sturgeon stressed that she did not mean medical grade face mask (Image: Getty)

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Nicola Sturgeon has been Scotland’s First Minister for over five years (Image: BBC)

“I am not talking about a medical-grade face mask that you would see health and social care workers wearing.

“The guidance we are publishing today makes clear that the most important step we can take to limit transmission of the virus is to comply with the current stay at home social distancing rules.

“Face coverings are not a substitute for any of that.”

She added:  “The circumstances we are recommending people to wear these face coverings would be if you are in an enclosed space with other people and it is not easy to keep the two metres distance.

“The examples I have given are public transport and shopping but of course, that is not exhaustive.

“The enclosed space with other people, where you may feel you are coming into closer contact with other people than is comfortable.

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“But, I would stress again that under the current rules you shouldn’t be in those kinds of circumstances.

“It should be very limited occasions in which you find yourself in these circumstances but when you do, this is an added precaution.”

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Scotland’s First Minster continued: “It is not a substitute for avoiding those kinds of circumstances.”

“We are not making it mandatory right now.

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“But as we go into the stages of lifting some of the restrictions a bit more than they are now we will review that and it may be that at future stages we take a tougher stance.

“But it is important we don’t get too far ahead of where we are right now or too far ahead of the evidence.

“I do not want people putting so much store and emphasis on facial coverings.”

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