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Sturgeon’s EU admiration ridiculed in savage BBC skit: Blood’s thicker than Juncker’

Westminster and Holyrood are on track for the biggest constitutional showdown since the 2016 EU referendum, as the Scottish government has threatened to block a major post-Brexit law that would allow Westminster to unilaterally set food and environmental standards. Michael Russell, Scotland’s cabinet secretary for constitutional affairs, told the Financial Times that the SNP was prepared to fight in the courts over the legislation. Mr Russell said: “We do not accept that this is a legitimate way of operating within devolution.

“If they pass legislation then we will have no intention of implementing that and they would have to essentially go to court to force its implementation.”

Currently devolved administrations in Scotland and Wales oversee policy areas including environment, food safety and agriculture.

However, Prime Minister Boris Johnson hopes to bring those issues under the UK Government’s control with a proposed UK internal market bill after the final say was set by the EU.

A spokesman for Minister for the Cabinet Office Michael Gove said the SNP’s actions were a move to “confect yet another political row to pursue their separatist agenda”.

Sturgeon’s EU admiration ridiculed in savage BBC skit: Blood’s thicker than Juncker’ (Image: GETTY)

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Michael Russell, Scotland’s cabinet secretary for constitutional affairs (Image: GETTY)

As tensions between Westminster and Holyrood rise and uncertainty over the Union continues, a hilarious BBC skit ridiculing Ms Sturgeon’s relentless attempts to keep Scotland inside the EU has resurfaced.

In 2017, the SNP leader was teased as Radio 4’s Now Show compared Brexit and Ms Sturgeon’s Scottish independence quest to an “unfolding soap opera”.

The comical sketch was broadcast the same day the First Minister wrote a letter to former Prime Minister Theresa May demanding a second vote on separation.

In the letter, the First Minister argued Scotland had to be given the right to exercise their “right of self-determination”.

She added: “The purpose of such a referendum is to give people in Scotland the choice of following the UK out of the EU and single market on the terms you negotiate, or becoming an independent country.”

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Minister for the Cabinet Office Michael Gove (Image: GETTY)

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon (Image: GETTY)

However, her repeated calls to break up the 300-year union bore the brunt of the jokes in a Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis’ soap opera parody.

The spoof began with a pregnant woman telling her husband: “I’ve got news for you, I’m going to have a Brexit.

“It’s going to be great. We’ve been trying for years and it has finally happened.”

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A disgruntled man responded: “You can’t have a Brexit, it’ll ruin your life – who did this to you?”

Before she could respond, the door opened and a woman impersonating Ms Sturgeon interrupted them, saying: “What’s this that I hear about a Brexit?”

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Pro-independence rally in 2014 (Image: GETTY)

The man then said: “Oh, hello Nicola.”

Mocking the SNP’s continuous praise for the EU, the Sturgeon impersonator quipped: “But I like Brussels, he’s a great stepdad.”

The pregnant woman said: “He’s no good for you. We’re family and family comes first.”

Alluding to the length of time the UK has been a member of the Brussels club, Ms Sturgeon added: “I’ve been with him for 43 years.”

In the final payoff as the audience was left in stitches, the man finished: “Nicola, Nicola!

“Always remember, blood is thicker than Juncker.”

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