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Sunday Brunch host left stunned by guest's admission 'I can't look at him now!'

Sunday Brunch host left stunned by guest's admission 'I can't look at him now!' 1

After comedian Russell Howard, 40, gave an insight into what he and his family have been getting up to during the coronavirus lockdown, Sunday Brunch’s host Tim Lovejoy, 52, was left stunned by one of Russell’s family confessions. Russell revealed to the presenter how he now can’t bear to look at his dad after their “freaky” home incident.

Speaking to Tim in an interview on the Channel 4 show, Russell explained how his dad is currently “obsessed” with cycling during this downtime throughout the lockdown.

The comedian started by saying: “My dad cycles for like four hours every day, he’s obsessed.

“And I heard the music he was listening too. Normally at the gym, you’re not aware of the music someone’s running to or cycling too.”

He then revealed what kind of music his dad had been listening to while he’s been homebound.

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Russell continued: “My dad, 65-years-old, was cycling to this song. ‘I wanna s*** you up!’

“And I can’t look at him now! He’s listening to early 90’s R&B. It’s freaky.”

Soon after Russell spoke to Tim about his dad’s taste in music, the stunned presenter went on to ask Russell about his football antics.

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Tim asked the TV star: “You also play 5-a-side don’t you, Russell? Your team are pretty good I understand.

“I try and join in but I’m the oldest now so I’m beginning to kind of creak. The knees are going but I love it.”

Russell, who is married to Cerys Morgan who works for the NHS, is currently isolating with his mum and dad at home.

However, Russell was recently criticised on social media for drinking a can of cider during an interview with ITV’s Lorraine Kelly.

While speaking to Tim and Simon today, the presenter decided to take the opportunity to set the record straight with those who complained about his behaviour on Twitter.

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