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Susan Boyle hints she’ll QUIT singing as she divulges hopes for new career

Britain’s Got Talent viewers were stunned when Susan Boyle took to the stage to audition 11 years ago and blew the judges away with her rendition of I Dreamed A Dream. While she has gone onto sell millions of albums over the years, Susan now has a plan to move into acting.

When talk turned to Susan’s shows, Denise Welch asked: “You’re up dancing, do you actually do dance routines in the show?”

Susan explained: “I do a couple of dance routines you know, jiggle about a bit.”

“And I’ve heard you also have aspirations of, or indeed you have done some, acting,” Denise continued.

“You’d like to further your acting?”

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Brenda continued: “So have you sent him a Valentine’s card then?”

“No, he’d know it was me, that takes the goodness out of it,” Susan replied. “It has to be secret you know.”

But Susan explained she had her last date around six years ago.

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She revealed: “You mean go with fellas? No, youngsters may be able to do it but I haven’t got the time.

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