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GB News week 2 advertiser list in FULL as companies defy 'woke cancel culture'

GB News has suffered some significant blows in the 12 days since its launch. The network immediately started forfeiting advertisers, with campaigning from organisations such as Stop Funding Hate pressuring companies. But while recent figures show GB News viewership has plummeted, some companies have stuck by the channel.

Which companies are still advertising with GB News?

Despite early efforts from pressure groups, GB News still has a wealth of advertisers.

Roughly 30 companies have stayed on with the fledgling network.

They include several corporate behemoths such as Sainsbury’s, Microsoft and Virgin Media.

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GB News chairman Andrew Neil was amongst those to criticise the advertising boycott on his channel.

In a monologue on the show, he criticised “cranks” and “agitators” trying to drive down the network’s popularity.

He told his viewers: “They have all taken the knee to Stop Funding Hate.

“It is important they – and you – realise to whom they are in thrall.”

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Anne Robinson says BBC would have cancelled her as Weakest Link host today 'Woke happened'

“I don’t want the contestants to have to have a box of Kleenex next to them.

However, she added to The Mirror: “With the Weakest Link I never spoke to contestants before the show.

“I was on the podium, with a stern face, to create the atmosphere.

“With Countdown, I have a chat with them, to stop them thinking it’s going to be very cruel.”

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