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Coventry Building Society is offering 'competitive' 1.05 percent interest rate – act now

Coventry Building Society is offering 'competitive' 1.05 percent interest rate - act now

Coventry Building Society is a popular option for savers with several branches as well as the option to manage an account online. With interest rates so low at the moment, savers will be looking for ways to increase their cash while keeping it safe. The Regular Saver account, the building society says, helps the “little you put away each month” to become “more than just money”.

People will be able to pay in more than once, as long as the total each month is not more than the limit.

If a payment does take a person over the £50 monthly limit, then the whole sum will be returned to them.

The monthly allowance element of this account is also particularly important when savers are paying in.

For a sum to count towards a specific month’s allowance, it must arrive before the day of the month someone opens their account.

As a result, the building society has recommended savers make sure all money for the month is paid in a few days before the monthly anniversary date of opening the account at the latest.

This is because any money which arrives after the anniversary date is counted towards the next month’s allowance.

The minimum balance for this account is £1 – making it perfect for those who are just starting a savings journey.

However, it is also important to note the rules about withdrawing money from this account.

Individuals will be able to take money out of their account if they should so need to, but there will be consequences for doing so.

Savers can expect to meet a charge equal to 30 calendar days worth of interest on the amount they withdraw.

The charge is deducted from the balance of the account when a person withdraws funds. 

For those who are interested in opening the account, there are various ways to do so.

The account can be opened online, via the telephone or by post.

Savers must be aged 16 or over in order to open this account.

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Finance Feed

Outriders 1.05 update: New Outriders patch notes for PS4, Xbox and PS5 release latest

UPDATE: Developers People Can Fly has provided news for gamers on PS5, confirming today’s Outriders 1.05 update will reach them, but it might not arrive until after other platforms.

The latest Outriders patch message reads: “Please note that the PS5 patch is still working its way through release. The patch is required for PS5 to be able to crossplay issue-free with PC/PS4. If you are attempting to crossplay with friends on these platforms, please ensure you install the update when it arrives.

Full patch notes for today’s Outriders update can be found listed at the bottom of this article: 

ORIGINAL: Outriders 1.05 is being released today by Square Enix, with good news waiting for gamers hoping to see the return of Crossplay.

As confirmed in the patch notes, today’s Outriders changes will make it possible to play between platforms again. Crossplay is being re-enabled, although People Can Fly have warned there could be a bit of a delay.

According to the latest news shared on Twitter, the Xbox Outriders update is scheduled to roll out today.

But gamers on PS4 and PC will likely receive the patch before those fans using the Microsoft platform. Speaking about the upcoming changes and the re-release of Crossplay, a message from People Can Fly revealed:

“A new patch for PC and PlayStation Platforms will be rolling out over the next few hours!

“We’re a little bit delayed on the Xbox version of this patch, but the @Xbox team are being incredibly supportive in helping us get it ready as soon as we can.

“We are hoping to have this patch ready for Xbox very soon and will update you the moment we have news.

“With the release of this patch, Crossplay between PlayStation and PC is now possible.

“Crossplay between Xbox and PC/PlayStation has been temporarily disabled.

“Crossplay between Consoles and PC will be fully restored once the Xbox patch has gone live.”

So while we don’t know exactly when the game will be updated on all platforms, the process should be completed by April 10.

And the full patch notes for today’s Outriders update confirm that version 1.05 will boast a lot of new bug fixes, and hopefully, some improved matchmaking.

You can find the full list below, including details on today’s Crossplay situation with PS4, Xbox and PC platforms:

  • Overall stability improvements for the matchmaking service

Crash Fixes

  • Will Fix a multiplayer crash that could result in client players having their inventory wiped
  • Will fix the crash when completing the “A Bad Day” side quest.
  • Will fix the crash that occurs in No Man’s Land when your language is set to Spanish (Yes, we know. Video game code is a magical thing).
  • Will fix crash on launch issues
  • Will include many more “random” crash fixes