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Britons should be ‘prepared’ to pay £1,750 when returning from an amber country holiday

“I recently returned from a business trip to the US, which is currently on the amber list and I had to have a test within 72 hours before returning.

In addition to that, he said “travellers will have to provide proof of their day two and day eight tests results, which cost roughly £90.”

“Another point to consider is that while British travellers can now easily travel home from amber countries, these countries may have restrictions in place on arrival.

“Countries such as Spain, France and Italy can change their rules for travellers coming in at any time, especially as UK COVID-19 infections continue to rise.

Britons to avoid ‘exorbitant’ £1,750 hotel quarantine cost after major U-turn

Not only they are required to pay £1,750 per person to cover the costs of a hotel quarantine, but two PCR tests on days two and eight.

PGMBM senior associate, Taylor Burgess, said: “This policy was rushed through parliament and introduced without due thought as to how its one-size-fits-all application would penalise vulnerable citizens and residents.

“We are very pleased that our challenge has led the Government to review the policy, yet it remains frustrating that it has taken legal action for changes to be made.

“Many thousands of people have been subject to exorbitant costs over the past several months or been entirely prevented from undertaking essential travel or returning home because of the financial hardship they would face after paying the costs to quarantine.

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