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Back in Cannes, actor Sean Penn directs again, along with daughter Dylan

He premiered in Cannes his latest film, “Flag Day,” in which he also co-stars. The lead, though, belongs to Penn’s 30-year-old daughter, Dylan Penn.

Sean Penn has been to the Cannes Film Festival about a dozen times — from bumming around with Robert De Niro in 1984 to presiding over the jury.

But his last visit was rocky. Penn’s film, 2016’s “The Last Face,” flopped with critics in way that would make some filmmakers gun shy about returning.

Penn, though, didn’t hesitate. On Saturday night, he premiered in Cannes his latest film, “Flag Day,” in which he also co-stars.

A few hours before walking down the red carpet, Penn sat comfortably in a hotel bar, excited to be back. The festival is the greatest in the world, he said. “Everyone knows it’s the big game.”

And it’s a game Penn welcomes. Cannes is worth it, even if he takes a few lumps. 

“The bad stuff, these days, I’ve been on such extreme ends on that. It’s like: whatever,” says Penn. “The thing is: I am confident that I know as much — more –about acting than almost any of these critics. And I’m very confident in the performance I’m most concerned about.”

With that, Penn raises his hand and points toward where his daughter, Dylan Penn, is sitting. Dylan, 30, is the star of “Flag Day.” She has dabbled before in acting but it’s easily her biggest role yet. In the film, adapted from Jennifer Vogel’s 2005 memoir “Flim-Flam Man: The True Story of My Father’s Counterfeit Life,” she plays Jennifer Vogel, the journalist daughter of a swindler and counterfeiter (played by Penn). 

Her father’s confidence isn’t misplaced. Dylan is natural, poised and captivating. She looks a veteran, already, which might be expected of the child of Penn and Robin Wright. And those critics? Variety said the film “reveals Dylan Penn to be a major actor.”

But for a long time, Dylan never wanted the spotlight. 

“Growing up, being surrounded by actors and being on set, it was really something that didn’t interest me at all,” Dylan says. “I always thought, and still think, my passion lies in working behind the camera. But as soon as I expressed wanting to do that kind of thing, both of my parents said separately: You won’t be a good director if you don’t know what it’s like to be in the actor’s shoes.”

Dylan is stepping forward in movies the same time her father is withdrawing. Penn, 60, is in the midst of shooting Sam Esmail’s Watergate series for Starz, with Julia Roberts. But he has recently pulled further away from Hollywood. Penn devotes more time to Community Organized Relief Effort (CORE), the nonprofit he started after the 2010 earthquake to help Haitians. Haiti has this week again plunged into crisis after the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse, a situation Penn calls heartbreaking. 

“These people have been working so hard to bring their country up and this kind of horrible violence, cynicism — whatever my suspicions the motivation was,” he says. “I’m glad that our teams are safe for the moment, but it’s horrible.”

[embedded content]

During the pandemic, CORE has erected testing and vaccination sites, including one at Los Angeles’ Dodger Stadium, and dispensed millions of shots. In movies, Penn still has a pair of upcoming roles he says he promised to do years earlier. But beyond that?

“Then I just don’t know. I’d be very surprised. I don’t think I would start a movie without knowing if it was going to be a movie. And I don’t think I’d direct something that wasn’t a movie unless it was on the Broadway stage,” he says, and then smiles. “There’s a simpler way of saying that: I’m not interested in directing for the small screen.”

Penn is increasingly at odds with Hollywood’s dominant priorities. He’s never made a franchise film. He laments Marvel movies and “how much it’s taken up the space and claimed so much time in the careers of so many talented people.” He misses cinema that isn’t “just razzle-dazzle, Cirque de Soleil movies.” 

So-called “cancel culture,” he has issues with, too. Arguing that today he wouldn’t be allowed to play gay icon Harvey Milk (2008’s “Milk”), Penn recently said that soon only Danish princes will play Hamlet. 

But his biggest gripe may be with the onset of direct-to-streaming film releases. “The way I’ve always put it is: It’s not the girl I fell in love with,” Penn says. 

MGM will release “Flag Day” theatrically Aug. 13; Penn considers himself “lucky to have a movie that’s going to be a movie.” But it took years to reach this stage. Dylan first read the book when her father optioned it when she was 15. Many possible iterations followed — Penn didn’t initially plan to direct — but the prospect of doing the film with Dylan was appealing. 

“I have always thought if she wanted to do it, I’d encourage it,” Penn says. 

For Dylan, the father-daughter relationship of “Flag Day” — Jennifer tries to help and stabilize her scamming father but also inherits some of his more destructive, conman habits — is a half-reflection of their own bond together. 

“She always strived to have this really honest, transparent relationship with her father which she never got it in return,” Dylan Penn says. “I’ve tried to have that with my dad and got it in return.” 

“It made us a lot closer than we’ve ever been,” she adds. “Of course, there were times when I talked back or had an attitude, but it was like: You can’t. This is your boss. This is work. This is not your dad right now.”

Dylan grants the experience was so satisfying that she’d like to continue acting. Her dad, she feels, may be “passing the torch a little bit,” she says. Hopper Jack Penn, her younger brother, also co-stars in the film. The rest of the cast is more veteran, including Josh Brolin and Regina King. Original songs by Cat Power, Eddie Vedder and Glen Hansard contribute to the score.

But the most vibrant parts of “Flag Day” are the scenes between Dylan and her dad. 

“Dylan is — and I can say this in equal parts for my feeling about her as a person and as an actress — as uncontrived as it gets,” Penn says. “That’s a great quality to play off of.”

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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son Patrick pays tribute as actor Daniel Mickelson dies at 23

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son Patrick has paid his respects to a rising actor who tragically died at the age of 23. Daniel Mickelson’s death was announced on Instagram by his sister, model Meredith Mickelson, on Monday July 5, a day after he passed away.

The actor, who is known for starring in the 2019 series Mani and in the indie horror film The Killer Clown Meets the Candy Man, was just starting out in the industry.

His death remains unknown.

Meredith began her devastating announcement by saying her heart is “shattered”.

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“I wish we could go back there. I wish we were still talking in sentences that probably annoyed everyone else but made us crack up every time.

“I wish I was still sitting on my bathroom floor FaceTiming you, because that was the only place I had wifi and I never wanted to miss a call from you.”

Kaia added: “Thank you for being the reason for so much laughter and happiness in the world. It won’t be the same without you here. I love you Daniel.”

More and more celebrities began to send their prayers and love, including US socialite Paris Hilton.

Author: Jessica Williams
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Sonic The Hedgehog’s Voice Actor Reassures Fans He’s Here To Stay

Sonic© Sega

Over the past day, a rumour surfaced that Roger Craig Smith’s return as the Sonic the Hedgehog voice actor would be a one-off.

It stems from comments made by Super Monkey Ball announcer Brian Maa-Uhl on a recent YouTube Q&A, which are open to interpretation. During the live stream, he noted how Sonic’s voice actor had come out of retirement to return for “one last job”.

This of course caught the attention of the Sonic fandom, and the voice of Sonic has since denied this on social media – reassuring fans he’s here to stay. Or in his words:

“Trust THIS source: I’m back…period.”

At the start of 2021, Smith announced his departure from the role. Sega seemingly made it official with its own parting message and then out of the blue, the same voice actor announced his surprise return to the role in May. No reason for his departure or return was officially revealed.

“I can’t fully express my gratitude for the @sonic_hedgehog crew and community. I hope to honor your support and passion as I’m officially back voicing #SonicTheHedgehog in games. Can’t wait for ya to see what we have planned! THANK YOU…from the bottom of my blue heart.”

So there you have it – according to the Sonic voice actor himself, he’ll be hanging around. Are you looking forward to more Sonic projects featuring Roger Craig Smith in the future? Tell us down below.

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James Michael Tyler, 'Friends' actor who played Gunther, reveals cancer diagnosis

Tyler said his diagnosis kept him from appearing in person on the HBO Max reunion of “Friends” in late May.

WASHINGTON — The actor who played Gunther in the hit TV show “Friends,” James Michael Tyler, revealed on Monday that he was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

During an interview with the TODAY show, Tyler said he was diagnosed in September of 2018. After additional testing, the former actor learned that it has progressed and spread to stage 4.

“I was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer, which had spread to my bones,” Tyler told the TODAY show’s Craig Melvin. “I’ve been dealing with that diagnosis for almost the past three years. … It’s stage 4 (now). Late stage cancer. So eventually, you know, it’s gonna probably get me.”

Tyler said his diagnosis kept him from appearing in person on the HBO Max reunion of “Friends” in late May. He said it was his decision not to appear via  Zoom call rather than person, but said it was “bittersweet.”

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He first learned of his diagnosis during an annual checkup. Tyler said that the cancer eventually spread just in time for the pandemic, despite hormone therapy.

He added that because of the coronavirus pandemic, he missed an appointment which “was not a good thing.” He said his cancer “decided to mutate at the time of the pandemic, and so it’s progressed.”

Right now, Tyler said he is undergoing chemotherapy, but he wanted to push the importance of getting screenings and tests to be diagnosed early.

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The American Cancer Society recommends that men of average risk should be tested around the age of 50, while others with a higher risk — including African American men and those with a family history of prostate cancer — should be tested by 40 or 45. However, the organization urges patients to speak with their doctor before getting a screening.

“A lot of men, if they catch this early, it’s easily treatable,” Tyler stressed. “I don’t want people to have to go through what I’ve been going through. This is not … an easy process.”

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Legendary actor Ned Beatty, who starred in 'Deliverance' and 'Network,' dies at 83

Beatty contributed to some of the most popular movies of his time and worked constantly. His credits included more than 150 movies and TV shows.

NEW YORK — Ned Beatty, the indelible character actor whose first film role as a genial vacationer brutally raped by a backwoodsman in 1972’s “Deliverance” launched him on a long, prolific and accomplished career, has died. He was 83.

Beatty’s manager, Deborah Miller, said Beatty died Sunday of natural causes at his home in Los Angeles surrounded by friends and loved ones.

After years in regional theater, Beatty was cast in “Deliverance” as Bobby Trippe, the happy-go-lucky member of a male river-boating party terrorized by backwoods thugs. The scene in which Trippe is brutalized became the most memorable in the movie and established Beatty as an actor whose name moviegoers may not have known but whose face they always recognized.

“For people like me, there’s a lot of ‘I know you! I know you! What have I seen you in?’” Beatty remarked without rancor in 1992.

Beatty received only one Oscar nomination, as supporting actor for his role as corporate executive Arthur Jensen in 1976′s “Network,” but he contributed to some of the most popular movies of his time and worked constantly, his credits including more than 150 movies and TV shows.

He was equally memorable as Otis, the idiot henchman of villainous Lex Luther in the first two Christopher Reeve “Superman” movies and as the racist sheriff in “White Lightning.” Other films included “All The President’s Men,” “The Front Page,” “Nashville,” and “The Big Easy.” In a 1977 interview, he had explained why he preferred being a supporting actor.

“Stars never want to throw the audience a curveball, but my great joy is throwing curveballs,” he said. “Being a star cuts down on your effectiveness as an actor because you become an identifiable part of a product and somewhat predictable. You have to mind your P’s and Q’s and nurture your fans. But I like to surprise the audience, to do the unexpected.”

He landed a rare leading role in the Irish film “Hear My Song” in 1991. The true story of legendary Irish tenor Josef Locke, who disappeared at the height of a brilliant career, it was well reviewed but largely unseen in the United States. Between movies, Beatty worked often in TV and theater. He had recurring roles in “Roseanne” as John Goodman’s father and as a detective on “Homicide: Life on the Streets.”

On Broadway he won critical praise (and a Drama Desk Award) for his portrayal of Big Daddy in a revival of “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof,” a role he had first played as a 21-year-old in a stock company production. He created controversy, however, when he was quoted in The New York Times on the skills of his young co-stars, Ashley Judd and Jason Patric.

“Ashley is a sweetie,” he said, “and yet she doesn’t have a lot of tools.” Of Patric, he remarked: “He’s gotten better all the time, but his is a different journey.” His more recent movies included “Toy Story 3”in 2010 and two releases from 2013, “The Big Ask” and “Baggage Claim.” He retired soon after.

Ned Thomas Beatty was born in 1937 in Louisville, Ky., and raised in Lexington, where he joined the Protestant Disciples of Christ Christian Church. “It was the theater I attended as a kid,” he told The Associated Press in 1992. “It was where people got down to their truest emotions and talked about things they didn’t talk about in everyday life. … The preaching was very often theatrical.” For a time he thought of becoming a priest, but changed his mind after he was cast in a high school production of “Harvey.”

He spent 10 summers at the Barter Theater in Abingdom, Virginia, and eight years at the Arena Stage Company in Washington, D.C. At the Arena Stage, he appeared in Chekhov’s “Uncle Vanya” and starred in Arthur Miller’s “Death of a Salesman.” Then his life changed forever when he took a train to New York to audition for director John Boorman for the role of Bobby Trippe. Boorman told him the role was cast, but changed his mind after seeing Beatty audition. Beatty, who married Sandra Johnson in 1999, had eight children from three previous marriages.

The late AP Entertainment Writer Bob Thomas contributed biographical material to this story.

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Johnny Depp 'wanted for role' opposite Avengers Endgame actor for Warner Bros

Over the past year, Johnny Depp has met a lot of issues. His ex-wife, Amber Heard, testified against the Pirates of the Caribbean actor during a lawsuit against a British newspaper over “wife-beater” claims. Shortly after this lawsuit began, Depp was asked to step down from the Harry Potter series Fantastic Beasts. Further rumours suggested the Hollywood star had been dropped from his Disney role of Jack Sparrow.

With no film roles on the horizon, Depp has a lot of work ahead of him if he is going to return to the big screen.

According to industry insider Daniel Richtman, the actor’s luck may have just changed.

The noted leaker recently suggested Depp is being eyed for the next Sherlock Holmes film project by Robert Downey Jr.

The Avengers Endgame actor has played the titular character in the first two Sherlock Holmes movies thus far and is reportedly now working on the third film in the series.

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Richtman claims Downey Jr is “hoping” to get Depp on board for the upcoming new movie.

Considering the Pirates star is used to playing larger-than-life characters, he would be the perfect actor to take on Holmes in a battle of the wits.

However, he may not be able to claim the role if it does get offered to him.

The Fantastic Beasts and Harry Potter franchises are both owned and operated by Warner Bros.

Despite the ever-nearing release date, the director of the movie, Dexter Fletcher, recently spoke up about where it is in production.

Speaking to Celebrity Catch Up in October, the director confessed it was not currently a priority.

He said: “Sherlock’s hit its own issues on and off. That’s sort of sitting on the back burner at the moment until it becomes clear where the world is at and what’s going to happen.”

With so many projects up in the air, Depp does not have any new films coming out at the moment.

The future of the Pirates of the Caribbean series has been confirmed, though.

Although Depp has not officially been confirmed or axed from the next movie, Margot Robbie has confirmed she will be appearing in the next film.

The untitled spin-off will be penned by Birds of Prey writer Christina Hodson and will, according to Robbie, include lots of “girl power”.

The Pirates of the Caribbean series is available on Disney Plus now.

Sherlock Holmes 3 is due for release on December 22, 2021.


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Clarence Williams III dead: The Mod Squad actor dies of colon cancer at 81

The Mod Squad actor Clarence Williams III has died aged 81, his management team confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter. He had been suffering with colon cancer.

The actor passed away in Los Angeles on Friday 4 June.

He was best known for his role as undercover cop Lincoln Hayes on the ABC drama The Mod Squad, which aired from 1968 and 1973.

His long-running career saw him feature on productions including The Cosby Show, The Littlest Hobo, Miami Vice, Twin Peaks, Tales from the Crypt, Star Trek and Walker, Texas Ranger.

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Williams was born in 1939 to professional musician Clay Williams, before being raised by his grandparents who were also famous in the industry.

After realising acting was his forte, he began his career on the stage in the ’60s.

He earned a Tony nomination in 1965 for best featured actor in a play for his work in the drama Slow Dance on the Killing Ground.

Williams returned to Broadway decades later to star opposite Maggie Smith in the original 1979 production Tom Stoppard’s Night and Day.

Following the sad news of his passing, stars and fans alike took to social media to pay their respects to the actor.

Living Colour’s Vernon Reid tweeted: “Mod Squad broke new ground. Clarence Williams III broke new ground. You can draw a direct line from Clarence Williams III to both Denzel & Idris.

“It’s his MF moody blood running through The Kid in Purple Rain that’s the furnace of his pain & genius. Rest In Power, Linc.”

Another fan wrote: “My heart is hurting right now at the passing of another bona fide legend. Clarence Williams III was an actor u can depend on to bring the heat in any film or show he was on.

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Bill Cosby denied parole board says needs more requirements

Bill Cosby denied parole board says needs more requirements

PHILADELPHIA — Bill Cosby has been denied parole by the Pennsylvania Parole Board, which cited a number of reasons for its decision, according to a letter from the board obtained by CNN.

Cosby, 83, is currently serving a 3-to-10-year sentence at a prison outside Philadelphia for drugging and sexually assaulting a former Temple University employee at his home in 2004.

The letter, which indicated the board’s decision was rendered on May 11, said Cosby must “participate in and complete additional institutional programs.”

The board cited Cosby’s “failure to develop a parole release plan” and a “negative recommendation by the Department of Corrections” as factors that contributed to the decision.

The letter stated that at Cosby’s next interview with the board, it will review and consider whether he has successfully participated in and completed a treatment program for sex offenders and violence prevention.

Cosby, according to the letter, must maintain a “clear conduct record.”

Andrew Wyatt, a spokesperson for the disgraced actor, said the news of the denial was no surprise to Cosby, his family, his friends and his legal team.

“Mr. Cosby has vehemently proclaimed his innocence and continues to deny all allegations made against him, as being false, without the sheer evidence of any proof. Today, Mr. Cosby continues to remain hopeful that the Pennsylvania State Supreme Court will issue an opinion to vacate his conviction or warrant him a new trial,” Wyatt said in a statement to CNN on Thursday.

Cosby was convicted and sentenced in 2018 in the first high-profile celebrity criminal trial of the #MeToo era, following a 2017 mistrial.

Last December, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court heard arguments regarding an appeal filed by Cosby’s legal team to overturn the conviction, and a ruling on the appeal has yet to be made.

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Author: CNNWire

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Actor John Cena faces backlash in China over Taiwan comment

“In one interview, I made a mistake,” he said in heavily accented Mandarin Chinese.

BEIJING, China — Actor and professional wrestler John Cena has apologized to fans in China after he called Taiwan a country in a promotional interview for his upcoming film and became the latest celebrity to face the fury of Chinese nationalists.
In a short video posted Tuesday on Chinese social media site Weibo, Cena did not refer to Taiwan or go into much detail about the incident, which occurred earlier this month when he was doing a promotion for “Fast & Furious 9” with Taiwanese media.
“In one interview, I made a mistake,” he said in heavily accented Mandarin Chinese. “I need to say now that this is very, very, very, very, very important. I love and respect China and the Chinese people. I’m very, very sorry. As for my mistake, I really apologize for it.”
In his interview with TVBS, a Taiwanese cable channel, Cena was also speaking in Mandarin when he said Taiwan would be the first “country” to be able to see the film. That led to an uproar in China, which considers the self-governing democracy its own territory to be taken back by force if necessary.
It was unclear if Cena’s apology worked, as many comments on Chinese social media in response to his video were negative. Likewise, Cena was also facing scorn back in the United States, where Sen. Tom Cotton called the apology “pathetic” and others lashed out at him on social media as a “coward.”
Global companies and celebrities seeking to maintain access to the lucrative Chinese market have to tread a fine line on many issues as online nationalistic outrage can spark boycotts.
China has increasingly pressured foreign firms over their statements on Taiwan, Hong Kong, Xinjiang, Tibet, the South China Sea and other issues Beijing considers sensitive.
Airlines and other multinational companies have been pushed to refer to Taiwan as a part of China on their websites or risk damage to their business in China.
Chinese state broadcaster CCTV cut ties with the NBA for a year in response to a tweet by Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey backing pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong, even though the post was quickly deleted.
News about Chloe Zhao, a Chinese director, winning an Oscar was censored in April after old interviews surfaced where she said that she grew up in a place where there were “lies” everywhere.
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Brands including Swedish retailer H&M, Adidas and Nike have been targeted for consumer boycotts after state media criticized them for expressing concern about reports of forced labor in China’s western region of Xinjiang.
Meanwhile, “Fast & Furious 9” — the latest in the Hollywood franchise — appeared to be doing well in China despite the uproar. The film has taken in $ 155 million at the box office in China since it opened on May 21, according to local media reports.

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'Retired' Sonic Voice Actor Announces His Surprise Return To The Role

Sonic Lost World

Well, this is unexpected! Following on from yesterday’s touching trailer accompanying the announcement of a 30th anniversary Sonic stream to be broadcast tomorrow, it seems that the character’s erstwhile voice actor (in the games, that is) is returning to lend his vocal talents to the hedgehog’s upcoming game projects.

That Roger Craig Smith is slipping the red sneakers back on might come as something of a surprise considering he only announced his departure from the series back in January this year. The performer has a sizeable list of video game credits and seemingly no shortage of job offers, but his retirement here came after a decade of voicing everyone’s favourite blue video game character (yeah, take that, Mega Man!) and some fans were taken aback by the news.

Having provided the VO for yesterday’s trailer (seriously, if you haven’t watched it yet and you’ve got the slightest sliver of nostalgia for Sega’s speedy mascot, prepare to be hit squarely in the feels), the voice actor broke the news of his surprise return on Twitter with a picture of a broken blue heart all sewn back together and mended:

The reason for his original departure was never officially confirmed, and he had reached out to fans thanking them for their support. There were rumours that Sega was in talks with Sonic’s voice actor from the Dreamcast era about a potential return, although it would seem that that’s off the cards now. Unless we’re looking at some timey-wimey metaverse meeting of all the Sonics, perhaps?…

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves! We’ll surely get answers tomorrow as to what Sega has in store for the fastest thing alive — be sure to check out the stream and watch along live with us tomorrow at 9am PT / 12pm ET / 5pm BST / 6pm CET.

So did his replacement not work out or something? Was this the plan all along? Let us know below how you feel about RCS’ unexpected return as Sonic.

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