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Police investigate whether spy camera recorded Hancock affair – ‘Agents of foreign state?’

Matt Hancock: Denise Welch slams Boris Johnson’s statement

There are growing calls for the Health Secretary to resign over the incident, which broke the Government’s social distancing guidelines. On Friday Mr Hancock apologised for his actions commenting: “I have let people down and am very sorry.”

Boris Johnson is standing by him and “considered the matter closed”.

David Videcette, a former detective who helped investigate the 7/7 London bombings, suggested a “covert camera was concealed in a smoke detector”.

The footage, obtained by The Sun, appeared to be filmed from inside Mr Hancock’s Whitehall office.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Government insiders said it is “unheard of” for cameras to be placed inside ministers’ offices.


Matt Hancock has apologised for his actions (Image: GETTY)


Mr Hancock was pictured kissing Gina Coladangelo (Image: GETTY)

In the video, which lasts for one minute and 16 seconds, Mr Hancock can be seen kissing and embracing 43-year-old Gina Coladangelo.

The health secretary hired Ms Coladangelo, who he met whilst both were studying at Oxford, last year.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Dr Alan Mandoza, from the Henry Jackson Society think tank, said police must investigate whether a foreign power was involved.

He commented: “Given the seriousness, all other ministerial offices will now need immediately sweeping to see what other listening and recording devices are snooping on ministers.

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Matt Hancock’s wife pictured on Saturday (Image: GETTY)

“Steps should also be taken to determine if this incident was conducted by a disgruntled civil servant or – given its sophistication and seriousness – agents of a hostile state.”

The video appears to be a mobile phone recording of footage from a CCTV type display.

Mr Hancock, who is married with three children, is believed to have retreated to his family’s West Suffolk home.

His wife, Martha, remains at their London address and has been pictured taking her dog for a walk.


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Matt Hancock and Gina Coladangelo pictured outside Downing Street (stock photo) (Image: GETTY)


Britain is continuing to vaccinate against coronavirus (Image: GETTY)

Speaking to the Mail, one security expert commented: “In all my years of working in this field I have never known a camera to be positioned inside an office like this.

“An office is a private space and that raises all sorts of issues.

“To me it smacks more of a small covert camera that has been placed in a light fixture.”

Mr Videcette, now a crime writer, reached a similar conclusion on Twitter.

BBC host makes Matt Hancock dig during ‘Any Questions?’

He tweeted: “Looking at the angle of the shots of his clinch with his lover, and assuming Matt Hancock’s office is a mirror image of this at the other end of the building, it would be my assessment the covert camera was concealed in the smoke detector in his office.

“If someone can place a covert camera in a Government ministers office so easily, it’s a huge security problem, and next time it might be a bomb.”

Labour has urged Mr Johnson to sack his health secretary.


The UK is continuing to battle the coronavirus pandemic (Image: GETTY)

Anneliese Dodds, the party chair, said: “The charge sheet against Matt Hancock includes wasting taxpayers’ money, leaving care homes exposed and now being accused of breaking his own Covid rules.

“His position is hopelessly untenable. Boris Johnson should sack him.”

Sources close to Dominic Cummings, who has criticised Mr Hancock repeatedly since being sacked as Mr Johnson’s chief advisor, have denied he played any role in the leak.

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Elvis and June Carter: Her son suspected they had an affair – 'Johnny Cash was jealous'

Incredibly, it was Elvis who introduced June to Johnny’s music when he used to sing one of Johnny’s earliest hits, Cry Cry Cry, as he tuned his guitar

June later said: “Elvis was stooped down on one knee and grasping a guitar trying to tune it to somewhere near the correct pitch to make a correct chord ring. (He would sing) ‘Everybody knows where you go when the sun goes down, Ah-ummm, Ah-ummm’ and he’d strike the guitar again. Plink, plunk: ‘Ah-ummm …’

“‘What are you trying to do?’ I asked. ‘I’m trying to tune this guitar, honey, and I’m trying to sing like Johnny Cash.'”

“‘Who is Johnny Cash?’ I asked Elvis Presley. ‘What’s the a-um-a-um for?’

“‘That’s what drives the girls crazy,’ Elvis said.

“‘I don’t know this Johnny Cash,’ I said, and Elvis said: ‘Oh you’ll know Cash. The whole world will know Johnny Cash. He’s a friend of mine’.

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Family affair: Kate Middleton shows off £1,000 gift from William announcing royal project

The royal looked beautiful in an image released alongside a lengthy statement. The Duchess of Cambridge wore a favourite t-shirt, the “Cotton Blend Puff Sleeve Top” from the Lauren Ralph Lauren line. The top costs around £60.

With the look, Kate wore a pair of pearl and gold earrings.

While still fairly pricey, the gems are a steal by royal standards.

The earrings, a pair of gold hoops with detachable pearl charms, are by British designer Freya Rose.

The earrings, currently on a waiting list, are described by the brand as “beautiful hoop earrings with detachable pearls.

The perfect day to night statement earrings.”

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The Duchess launching The Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood. It is hoped the foundation will drive awareness of and action on the impact of the early years.

It is an issue Kate is passionate about, and she loaned her words to the forwards of the centre’s inaugural report, Big Change Starts Small.

The Duchess wrote: “Our first five years lay important foundations for our future selves. This period is when we first learn to manage our emotions and impulses, to care and to empathise, and thus ultimately to establish healthy relationships with ourselves and others.

“It is a time when our experience of the world around us, and the way that moulds our development, can have a lifelong impact on our future mental and physical wellbeing.

“Indeed, what shapes our childhood shapes the adults and the parents we become.”

It comes just one week after fans were thrilled to see Kate meet with Jill Biden to discuss early years.

The Duchess was joined by the First Lady of the United States, Dr Jill Biden, on a visit to Connor Downs Academy in Cornwall.

The pair visited the school’s Reception Class to hear how pupils are supported through a bespoke Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.

While visiting the school with Jill Biden, Kate Middleton wore an Alexander McQueen dress.

She opted for a pink midi-length dress featuring short sleeves and a round neck.

It nipped in around the royal’s waist and featured pleats at the neck.

Clothing pieces from the brand retail at around £1,000.

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Marilyn Monroe: Tony Curtis claimed their Some Like It Hot affair resulted in pregnancy

Back in 1958, Billy Wilder shot his classic comedy starring Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon opposite Marilyn Monroe herself. The movie followed two musicians who disguised themselves in drag to escape the Mafia, after they witnessed the gangsters committing a crime. Monroe, who played singer Sugar, was notoriously difficult on set by often being late or not showing up to filming.

However, it should be noted that Monroe, who would have been 95-years-old today, was also suffering from physical and mental issues at the time.

Curtis, who played saxophone player Joe, famously said that filming romantic scenes with the icon was like “kissing Hitler”

Although years later in 2008, he told The Guardian the origin of this line which seemed to be taken out of context.

He told the outlet: “Someone said to me, ‘Hey, what’s it like kissing Marilyn?’ I said, ‘It’s like kissing Hitler. What are you doing asking me such a stupid question?’ That’s where it came from.”

A year later, Curtis would publish his memoir The Making of Some Like It Hot: My Memories of Marilyn Monroe and the Classic American Movie.

In the book, released just a year before his death, the actor claimed he had an affair with Monroe while both of them were still married.

The pair had briefly dated in 1949 before either of them shot to stardom, but rekindled the romance on the set of Some Like It Hot.

According to The Guardian, the 84-year-old said at the time: “What I experienced with her was unforgettable.”

After filming was completed, Curtis claimed he learned that Monroe had had a miscarriage.

The Hollywood icon would tragically die just a couple of years later on August 4, 1962, of barbiturate poisoning. She was only 36-years-old.

Last year, 2000 Brits were polled by Klook to find out which famous dead star or historical figure they’d most like to meet if time travel were possible.

Monroe, the second American after Elvis Presley, came sixth place. Below is the rest of the Top 10.

1. Princess Diana 8%
2. Freddie Mercury 6%
3. Winston Churchill 6%
4. Elvis Presley 5%
5. William Shakespeare 4%
6. Marilyn Monroe 4%
7. Bob Marley 4%
8. John Lennon 3%
9. Stephen Hawking 3%
10. Robin Williams 3%

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Elvis begged girlfriend Anita not to expose Priscilla affair 'I'll get in so much trouble'

Back in Germany, Priscilla was determined not to let Elvis forget her and sent him letters in bright pink envelopes. Anita finally found one in 1962 when they were together in California, where Elvis was shooting a movie.

Anita said: “It was pressed in a book in the library outside of his bedroom… In the letter, it said, ‘Please call my dad. I want to come over there and if you call my dad, I know he will let me come, he will listen to you. I miss you’.

“So when he came in, I said, ‘What is this letter, who is this, this Priscilla, you said she was just a child?’

“He got so mad because I found the letter. He took me and he shoved me up against the closet. He was so mad at me, just livid because I had found the letter.”

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