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TUI cancels MORE holidays – is your vacation affected?

TUI also confirmed it would be cancelling a number of trips to Greece and Spain islands throughout July.

This list of cancellations includes:

July 19 – Alicante (Spain)
July 20 – Malaga, (Spain)
July 21 – Cyprus, Kefalonia (Greece), Jamaica
July 22 – Skiathos (Greece), Marrakesh (Morocco)
July 23 – Fuertaventura (Canary Islands)
July 24 – Preveza (Greece)
July 26 – Santorini (Greece), Chania (Crete)
July 28 – La Palma (Canary Islands)

Those who have had their holidays cancelled can opt for a full refund or move their trip to a later date.

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Brian May shares how touring with Queen has affected how he watches the Euro 2020 final

Like millions of Brits, Queen guitarist Brian May will be watching the Euro 2020 final between England and Italy tonight. And now in a new Instagram post, the rock legend has shared how touring all over the world has affected how he will view the football match this evening. The 73-year-old shared a picture of the England team huddling around captain Harry Kane after he scored a goal in a previous game.

Brian wrote: “I find this picture very moving – as well as a work of art in itself.

“On the day of the big Euro football final, here in the UK, there’s a massive surge of energy – it’s everywhere – because the English football Squad hasn’t got to the final of an international match since 1966 !

“I got all fired up the other night and played a bit of the English football ‘anthem’ on IG. And it was a very sincere feeling that drove that.”

The 73-year-old said how he felt it would be false of him to pretend he was a dyed-in-the-wool football fan, but remembers watching England win the World Cup in 1966.

Brian concluded: “So, in a strange way, I have a similar feeling watching a football match.

“Every one of the players on that field tonight, either from England or Italy, has a family in the stands or at home, crying tears of joy, watching their boy giving his all, at his physical and mental peak.

“I will be praying that every one of those brilliant young men comes away from tonight feeling that they gave their best, for themselves, their family, and their country. May the best team win. But may everyone come out of it feeling like a winner. Bri.”

As he mentioned, the Queen legend performed the Three Lions guitar riff in support of England during another recent video.

Brian recorded himself playing the guitar riff from the iconic Three Lions (Football’s Coming Home) song by David Baddiel, Frank Skinner and The Lightning Seeds.

He captioned the video: “OK – This is my contribution ! An invitation to join in on a very topical tune ! Loop it if you like ! Play !

“Sing for England !! COME ON BOYS —- NAIL IT !!! Bri. Thanks 4 the edit @taliadean.”

The Queen legend began by saying, “One for the boys”, before starting the riff as “It’s Coming Home” appeared on the screen in the white and red of the England flag.

Princess Eugenie health: Star discusses condition which could have affected her birthing

Queen Elizabeth’s granddaughter, Princess Beatrice Eugenie revealed how she had to undergo a life-changing procedure to correct her chronic condition. Beatrice was diagnosed with the spinal condition at 12 years old known as scoliosis. She underwent the procedure at a young age to help fix her misalignment.

Most often scoliosis has no known cause, in which case it is called idiopathic scoliosis, said Spine Health.

The site continued: “While the cause is unknown, idiopathic scoliosis does tend to run in families.

“The specific genes involved have not all been identified yet, and there could be factors beyond genetics as well.

“Some people mistakenly think that carrying heavy backpacks or sleeping on the side could cause scoliosis, but that is not the case.

“About three percent of the population is estimated to have idiopathic scoliosis.”

Symptoms of scoliosis include:

  • A visibly curved spine
  • Leaning to one side
  • Uneven shoulders
  • One shoulder or hip sticking out
  • The ribs sticking out on one side
  • Clothes not fitting well

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Tropical Storm Elsa Hits New York City, Rail Services Affected

Fast-moving Tropical Storm Elsa hit the New York City region with heavy rain and high winds Friday, toppling trees and hindering some rail service as it churned its way toward New England.

Maximum sustained winds from the storm peaked near 50 mph (85 kph) as it moved past New York City and across the eastern tip of Long Island, the National Hurricane Center said in an 11 a.m. update.

[embedded content]

There were some snags on commuter rail lines Friday, with slight delays on the Harlem Line north of the city and service suspended on the Long Island Rail Road’s Oyster Bay Branch because of fallen trees.

The storm struck a city already reeling from a deluge Thursday that flooded roads and at least one subway station.

Despite videos showing flooding in some stations in the New York City subway system, “we actually weathered the storm quite well,” interim New York City Transit president Sarah Feinberg said in an email. Feinberg said the subway flooding lasted only a few minutes and caused only minor disruptions.

Up to 6 inches (15 centimeters) of rain was possible in some areas Friday, enough to cause flash flooding. The hurricane center said a tornado or two was possible through early afternoon Friday over parts of Long Island and southeastern New England.

The strongest winds were expected to stay off the coast of New England. But the storm was expected to bring heavy rain – up to 4 inches (10 centimeters) on the Maine coast – before blowing into the Bay of Fundy and Canada late Friday.

Heavy rain had ended in New York City by mid-morning.

The system was already blamed for one death in Florida on Wednesday. And Elsa also previously caused a damaging tornado in Georgia.

A tropical storm warning Friday morning stretched along with parts of the East Coast from New Jersey to Massachusetts. Forecasters said Elsa was moving northeast at 31 mph (50 kph).

Elsa is forecast to become a post-tropical cyclone by Friday night.

On Wednesday, nine people were injured in coastal Camden County, Georgia, when a tornado struck a campground for active-duty service members and military retirees. Eight of those hurt had to be taken to hospitals, Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base spokesperson Chris Tucker said.

The EF-2 tornado flipped over multiple RVs, throwing one of the overturned vehicles about 200 feet (61 meters) into a lake, the National Weather Service said in a preliminary report early Thursday after its employees surveyed the damage.

Authorities in Jacksonville, Florida, said one person was killed Wednesday when a tree fell and struck two cars. A spokesperson for the Naval Air Force Atlantic Office said Thursday that a sailor assigned to Patrol and Reconnaissance Squadron 16 in Jacksonville was killed.

In South Carolina, a Coast Guard Air Station Savannah crew rescued a family that became stranded Wednesday on Otter Island after their boat drifted off the beach. The group was flown to a hospital in good health, a Coast Guard news release said.

The National Weather Service in Morehead City, North Carolina, tweeted that a tornado was spotted near Fairfield on Thursday afternoon.

Scattered power outages were being reported along Elsa’s path Friday morning, with about 24,000 homes and businesses without electricity from Delaware to Massachusetts, according to the website poweroutages.us.

Elsa is the earliest fifth-named storm on record, said Brian McNoldy, a hurricane researcher at the University of Miami.

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Parkinson’s disease: Facial masking an early warning sign – four body parts affected

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive condition whereby the signals communicated between the brain and nervous system are disrupted. This causes a number of impairments, many of which relate to movement. The symptoms are often subtle at first but become quite pronounced as the condition advances. Occasionally there may be early warning signs of the condition not found in movement but in a condition known as facial masking. What is it?

When we think of muscles that can be affected by stiffness and slowness, the muscles people work out in the gym are probably the first to come to mind: legs, arms, maybe even abdominals.

But the same stiffness and slowness that can impact your walking and other activities can have more subtle impacts, as well.

One of these is reduced facial expression, also called hypomimia or facial masking, said the Parkinson’s Foundation.

The health site added: “When the muscles of the face are stiff or take longer to move, it can be hard to crack a smile, raise your eyebrows or otherwise express your feelings using your face, which is an important part of how we communicate.

“People might assume you’re upset or depressed all the time, which can be frustrating.”

Other symptoms of Parkinson’s disease include:

  • Tremors
  • Slowed movement (bradykinesia)
  • Rigid muscles
  • Impaired posture and balance
  • Loss of automatic movements
  • Speech changes
  • Writing changes

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Diabetes type 2: The many ways the feet may be affected by having high blood sugars

Having diabetes means a person is at much greater risk of developing problems with their feet.

This is because raised blood glucose, also known as blood sugar, can damage the sensation in the feet. 

It can also affect circulation, which can lead to getting less blood supply to the feet.

Without a good blood supply, a person may have problems with cuts and sores healing, and they may also get cramps and pain in the legs or feet. 

If you don’t get these problems treated, they could lead to foot ulcers, infections and, at worst, amputations.

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Health Feed
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Millions of Gmail, Facebook, and Amazon logins STOLEN – find out if you're affected

According to NordLocker, over one million login credentials for Facebook and Google accounts were stolen by hackers. While hundreds of thousands of Amazon and eBay logins were also nabbed by attackers.

Speaking about the findings, NordLocker’s John Sears wrote online: “The stolen database contained 1.2 TB of files, cookies, and credentials that came from 3.2 million Windows-based computers. The data was stolen between 2018 and 2020. The database included 2 billion cookies. The analysis revealed that over 400 million, or 22%, of those cookies were still valid at the time when the database was discovered.”

Sears added: “We want to make it clear: we did not purchase this database nor would we condone other parties doing it. A hacker group revealed the database location accidentally.”

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Tech Feed

Billions of passwords just leaked online! Check here to see if you are affected

The security team says it is currently updating this database with all of the new passwords revealed in the document so it might be worth checking back again to see if your account has been added.

Speaking about the latest threat, CyberNews said: “By combining 8.4 billion unique password variations with other breach compilations that include usernames and email addresses, threat actors can use the RockYou2021 collection to mount password dictionary and password spraying attacks against untold numbers of online accounts.

“Since most people reuse their passwords across multiple apps and websites, the number of accounts affected by credential stuffing and password spraying attacks in the wake of this leak can potentially reach millions, if not billions.”

If you suspect that one or more of your passwords may have been included in the RockYou2021 collection it’s recommended that you change your account details straight away and watch out for incoming spam emails.

It’s also a good idea to enable two-factor authentication which means hackers can’t log in to accounts without also having access to your smartphone.

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Tech Feed

Gap announces plans to close UK stores – 19 shops affected

The retailer Gap has today announced plans to shut 19 stores across the country. The retailer has decided not to extend the store leases on July 31 due to a strategic review underway. It comes as the latest blow to UK high-streets due to the pandemic.

Gap is said to be closing 19 of its stores across the country, although the locations are yet to be disclosed.

The remaining 50 standalone and outlet stores across the UK and Ireland are still under review.

The stores will therefore continue to operate until a decision has been made.

As part of the fashion retailer’s review, it is aiming to secure store partnership for each European country it operates in, including the UK, France, Italy and Ireland.

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Last year he said: “One of the options being explored is the possible closure of our company-operated Gap stores in the United Kingdom, France, Ireland and Italy at the end of the second quarter in 2021.”

Back in December, the retailer said it would close one of its two Oxford Street shops in London.

Today’s announcement puts the risk of more redundancies on the line.

At its height, the retailer was one of the most recognised clothing brands in the world, with stores across the world.

However, a shift in consumer behaviour as well as stores being closed for several months at a time mean many retailers have had to close down.

A Gap spokesperson said: “We are proposing to close 19 Gap stores that have leases ending at the end of July 2021.

“These leases are not being extended due to the strategic review that we have underway.”

Debenhams announced in May that it would be closing its remaining 15 stores, closing the door on more than 200 years of trade on UK high streets.

In February, Topshop and three other Arcadia brands permanently closed their doors as Asos confirmed it would takeover the brands,

At the time, Asos chief executive Nick Neighton said: “We are extremely proud to be the new owners of the Topshop, Topman, Miss Selfridge and HIIT brands.”

Chocolatier Thorntons also closed all of its UK stores and John Lewis has also taken a hit, with the retailer closing down multiple stores.

John Lewis permanently closed eight of its stores since March due to them being “financially challenged prior to the pandemic”.

The chain has now axed around a third of its stores in less than a year.

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