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North Carolina Bill Aims to Stop Prosecuting 6-Year-Olds

Children as young as 6 can be prosecuted in North Carolina juvenile court — the lowest age set by law in the country — but a bipartisan effort would raise the minimum age of delinquency to 10 and move the state out of its status at the bottom.

More than 2,100 complaints were filed against nearly 1,150 youth under 10 during the three fiscal years from 2016 to 2019, according to the North Carolina Department of Public Safety, with Black children disproportionately accused of wrongdoing. The data shows 211 children ages 6 to 9 appeared before a judge, including 54 ultimately found responsible for the complaints.

While state prison officials say no child under 10 was put behind bars during that period, attorneys, racial justice advocates and lawmakers worry that a court appearance itself can create lasting harm.

“The likelihood of them lacking legal capacity is so high and the potential for real identity development damage is also really high,” said Barbara Fedders, director of the Youth Justice Clinic at the University of North Carolina School of Law. “It just feels like we are doing them all a disservice if we can’t find a better way to deal with these issues than prosecution.”

In 2014, Fedders’ clinic represented a 6-year-old boy in the Raleigh area who threw a rock at a vacant apartment window. Scared and away from his mother, the child, who is Black, confessed to a police officer at the scene. The property owner wanted money for the broken window, so over the next few months, the boy and his mother went to court twice, causing him to miss school. The clinic got the case dismissed by arguing that children under 7 are incapable of forming criminal intention.

State Rep. Marcia Morey, a Durham County Democrat and former judge, remembers kids in her courtroom sitting at an oversized desk in swivel chairs — some of the youngest with feet dangling — drawing in coloring books and crying. Most alarming to her was a case she dismissed around 2010 involving a 7-year-old, an 8-year-old and an 11-year-old throwing dice against a building in a public housing complex.

“I was just dumbstruck. They brought these kids into court for throwing dice,” Morey said.

Lawmakers set 6 as North Carolina’s minimum age of delinquency jurisdiction in 1979 during a period when tough-on-crime legislation was common and some viewed the juvenile justice system as an avenue for getting kids and their parents the resources they needed.

Twenty-eight states and Washington, D.C., have no age specification, according to a March report from the North Carolina Department of Public Safety. Connecticut, Maryland and New York set the minimum age at 7, while Massachusetts and California have the highest thresholds for juveniles at 12 years old. Twelve states allow 10-year-olds to be prosecuted in juvenile court, three states have a minimum age of 8 and one state sets its minimum at 11 years old.

About 600 juvenile court counselors are tasked with deciding how a complaint should proceed.

Most complaints come from school settings, and more than 43% were dismissed from the outset. Nearly two in five complaints were diverted to other agencies, though one-tenth of referrals ultimately got resolved in court because a child or parent didn’t meet their obligations, such as mandatory counseling. In about one-sixth of cases, a court counselor sent a complaint straight to a judge.

Law enforcement officers can temporarily hold a child for up to 12 hours, though the state doesn’t track how often this happens. In the past five years, one 9 year-old and two 8 year-olds were admitted to Juvenile Crisis and Assessment Centers after their cases were adjudicated in court. The centers are short-term, unsecured residential settings.

There’s insufficient data to determine whether states with minimum age laws are likelier to see higher prosecution rates among youngsters than states without such specifications. Amy Borror, justice systems analyst for the National Juvenile Defender Center, said one commonality across the country is racial disparities where Black boys are often overrepresented in the juvenile justice system.

North Carolina Department of Public Safety figures show Black kids age 6 to 9, for example, were disproportionately accused of wrongdoing, representing 47% of complaints but just 24% of the population. White kids in that age group represent 53% of the population but 39% of complaints.

Dawn Blagrove, executive director of Emancipate NC, a racial justice advocacy group, said Black children under 10 who misbehave are likelier to be viewed as a threat despite the fact that they commit crimes at similar levels as white kids.

North Carolina lawmakers warn that the bill to raise the age of delinquency may not cross the finish line this year. Sen. Danny Britt’s proposal is in limbo as intense budget negotiations take greater priority. Still up for debate is whether parents should continue to face the risk of being held in contempt of juvenile court.

Bill author Britt, a Robeson County Republican, and some law enforcement members believe the threat of fines and prison time keeps parents invested throughout the process, though only four parents were held in contempt between fiscal years 2016 and 2019. One mother spent two days in jail, according to DPS.

Blagrove supports Britt’s bill but said it does not go far enough in rooting out systemic racism.

“What we are seeing is Republicans finding the easiest, the most innocuous, the least impactful ways to create change to a system that needs massive overhaul without actually disrupting the system,” Blagrove said.

Britt noted that Democrats failed to take action on the issue despite controlling the General Assembly for years before Republicans gained power in 2010.

In the meantime, lawmakers and activists on both sides of the aisle are finding common ground: dissatisfaction with North Carolina remaining dead last in something.

‘Airbnb of boats’ aims to make unique UK holidays ‘accessible and affordable’

The concept of commandeering a private yacht, or being driven through England’s canal ways might sound like an expensive one, but according to Borrow a Boat’s CEO, the platform boasts plenty of well-priced options.

“Boat rental can start from as little as £40 a day,” said Mr Ovenden. “Remember that you can split rental costs between your travel group, so if there are four adults boating together, it can be as little as £250 each for a week’s sailing boat rental.

“That is very reasonable considering you can self-cater on board and the boat provides your overnight accommodation, plus you can see many attractions and take in the sights as you travel around.”

These kinds of savings are likely welcome news to British holidaymakers, particularly withs suggesting the cost of a week-long holiday in popular places such as Cornwall have soared well into the thousands.

“Avoiding peak season when demand is high, such as school summer holidays and half-terms, can also help bring costs down,” advised the boating expert.

Of course, Borrow a Boat also has a selection of ritzier options, with sailing yachts starting from £1,000 per week and fully skippered luxury superyachts starting from approximately £10,000 per week.

While amenities onboard vary depending on the type of vessel hired, Mr Ovenden points out that most offer more than enough space to allow for a comfortable stay.

“It really depends on the boat in question, but most yachts will have a saloon and kitchen, plus a number of cabin bedrooms and bathrooms, and a cockpit space to sit comfortably and watch the world go by,” he said.

“Some have self-contained cabins for overnight stays, but RIBs that are built for speed, for example, will have fewer amenities and work best for hourly rental.

“Borrow A Boat Plus lists a wide range of luxury boats, yachts, and superyachts whose amenities can include jacuzzis, champagne bars, dining rooms and water skis. Some even have a helipad.

“Choose your boat based on your preferences and factor in any overnight stay requirements.”

‘No one speaking in UK's favour!’ Argentina aims jibe at Boris and demands Falklands talks

Brexit: Argentina to ‘push EU for negotiation’ says Filmus

And he sought to turn up the heat by claiming his nation’s claim on the remote archipelago enjoyed “explicit support” from nations throughout Asia, Africa and the Caribbean. Mr Filmus was speaking after a meeting of the United Nations Special Committee on Decolonisation (C-24), which was attended by among others Mark Pollard, chairman of the Falklands’ Legislative Assembly, and Leona Roberts, his deputy.

The Secretary of Affairs pertaining to the Malvinas – the name Argentinians have given the islands – told Buenos Aires-based newspaper Perfil: “We are very satisfied because it was not just a consensus vote on the resolution, but it was one of the sessions that gathered the most explicit support.

“Organisations and countries from our region, but also Asian, African and Caribbean countries, supported this project.”

Mr Filmus also suggested that Argentina saw Britain’s decision to quit the EU as an opportunity to step up its sovereignty push.

Boris Johnson Alberto Fernandez

Boris Johnson and Argentina’s President, Alberto Fernandez (Image: GETTY)

Daniel Filmus

Daniel Filmus claimed nobody had spoken in the UK’s favour (Image: GETTY)

He explained: “We have been working on this for months. This support is not achieved overnight.

“In the midst of the pandemic, it was very difficult to reach countries that had to vote today, so the work was done in the capitals, through our embassies, and in parallel to the work that was also done here at the United Nations, I think it has been very important. It exceeded our expectations.”

Mr Filmus also claimed the meeting had piled the pressure on the UK, which remains steadfast in its insistence that the Falklands will be a British overseas territory for as long as its 3,000-plus residents want it to remain as such.

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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson (Image: GETTY)

He bragged: “We don’t hear anyone speaking in favour of the UK sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands.

“There was no country saying that it agreed with either self-determination or the sovereignty of the United Kingdom over the Malvinas.”

Mr Filmus, who has accused the UK of “plundering” the natural resources of the islands, said: “That is why fishing, hydrocarbons and the entire military issue were raised by the chancellor and supported by all countries. 

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Mark Pollard

Mark Pollard, chairman of the Legislative Assembly (Image: UN)

Leona Roberts

Leona Roberts is Mr Pollard’s deputy (Image: UN)

“And now we work hard so that this year the South Atlantic Peace Zone, which brings together all the African and Latin American countries that have a coastline, will meet again, as if to strengthen the denunciation of the illegality of the military base.”

In a separate interview with Radio Brisas, Mr Filmus said: “On the issue of Malvinas, we have found enormous solidarity.

“Not only was the resolution voted by consensus, but many countries, about 30, some that belong to the Committee and others who came especially to show solidarity, said there is no more place for colonialism in the 21st century, and that the United Kingdom has to comply with United Nations resolutions, especially resolution 2075, which is the one that says that this has to be negotiated.

“The United Kingdom has to sit at the dialogue table and also has to comply with other United Nations resolutions such as 3149, which obliges the United Kingdom not to take any unilateral action without authorisation from Argentina.

Falklands factfile

Falklands factfile (Image: Express)

“In the case of Malvinas, every year the resolution is voted in the Decolonization Committee and the United Kingdom does not comply either; there is an inequality of power and inequality of obedience in front of the United Nations Assembly.

“It is a pity that the founding countries of the United Nations that wanted to create an egalitarian order look the other way; Argentina since 1833, 188 years ago, has been asking the United Kingdom to negotiate peacefully, through dialogue, the exercise of sovereignty over the islands and we find ourselves in a situation of deafness on the other side.

“It is important to be accompanied by the nations of the world, because of the 17 colonies that still exist, 10 are British.

“It is necessary to be aware of this and the pressure of countries telling the United Kingdom to end colonialism has to work.”

Falkland Islands

The Falkland Islands are in the south Atlantic (Image: GETTY)

Argentina invaded the Falklands in 1982, triggering a short but bloody war which saw the a taskforce dispatched by then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher regain control of the islands.

Addressing the committee last week, Mr Pollard, a sixth-generation Falklands, said of Argentina: “They have never shown remorse for their actions, instead they brazenly stand here before the world claiming to have been treated unjustly themselves.”

He added: “The only people who can solve the question of the Falkland Islands, are the people of the Falkland Islands and we see no problem
with our current political status.

“If the international community would support our basic human right to determine our own future then it will have fixed ‘the question of the Falkland Islands’.“

(Additional reporting by Maria Ortega)

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'Dull as Prince William' John Cleese aims jibe at royals as he bemoans Euro 2020 matches

They told the actor: “First games are often cagey and International teams have less time together so work primarily on tactical shape and preventing the opposition scoring. 

“Attacking tactics are more complex and take more time. But I think it’s been pretty entertaining so far. Hang in there.”

John replied: “Thank you.

“I did enjoy the first 20 minutes of the England match

“But is there no limit to the amount of predictable square and back passing that we can tolerate ?”

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Amazon aims for TV domination with £6bn bid to buy James Bond studio

The sale would meanAmazon’s own Prime streaming service could tap into a vast back catalogue of iconic movies and television. Investment analyst Dan Ives, from Wedbush Securities, said: “This is a streaming arms race.” MGM, with its Leo the Lion logo and roar, is one of Hollywood’s most famous studios with an almost century-long history.
MGM Holdings, the parent company, is said to have been exploring a sale since the end of last year. Analysts said Amazon’s prospective purchase of MGM Studios would mark a major step for its Prime streaming service.

MGM Studios has the rights to films and television shows covering the past 10 decades, through the Golden Age of Hollywood to the present day.

It is home to some of the biggest movies of all time, including The Wizard Of Oz from 1939, 1959’s Ben-Hur and the Rocky franchise.

In more recent times it has produced Bond movies starring Daniel Craig and The Handmaid’s Tale television series.

Yesterday’s talks come just hours after telecoms giant AT&T agreed to combine its Warner Media unit with Discovery in a £30billion deal to create another new streaming giant.

On Monday an agreement was reached to put together movie giant Warner Bros Entertainment, which owns the Harry Potter and Batman franchises, with Discovery’s home, cooking, nature and science shows.

Warner Media-owned HBO and HBO Max now have around 64 million subscribers worldwide, with hits such as Game Of Thrones and Succession.

But it is currently dwarfed by larger rivals like Netflix, which has 208 million subscribers, and Disney+, which has more than 100 million.

Discovery, whose portfolio includes Animal Planet and the Discovery Channel, reaches more than 88 million US homes. Its Discovery+ streaming service, which launched in January, has 15million subscribers.

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Novak Djokovic aims Rafael Nadal warning as sights set on matching Roger Federer this year

“I don’t pay attention to the ranking after breaking the record for weeks as number one. I reached that goal, now my priority is to win the Grand Slams, I’m focused on it.”

Djokovic fumed at the umpire during his Italian Open second-round win over American Fritz as rain eventually delayed his match.

As conditions got worse and play continued, he said: “How much more do you want to play? I asked you three times and you are not checking anything.”

Roger Federer fires warning to Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic
Roger Federer ‘not trusted’ to match Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic
Novak Djokovic passionately defended by Greg Rusedski

After action eventually restarted, Djokovic won 6-3, 7-6 (7-5) and afterwards said: “It was a really strange match, to play in the rain, it was difficult.

“I was stressed out in the end obviously, but I think it was the right call to stop the match.

“When I came back, I thought we were quite even actually till the last point. I’m glad that I managed to finish off this match in straight sets. I know I can play better.

“It was a very strange match with strange conditions. Obviously it is challenging for both me and him.”

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Man Utd boss Solskjaer aims Liverpool dig ahead of crunch Premier League clash

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Sport Feed

“They’ve got world class players and are also missing one of the best centre backs in the world but they still have quality players around.

“And we know that when we played them in the FA Cup earlier this season and although we went through 3-2 it was a very, very tight game and they thought they deserved to go through as much as we did.”

Meanwhile, Solskjaer is trying to tie Paul Pogba down to a new contract.

He explained: “I had Paul when he was a reserve player as well and he knows my feelings about him and that I want him to stay.

“I have always said with Paul that I enjoy managing him, I enjoy coaching him, I enjoy talking to him and I also enjoy challenging him because he is a winner.

Russia building most powerful icebreaker fleet, aims for year-round sailing on its Arctic sea route – Putin

Seeking to further develop the Arctic region, where the Northern Sea Route lies, Russia is building powerful icebreakers no one has ever made before, President Vladimir Putin said.

“Russia is building the world’s most powerful icebreaker fleet, including giants such as the ‘Leader’, which no one has ever built before,” the Russian leader said Wednesday as he had a meeting with the Board of Trustees of the Russian Geographical Society.

The construction of the Leader, or Project 10510 icebreaker, began last year at Russia’s Zvezda shipyard. The unique nuclear icebreaker is set to become operational in 2027, allowing softer vessels to pass through Russia’s Northern Sea Route any time of the year.

“Navigation over the Northern Sea Route may become year-round in years to come,” Putin said.

Russia aims to make the route, which stretches the entire length of Russia’s Arctic and Far East regions, a major trade artery. The government expects cargo shipping along it to exceed 80 million tons as soon as 2024. While it is the shortest passage between Europe and Asia, it is usually closed for several months due to the thick ice, but powerful icebreakers escorting other ships could solve the problem.

The nuclear-powered Arktika icebreaker is one of the latest additions to Russia’s Arctic fleet. The vessel is part of Project 22220, a new Russian fleet of the world’s largest and most powerful nuclear-powered icebreakers.

Other ships of this type – the Sibir, Ural, and Yakutia – are currently under construction and set to be launched in the coming years. The former is set to finish mooring trials in autumn before starting sea tests. Another vessel, the Chukotka, is in the early stages of development.

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Piers Morgan aims jibe at Meghan Markle in 'April Fools' quip about returning to GMB

Piers’ new comments about Justin Welby were prompted after the Archbishop was quizzed on Meghan and Harry’s official wedding day in an interview with with la Repubblica.

Mr Welby said: “If any of you ever talk to a priest, you expect them to keep that talk confidential. It doesn’t matter who I’m talking to. I had a number of private and pastoral meetings with the duke and duchess before the wedding.

“The legal wedding was on the Saturday. I signed the wedding certificate, which is a legal document, and I would have committed a serious criminal offence if I signed it knowing it was false.”

The Archbishop was responding to Meghan telling Oprah in their chat: “You know, three days before our wedding we got married.

“No-one knows that, but we called the Archbishop and we just said, ‘look, this thing, this spectacle, is for the world, but we want our union between us’.”

Islam Makhachev targets Rafael dos Anjos or Justin Gaethje as surging UFC contender aims to step from Khabib's shadow (VIDEO)

With the main obstacle now removed (or better yet, retired) from his ascent towards UFC gold, Islam Makhachev wants to rubber-stamp his rise up the rankings by taking on established contenders Rafael dos Anjos and Justin Gaethje.

This month’s win against Drew Dober made it seven on the spin for Russia’s Makhachev and the man hand-picked as the successor to the now fully-retired Khabib Nurmagomedov says that he wants to keep a tight schedule as he inches closer to a UFC title opportunity of his own. 
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But as Khabib found in his halcyon UFC days, it is also proving to be easier said than done in arranging a fight for the 17-1 former Combat Sambo world champion Makhachev.

He followed up his third-round submission win against Dober by calling for a fight with Nurmagomedov’s rival Tony Ferguson in a fight which would act as a sort of proxy war for the Khabib-Ferguson which continually smoked but never went ablaze.

Ferguson, though, has accepted a fight with Beneil Deriush in his next outing, leaving Makhachev to plot a different course towards title contention and leaving former lightweight champion Rafael Dos Anjos as his chief target. 

However, Dos Anjos – who was booked to fight Makhachev at last year’s UFC 254 before withdrawing due to a Covid-19 diagnosis – seems to have cooled on the idea, reportedly telling Makhachev that he will accept a fight only if he gets another opportunity to compete with Khabib afterwards, should he win.

I don’t know why his opinion changed so quickly,” Makhachev told RT Sport after a recent Eagle Fighting Championship fight card.

[Dos Anjos] won a fight and started acting differently. He was quiet when we had a fight scheduled. He got taken off the card and I asked for a replacement but the UFC said they’d give me a five-round main event then I quietly got on a plane to the US without my team because I wanted that fight then I got sick and he had a fight and after that he started talking differently.”

Khabib’s exit from the UFC’s lightweight division has left it in a state of flux. Top-ranked Dustin Poirier is set to fight Conor McGregor this summer, while UFC newcomer Michael Chandler will take on Charles Oliveira for the Russian’s now vacant world title. 

And with the route to the top of the 155lbs looking to be tighter than ever, Makhachev says that he just wants an opportunity to prove himself.

I don’t know what’s going on with the UFC matchmaking but I think that’s what will end up happening,” he said. “Most of the top-10 fighters are busy but I’m 90 percent sure they’ll give me a top-10 guy.

We know that Felder doesn’t want to fight often. He has other things going on with the UFC and isn’t eager to fight anymore. As far as Hooker, I saw that he recently came home. He was quarantined for a long time so I don’t think he’ll want to come back soon. He’ll probably want to rest after getting knocked out, so I think they’ll give me Dos Anjos.”

If that doesn’t come to pass though, Makhachev has a very attractive ‘Plan B’.

Yes, it’s possible [that I fight Justin Gaethje]. Justin and I know each other but it’s not like we’re friends,” Makhachev said. “It’s possible. He’s free right now. Why not? I’d love to fight him.


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