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Prince Philip left 'claustrophobic' on royal train despite luxury amenities

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II have spent their entire reign travelling the world representing the UK on royal duty, as well as enjoying leisure pursuits. Though the duo are used to the finest forms of transportation, it seems even the high of luxury isn’t enough to change the Duke of Edinburgh’s opinions on one form of transport.
According to author Robert Hardman, it seems Prince Philip is not so keen on the royal train.

The realisation came after the Duke had spent a rather long journey on a train in 1952.

Prior to the Queen’s ascension to the throne, the then-princess and Philip jetted off to Canada on a royal tour.

The problem for the Duke was the fact most of the travelling across the vast nation was down by train.

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While he may have felt in good spirits when stepping onboard, it seems his opinion on rail travel would soon change when he departed.

“If it was snug and well insulated against the increasingly bracing weather, the Duke found it faintly claustrophobic,” continued Hardman.

“‘I feel like a poached egg. I just can’t breathe on trains,’ he announced as he disembarked in Vancouver.”

Despite his aversion to trains, however, the prince has still taken part in a number of journeys.

In fact, each year he and the Queen travel up to their beloved Sandringham each year by train.

Unsurprisingly, the royal train is also kitted out to meet specific requirements in order to make the Prince feel as comfortable as possible.

This opulence even extends to the Duke’s specially designed bathroom.

In order to enjoy some of his home comforts, the Prince requested some special “design details” to be put in place within his bathroom.

This includes a specially placed mirror, for a rather unique multi-tasking experience.

“His royal highness Prince Philip has a shaving mirror mounting next to his toilet,” explained Chris Hillyard, a former royal train foreman.

“So you can sit on the toilet and look in the mirror and shave.

“That was one of the little design details that weren’t incorporated in the original built.”