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‘Ghost’ of angry, murdered man ‘follows’ woman home from work before ‘assaulting’ her

woman home from work before assaultingLeah Lewis claims to have suffered months of spiritual activity in the home she shares with her mother, resulting in her having unexplained scratches on her thigh. Her experience forced to call in the help of a psychic medium to cleanse her haunted house and help the apparition “pass to the other side”.

As reported by Staffordshire Live, Ms Lewis believes the ghost “followed” her home from her work at a shop that he had been haunting – something which the 21-year-old is sure of as she had “seen” it lurking behind her.

Staff at the shop had speculated that the ghost was a murdered man from the area, describing him as “aggressive and angry”.

The supernatural troubles started at the family’s home in Staffordshire just a few weeks after Ms Lewis’ grandfather passed away.

Her mother, Colette, said: “Leah started saying that she could see and hear things which none of us could. I remember this one evening driving to my mum’s. She asked me if I saw the little girl stood on the roadside and I was blown away as I couldn’t see anyone in sight.

“Fast forward a few months and her ability has only got stronger. She’d come home from work and tells me about the activity she’d experience while being there. Little did we know she would end up having ‘the man upstairs’ as she referred to him, follow her home and become our worst nightmare.”

On one occasion, Ms Lewis could feel a man slowly breathing down her neck – later finding scratched on her thigh after getting out of the shower.

She said: “I didn’t feel anything at all [in the shower] until I saw the scratches when I was drying myself.

“I told my mum and she said I think we need to contact Ian Griffiths [the psychic medium] now. We had been putting it off for a while but now I had been physically assaulted.”

Later that night, she went into her mother’s room to ask what she was doing as she could her something rummaging around in the wardrobe – but was stunned to discover her mum in bed nowhere near the closet.

Ms Lewis’ mum said: “With her now being physically harmed, I thought enough is enough and I needed to do something about it. I asked around my friends and they asked their friends and I got quite a few recommendations for Ian Griffiths and I reached out to him giving him a small description of what had been going on and right from the get go, he was amazing.”

According to Ms Lewis, the help of the psychic medium was invaluable in ending the supernatural “activity” she was experiencing.

She said: “He confirmed everything we had experienced and then he ‘passed the man over to the other side’ from his house.

“One day at around 6.40pm I was leaving my house to go to the shop and suddenly I felt really angry and felt I needed to get out. Ian later said this was around the same time the man passed over.”

Mr Griffiths explained that as soon as he heard from Ms Lewis’ mum he pictured the man as slim and tall, wandering around the house – and he had never been there before.

He said: “I told her what I was picking up and she says that’s what’s been happening and what we have seen wandering around the house. The male spirit didn’t seem positive. I got a more negative feeling from him.

“Over the years of mediumship I have learnt how to remove spirits. It is years of learning and experience removing good and negative spirits. Some negative ones can be very challenging at time. Some can mark you as it did with Leah or make you feel ill and put unwanted emotions on people.

“I’ve been affected by some negative ones, pushed, marked and even nasty comments close to my ear or face but in the end it comes down to learning about how to deal with each negative spirit that I’ve come across over the years. Once I’ve removed the spirit I start blessing the person that has been affected and blessing the home. In each room I say prayers. It may take a bit of time going around the home.

“Some places may have portals where spirits can and go through like a door way. This home had two portals where spirits can come and go. I sealed them up so nothing else comes in to the home. Each time someone texts about spirit in the home you never know what you’re going to come across or what challenge you face. Sometimes it can take over you life. I love the work of mediumship and paranormal investigating.”

Additional reporting by Helen Kreft.

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‘I’m so angry’ Naga Munchetty near swearing as she fumes over Rashford mural being defaced

Naga Munchetty, 46, shared her anger with her Radio 5 Live listeners on Monday morning, after England’s Euro 2020 loss sparked violence and outrage among fans. Videos began to emerge of thugs attacking fans while others spouted horrendous abuse online towards the players, including racist remarks to Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho & Bukayo Saka, who missed penalties in Sunday night’s 3-2 shoot-out. Raheem Sterling was also a target.

Millions have shared their disgust over the racist remarks, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson blasting the despicable behaviour and telling those who have partaken in the torrid of abuse to “crawl back under the rock from which you emerged”.

A mural of Rashford, which was commissioned in recognition of his work to tackle child food poverty, was also vandalised with graffiti following England’s defeat to Italy.

The artwork in Withington, Manchester, was defaced shortly after the match had finished, with several swear words and the word “Saka” scribbled across part of his face.

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“For some of [the players] to be abused is unforgivable really,” he said.

“I know a lot has come from abroad. People who track those things have been able to explain that. But not all of it.”

He added: “It’s just not what we stand for.”

“We have been a beacon of light in bringing people together in people being able to relate to the national team, and the national team stands for everybody and so that togetherness has to continue,” he continued.

“We heal together as a team now, and we’re there for them, and I know that 99% of the public will be as well.”

‘What planet are you living on?!’ Brussels chief aghast as Danish MEP erupts in angry rant

The Danish People’s Party MEP launched a bitter rant at the Brussels chief during a heated plenary session in the European Parliament on Tuesday. Mr Kofod slammed theEU’s Commissioner for Migration and Home Affairs over the bloc’s failure to manage the European migrant crisis. Ms Johansson sat stony-faced as the Danish MEP accused her of “living on another planet” if she thought the EU refugee crisis had been resolved.

Mr Kofod told the plenary session: “It’s quite surprising to be sitting here listening to the debate and suddenly the Commissioner says that Europe is no longer in a migration crisis.

“Commissioner, what planet are you living on?!

“This is a time of whole people migrating. We have mass immigration from the near East and Africa that really is shifting the sands of the landscape of the Europe we love.

“We are seeing ghettos, more and more criminality in Scandanavian and European countries,” claimed the MEP.

There are areas where rule of law no longer applies!” the MEP claimed.

Mr Kofod continued: “You must acknowledge the existing problems of migration in this continent.

“If you don’t acknowledge the problem, you can’t solve the problem.”

“This system will never resolve the issue and I’m really disappointed!”

The clash claim amid reports that Belarus’s dictator Alexander Lukashenko is “deliberately” forcing arriving migrants to the border with Lithuania in an attempt to trigger a crisis for the EU.

Reporter Konstantin Eggert told DW News: “In the last 24-hours there were 130 plus migrants that crossed the border which is more than the whole of last year.

“This is being repeated for days and weeks and probably even more.

“The situation is becoming very serious.

“Charles Michel has promised today his and the EU’s help to the Lithuanian president and the government who is struggling to accommodate all those people.”

He continued: “Data from the Lithuanian border guards shows that the Lithuanian-Belarussian frontier has become completely porous.

“People are just climbing over a fence and running across the border!

“Belarus suspended its participation in EU’s eastern partnership and in the EU migrant readmission agreement which obliged Belarus to take illegal migrants, crossing from his side, back.”

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Labour MP Chris Bryant’s office targeted by ‘angry’ anti-vaxx mob – police notified

Chris Bryant grills Matt Hancock on Test and Trace in June

The Labour MP for Rhondda, in South Wales, took to Twitter to reveal how his office in Tonypandy was “plastered” with stickers from anti-vaxxers. The MP confirmed he has contacted the police.

He tweeted: “I’m told an angry crowd has gathered outside my office in Tonypandy and plastered it with stickers.

“Not quite an ‘attack’ as I was originally told, but I have notified the police.”

A Twitter user asked him: “Why in the world have they done that and why are they angry?”

Mr Bryant simply replied: “Vaccination.”

Labour MP Chris Bryant's office targeted by anti-vaxxers

Labour MP Chris Bryant’s office targeted by anti-vaxxers (Image: BBC)

Coronavirus restrictions in Wales

Coronavirus restrictions in Wales (Image: Getty)

Pictures taken of the vandalism revealed the stickers read: “Say no to vaccine passports.

Others said: “If unvaccinated people pose a threat to vaccinated people, does that mean the vaccine doesn’t work?”

Another reads: “Stop saying asymptomatic.

“The word you’re looking for is healthy.”

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Coronavirus restrictions in Wales

Coronavirus restrictions in Wales (Image: Getty)

While another reads: “Imagine doing all this for a virus so deadly you have to be tested to even know if you have it.”

In Wales, First Minister Mark Drakeford said the next lockdown review will be on July 15.

The current rules say groups of up to 30 – not including children under 11 – can meet outside, including in private gardens and outdoor hospitality.

Three homes can also form an extended household.

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Sturgeon shamed after Scottish fans cause Covid spike [COMMENT]

Coronavirus cases across the UK

Coronavirus cases across the UK (Image: Express)

Members of extended households are able to meet indoors and have physical contact.

You can stay at each other’s homes overnight and in holiday accommodation together.

Speaking on BBC Politics Wales in June, Mr Drakeford said: “It leaves Wales not relying wholly and exclusively on vaccination as the only thing we can do to prevent coronavirus from overwhelming the health service again.

“The social distancing, the mask-wearing, the hand-washing, all those things are a defence against coronavirus, as is vaccination.

Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford

Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford (Image: Getty)

“First of all, we press ahead with the vaccination programme to try to get as close to that 80 percent figure as we can.

“The more we push the vaccination numbers up, we hope, the fewer other restrictions we will need.

“And for the time being, it’s going to be a balance between those two things.”

Following the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, there have been several anti-vax protests up and down the country.

Labour MP's office targetted by anti-vaxxers

Labour MP’s office targetted by anti-vaxxers (Image: Getty)

Last month, Jeremy Corbyn’s brother, Piers Corbyn, was photographed outside Westfield shopping centre in Stratford, east London.

In one picture, Mr Corbyn can be seen addressing those waiting through a megaphone held by another man.

He has been seen numerous times protesting against the lockdown restrictions and vaccine efficacy since the pandemic began.

Mr Corbyn, brother of the former Labour leader, was arrested earlier this year for a leaflet comparing Britain’s vaccine rollout to the Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz.

Labour MP's office targetted by anti-vaxxers

Labour MP’s office targetted by anti-vaxxers (Image: Getty)

In 2020 he was arrested in two anti-lockdown demonstrations, in Trafalgar Square and Westminster, for breach of Covid regulations.

The Government and medical authorities insist mass vaccination is the best way to preserve public health, and reopen the economy.

To date, more than 78,000,000 people across the UK have received their coronavirus vaccine.

Out of these figures, 53 percent are fully vaccinated, while 72 percent have received at least one dose.

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Windows 10 fans angry and confused as Windows 11 won’t work with their PCs

That’s according to an official app the Redmond-based tech giant has released to help with the upgrade process.

The Microsoft PC Health Check Tool is meant to be an easy way to find out if your desktop or laptop can run Windows 11.

However, some users – despite having to high-powered machines – have been getting a ‘This PC can’t run Windows 11’ error when they run the app.

While others are getting the error due to the high minimum specs Windows 11 requires.

Taking to Twitter to voice their frustrations, one Windows user tweeted: “Was very impressed with Windows 11 until my computer said no it will not work on my machine. Is there a plan to extend further support of Windows 10 for those people who quite simply cannot afford a new PC to run Windows 11.”

While another posted: “My Windows laptop won’t work with Windows 11… I would have to buy a better processor, more ram and probably a solid state drive to make it be able to. “

Author: Dion Dassanayake
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Spain quarantine rules a ‘great way to decimate’ tourism! Angry Brits vow to never return

Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has announced plans to introduce new quarantine restrictions for UK arrivals unless they can provide evidence of being fully vaccinated or a negative PCR test. It comes amid growing concerns in the European Union(EU) over the spread of the Delta variant in the UK.

Another added: “It [is] obvious that the Spanish et all don’t want or need your money or Brits come to that, so just stay away from the places.”

Despite this, Spain’s tourism officials have reinforced the value of its UK visitors and stressed that “British guests remain welcome”.

The new testing requirement for unvaccinated Britons is to “ensure the protection of both local residents and visitors” according to a spokesperson for The Spanish Tourist Office.

While Spain says it looks forward to welcoming British holidaymakers, Mr Sanchez justified this measure given that the data coming from the United Kingdom shows concerning infection rates “well above 150 cases per 100,000 inhabitants based on the prior 14 days.”

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Not all readers were opposed to Spain’s decision, with some showing understanding for the Spanish PM’s decision.

“Moaning about others requiring tests is the height of hypocrisy,” wrote a commenter.

“For months all visitors from the EU have been required to quarantine on entry to the UK.

“Now we have a higher infection rate than EU countries we think they should welcome us with open arms.”

Many, however, remain unsatisfied with mounting restrictions, the cost of PCR tests and the risk of quarantine.

Instead, some readers say they are turning their attention to other holiday destinations.

“My money is being spent on some wonderful places in the UK,” said one reader.

“Shame really as I have always enjoyed lovely holidays on mainland Europe, but judging by some of the comments on various websites, they only wanted our money.”

Already UK holidays have seen a boost in popularity throughout the summer months, with the likes of the Lake District, South East Coast and Devon and Cornwall seeing a spike in domestic tourism.

Britons have also begun to turn their attention to other green list nations.

“Go to Gibraltar, [it has the] same sun and warmth,” recommended one Express reader.

Both British Airways and easyJet have ramped up capacity to Spain’s neighbouring Gibraltar.

While there are no exact figures available on how the nation’s tourism has benefitted from the green list boost, Gibraltar’s tourism minister Vijay Daryanani told the Observer “you can see a lot of movement in town and in our marinas and restaurants.

“People are booking with a lot of UK [phone] numbers, which is proof of a lot of people are coming from the UK.”

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Merkel hit by angry backlash over crackdown on Britons – 'Quarantine for EU nations too!'

The German Chancellor wants better coordination to fight the spread of the highly transmissible Delta variant that is quickly sweeping throughout the UK and is now making its way through the bloc. Ahead of today’s summit with fellow EU leaders, she told the Bundestag lower house of parliament: “In our country, if you come from Great Britain, you have to go into quarantine – and that’s not the case in every European country, and that’s what I would like to see.”

Following Ms Merkel’s comments, Britons have lashed out at the Chancellor and called for Britain to force EU citizens coming into the country to also isolate.

One Express.co.uk reader said: “That’s fine but to make it fair we will isolate anyone coming here from an EU country starting with Germany.”

Someone else said: “That’s more than a bit rich when her security team turned up positive at the Cornwall G7.

“I think we should stop vehicle imports because they lied about carbon emissions.”

Another Express.co.uk reader commented: “No problem with that then so when the tourism industry in Spain, Greece, Italy etc collapse and their is mass unemployment then they will know who to blame and Germany can, of course, dig deep into its pockets to bail out millions of people.

“No good coming to the UK expecting us to help!”

A fourth reader said: “It’s time we quarantined the EU for good.

“They are certainly not our friends.

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Others mocked the Chancellor claiming quarantining non-EU countries will not “spread the virus within the bloc”.

One said: “Ah yes that’ll sort it out, quarantine non-EU countries!

“Couldn’t possibly spread within the bloc could it.”

Ms Merkel previously raged at Portugal as they are allowing British tourists entry without the need to quarantine.

In France, President Emmanuel Macron has allowed those with two vaccine doses in the UK to enter the country without going into isolation.

Speaking alongside European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen at a press conference, Ms Merkel warned the bloc’s failure to agree to a joint travel policy on coronavirus was starting to “backfire”.

She said: “What I regret is that we have not yet been able to achieve a uniform behaviour among the member states in terms of travel restrictions.

“That is backfiring.

“We now have a situation in Portugal that could perhaps have been avoided, and that’s why we have to work even harder on this.

“We’ve made pretty good progress in recent months, but we’re not yet where I would like the European Union to be.”

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