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Britons among most anxious in world about loosening Covid rules

The study comes as a psychologist highlights preliminary research showing Britons are among the most anxious about Covid compared to the US, China and...

Anxious Residents of Sister Tower to Fallen Florida Condo Wonder: Stay or Go?

SURFSIDE, Fla. — Philip Zyne peered over the balcony of his condo near Miami Beach around midday on Saturday and pointed to a large...

The Anxious History of Understanding Cortisol

In 1941, with the Second World War well underway, the Allies captured a German submarine that was returning from Argentina with an unusual cargo...

Covid vaccine: AstraZeneca jab causes crowding in A&E departments as ‘people are anxious’

Dr Katherine Henderson reported a huge influx of concerned people visiting A&E after having their AstraZeneca jab. "I think it's an understandable reaction by...

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