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Covid anti-vaxxer refuses beauty treatments on anyone who has had the jab

Covid anti-vaxxer refuses beauty treatments

The anti-vaxxer, from Glasgow, made an eye-opening statement on her business Instagram page: “We will not treat anyone who has had a COVID-19 jab.” Sarah McCutcheon explained why she made this decision. “Many of my loyal, long-term clients follow a very natural path,” Sarah said. “And I want to ensure they feel safe in the environment that they come to relax in.”

Meanwhile, research conducted by Public Health England (PHE) demonstrated that the Covid jabs are effective against hospitalisation and deaths.

Two jabs of the Pfizer vaccine is 96 percent effective against hospitalisation from the Covid delta variant – the most dominant strain in the UK.

In addition, the AstraZeneca vaccine is 92 percent effective against hospitalisation.

Research published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) found that the Pfizer and AstraZeneca jabs were associated with:

  • Reduction in symptomatic Covid
  • Protection against severe disease.

Covid vaccine side effects

As with any type of vaccine, side effects are possible, but not everybody gets them.

“Most side effects are mild and should not last longer than a week,” the NHS said.

Common complaints include:

  • A sore arm from the injection
  • Feeling tired
  • A headache
  • Feeling achy
  • Feeling or being sick.

“You may also get a high temperature or feel hot or shivery one or two days after your vaccination,” added the NHS.

More than 45 million people in the UK have now had their first Covid jab, the Government report shows.

The number of people who have had their second jab is creeping up towards 35 million.

The success of the vaccine programme has weakened the link between the number of Covid cases and the number of hospitalisations and deaths.

While the virus is infecting more people once again, the number of patients admitted to hospital and people now dying of Covid is not skyrocketing as it would if people were not vaccinated.

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We don’t want it to come home! Welshman’s justification for supporting anyone but England

Richard Madeley asks Scotland fan ‘why won’t you cheer us?’

The England football team is preparing to play against Denmark this Wednesday in the semi-finals of Euro 2020. Little has been spared in the way of anticipation, with supporters up and down the country confident that their country could be on the cusp of their first ever European Championship final – and potential victory. The conversation surrounding England has, however, strayed from the game and team.

Many, like Good Morning Britain host Richard Madeley, have hit out against Scots, the Welsh and Northern Irish for not committing their support for England in their bid.

Columnists and pundits have long debated why large numbers of people from the devolved nations refuse to back the English national side in whatever sport they may be playing in.

Dafydd Mac, writing in Nation Cymru ahead of England’s most recent men’s football semi-final – the 2018 World Cup – argued it had to do with unfair coverage, politics, identity and representation.

Citing Stephen Daisley writing in the Spectator who said England would “be a mate about” any other devolved nation reaching the finals of a sporting tournament, Mr Mac said: “Unfortunately, we know this is nonsense.”

Wales: A columnist set out why the country shouldn't support England in its sporting finals

Wales: A columnist set out why the country shouldn’t support England in its sporting finals (Image: GETTY)

England: The team is preparing for its semi-final game against Denmark on Wednesday

England: The team is preparing for its semi-final game against Denmark on Wednesday (Image: GETTY)

He would go on to compare newspaper headlines when Wales reached the semi-finals of Euro 2016 with England’s performance in 2018.

Mr Mac wrote: “So we know that England’s support for Wales was at best lukewarm, but why are so few people in Wales ready to support England?

“The short answer is that English identity is often synonymous with British identity, and when we Welsh are asked to embrace Britishness what we are actually being asked to do is to embrace Englishness at the expense of Welshness.

“Demanding that Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland support England is a classic example of this dynamic in action.

JUST INTravellers leave illegal camp but set new one up just hours later

Gareth Southgate: England's manager has the country behind him but not the devolved nations

Gareth Southgate: England’s manager has the country behind him but not the devolved nations (Image: GETTY)

“England and Britain are considered interchangeable, and therefore England are presented as the de facto Team GB at the World Cup.

“Therefore it is considered only natural, in the eyes of many, that we in Wales, as British people, support England, and we are considered petty if we don’t do so.”

He argued that the dislike for the English national team in Wales stemmed from Englishness falling “under the cloak of Britishness,” and that “despite its cultural richness, Welsh culture is being slowly eroded by the soft power of its much larger neighbour.”

Going through the complex relationship of Wales and England, and claiming that England is Wales’ “antagonistic other”, Mr Mac wrote: “The national football team is intrinsically linked to national identity. To support your national team is to show the world that you are proud of your country.


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Euro 2016: Wales reached the semi-finals of Euro 2016 but were knocked out by Portugal who won it

Euro 2016: Wales reached the semi-finals of Euro 2016 but were knocked out by Portugal who won it (Image: GETTY)

Ukraine: England fans pictured in Rome last week

Ukraine: England fans pictured in Rome last week (Image: GETTY)

“Therefore, if you identify with a national identity which defines itself against an ‘antagonistic other’, to support the latter’s football team is tantamount to the betrayal of the former.

Yet, many others have claimed that this time round Wales should, in fact, support their neighbours.

English writer Laura Kemp who has lived in Wales for over 20 years urged in a WalesOnline piece that “all Welsh people should now be supporting England in Euro 2020”.

Drawing on many of the grievances commonly felt by Welsh people – of which some were explored in Mr Mac’s piece – she wrote: “How can you possibly back the enemy in Euro 2020 after everything they’ve done to you?

Euro records: England have never reached a Euro Championships final

Euro records: England have never reached a Euro Championships final (Image: Express Newspapers)

“After all, Wales has endured centuries of oppression at the hands of England, and Boris Johnson’s Government treats the nation as an after-thought.

“The Prime Minister made that crystal when he wished good luck to England, Scotland and, ‘Any other home nations that may be competing’ when the sum of ‘them’ was Wales.”

But she said England’s squad today embodies everything that Welsh people should be embracing: “They aren’t just professional and playing with pride and passion – remind you of any other team close to your hearts?

“They’re also the role models they’re often accused of failing to be.

Welsh not: The not was used by English settlers to stop Welsh children speaking their language

Welsh not: The not was used by English settlers to stop Welsh children speaking their language (Image: Twitter/@pplscollection)

“In fact, they go much further – they are challenging the establishment just like those in Wales who are sick of the privilege of the Etonian elite.

“Even when Conservative critics have accused them of ‘tokenism’, the team has stuck to its guns to take the knee to protest against not just racism but beat the drum for equality for all, whether that’s gender, disability or sexuality.”

While Mr Mac ends on the note, “Let us grumble if England win and enjoy our nationalistic schadenfreude if they lose!”, Ms Kemp takes the alternative view: “Before you dig deep for the Danes remember this team isn’t about nasty nationalism – it’s about a collective and a conscience. And surely that’s something we should all get behind.”

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Author: Joel Day
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Maths expert's temperature trick is a must for anyone going on holiday

“But it involves some pretty nasty numbers.”

The brainbox, who goes by @tomrocksmaths on Twitter, adds: “So what we are going to do instead is come up with an approximation.

“It might not work for your scientific experiments but if you are on holiday and you just want to know the temperature, it will work a treat.

“To approximately turn degrees Celsius into degrees Fahrenheit, all you have to do is multiply by two and add 30. So let’s look at 30 degrees Celsius. Multiply by two to get 60 and add 30 to get 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

“So let’s look at 10C- a little cooler. Multiply by two to get 20 and then add 30 to get 10 degrees Celsius is approx 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

“Multiply by two, add 30, and you have it!”

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: UK Feed

Now anyone can get a Blue Tick on Twitter, here’s how to get yours

The social networking giant had said: “Verification has long been perceived as an endorsement. This perception became worse when we opened up verification for public submissions and verified people who we in no way endorse.” And now, after a lengthy hiatus during which the Blue Tick system has been retooled, Twitter’s new verification process is re-launching for all.

Beginning from Thursday May 20, the new Twitter verification process will start rolling out. Accounts that fall into six different categories will be able to apply for a coveted Twitter Blue Tick. Here are the different categories for Twitter verification…

• Government • Companies, brands and organisations • News organisations and journalists • Entertainment • Sports and gaming • Activists, organisers, and other influential individuals

Those looking to apply for Twitter verification will be able to do so directly in their account settings. If you don’t see an option in the Account Settings tab to apply for a Blue Tick – don’t worry, Twitter is in the process of rolling this out.

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Anyone can go to the Texas Longhorns Orange-White spring game — here's what you need to know

Author: Andrew Schnitker
This post originally appeared on KXAN Austin

AUSTIN (KXAN) — The Texas Longhorns will wrap up spring football practice at the Orange-White Game Saturday afternoon at Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium.

This will be the first opportunity to catch the newest version of the Longhorns under new head coach Steve Sarkisian. The scrimmage, set for 1 p.m. Saturday, caps off the 15 spring practices allotted by the NCAA.

This will be the last day of organized team activities for the Longhorns until preseason practice for the 2021 season. There will be player-led workouts during the summer.

Admission for the Orange-White game is free, but there will be safety and distancing protocols in place for stadium seating, according to Texas Athletics.

Fans are expected to wear a face covering and maintain social distancing — even if they are already vaccinated from COVID-19.

Seating at the game

Texas Athletics says seating will first be available in the lower bowl on a first-come, first-served basis. Anyone sitting in Sections 3 though 6 should follow the orange stickers that have been placed on the backs of the seats to indicate available seats.

If all available lower bowl seats are filled, the north and east upper bowls will be opened up for additional capacity.

The gates will open at 12 p.m. You can enter the stadium through Gates 7, 8, 25, 27, 28, and 31.

Gameday experiences

Tailgating will not be allowed on campus before or after the game. The normal game day festivities prior to the COVID-19 pandemic — Bevo Boulevard, Smokey’s Midway and Longhorn City Limits — will also not happen Saturday.

The Frank Denius Family University of Texas Athletics Hall of Fame in the north end zone will also be closed.

UT says it is planning for full capacity at home games during the 2021 football season, and they expect all of the pregame experiences to return in September, as well.

UT wrote on its website: “We look forward to these amazing experiences returning in the fall.” 

The south end zone at Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium is still under construction, so the video board and audio system will not be working. That portion of the stadium is expected to be ready for the start of the 2021 season.

All bags larger than 4.5″ x 6.5″, including purses and diaper bags, must be clear plastic and no larger than 12″ x 6″ x 12″.


Free parking will be available for all fans at certain parking garages, including San Jacinto, Trinity, and East Campus Garages, on Saturday from 7 a.m. until midnight.

Fans may also park for free in Lots 37, 38, 39, and 40 just east of the LBJ Library, according to Texas Athletics.

UT says ADA parking will be available in Manor Garage on the east side of the stadium. To access ADA parking, please display your state issued ADA credentials at Red River St./Clyde Littlefield Dr. checkpoint. From there, you’ll be directed by gameday officials to Manor Garage. 

The European Super League was unfathomable to anyone with common sense – could it be the ultimate exercise in calling our bluffs?

Celebrations are in full flight after the swift demise of the doomed European Super League. Can the fact that no one is any better off as a result of its failure tell us anything about the real motivations behind this fever dream?

Even by the ruthless standards of football and business, 48 hours has to go down as a rapid turnaround for a masterplan to be discarded. Fans are now celebrating after Manchester City confirmed that they would be the first club to withdraw from the European Super League (ESL), with Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal and Tottenham all following suit and Atletico Madrid set to join them.

As a surreal two days comes to a close, it is hard to tell how an idea cartoonish in its supervillainy will be seen in the future, accelerating as it now is towards merely becoming a memory of how the most depressingly unpalatable version of the game as product was drawn up without being realized.

What are we left with? Some resignations of rich businessmen, supposed severed ties and damaged club reputations among fans they scarcely seem to care about. There is a sense of relief among those fans, perhaps akin to feeling grateful that the door of your house was kicked in rather than the roof burning down.
Also on rt.com Roman Abramovich ‘pulling Chelsea out of European Super League’ as protests stun viewers ahead of Premier League match (VIDEO)
The transformation of the Champions League, which was overshadowed by this shameful fiasco, remains. Amid the constant theatre of Monday – practically an age ago, now – the ‘Swiss system’ was confirmed, expanding the tournament to 36 teams with each playing 10 matches in the group stage.

The clubs who had jumped in to the Super League will newly see themselves as being in an emboldened position to negotiate further changes, having taken their fingers off the nuclear button of abandoning the competition entirely.

When multi-billion dollar tournaments are announced and torn up in two days, the three years until those changes come into effect might as well be three centuries away. That the Super League announcement was timed so close to those alterations to Europe’s flagship club competition is, at best, curious.
Also on rt.com ‘We saved football’: Chelsea go from villains to heroes as Abramovich set to pull team out of Super League (VIDEO)
Any business plan starts with its key stakeholders. The likes of Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp and Chelsea’s Thomas Tuchel fit that parlance perfectly here, yet they say they were never consulted, discovering the developments, which were supposedly long in the making, hours before being expected to hold forth on them during duly flustered appearance in front of the media.

That made it all seem like it was never thought through and never a serious proposition, yet the much more feasible subplot appears to be that this was invented as a Sword of Damacles that could be held up at any point. That offers a window into the scheming of those involed.

Now that we are in the realms of clubs converging on secret Zoom calls away from the pesky restraints that governing bodies attempt to impose, who is to say that they have not used that tactic to plot a much subtler version of the stratospheric imbalance they have just suggested?
Also on rt.com Five remaining Premier League sides join Chelsea in withdrawing from European Super League as Man United supremo Woodward resigns
Some are warning of the need for vigilance to ensure that a similar scandal does not resurface. Whenever new deals are on the horizon, that threat will need to be remembered.

The net result among viewers is likely to be a greater idealization of the game in its current form, as if the European leagues are not almost entirely ordered by who has the most money, with rapidly descending resources given to clubs who need them most.

It should go the opposite way: worry less about making competitions more accessible to the wealthiest on and off the pitch and more about supporting the entirety of football, with purer meritocracies season by season and fans put center stage rather than treated as consumers.
Also on rt.com ‘I hope others follow their lead’: UK PM Johnson commends Chelsea and Man City as clubs set to pull out of Super League
Amid the fallcy of the ESL, the reality is that none of this needed to happen. The mega-rich can start from a granite bargaining position without risking armageddon, standing to make vast amounts of money while being sensibly run, remaining a beacon for communities and supporting the divisions below them, if only for the distinct possibility of their future talent being nurtured on pitches that are closer to cabbage patches than carpets.

Top-level football appears to have narrowly avoided the abyss, even if there is a suspicion that the edge never existed.

This whirlwind crisis is as much a moment of brief redemption as it is an exaggerated preview of what could lie ahead.
Also on rt.com Bayern chief says Klopp ‘spoke heavily against’ Liverpool joining Super League and admits German giants could pounce for Reds boss


This article originally appeared on RT Sport News

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WhatsApp warning: New scam lets anyone 'easily' block your chat app

WhatsApp users are being warned about a glaring security issue with the world’s most popular messaging app. The threat allows attackers to lock you out of your account by deactivating your WhatsApp. And what do bad actors need to wreak all this havoc? Nothing more than your phone number.
The terrifying new scam was first highlighted by a security expert writing in Forbes. Anyone can be blocked from their account in 36 hours, security researchers Luis Márquez Carpintero and Ernesto Canales Pereña have cautioned.

The attack can be carried out as literally anyone can install WhatsApp on their device and enter in a mobile number belonging to someone else during the initial account set-up process. If someone does this, then you will receive texts and calls from WhatsApp giving you a crucial six-digit code needed to complete the setup process.

Unless a hacker someone manages to get you to send across this code, the likelihood of them managing to guess it is nigh-on impossible. So what would happen is an attacker would attempt to enter in this crucial code, and keep on failing.

READ MORE: WhatsApp wants to end nightmare of switching from iPhone to Android

WhatsApp can then lock a user out of their account, without verifying the person getting in touch via e-mail is the same person that has the phone number provided. If the attacker waits until the second 12-hour cycle begins, then by the time the third one kicks in WhatsApp appears to break down.

Instead of being told that new set up codes can be created in 12 hours time, WhatsApp tells a user to try again in minus one seconds.

If the attack has progressed to this point, and the attacker has messaged WhatsApp support before a victim has, then the target will face a major headache trying to retrieve their account. Researchers said by this point it’s “too late” and instead of dealing with an automated help system a victim will have to try and track down someone to speak to in person.

Speaking about the threat, ESET’s Jake Moore said: “This is yet another worrying hack, one that could impact millions of users who could potentially be targeted with this attack. With so many people relying on WhatsApp as their primary communication tool for social and work purposes, it is alarming at what ease this can occur.”

While a WhatsApp spokesperson said “providing an email address with your two-step verification helps our customer service team assist people should they ever encounter this unlikely problem. The circumstances identified by this researcher would violate our terms of service and we encourage anyone who needs help to email our support team so we can investigate.”

This article originally appeared on Daily Express :: Tech Feed