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‘No longer feels appropriate!’ Boris Johnson’s Freedom Day speech cancelled amid surge

The Daily Mail learned the Prime Minister had planned to give a speech to mark the momentous national lifting of lockdown in the style of wartime leader Winston Churchill.

However, a Government source claimed the event “no longer feels appropriate” as cases continue to soar across the country.

The source said: “The plan had been for Boris to effectively declare victory over the virus by summoning the spirit of Churchill, with appropriately stirring rhetoric.

“That no longer feels appropriate.”

Mr Johnson has previously said the long awaited Freedom Day be “cautious but irreversible”.

However, Jeremy Hunt, the former Health Secretary, said the situation is “very serious”, and raised the prospect of another lockdown this autumn.

He said that, if cases are still rising in September, “I think we are going to have to reconsider”.

Although Covid cases continue to climb at an unprecedented rate, deaths from the virus have remained extremely low.

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“This shows no-one is safe from this deadly virus,” she said.

“By easing all restrictions with cases surging, they are experimenting with people’s lives.

“Right now, they are pursuing a strategy of survival of the fittest, where the young and clinically vulnerable will be left defenceless.”

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Nintendo Switch Pro: Company on ‘appropriate time’ for new hardware reveals

While gamers were told that a Nintendo Switch Pro was coming soon, nothing has yet to emerge.

E3 2021 has now passed by, and we only learnt about the software that is coming over the coming months.

Nintendo never officially revealed any plans for the Switch Pro, and much of what we know about the console remains linked to reports and rumours.

For now, we don’t know when such a reveal will take place and if a Nintendo Switch Pro will be available to buy in 2021.

But while Nintendo isn’t ready to talk about its future plans, they have provided a few comments regarding the Switch Pro console.

Speaking during the 81st Annual General Meeting on June 29, Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa provided the latest update, telling investors:

“We conduct Nintendo Direct presentations to give our customers information about each product at the appropriate time. Our company is focused on continuing to provide the unique Nintendo sense of play, and will keep realizing that with our hardware and software.

“We believe this will grow the company. In order to do that, our company is always developing hardware, software, and accessories, but I will have to refrain from commenting on any specific products under development.”

The translation of the meeting comes from @Cheesemeister3k on Twitter, offering these other updates on the prospect of mini-consoles:

“Our company believes that gender and other forms of diversity are extremely important. As our business offers entertainment, our game development aims to bring smiles to everyone we reach.

“Although we can’t necessarily fulfill everyone’s desires with the various elements we have to decide on for each game spec, I appreciate your input on this matter.”

According to the latest rumours, the much-talked-about mid-generation upgrade for the Switch could in fact be getting a release date in 2022.

This is according to the Twitter account for the YouTube channel SwitchUp – which has 186,000 subscribers.

According to the YouTuber, a “reliable” source involved in the manufacture of Switch accessories has claimed the Switch Pro will not be releasing this year.

SwitchUp recently posted: “No Switch Pro in 2021. Reliable peripheral manufacturing source from China; working on products to be adapted for it. Says they’ve been told 2022 global market release. Let’s hope it’s wrong”.

The claims were highlighted and discussed in a post on the Reddit page, with some users thinking a 2022 release date seems likely and others still hopeful of a launch this year.

The Switch Pro is rumoured to be capable of 4K gaming in docked mode, have a better screen for crisper visuals when playing in handheld mode and come fitted with a beefier graphics chip.

But until we hear more from Nintendo, much of this will remain speculation in 2021, and possibly beyond.

Author: Gary Jones
This post originally appeared on Daily Express