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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son Patrick pays tribute as actor Daniel Mickelson dies at 23

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son Patrick has paid his respects to a rising actor who tragically died at the age of 23. Daniel Mickelson’s death was announced on Instagram by his sister, model Meredith Mickelson, on Monday July 5, a day after he passed away.

The actor, who is known for starring in the 2019 series Mani and in the indie horror film The Killer Clown Meets the Candy Man, was just starting out in the industry.

His death remains unknown.

Meredith began her devastating announcement by saying her heart is “shattered”.

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“I wish we could go back there. I wish we were still talking in sentences that probably annoyed everyone else but made us crack up every time.

“I wish I was still sitting on my bathroom floor FaceTiming you, because that was the only place I had wifi and I never wanted to miss a call from you.”

Kaia added: “Thank you for being the reason for so much laughter and happiness in the world. It won’t be the same without you here. I love you Daniel.”

More and more celebrities began to send their prayers and love, including US socialite Paris Hilton.

Author: Jessica Williams
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San Diego State golfer wins Mountain West tournament and is named to Arnold Palmer Cup team

A week after taking home the Mountain West Conference Golf tournament trophy, Puwit Anupansuebsai was named to the International team for the second time.

SAN DIEGO — It’s official. The Aztecs have themselves one heck of a golfer.
During last week’s Mountain West Conference Golf Tournament, Puwit Anupansuebsai shot a 6-under-par 66 in the final round to join a four-man playoff at 7-under 209. He then birdied the second playoff hole to capture SDSU’s first MW Championship in 20 years!
Over the last three tournaments of the season, Anupansuebsai has finished tied for second (Wyoming Cowboy Classic), tied for first (lost in a playoff at Western Intercollegiate) and first (won playoff at MW Championship). He leads San Diego State with a 71.05 scoring average and rounds in the 60s and rounds below par!
On top of all of that Anupansuebsai was recently named to the International team for the Arnold Palmer Cup. Anupansuebsai, from Thailand, will play for the International team for the second straight year.
In 2020, Anupansuebsai led the Internationals to a dominating 21-point win over the United States. He went 3-0 for the week as the Internationals retained the cup in a 40.5-19.5 victory.
Anupansuebsai is the third Aztec to be named to an Arnold Palmer Cup team, joining Aaron Goldberg and Nahum Mendoza III, who represented the United States in 2008 and 2016, respectively.
The Arnold Palmer Cup was established in 1997 and originally featured the top eight collegiate golfers from the United States against Great Britain and Ireland. Following the 2002 tournament, the American opponent was enlarged to include all European players, while roster size for both sides was increased to 10 competitors in 2013. In 2018, the Arnold Palmer Cup was expanded once again to include United States men’s and women’s teams against collegiate golfers from around the world.
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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Son Joseph Baena, 23, Reveals New Career 2 Years After College Graduation

Joseph Baena’s got muscles to spare and his father’s good looks, but Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son revealed he’s taking an unexpected professional path in life.

Forget The Terminator. Meet The Realtor. Joseph Baena, the 23-year-old child of Arnold Schwarzenegger, revealed on Monday (May 3) that he’s putting his college degree to work. “Super excited to start a new career in residential real estate,” said Joseph, who dubbed himself “not your average realtor.” He said he was “looking forward to growing and learning from my amazing team at [ARIA Silicon Beach Real Estate], but more so looking forward to putting you guys in a new home!”

If anyone is looking to buy (or sell) a condo from the spitting image of Conan the Barbarian, Joseph said he would be primarily based in West Los Angeles and Silicon Beach. “So, if you’re buying, selling, or need help, shoot me a DM. Your support mends the world,” he said, before adding, “tag someone who needs a home.” Speaking of tagging, Joseph tagged his new employer, as well as Keller Williams Silicon Beach, an “LA-Based Real Estate Office Serving Clients to Sell and Buy Property in the Silicon Beach Area & Beyond.”

Joseph’s announcement was met with praise from his friends, followers, and fellow workout bros. “Solid brother,” commented Sebastian Siegel. “Built like a house,” commented Philip Schulte, the man who secured @italian on Instagram. “congrats, my brother,” added Bear Degidio. “Imagine having Terminator Jr selling you a home,” commented one fan. “Nice. Good luck on this new journey.”

Joseph Baena, out and about in June 2019, months after he graduated from college (MEGA)

The journey seemingly began in April 2019 when Joseph graduated from college. On hand to celebrate this accomplishment was his father. “Congratulations, Joseph! Four years of hard work studying business at Pepperdine, and today is your big day!” wrote the now 73-yer-old action movie icon. Arnold also shared a photo of him standing next to Joseph at the graduation ceremony, a proud smile on Arnie’s face as he clasped his son’s hand. “You have earned all of the celebrations, and I’m so proud of you. I love you!”

“Some of the best times of my life are because of this school and the people in these pictures,” Joseph captioned his own IG post he shared that day. “I am so incredibly grateful to have the privilege to study at and graduate from such a beautiful and high caliber school. I now have my degree in business administration, and with that, I believe this is only the beginning of a new road. Let’s see where it takes us!”

Author: Jason Brow
This post originally appeared on Hollywood Life

Arnold Schwarzenegger Is No Longer the Governor of California. Right?

LOS ANGELES — Arnold Schwarzenegger settled into a big leather rocker recliner on the back patio of his mansion. His tiny rescue dog, Cherry, scampered at his feet, wearing a butterfly bow.

On his lawn, his miniature donkey, Lulu, was making a break for the hedges. His miniature horse, Whiskey, loitered near a marble bust of Abraham Lincoln. His bar held a dollhouse-size replica of the tank he had driven during a stint in the Austrian Army. A biofuel Hummer was in the driveway. A nine-foot scale model of the Statue of Liberty stood in the foyer. Things were either very large or very small.

Here is where Mr. Schwarzenegger has been holding court in person ever since he went to Dodger Stadium in January to get vaccinated, an event that has been viewed 20 million times on social media. People clamor to get penciled in for a back-patio visit — not just the usual show business people, but also political consultants, talk show hosts and people trying to oust Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Up Mandeville Canyon they come, through the wrought iron gates, to talk Newsom with Schwarzenegger. They usually end up talking Schwarzenegger with Schwarzenegger.

“Why did I get elected?” asked Mr. Schwarzenegger, 73, who rode a wave of populist angst in 2003 to become California’s 38th governor, winning the recall election that toppled Gray Davis. “Why did Trump get elected? Because people were dissatisfied with the politicians. They hate the politicians. They can’t trust them. This is the overriding story.”

It has been 10 years since Mr. Schwarzenegger left Sacramento. An action-movie star who was elected — and re-elected — on a promise to rescue California from Democratic excess, he ended up with a 27 percent approval rating and a personal scandal that ended his marriage.

But California is the land of second — and third and fourth — chances. Mr. Schwarzenegger did not so much repair his image as allow California to recalibrate its view of his contributions. He is a more popular political figure today than when he was elected, a feat for a Republican in a state so blue.

The reasons are as sweeping and small as the reasons California elected him in the first place. Some of it has to do with the pandemic. Some has to do with former President Donald J. Trump. His embrace of bipartisanship has a role, as does the state’s fixation with recalls, not to mention Whiskey and Lulu, who stole the show in a series of homemade public service videos he posted during the pandemic. But much of it is Arnold — the only person in the state’s 170-year history to become governor in a recall — just being Arnold.

“As a state, we are drawn to personalities who, like him, speak with clarity about what they stand for and who they are — and have a sense of humor about it,” said Mark Baldassare, president of the nonpartisan Public Policy Institute of California. “But seeing him out there this year reminds me that Californians also have an ability to forgive and forget.”

Mr. Schwarzenegger persuaded past and present governors to join him in an ad touting face masks, and drafted his pets, children, staff and girlfriend, a West Los Angeles physical therapist, into helping produce public service announcements on social distancing and handwashing. He raised millions of dollars last year for protective health gear, anteing up $ 1 million of his own. During the election, he spent $ 2.5 million in eight states to keep polling places open.

In January, when Mr. Trump’s false claims of voter fraud stirred a mob to storm Congress, Mr. Schwarzenegger posted a speech comparing their actions to the 1938 Kristallnacht sacking of Jewish neighborhoods by European Nazis. The seven-minute video has drawn nearly 78 million views on his social media alone.

There is his Schwarzenegger Institute for State and Global Policy at the University of Southern California. And his new animated children’s series. And his forthcoming spy show on Netflix. And the environmental summit he is hosting this summer in Austria.

None of this, he said, is about ever running again for public office. “Elderly statesman” is how he describes his role now.

“When you leave office, you realize — well, I realized — that I just couldn’t cut it off like that,” he said. “Just because I’m finished with this job that is only kind of a temporary job, does it mean that I have interest only in a temporary way? No! It’s like sports, with the follow-through.”

He leaped from the recliner and demonstrated a golf swing and a tennis volley. Cherry hopped to her tiny paws.

In a three-hour interview at his home days before the Newsom recall effort officially qualified for the ballot, Mr. Schwarzenegger was serious and funny, brutally honest and wily. His black zip-up jacket had a governor’s seal patch. It was morning, but he had already exercised and visited with his daughters, who had come by to play tennis. A fire crackled in an outdoor fireplace the size of a real Austrian tank.

As California’s Republican-led recall campaign has advanced toward a probable November ballot, about a half-dozen prospective challengers to Mr. Newsom, including some Democrats, have come to Mr. Schwarzenegger confidentially for counsel, according to his advisers. He sees them in person, or on FaceTime or Zoom — “I want to see people’s faces,” he said, brandishing his iPad.

He offers advice on the political dynamics, but he has not endorsed Mr. Newsom or any rival or taken a position for or against a recall.

“I have had everyone that is interested in it get in touch with me about it, and talk to me about it, and get advice about it,” Mr. Schwarzenegger said. “I tell people what the landscape is and what my experience was. I don’t encourage anyone — or discourage anyone.”

In hyperpartisan times, such neutrality is an exception. Though he is somewhat estranged from the Republican Party and has called Mr. Trump “the worst president ever,” he has championed moderation and looking beyond party. The Democrat he defeated to become governor, Mr. Davis, he now considers a friend.

“He speaks for a certain kind of California Republican,” D.J. Waldie, a Southern California author and cultural historian, said. “It may be a rare and a dying breed and it certainly doesn’t reflect the party leaders, but it does reflect something about the character of ordinary Republicans in California. I sometimes wonder if that gravelly Austrian accent might be the voice of Republicanism Without Trump.”

A global star with a wife from the Kennedy family, Mr. Schwarzenegger came to Sacramento at the expense of Mr. Davis, a liberal Democrat unlucky enough to have been in charge during the dotcom bust, the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks and blackouts.

He had not planned to run, even though Republican leaders had begged and Mr. Davis had stood him up at a meeting where he had hoped to lobby for his signature cause, after-school programs.

He said his now ex-wife, Maria Shriver — whose public accounts have echoed his recollection — was loath to drag their family into the political spotlight. He was undecided until Jay Leno ushered him onto his couch on the “Tonight Show” and a cheer erupted. “I let my mouth speak for itself,” he said, still laughing at his delight when it said he was running for governor. When he got home, he said, Ms. Shriver was in tears.

A 55.4 percent majority of voters elected to recall Mr. Davis, and a 48.6 plurality chose Mr. Schwarzenegger as his replacement. As governor, he promised to overhaul the way state budgeting decisions were made. His finance proposals failed but he did win state election reforms that, over time, have made it harder for extremists in both parties to gridlock decision-making.

An impartial commission has replaced partisan gerrymandering in determining the boundaries of legislative districts, making it harder for the parties to game them. And California’s “top two” primary system has put more moderates of both parties on the ballot.

But passing those reforms consumed almost all of Mr. Schwarzenegger’s political capital by the time he left office. Looking back, he believes that the recall was chiefly an expression of much larger societal forces.

“In 2003 we were just getting out of a world recession — this was a worldwide phenomenon — and right alongside it was then the state problems,” he said.

He felt bipartisan compassion in November when Mr. Newsom got caught at a Michelin-starred restaurant after telling pandemic-weary Californians not to gather.

“Oy vey!” he said, laughing. “It’s — you know, you can see how it can happen. But you crunch and you say this is not the time to make this the issue. With the recall, it just put so much fuel on the fire.”

Scandal corroded Mr. Schwarzenegger’s own image when, months after he left office, news broke that he had fathered a child with a household employee in the mid-1990s. It was the last straw for Ms. Shriver, who had defended him in 2003 after several women said he had groped them.

“The end of the marriage was my screw-up,” Mr. Schwarzenegger said. “The bigger they are, the harder they fall. I couldn’t complain about it — I did it. I was the governor and, of course, I crashed down big time.”

His children are all adults now, and he is a grandfather. That back patio recliner helped him recuperate from heart surgery in 2018. A YouGov.com poll this year found him to be the nation’s most popular Republican with a 51 percent approval rating.

“My father always said, ‘Be useful,’” Mr. Schwarzenegger said. “That is always all I’m trying to do.”

Author: Shawn Hubler
This post originally appeared on NYT > U.S. News

Arnold Schwarzenegger Children: Who Are They?

Author Jason Brow
This post originally appeared on Hollywood Life

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a bodybuilding icon and an action movie legend – but he’s also a family man! Here’s the scoop on all of Arnie’s kids, from Katherine Schwarzenegger to Joseph Baena!

“Fatherhood is really the greatest joy,” Arnold Schwarzenegger told Men’s Health in 2018, and it’s a truth he’s lived ever since he first became a father. Though Arnold’s life is full of major milestones – winning Mr. Universe, claiming the title of Mr. Olympia seven times, serving as the governor of California from 2003 to 2011, becoming a pop culture icon with films like Conan The Barbarian, The Terminator, Predator, and Kindergarten Cop – it seems that the one thing he’s most proud of is being a dad.

“Watching all five of my kids grow into their own successful lives is fantastic,” Arnold said in that 2018 interview. “Spending time with them, working out together, answering their questions makes me so happy.” So, who are the five children that have helped Arnold be a better person?

Katherine Schwarzenegger, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Christina Schwarzenegger attend the ‘Killing Gunther’ screening in 2017 (Shutterstock)

Katherine Schwarzenegger

The oldest of the Schwarzenegger children is Katherine Schwarzenegger. The daughter of Arnold and his former wife, Maria Shriver, Katherine was born on Dec. 13, 1989. Arnold and Maria first met in 1977, after her fellow journalist (and NBC Nightly News anchor) Tom Brokaw introduced them at a tennis charity event, per the Washington Post. The couple tied the knot on April 26, 1986, and three years later, they welcomed Katherine.

Katherine grew up while her father appeared in big-budget action films — True Lies (1994), Jingle All The Way (1996), Batman & Robin (1997), to name a few – while her mother was working as a journalist for NBC News. Despite having high-profile parents with A-lister friends, Katherine said she had a regular, normal upbringing.

Katherine Schwarzenegger attends Kate Spade show at New York Fashion Week in 2020 (Shutterstock)

“You don’t view them [her parent’s famous friends] – my siblings, and I don’t view them – as big names, as much as they are as friends of our parents,” she told PEOPLE in 2017. “So, we grew up like that. It felt very normal for all of us, because our parents raised the four of us kids to have a very normal upbringing and a normal childhood. I feel like we really had that. It wasn’t a showy or flashy thing – we didn’t go to red carpet things all the time. We had a normal childhood except for some random friends who are bigger deals than others.”

However, Katherine’s life stopped being “normal” when her father was elected governor in 2003. “Being the oldest and going from being an actor’s kid to being the governor’s daughter, it’s a totally different amount of pressure put on you to be perfect,” she told Harper’s Bazaar in 2011. She said she felt pressure to not do “anything stupid,” but as a teenager, she still “did go out, I did drink, I had a boyfriend in high school.” While attending the University of Southern California, she did discover that dating was complicated with her last name. Guys “were coming up to me, and it would automatically jump to a conversation about my dad and weight lifting or how to do a proper bicep curl. It’s like, ‘Do you want to date my father, or do you want to date me? Like, I can arrange that for you.’”

Thankfully, Katherine has since found love. She and actor Chris Pratt began dating in 2018. They were engaged at the start of the following year and got married on June 8, 2019. IN August 2020, the couple welcomed their first child together, Lyla Maria. Arnold and Maria adapted quickly to being grandparents. “It’s such a great and cool new role for both of them to be able to experience,” Katherine told Us Weekly at the end of 2020. “Also, for me as their daughter to watch them in this new role is such a beautiful thing.”

Katherine is an author. She published her first book, Rock What You’ve Got: Secrets To Loving Your Inner and Outer Beauty From Someone Who’s Been There And Back in 2010. She published her fourth book, The Gift of Forgiveness, in 2020. She’s also active on social media, notably Instagram.

Christina Schwarzenegger

Arnold and Maria welcomed their second child, daughter Christina Schwarzenegger, on July 23, 1991. She seemingly takes after her mother. Christina graduated from Georgetown, Maria Shriver’s alma mater, in 2013, according to Men’s Health, and she has worked as an assistant editor at Goop, the wellness and lifestyle brand launched by Gwyneth Paltrow.

Christina is more private than her other siblings, but she did have a moment in the spotlight in 2018. She teamed with her mother to produce a documentary for Netflix, Take Your Pills. It explored the use of Adderall in American society, and it was a subject that’s close to Christina’s heart. She took the drug in high school, briefly, to combat attention deficit disorder, but said she became dependent on it in college.

Christina Schwarzenegger and Arnold Schwarzenegger attend Arnold Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative auction in 2020 (Shutterstock)

“I was diagnosed, I think, when I was around five with ADD, as a majority of kids probably are,” she told Fox News in 2018. “And then I started taking it in high school, ninth grade, for about a few months, and then I stopped taking it. Just because I didn’t like the side effects.”

“You get a high from it,” she said. “But in a completely different arena, it’s very helpful obviously for people to have ADD, who struggle with their attention span. It’s a very helpful drug for those types of people. And I think if they find it helpful if they’re able to take it on an as-needed basis or the way it was prescribed by your doctor without abusing, I think that’s totally fine.”

“I learned a lot of things about myself, especially from when I was younger,” added Christina, who said making the doc brought her closer to her mother. “And it wasn’t about discovering how I learned, but more so how my brain functioned. I guess just being very open with each other has been a very bonding experience.”

Patrick Schwarzenegger

Perhaps the most high-profile of Arnold and Maria’s kids is Patrick Schwarzenegger. Born on September 18, 1993, Patrick made his first on-screen appearance as “Jock Kid Game #3” in 2006’s The Benchwarmers. The acting bug quickly bit Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son, and he has since appeared in movies like Grown Ups 2, Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse, Echo Boomers, and Midnight Sun. He also has appeared in TV series like The Long Road Home and 2015’s Scream Queens.

“I’ve been on movie sets for as long as I can remember,” Patrick told the Irish Times in 2020, before listing off a series of Arnold’s flicks – from Terminator 3 to Around The World In 80 Days. “Obviously, a lot of my dad’s films were made when I was extremely young or not even born yet. And I’m still visiting him at work. I visited him on The Last Stand and the last Terminator film.”

Patrick Schwarzenegger at The 54th Annual CMA Awards in 2020 (Shutterstock)

When Patrick decided to follow his father into show business, Arnold was there to give him “tons of points” but kept a mostly hands-off approach to his son’s career. “[Most] of his advice comes back to working hard and making sure that when you wake up each and every day, that you want to do the thing that you’re working on. That’s really what it comes down to,” Patrick told the Irish Times. “My dad is very open about the fact that he’s not here to tell me ‘this is how you act’ or ‘this is how you cry on cue.’ My dad made movies that he felt were enjoyable and fun… He’s the person that tells you to find your purpose, and then you can figure out the other stuff.”

Patrick graduated from the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business in 2016. As a teen, he launched his clothing company, Project360, which donates a percentage of proceeds to various charities, per the Los Angeles Times. The fashion-minded Patrick also signed on as a model https://www.imgmodels.com/patrickschwarzenegger, and he’s appeared in campaigns for Tom Ford and Calvin Klein.

Patrick had a high-profile romance with Miley Cyrus from October 2014 to April 2015. As of 2021, he was still involved with Abby Champion after striking up a romance in 2016. Patrick is also active on Instagram.

Christopher Schwarzenegger

While Christina Schwarzenegger is pretty low-key (compared to Patrick and Katherine), Christopher Schwarzenegger is the most chill, most private of Maria and Arnold’s four kids. Born on September 27, 1997, Christopher hasn’t stayed out of the spotlight and forged his own path in life.

While Patrick and Katherine attended USC and Christina studied at Maria’s alma mater, Christopher attended the University of Michigan. He graduated in May 2020, and his father paid tribute to his young son online.

Christopher Schwarzenegger is seen out and about in 2018 (Shutterstock)

“Christopher, you are a champion, and I love you,” wrote Arnold in a May 4, 2020, Instagram post. “I know your graduation from Michigan wasn’t the big celebration you dreamed about for years, but walking across a stage isn’t what makes me so proud of you: it’s your compassion, your hard work, your vision, your critical thinking, and your selflessness that make me burst with pride. I can’t wait to watch you keep climbing and succeeding.” Currently, Christopher doesn’t have an Instagram page.

A slimmed-down Christopher Schwarzenegger gets a healthy meal in 2020 (BACKGRID)

Joseph Baena

In May 2011, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver ended their relationship after 25 years of marriage, with her moving out of their mansion in Brentwood, California. In July of that year, she filed for divorce after he admitted that he had a “love child” with their former housekeeper, Mildred Baena. That child was Joseph Baena, born on Oct. 2, 1997. The scandal was quite big at the time, and Arnold has owned up to causing the end of his marriage. “I had personal setbacks, but this was, without any doubt, the biggest setback and the biggest failure,” he told Howard Stern in 2015. “Without any doubt. Not only failure, but you feel like, ‘I’m to blame for it. It was me that screwed up.’ And you can’t point the finger at anyone else. So yeah, I was disappointed in it.”

Out of this “biggest failure” has come what has been an incredible bond between father and son. In that 2015 interview with Stern, Arnold said that he had a “fantastic” relationship with his children, including Joseph. “Joseph]’s terrific, and he totally understands the situation. So, it all has worked out… It’s a very tough situation for him. It’s a very tough situation for my kids. Very tough situation for my family. It was tough for everybody. But it has happened, and now we have to figure it out, right?”

Joseph Baena out and about in Los Angeles in 2019 (Mega)

Joseph is the one Schwarzenegger child who has followed Arnold into the bodybuilding world. The Pepperdine University grad (class of 2019 with a degree in business administration) looks like a young Arnold in the gym and frequently posts his latest updates to his Instagram.

“I love my dad!” Joseph told HollywoodLife in 2019. “We hang out all the time! He is a great father! That’s really all I have to say about him! We train together. We eat together. We do many things together. … He is a jokester! He can be intense sometimes. He knows how to get things done. If he needs to get things done, he is going to get things done. He is serious about his work and what he does.”

Relationship Between the Half Siblings

By no fault of his own, Joseph is the byproduct of the affair that broke up Arnold and Maria’s marriage. So, it might be understandable if the four Schwarzenegger children didn’t immediately embrace their half-brother with open arms. Katherine and Christina have “no relationship” with Joeseph, according to a 2019 Page Six report. Joseph was absent when Katherine married Chris Pratt, and he hasn’t been present in any of the major Schwarzenegger family gatherings.

That’s why many heads turned when in April 2021, Joseph was spotted having a workout session with Patrick Schwarzenegger in Santa Monica, California. The two got in some cardio at the steep stairs near the beach. They were joined by Joseph’s girlfriend, Nicky Dodaj, for this exercise excursion. It marked the first time that one of the Schwarzenegger kids publicly acknowledged Joseph and hinted that there might be a future where all five of Arnold’s children could come together as a family.

Whether or not that happens, it’s evident that Arnold loves all his children. “Kids are the next best thing after cloning—even though you realize every child has a different personality,” he told Men’s Health. “If you really want to spread your philosophy, whether it’s about giving back, fighting for fitness, or, just like my dad told me, making the world a better place than you inherited, you’d better do a good job as a parent.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger, 73, Looks Buff In Fitted T-Shirt While Out For A Solo Bike Ride In Venice Beach

Former bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger is looking just as buff as ever! The 73-year-old has been keeping fit, and was recently spotted on a solo bike ride.

Arnold Schwarzenegger[1] is staying in shape! The 73-year-old former Governor Of California showed off his very muscular arms while out for a bike ride by himself in Los Angeles’ Venice Beach on April 1. He wore a fitted, dark blue tee with black shorts and matching black sneakers. He also accessorized with orange-tinted shades, a silver watch and a black protective face mask. Although it’s been decades since Arnold was in his bodybuilding prime, the father-of-five is truly looking as toned as ever.

Arnold goes for a solo bike ride. Image: Stoianov / BACKGRID

His mini-me son Joseph Baena[2] has been taking after his dad in the fitness world, and the 23-year-old has even been spotted joining his father for bike rides[3] around Venice Beach. Joseph took to Instagram on January 15 to post a series of pics, including a photo which showed the father-son duo posing in front of a mural. It featured Arnold doing one of his famous bodybuilding poses[4], while the real-life Mr. Universe watched on. Joseph, who looks like the spitting image of his father[5], crossed his arms in the background, while rocking a black tee, grey shorts and dark sunglasses. Like father, like son!

Most recently, the Pepperdine University grad[6] proved he can pose like a pro, in a new Instagram snap. He wore very short-shorts in the March 5 pic, allowing his bulging thigh muscles show. He has all of the competition poses[7] down pat, and even showed off the most famous one, with featured him with his arms curled upwards in the front double bicep pose. The movement, which is one of the mandatory poses in men’s bodybuilding competitions, allowed Joseph to flex his biceps as well as his incredibly ripped lats, and fans couldn’t believe how much he looked like his old man.

The former body builder was spotted in Venice Beach. Image: Stoianov / BACKGRID

Of course, Arnold has been using his platform for good. Back in January, he lambasted former President Donald Trump[8] in a powerful PSA, in which he compared the siege on Capitol Hill[9] to the rise of Nazi Germany. He took to Twitter on January 10, releasing an eight-minute-long video in which he declared Trump the “worst president ever”.[10] “Wednesday was the Day of Broken Glass right here in the United States. But the mob did not just shatter the windows of the Capitol. They shattered the ideas we took for granted … [and] trampled the very principles on which our country was founded.”


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