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Five arrests after trouble at Bolton vs Wigan

Five arrests have been made after Saturday’s League One clash between local rivals Bolton Wanderers and Wigan Athletic.

Wigan maintained their positive start to the League One season with a wide-margin victory, but the home club issued a statement on Saturday evening after a series of incidents in a bumper crowd of nearly 21,000.

Both clubs issued statements promising to deal with any troublemakers and Greater Manchester Police confirmed later on Saturday that arrests had been made for public disorder offences and assault of a police officer.

Chief Superintendent Colette Rose, said:” I am saddened that a group of individuals took it upon themselves to ruin the game today for the rest of the fans.

“The game had to be paused several times due to objects being thrown on to the pitch and one of our officers was assaulted, as well as rival supporters causing disorder following the game.

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Highlights of the Sky Bet League One match between Bolton and Wigan

“This is quite frankly disgusting behaviour and will not be tolerated in any shape or form.

“We will continue to work closely with the football clubs to carry out a full investigation into the criminal activity that occurred today and bring those involved to justice.

“Our officers were present in the stadium at the time the offences happened and swiftly removed those responsible.”

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Norway’s Foreign Minister criticizes Belarus after arrests of activists: “Political prisoners must be released”

Norway’s Foreign Minister Ine Eriksen Søreide (H) strongly criticized Belarus on Thursday.

Belarusian security officials stormed the offices of activists fighting for civil rights in the country on Wednesday.

The rights group Vyasna states that the office in Minsk and the home addresses of at least five of the members elsewhere in the country were visited by the security agents. Several were arrested.

Norway strongly condemned the actions of President Alexander Lukashenko’s regime.

“The authorities in Belarus show a total lack of respect for fundamental human rights,” Foreign Minister Ine Eriksen Søreide tweeted on Thursday.

“Norway condemns the attacks on civil society and the arrest of human rights defenders in Vyasna and other organizations. Political prisoners must be released immediately,” she added.

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Haiti arrests suspected mastermind in President Moise’s killing

Authorities said they detained a Haitian man, living in the US state of Florida, on Sunday.

Haitian police have arrested one of the suspected masterminds behind the assassination of President Jovenel Moise.

Authorities said they detained a Haitian man, living in the US state of Florida, whom they accuse of hiring mercenaries to remove and replace the president.

Moise was shot dead early on Wednesday at his Port-au-Prince home by what Haitian authorities describe as a unit of assassins comprised of 26 Colombians and two Haitian-Americans.

National Police Chief Leon Charles told a news conference on Sunday that the arrested man, 63-year-old Christian Emmanuel Sanon, flew to Haiti accompanied by hired security guards on a private jet in early June, and wanted to take over as president.

He allegedly hired Colombian mercenaries through a private Venezuelan security firm based in Florida.

The doctor is the third United States resident of Haitian origin – and the 21st person overall – to be detained as a suspect in the case.

Charles did not explain Sanon’s motives beyond saying they were political.

“The mission of these attackers was initially to ensure the safety of Emmanuel Sanon, but later the mission was changed,” Charles said.

Charles added that among items found by officers at Sanon’s house in Haiti were a hat emblazoned with the logo of the US Drug Enforcement Administration, 20 boxes of bullets, gun parts, four automobile licence plates from the Dominican Republic, two cars and correspondence with unidentified people.

Haitian police have arrested 18 Colombians and three Haitian-Americans, including Sanon, over the murder, Charles said. Five Colombians are still at large and three were killed, he added.

The suspected assassins told investigators they were there to arrest him, not kill him, the Miami Herald and a person familiar with the matter said earlier on Sunday.

Riot police and 20 arrests as London goes wild after England win – fans surfing off BUSES

The Three Lions dispatched the Danes 2-1 in a tense game to secure their place in the final of Euro 2020. England’s heroes will now face Italy on Sunday at 8pm at Wembley in what will be their first appearance in the final of a major football tournament since the 1966 World Cup. After the game, thousands of fans spilled onto the streets of central London as they raucously and jubilantly celebrated the win.

One video posted to Twitter showed fans congregating in Piccadilly Circus, where they were met by a heavy police presence.

Fans scaled traffic lights and phone boxes, waved St George flags, sang songs and partied hard, as riot police looked on.

In another clip, a number of fans were filmed dancing on the top of a red double-decker bus in central London.

One person proceeded to surf off the bus, landing back on terra firms with a bit of a bump and to cheers from onlookers in the crowd.

The antics of fans provoked a mixed reaction on social media.

One user condemned the behaviour of the crowds, saying: “Absolute state of our fan base, why can’t our fans celebrate without being a joke of the footballing world.”

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The force added alleged offences included “common assault, public order and assault on police”.

England’s victory on Wednesday night finally breaks a jinx which has persisted since the beginning of the nineties.

The national team had lost their last three semi-finals – at the Italia World Cup in 1990, at Euro 1996 in England and at the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

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13 Investigates: Houston-area law enforcement lacks diversity; could lead to more force and arrests

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — When Major Quincy Whitaker joined the Harris County Sheriff’s Office as a jailer in 1991, he said getting promoted to his current position would have probably meant another Black officer couldn’t also be a major.

There wasn’t a policy in writing stating that and it was never explained. Whitaker said it was just understood, learned through observation and years of minorities taking the test to get promoted and being passed over.

“When I came, every rank from sergeant all the way up had one representation of different groups, and it was understood that that’s probably all it was going to be,” said Whitaker, who oversees the sheriff’s office’s administrative services bureau and oversees recruiting.

Whitaker said the sheriff’s office has made concerted efforts to diversify the force over the years. He still remembers the first time there were two Black chief deputies at the same time, and the first time an Asian was promoted to command staff.

“We’ve come a long way. Today we are 62% non-white at the sheriff’s office compared to 71% of non-white (people) in this county,” Whitaker told 13 Investigates’ Ted Oberg. “In ’91, it wasn’t quite that diverse.”

Despite the progress, the sheriff’s office is still nine percentage points away from being as diverse as the community it serves. It’s not the only law enforcement agency that doesn’t completely reflect its community, but did have one of the smallest gaps in diversity, according to our investigation.

13 Investigates looked at the 14 largest police departments and sheriff’s offices in the Houston area and found none of their departments reflect the diversity within their communities. Our investigation also found a department’s diversity, even at the leadership level, impacts how officers interact with members of the community.

How diverse is your local law enforcement agency? 13 Investigates looked at the Houston areas 14 largest police departments and sheriff’s offices to see how they measure up.
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When our ABC data team looked at arrests in the 100 largest metro areas in the U.S., Black people were five times more likely to be arrested in departments where just 10% of officers were people of color.

When diversity rose to 50%, Black people were just twice as likely to be arrested.

Dr. Andrea Headley, an assistant professor at Georgetown University’s McCourt School of Public Policy, has conducted similar research, which shows not only do arrests change when police forces are more diverse, but Black officers also use less severe use of force when making arrests.

“We do see differences with regards to [how] Black officers and white officers interact with the community,” she said. “When everyone is making a decision to use force, there’s still less severe force by Black officers.”

Pasadena had the worst disparity in our region with just 32% of minority officers compared to 76% minority residents. Baytown was next with 35% of minority officers compared to 68% minority residents, followed by Pearland where 33% of its officers are minorities compared to a 58% minority population.

Baytown PD spokesperson, Eric Freed, said 150 people showed interest in its latest civil service exam, but only 115 met the hiring qualifications. After written and physical agility tests, only 22 people passed and made it to the stage in the application process where the personnel division conducts backgrounds.

He said 64% – or 14 of the 22 people in the backgrounding stage – are minorities.

“We understand the importance of having a diverse police department and continue to identify and attend job fairs and forums whose attendance, or student body, reflects our community,” Freed said.

Our investigation found some communities have made strides in diversifying their police force. The Galveston County Sheriff’s Office most closely represents its community, with 42.4% minority officers compared to 43.3% minority residents.

In Harris County, 62.4% of deputies in the sheriff’s office are minorities compared to 71.3% of the county’s population that are minorities.

Cadet Ciara Menifee, who just went through training with HCSO last month to fulfill her childhood dream of being a law enforcement officer, said her perspective growing up as a minority in Acres Homes will allow her to interact with the community differently than someone without that background.

“For someone that looks like me to understand them, that’s very important to me, because I’m going to know and understand where they’re coming from,” Menifee said.

‘Leaders still matter’

Since Americans live, work and play across neighboring police jurisdiction boundaries, our analysis also looked at diversity among officers in metro areas. The numbers weren’t any better.

In 99 of the country’s 100 largest metropolitan areas, the percent of white officers is larger than the percent of residents who are white, according to an ABC Owned Television Stations analysis of U.S. Census occupation data.

In Minneapolis, where a former police officer was convicted of murdering Houstonian George Floyd, about 26% of residents are minorities, but people of color hold less than 12% of police jobs across 15 counties in the metro area.

The Houston, The Woodlands and Sugar Land areas also showed what ABC’s data team called severe inequity. More than half of officers are white while 64% of the population are minorities, according to our analysis of Census data.

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Fatal shootings also happen less often than in communities where the top leader is Black compared to white, even when accounting for city and department size, according to a study by Hamilton College’s Dr. Stephen Wu.

Wu, who studied fatal police shootings in small and large cities across the country over a five-year period, found that fatal shootings are 40 to 50% higher in departments that have white police chiefs compared to departments with Black police chiefs.

For cities with about 1 million residents, Wu said it’s a difference of 20 fatal officer-involved shootings at departments with a Black chief compared to 30 fatalities at departments with white chiefs.

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“Every individual is a human life that we’re talking about,” said Wu, a professor of economics. “Even if it seems like those numbers are not as big of a percentage of the number of interactions, it certainly has an impact on people’s everyday lives in terms of the way they think about those potential interactions with officers.”

Wu said the study shows diversity is important across all ranks of law enforcement.

“Leaders still matter,” Wu said. “Whoever is at the top is really setting an agenda, is setting a tone, is helping determine the culture from that very top.”

WATCH: New HPD chief sits down with Ted Oberg to discuss plans to tackle ‘criminal system with cracks’

Menifee said it means a lot to see other people of color move up in the ranks, and hopes she, too, can make a positive difference in the community.

“I can show them when I was growing up, this is how it was, and this is how it should be,” Menifee said. “We’re supposed to protect and serve our community and our county. It’s not always bad.”

‘Can’t teach life experience’

When he went through training to join the HCSO 30 years ago, Whitaker said only five of the 30 cadets were Black. But at last month’s training, nearly the opposite was true — 82% of cadets were minorities.

HCSO Cadet Christian Villanueva said working at a county jail for two years taught him how to talk to people and deescalate situations.

“You need to understand that people are going through things when they call you and they’re usually calling you at the worst times, so you need to learn how to talk to them,” Villanueva said. “You have to have some sympathy and empathy with them.”

That ability to relate to people isn’t something that can be taught and having more minorities in the police force means better opportunities to relate to people in the community and make a positive impact when it comes to crime and safety, Villanueva said.

“Whenever you speak to someone of similar race it makes a big difference. Probably just because you came from the same background, you know what they went through, they know what you went through and it’s just sort of an unspoken bond,” he said. “It’s life experience. You can’t teach life experience.”

As part of her research, Headley said she’s spoken with officers who said that having white and minority officers work alongside one another, white officers are able to observe how a minority officer might respond to a certain situation and apply that behavior to how they approach a similar situation in the future.

“We don’t only want white officers policing white neighborhoods and Black officers policing Black neighborhoods and turn to a time that almost approaches a segregated police force,” Headley said. “There are clear benefits to having diverse police forces.”

In Baytown, Freed said recruiting officers is more challenging now than it has been in the past. Additionally, the city has to compete with other agencies in the Greater Houston area.

“Recruiting is challenging as this line of work is not currently as popular as it once was,” Freed said. “We strive to provide a workplace where differences are honored, with a workforce that reflects the diversity of the people we serve.”

With the social justice movements over the last year, Whitaker said it’s “taboo” for minorities to even think about being a police officer. He said he tries to convince minorities to join by helping them understand how a diverse police force will lead to better interactions between police and communities of color.

“You feel comfortable with someone that you have something in common with, something similar to, and when you get out, if they see me around in the neighborhood, out of uniform, they’re more comfortable to talk to me,” he said. “It’s important because you don’t want to give a hostile approach or position or perception to the community, so we try to make it diversified and put someone in there that looks like them, talks like them (and) understands.”

Whitaker said he always hoped his agency would be more diverse, but never thought during his career that HCSO would reach where it’s at today with 62% of officers who are minorities.

As he continues to recruit applicants from different backgrounds and experiences, he said it’s important for people of color to understand the importance of representation within law enforcement and that the path to leadership is possible.

“I tell him how it was when I started and how it is today. Look at where I am,” Whitaker said. “Thirty years ago it was one major that looked like me. Now there’s several that look like me.”

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London stabbing: Teenager found with injuries in Havering dies – arrests made

Officers were to Church Road in Havering at 6.41pm where they found one of the victims, believed to be in his mid-teens, had been wounded. They provided first aid with a member of the public and an air ambulance attended, but he was pronounced dead at 7.07pm.
The Met Police are in the process of tracing next of kin and formal identification has not yet taken place. A post-mortem examination will be held in due course.

They were also called at 6.51pm to reports of a male stabbed on Retford Road, one mile away.

They found a second boy, also aged in his mid-teens, suffering from a stab wound.

He was taken to an east London hospital. There are no updates on his condition as yet.

Homicide detectives from the Specialist Crime Command have been informed.

Three people have been arrested in connection with the investigation and a number of crime scenes remain in place, the force said.

Anyone with information is asked to call police via 101 quoting reference Cad 6572/07May. Alternatively, to remain anonymous contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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