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Austin VFW baseball team wins eighth straight game

The Austin Post 1216 VFW baseball team won its eighth straight game when it beat the Rochester Spartans by scores of 14-4 and 15-4 in Rochester Monday.

Brayden Bishop struck out eight, while allowing three hits and six walks in the opener for Austin (17-3 overall, 9-3 Southeast District).

Jared Lillemon had two doubles and three RBIs, Kody Bloom had two hits, Sam Oelfke had a two-run single and Isiah Conway had a two-run triple.

Isaac Osgood, Oelfke and Mark Temke each had two hits in the second game for Austin, which trails Northfield by one game for first place in the District.

Author: Daily Herald
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PHOTO GALLERY: FreedomFest returns to Austin

Our opinion: Use Fourth of July to remember

Saturday, July 3, 2021 6:30 am


An audience sits back
An audience sits back and enjoys the 3 Lane performance during FreedomFest. Photo by Mike Stoll/[email protected]

Austin Mayor Steve King
Austin Mayor Steve King (right) and former Mayor Tom Stiehm at FreedomFest.Photo by Mike Stoll/[email protected]


Sunday is the Fourth of July and we have a lot to celebrate. This year we will get to have an actual Fourth celebration, complete …

Author: Mike Stoll
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Austin ISD teacher killed in hiking accident in El Paso

Austin ISD teacher killed in hiking accident in El PasoEl Paso, TEXAS (KXAN) — An Austin teacher has died after being swept away by flood waters while hiking in El Paso, according to emergency officials in the area.

The El Paso Fire Department responded to a report of a missing hiker on Monday in the Franklin Mountains, near the Jan Sumrall Memorial Trailhead. On Tuesday afternoon, officials confirmed they found the body of 39-year-old Christina Garcia-Mata.

The Austin Independent School District said Garcia-Mata taught at Akins Early College High School.

In a statement, AISD Superintendent Dr. Stephanie Elizalde said, “We are shocked and saddened to hear of the passing of a member of our Austin ISD family. Christina Garcia-Mata was a dedicated and passionate educator who worked endlessly for her students for 15 years. Her colleagues knew her as a bright, warm presence who could lift their spirits with a smile and a story. We send our heartfelt condolences to her family and every life that she touched.”

According to a post on the Akins ECHS website, Garcia-Mata won the Teacher of the Year award in 2017-18. The post states Garcia-Mata was originally from El Paso and graduated from the University of Texas at El Paso. At the time the post was written, Garcia-Mata was teaching Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID).

The district said they would have guidance counselors available to students or staff who may need help processing her loss.

To speak to a counselor, please contact the Akins ECHS campus at (512) 841-9901.

Author: Avery Travis
This post originally appeared on KXAN Austin

Coming out of pandemic, Austin bars find boost with Major League Soccer, Austin FC

AUSTIN (KXAN) – On Austin FC gamedays, Circle Brewing Company brings the crowds.

“Once you see the band come out, it’s a party,” said Kevin Chung, a longtime soccer fan KXAN spoke with at the brewery’s Austin FC tailgate party on Sunday.

But the brewery itself says it wasn’t always like this.

“There was actually a time when we were wondering if we were going to keep this location,” said David Lopez, Distribution and Events Manager at Circle Brewing Company.

Then, Austin FC and Q2 Stadium moved in across the street.

“Once we heard the stadium was going to be here, we held onto it,” said Lopez. “We talked with the landlord and worked everything out.”

The pandemic hit and, like other bars and restaurants, Circle Brewing Company suffered. However, Lopez knew there was a light at the end of the tunnel in Major League Soccer. On days like Sunday, the business’ patience appears to have paid off, as trains dump hundreds of fans right on its property line.

“They come to the stadium, they see the tank and they stop in for a beer,” said Lopez.

Last Saturday, Austin FC’s home opener, Lopez says Circle Brewing Company had a record-breaking day for sales. That success is being felt by other bars, as people embrace going out again.

According to Texas Comptroller records, in May, Texans spent more than double the amount of money on alcohol than they did in February.

“Thankfully for these businesses, they need it coming out of COVID,” said Chung. “Especially for these breweries that have been struggling for awhile.”

Circle Brewing Company had to downsize during the pandemic. Now, not only has it brought staff back, it is hiring new bartenders and new sales staff.

“There’s been a lot of work going into just planning the parties, planning who we’re partnering with, talking to the stadium people, getting our product in the stadium,” said Lopez.

Author: Kevin Clark
This post originally appeared on KXAN Austin

Police investigating fatal stabbing in northeast Austin

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Janneke Parrish had never met Alex Odonnell, an Austin man battling kidney failure and in need of an organ transplant. But his story, and those of chronic illnesses, rang familiar to her.

“I’ve not had anybody in my family with kidney — with kidney dialysis or kidney failure in the past, but I’ve had family members with health issues that are chronic and that require a lot of a lot of intensive care to manage,” Parrish said. “So for me, when I saw Alex’s story, I thought a lot about my own family and how much I wish I could make a difference for them.”

Author: Russell Falcon
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South Austin neighbors oppose possible city-sanctioned homeless camps nearby

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Residents in the Park Ridge neighborhood in south Austin are expressing concerns about possible city-sanctioned homeless encampments in their community.

On Saturday, District 2 City Council Member Vanessa Fuentes hosted a town hall at Dittmar Recreation Center.

City Manager Spencer Cronk, Chief Homeless Strategy Officer Dianna Grey and Budget Officer Kerri Lang addressed questions about the city’s budget and homelessness response, as well as the District 2 Office’s anti-displacement and resilience building efforts.

“I got several emails and calls of concern about possible sanctioned encampment sites in areas that are very clearly not suitable,” said Fuentes. “We had neighbors and residents reach out to us saying this site is unsuitable for x, y and z reasons. So part of the process that we did as an office was to meet with residents who raised concerns, and then share that feedback directly with city staff.”

  • District 2 City Council Member Vanessa Fuentes meets with residents from the Park Ridge neighborhood in south Austin to hear their concerns about possibly city-sanctioned homeless encampments moving nearby. (KXAN Photo)
  • District 2 City Council Member Vanessa Fuentes meets with residents from the Park Ridge neighborhood in south Austin to hear their concerns about possibly city-sanctioned homeless encampments moving nearby. (KXAN Photo)

One of the residents expressing her frustrations is Stephanie Lindholm, who lives in the Park Ridge neighborhood, which is located off West Slaughter Lane just west of Interstate 35.

She said there is a homeless campsite behind her backyard in a heavily-wooded area.

“We as neighbors have been struggling with this for three years now. I’ve called in 23 fires just this year, of which maybe two have been put out by the fire department,” Lindholm said. “Last week I mowed my lawn and the smell of meth smoking that was happening was so intense, I threw up.”

Lindholm said noise, safety and trash issues are a growing concern for neighbors, especially after she learned the city had identified about six sites for potential sanctioned homeless encampments in her area.

“There are homeless people that peek through our fence. There’s people smoking. There’s fires; they’re yelling,” explained Lindholm. “It’s just constant, all day, every day, and we can’t be in our backyards.”

  • Camp near the Park Ridge neighborhood in south Austin (KXAN Photo)
  • Camp near the Park Ridge neighborhood in south Austin (KXAN Photo)

The city released a first draft of 45 potential sanctioned homeless encampment sites on May 18, with slightly more than half of those sites in east and southeast Austin. Officials called the release a “snapshot” after reviewing more than 70 sites at first.

But the city delayed the release of approved Austin homeless encampments in June, citing too many restrictions.

“That’s a hard thing to be a homeowner and just a human being and see someone suffering, but to have it be our burden to take when the city says they’re doing so many good things for them — it’s kind of hard to swallow,” said Lindholm.

Fuentes has toured the sites with neighbors and has also talked to people who currently live in encampments there and brought them water. She is concerned there isn’t enough basic infrastructure in her district to properly support people experiencing homelessness.

“We have pockets of District 2 that do not have access to a grocery store and that have very limited public transportation options. When we talk about how we’re going to house our unhoused neighbors, we don’t want to put them in even more vulnerable situations,” Fuentes said.

She is pushing for more supportive housing options. She is also calling for increasing current shelter capacity, which was reduced because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“So what I am advocating for are permanent solutions,” Fuentes explained. “How do we get our unhoused neighbors into actual houses that have the support services needed that go with housing. So looking at mental health services, addiction, trauma, counseling, all those things that will help our unhoused neighbors get back on their feet.”

Fuentes continues to encourage neighbors to reach out to her via email, phone or social media with their feedback about the city’s efforts.

She did applaud the city for supporting a plan that came from community stakeholders to reduce homelessness. The plan includes rehousing 3,000 individuals who are experiencing homelessness in the next three years and a $ 100 million commitment towards reducing homelessness.

Author: Jennifer Sanders
This post originally appeared on KXAN Austin