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Kim Basinger raises eyebrows with Instagram comment to ex Alec Baldwin after 2002 divorce

They welcomed daughter Ireland Baldwin, 25, in 1995, but sadly separated at the end of 2000.

Alec has since remarried yoga instructor Hilaria Baldwin, 37, walking down the aisle nine years ago.

They are parents to to six children: Carmen, seven, Rafael, five, Leonardo, four, Romeo, two, Eduardo, eight months, and Lucia, who was born this year.

Despite a bitter custody battle, Kim said of her relationship with her ex spouse in 2016: “[Alec and I are] cool now, though. Life goes on.”

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13 Stars Wearing Jackets Longer Than Their Mini Skirts & Shorts: Hailey Baldwin & More

Author: Julia Teti
This post originally appeared on Hollywood Life

Stars are spicing up their wardrobes by wearing long jackets with their minis and short shorts! Check out Hailey Baldwin, Rihanna, and more celebrities sporting the style.

Spring can be a tricky season to fashion some trendy looks. After all, there are days where the temperatures can fluctuate, rain can dampen the day, and more. Fortunately, our favorite celebs have come up with one stylish solution: wearing longer jackets over minis and shorts! The stars seem to pull off this fashion statement with total ease, and now, they’re inspiring fans to do the same this spring season. Take a look at celebrities wearing longer jackets with their minis and shorts!


Rihanna spotted heading out to dinner in Santa Monica on March 28, 2021[MEGA].

Rihanna has been a true fashion icon since she first appeared on the scene! Her outfit when she stepped out for dinner in Santa Monica on March 28, 2021, gave off major edgy vibes with some simple, classic pieces. The singer and mogul, 33, fashioned an all-black ensemble with mini skirt, crop top, and a long jacket. Ever the fashionista, she added a number of rings as her accessories and wore a pair of pointed toe black gladiator heels to complete her look!

Hailey Baldwin

Hailey Baldwin heading to a meeting in West Hollywood in August 2020 [MEGA].

Back in August 2020, Hailey Baldwin was spotted out and about in West Hollywood on her way to a meeting. The stunning model, 24, wore a pair of boots with denim short shorts and a long, blazer-style jacket overtop! Hailey also appeared to fashion a few gold necklaces as her main accessories, along with a cute little purse she carried over her shoulder.

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner on her way to Justin Bieber’s album release party on March 25, 2021 [MEGA].

When stepping out to pal Justin Bieber‘s album release party at The Nice Guy in Los Angeles on March 25, 2021, Kendall Jenner rocked her version of the long jacket trend! The supermodel, 25, wore a cute mini with a white crop top and a long black jacket overtop. Adding a fun, vintage feel to the ensemble, she wore a pair of black boots that ended just below her knees.

Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts
Emma Roberts seen out in Los Angeles in December 2016 [MEGA].

Emma Roberts showed fans that this trend has been around for quite some time. Back in December 2016, the actress, 30, wore a cute denim mini skirt with a green sweater and a fuzzy, long jacket overtop! She looked great for winter time in Los Angeles. Want to see more stars rocking this trend? Check out the photos in the gallery above!

Ireland Baldwin Shares A View Of Her New ‘Yeehaw’ Tattoo In Tiny Bikini At The Beach – See Pic

Ireland Baldwin had to rock a bikini so fans could see her fun new tattoo: a cowboy boot on her derriere!

Ireland Baldwin loves making “impulsive decisions”: like getting a spontaneous butt tattoo. The 25-year-old model revealed this new tattoo in an Instagram photo on April 19, which was taken at the beach. It showed Ireland rocking a sugary sweet purple and pink bikini and with her back turned to the camera, so that you could see her new ink that read “Yeehaw!” over a cowboy boot over her derriere. Quirky and sexy!

“Taking more time off of Instagram buttttt I got a new tattoo because I [heart emoji] impulsive decisions,” Ireland captioned the tattoo reveal photo. We see what she did there with the butt pun. Social media star Brittany Furlan also joined in on this wordplay, commenting, “This I can get BEHIND.” While this appears to be Ireland’s first tattoo on her bum, it’s far from her first overall; you can see some of these designs from her body artwork in the photo above, like a skeleton that spans the length of her left forearm and an arrow on her upper arm.

Ireland Baldwin
Ireland Baldwin looks gorgeous in a turquoise bikini on a different beach day. [Snorlax/Rachpoot/ MEGA]

Besides a new tattoo, another addition to Ireland’s life has been the arrival of her sixth sibling. Her dad, Alec Baldwin, and his wife, Hilaria Baldwin, announced the arrival of their sixth baby together on March 1, which came as a complete surprise to fans. Alec and Hilaria had just welcomed their son Eduardo “Edu” Pao Lucas in Sept. 2020; they are also the parents of Carmen Gabriela, 7, Rafael Thomas, 5, Leonardo Ángel Charles, 4, and Romeo Alejandro David, 2.
Ireland, however, thinks “the more the merrier” even after being an only child up until she was 17 years old, according to our source. “Ireland loves every minute of it and whether this is the last child her father and stepmom welcome that is great, but if they keep going that is amazing as well. She is taking it all very well and continues to be a beacon of warming her heart,” the insider EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife at the beginning of March.

“Although Ireland was an only child for most of her life, it never really felt like that because she was raised with all of her cousins growing up,” a second source, who’s close to the Baldwins, EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife after the baby’s arrival. Perhaps Ireland can add to her tattoo collection with the names of her extensive family?

Jade Boren

This article originally appeared on Hollywood Life

Hailey Baldwin Admits Viral TikTok That Called Her Out As ‘Not Nice’ Made Her ‘So Upset’

During a conversation about mental health, Hailey Baldwin opened up about how a viral TikTok video about her took a toll on her.

A former restaurant hostess who once served Hailey Baldwin[1] claimed that the supermodel was “not nice” as a customer. The accusation was made on TikTok during summer 2020, and the woman’s video quickly went viral. Hailey apologized for her behavior at the time, but spoke out more about the situation while discussing mental health with Dr. Jessica Clemons on YouTube.

“When I saw her video, I was so upset,” Hailey admitted. “There’s never an excuse for being rude. I felt bad that that was her experience with me, but it made me kind of frustrated because you never know what someone’s going through. I remember going through times in my life where I was so sad and so heartbroken, that, like, engaging with people felt hard for me.”

hailey baldwin
Hailey Baldwin in a gorgeous bedazzled dress. (Invision/AP/Shutterstock)

Hailey has been open in the past about how comments on social media have taken a toll on her mental health, and has mostly learned how to rise above the trolls. However, this video stuck with her. “I wish I didn’t act that way towards her,” she added. “I’m a human and I made a mistake and I acted in a way that was out of character for me. I acted a way that I don’t want to be. I’m trying to do better every single day. I want to continue to grow as a person. I’m open to people correcting me.”

In the TikTok video, which received millions of views, the restaurant hostess said, “This is going to be controversial. I’ve met [Hailey] a handful of times and every time she was not nice. I really wanna like her but I have to give her a 3.5 out of 10. Sorry!” Like millions of others, Hailey caught wind at the video of the time, and popped into the comments section to apologize. “Just came across this video and wanted to say so sorry if I’ve ever given you bad vibes or a bad attitude,” she wrote. “That’s never my intention.” The woman accepted Hailey’s apology and praised her for taking accountability.

hailey baldwin justin bieber
Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber at the premiere of his YouTube documentary. (Chelsea Lauren/Shutterstock)

Of course, Hailey’s husband[2]Justin Bieber[3], is also no stranger to trolls, either. During part one of Hailey’s chat with Dr. Clemons, which dropped on March 31, Hailey opened up about how the singer has helped her deal[4] with online hate. She revealed that Justin pushed her to limit using Instagram and Twitter to avoid hateful comments. “I really give him credit,” Hailey gushed. “He’s been doing this so much longer at this really massive level.”


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Alyssa Norwin

Hailey Baldwin Reveals How Husband Justin Bieber Has ‘Helped’ Her’ When Dealing With Internet Trolls

Hailey Baldwin is sharing how she’s handled the relentless and vicious internet bullying ever since she married Justin Bieber, and how he helped her cope.

Hailey Baldwin[1] is using her new YouTube channel to shine a light on mental health, when dealing with the pressures of haters on social media. The 24-year-old model has been relentlessly bullied since marrying[2] pop superstar Justin Bieber[3], 26, and shared how he helped her cope with the pressures of internet hate. Hailey discussed the situation with psychiatrist Dr. Jessica Clemons in the latest A Conversation With episode that dropped on Mar. 31.

Hailey detailed how she quit Twitter and rarely uses Instagram. “My husband has helped me so much with it. I really give him credit because he’s been doing this so much longer at this really massive level[4],” she explained. “I think I’ve gone through a phase where I’m like ‘I get it. I don’t want to hear it,’” about going on social media, “and then I do it and he’s like, ‘I told you. Life is way better this way.’ And he was so entirely right.”

The Ivy Park model explained that, “I think over the last 2 and half years for myself it — after getting married especially — it really opened me up to this new kind of level of attention. I think one of the biggest things I struggled with for sure was the comparison aspect of body comparison and looks comparison and behavior comparison,” Hailey revealed about how her profile was raised into the stratosphere after becoming Mrs. Justin Bieber[5] on Sept. 13, 2018.

While she didn’t bring up Justin’s ex Selena Gomez[6] by name, Hailey seemed to touch on some of the intense bullying she received[7] after tying the knot with Justin. “I think when you’re going through a situation where you just have so many people hounding you with the same thing[8] over and over and over again, it starts to mess with your mind and you start to question everything and you’re like, ‘Is there something that I’m not seeing that they see – maybe they are right?’” She added, “It was such a low point for me that I was like honestly maybe I am delusional. Its like separating two realities essentially.”

Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber
Happily married Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber seen out and about in L.A. on Aug. 1, 2019. Photo credit: Shutterstock

Hailey then revealed how she’s weaned herself off of social media for the sake of her mental health. She revealed that she no longer goes on Instagram Monday through Friday, and now it is a place she only hits up on weekends. “I was getting to the point where I was going to open my Instagram for no reason. It was like a reflex,” she explained, then added a helpful way she’s made her IG page a safer space for her mentally.

“Another thing I did that I think was really helpful was that I turned off the comments on my page except for people who I follow. When I look at my comments now when I put up a photo or video, I know it’s only going to be people who I know are only going to be positive, and only going to be encouraging and uplifting,” she shared.

The model then explained that she got rid of her Twitter altogether because it gave her terrible “anxiety.” “I don’t even have a Twitter anymore because there was never really a time where I would go on there and it didn’t feel like it was a very toxic environment,” Hailey explained. “The thought of even opening the app gives me such bad anxiety that I feel like I’m gonna throw up. So I got rid of that because I was like ‘it just needs to go, it no longer needs to be part of my life.’”

Hailey then pointed out how “People can say whatever they want on the internet. And then this stuff goes viral because people believe anything that they see on social, media.” She then revealed that because of her kind and sensitive nature, “I want everyone to like me, it’s like my downfall at times and I’m working through it.”

“I think one thing I’ve had to come to the conclusion of is trying not to feel like I owe everybody an explanation or owe anybody anything, and really just try to correct what I need to correct personally, and behind closed doors, and do the work personally and behind closed doors. I’m still figuring out the fact that I don’t have to explain myself,” she told Dr. Jess.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin
Hailey Baldwin says husband Justin Bieber has helped her step away from the noise and negativity on social media. Photo credit: Shutterstock.

Justin shared just how bad things had become for his wife in a Dec. 3 IG story about how a Selena fan made a video encouraging other “Jelena” shippers[9] to flood Hailey’s comments in an upcoming Instagram live session with messages about the “Wolves” singer. “This sad excuse of a human just encouraged people on video to literally go after my wife telling people to say that my previous relationship was better so on and so forth. I just wanted to share this so that people get an idea of what we face day to day,” Justin told fans.

Hailey then responded with her own post that read, “I would never in a million years wish for someone to be treated this way and I will never condone this kind of hateful behavior. I want only to support, uplift, and encourage other women in this industry and wish them nothing but love and success and I wish for all of my followers and supporters to the same. Wishing the young woman in that video all the best. I hope she finds love, peace and happiness in this life!”


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Johnny Briggs dead: Coronation Street legend and Mike Baldwin actor dies aged 85

Johnny first joined the cast of Coronation Street in 1976 and went on to appear in 2,349 episodes before he left the show in 2006.

His character, Mike, had been suffering with Alzheimer’s for months and collapsed in the street after a heart attack, dying in the arms of Ken Barlow (playe by William Roache).

Tributes have flooded social media following the sad news of Johnny’s death.

Piers Morgan took to Twitter and wrote: “RIP Johnny Briggs, 85. Coronation Street legend who played rogueish Mike Baldwin for 30yrs. Great character on & off screen.”

Ex-co star John Bowe said: “RIP Johnny Briggs. Never forgotten introducing you to Guacamole!”

Journalist Jeremy Vine referenced one of Johnny’s most iconic moments: “#RIPJohnnyBriggs — this famous bust-up between his character Mike Baldwin and Ken Barlow, over Dierdre, was watched live by 19 MILLION people.”