Want to travel to space? In 2024, balloons might take you part of the way there

Nearly half of Americans want to travel to space. But that means the other half doesn’t, according to a 2021 survey by ValuePenguin, one of LendingTree’s financial research websites. Nearly 40% said space travel was too dangerous, while others worried about environmental impact and costs. Soon there will be an option that addresses those worries, […]


Do Eco-Friendly Balloons Exist, or Should We Resort to Different Birthday Party Décor?

Helium balloons take longer to break down, but they are at least recyclable and reusable. So if you’re going to buy balloons, get yourself a helium pump and plan to reuse them for years to come — until it’s time to recycle them. But because balloons come in such bright colors, they tend to pose as […]


Arthur Labinjo-Hughes: Hundreds of balloons released at vigil after tragic death

HUNDREDS of balloons have been released in a vigil for Arthur Labinjo-Hughes. Read more here Daily Express :: UK Feed