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Bay Area firefighters prepare for bike ride to New York City to honor 9/11 victims

SANTA CLARA, Calif. (KGO) — A group of Bay Area firefighters plans to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks with a cross country bike ride ending in New York city.

Because some days in American history are so significant, people can remember exactly where they were, even decades later.

September 11, 2001 is one of those days for retired Santa Clara firefighter Darrell Sales.

“That morning I happen to come into work and we had a group of 17 brand new firefighters that were in the last week of their fire academy,” Sales said. “For the first two or three hours of our training, all of us watched as the events unfolded.”

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They watched nearly 3,000 Americans killed on that day, including 343 firefighters.

To honor the lost lives 20 years later, Sales and a team of retired and current firefighters are preparing to ride across the country on bikes.

40 days, 3,800 miles.

An honor ride from the Bay to Brooklyn.

“Trying to come up with a way to honor the 343 firefighters that gave their life on that day, we thought that this would be a good way to do that,” Sales said. “We’re looking at averaging 100 miles a day, going across the heart of the United States, connecting with fire departments each way and then coming into New York in time for the 9/11 events.”

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The group consists of ten firefighters and military vets ranging in age from 38 to 72.

Sales was part of the team that participated in the first event of its kind in 2011.

The team makes stops at other fire stations throughout the journey and passes by landmarks commemorating events from 9/11.

Sales says he never could’ve anticipated the feelings that came with finishing the journey ten years ago and he can’t wait to do it again.

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“People will ask you, ‘why do you do this? How do you get the energy to do something like this?’,” Sales said. “It really goes along with your thought process for the fire service. You just make that sacrifice, because that’s what you do because you want to give back to your community.”

The ride will begin on August 1 in Santa Clara.

The team is also raising money for the Gary Sinise Foundation and the Santa Clara Firefighters Foundation.

To donate to the cause, visit the Bay to Brooklyn Ride website here.

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Louise Minchin: BBC star shares injury update after bike accident ‘So glad I am not alone’

Elsewhere, Louise discussed potentially signing up to Strictly Come Dancing following her announcement that she will be leaving BBC Breakfast after 20 years later this year.

During the latest episode of Her Spirit podcast, Louise’s BBC co-star Carol Kirkwood discussed her time on Strictly and went on to urge the former to sign up.

The host has always said she’s been on a “lifetime ban” to do the show, until recently.

The mum-of-two revealed: “What I’m more worried about is that the other day on [BBC] Breakfast, Dan [Walker] mentioned it and I said the line I’ve said for many years Carol, that, ‘I’m on a lifetime ban from my family’.

“And my husband texts me and he goes, ‘Ban lifted’.”

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One arrested in connection to dirt bike thefts

Police have made an arrest after two stolen Kawasaki motorized dirt bikes were recovered.

Kevin Jorge Barrera-Briceno, 20

According to Austin Police Capt. Todd Clennon, an officer was dispatched at about 4:30 p.m. on June 29 on a report of two stolen dirt bikes in the 1700 block of Oakland Avenue East. The victim reported that he strapped two Kawasaki dirt bikes on a trailer in his yard on June 27. He went out of town the following morning and the bikes were gone when he returned on June 29.

The bikes were valued at $ 1,500 and $ 4,400.

On July 1, police detectives received credible information that the stolen bikes were at a residence in the 900 block of 14th Avenue Southeast. Detectives conducted a follow up on the information and obtained a search warrant for the address. Upon executing the search warrant, detectives located the two stolen Kawasaki dirt bike motorcycles in the detached garage. In addition, detectives also found drug paraphernalia, a Maverick arms 12-gauge shotgun and a Taurus 9mm handgun in the residence.

The motorcycles were recovered and released to their owner; the drug paraphernalia and firearms were recovered as evidence for criminal charges.

Police arrested Kevin Jorge Barrera-Briceno, 20, of Austin in connection with the stolen dirt bikes. He is being held in the Mower County jail pending formal charges that could include possession of stolen property and ineligible person in possession of firearms and ammunition.

Author: Mike Stoll
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Ride an electric bike for free: Government scheme could offer cost-free bikes to millions

And that’s not all.

To further fuel sales, the Government is looking to fund an e-bike purchase subsidy as well as loan schemes.

Bicycle Association executive director Steve Garidis said: “I certainly still think this model has a lot going for it in terms of introducing new people to e-bikes, in an environment in which they may be more comfortable to try a new activity, and which can form a fun part of a holiday. There is a direct benefit at the tourist location if this cuts short trips.”

Cycling minister Chris Heaton-Harris confirmed: “E-cycles could be hugely important to our goal of bringing non-traditional groups to cycling including older and disabled people. We are establishing a national e-bike support programme, which could include loans, ‘opportunity to try’ schemes, subsidies, or other financial incentives, using the learning from other schemes in the UK and abroad.”

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Texas MS 150 bike ride canceled due to weather

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — The annual Texas MS 150 bike ride scheduled for Saturday has been canceled due to the weather, according to organizers.

“We monitored the weather forecast through the night, but the heavy rain, flash flood warnings and the advisement our teams on the ground deemed this an unsafe ride and safety is our top priority for everyone connected to Bike MS,” organizers tweeted Saturday morning. “While this is immensely disappointing and we understand the desire to ride, we strongly discourage riding the route on your own.”

Organizers said they plan to give updates next week about the next Bike MS: Texas MS 150 event.

The Texas MS 150 ride had several locations where participants were to begin riding Saturday morning, including in Katy, Waller, La Grange and Todd Mission. The finish line was set to be at Kyle Field at Texas A&M in College Station.

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Don't feel like coughing up $100 for a parking ticket? Watch out for bike lanes!

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — We’re seeing downtown Houston come back to life, but as you return to your favorite spots, beware of a new parking violation that could result in a $ 100 ticket.A city of Houston ordinance now prohibits parking in dedicated bicycle lanes. So far, 20 tickets have already been issued for violations.

Maria Irshad, the assistant director for ParkHouston, the agency responsible for on-street parking in the city of Houston, says it’s time to start thinking about bike safety in a new way.

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“This is a culture shift in the way we go about our transportation, getting people to understand that it’s not even OK for people to park in the bicycle lane for five minutes,” she said. “You are putting someone in danger, and you’re forcing them to go into traffic. That is a safety issue.”

ParkHouston does want to educate drivers, so first-time violators can take a bicycle-friendly driver safety course to avoid the fine.

For more information about parking in bicycle lanes, check out the city’s information page on the new ordinance[2].READ ALSO: Texas-shaped bike route takes you through Houston’s newest paths and trails[3]

Do you hate Houston traffic as much as we do? Join the club[4]!

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Arnold Schwarzenegger, 73, Looks Buff In Fitted T-Shirt While Out For A Solo Bike Ride In Venice Beach

Former bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger is looking just as buff as ever! The 73-year-old has been keeping fit, and was recently spotted on a solo bike ride.

Arnold Schwarzenegger[1] is staying in shape! The 73-year-old former Governor Of California showed off his very muscular arms while out for a bike ride by himself in Los Angeles’ Venice Beach on April 1. He wore a fitted, dark blue tee with black shorts and matching black sneakers. He also accessorized with orange-tinted shades, a silver watch and a black protective face mask. Although it’s been decades since Arnold was in his bodybuilding prime, the father-of-five is truly looking as toned as ever.

Arnold goes for a solo bike ride. Image: Stoianov / BACKGRID

His mini-me son Joseph Baena[2] has been taking after his dad in the fitness world, and the 23-year-old has even been spotted joining his father for bike rides[3] around Venice Beach. Joseph took to Instagram on January 15 to post a series of pics, including a photo which showed the father-son duo posing in front of a mural. It featured Arnold doing one of his famous bodybuilding poses[4], while the real-life Mr. Universe watched on. Joseph, who looks like the spitting image of his father[5], crossed his arms in the background, while rocking a black tee, grey shorts and dark sunglasses. Like father, like son!

Most recently, the Pepperdine University grad[6] proved he can pose like a pro, in a new Instagram snap. He wore very short-shorts in the March 5 pic, allowing his bulging thigh muscles show. He has all of the competition poses[7] down pat, and even showed off the most famous one, with featured him with his arms curled upwards in the front double bicep pose. The movement, which is one of the mandatory poses in men’s bodybuilding competitions, allowed Joseph to flex his biceps as well as his incredibly ripped lats, and fans couldn’t believe how much he looked like his old man.

The former body builder was spotted in Venice Beach. Image: Stoianov / BACKGRID

Of course, Arnold has been using his platform for good. Back in January, he lambasted former President Donald Trump[8] in a powerful PSA, in which he compared the siege on Capitol Hill[9] to the rise of Nazi Germany. He took to Twitter on January 10, releasing an eight-minute-long video in which he declared Trump the “worst president ever”.[10] “Wednesday was the Day of Broken Glass right here in the United States. But the mob did not just shatter the windows of the Capitol. They shattered the ideas we took for granted … [and] trampled the very principles on which our country was founded.”


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Emily Selleck

Google Maps Street View: Woman on bike spotted in dramatic crash – what caused it?

Google Maps[1] Street View has become well known for being an unlikely source of comedy over the years. The tech giant’s cars drive around the globe mapping their surroundings and often capture people going about their daily lives while doing so. Sometimes Street View snaps some very embarrassing scenes.
She appears to be almost vaulting over the bike in the tumble, her legs still caught in the framework.

The two dogs can be seen leaping around next to her suggesting they could have been involved in the accident.

Perhaps the lead got tangled?

The woman’s arms are outstretched towards the pavement as she attempts to break her fall.


The height she looks to be falling from suggests it could well be a nasty accident.

However, the standalone snapshot is just one moment in time and it’s unclear what happened next.

The Street Viewer is left to simply guess how the accident played out and whether the woman managed to escape unscathed.

It’s possible that the Google Maps car and another nearby vehicle could have inadvertently played a role in the crash.

He has thrown out an arm to protect himself from the impact of the fall.

The unfortunate accident must have been very painful indeed.

Perhaps the cyclist had an unfortunately timed wobble and simply fell off his two wheels.

He is wearing shorts and a T-shirt so it’s likely the accident was a painful one!


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