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Simon Calder's 'holiday quarantine bingo': Countries set to be summer holiday spots 2021

The travel expert listed a number of countries he believes will, or should be, added to the list in his “holiday quarantine bingo”.

However, there are dire warnings from within the travel industry.

Simon went on: “The pilots’ union said to me yesterday at an event, we are reaching the point of no return for summer, unless we get large scale destinations, France, Spain, Italy, whatever, on the green list and open up and atleast tell people ‘look, you will be able to have a holiday in July or August’, it’s simply going to be too late.”

The expert claimed the Government “will have to” open up, based on the data.

He said: “I think they will have to because all the evidence, of course, is that the infection rate in the UK currently is so high you and I would almost certainly be safer, less likely to get an infection, on a beach in Greece or Spain or Italy or France than we would be in the UK,” the travel expert said.

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Travel Feed