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Tottenham boss Nuno Espirito Santo makes bold declaration in first press conference

Nuno Espirito Santo used his first press conference to promise Spurs fans a team they could be proud of. He also vowed to them that Harry Kane would be a part of it.

What he was short on was detail on how all this would be achieved.

“What we want is to make our fans proud, to make them enjoy their players, love their players, this is our focus, let’s make our fans proud, to create a good atmosphere, help the players throughout the season and every moment,” Santo said.

“I think they will enjoy.

“This is what I am telling the players, ‘Let’s enjoy ourselves’. 

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In a separate un-broadcast briefing, the Spurs talisman may not be at all surprised to learn that three times Santo refused to say whether Kane remaining at the club had actually been promised to him by chairman Daniel Levy as Manchester City plot to buy him.

Right now, Tottenham are a club lurching around trying to appease its fans while making fundamental mistakes in the direction they are taken.

The greedy decision to dispense with Mauricio Pochettino to try to get some sort of guarantee of success under Mourinho backfired spectacularly, then when they had a fleeting chance of some long-awaited silverware at least they sacked him without any plan for a replacement.

A hapless search for a new boss which turned its nose up at Santo initially scuffled down blind alley after blind alley, in the midst of which Levy was busy flirting with the big boys and signing up the European Super League.

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Now the agreed stance seems to be to ignore all that has happened.

“I cannot speak about what happened,” Santo said. “What I can tell you: I am so proud.

“The moment I had the phone call that I had a chance to have a meeting with Tottenham, everything changed. Everything in my perspective changed. I am where I wanted to be.”

Kane’s future remains the hot topic among Spurs fans, and Santo insisted that the club’s talismanic striker would remain at the club next season, even though he had not yet spoken to him personally.

However, Santo refused to say if Daniel Levy had made him any promises about the England captain’s future.

Unsurprisingly Kane, who has hinted all summer about the need to win trophies, was the main topic of conversation during the presser, and Santo was emphatic in his response.

“Harry is our player, period,” he said. “No need to talk about anything else.

“He has a hard job to do, totally committed to the national team, obviously, so this is why I decided not to speak to any of them.

”I will speak when they arrive. This is the right moment – in our own building, face to face, sitting down and to prepare our future together.”

The one thing Santo did say for certain was that club legend Gareth Bale would not be joining up for another spell on loan.

“He will not be part of our squad,” Santo said.

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‘This summer is for the bold & desperate’: Simon Calder warns Britons face ‘dreadful’ time

Simon Calder is a travel journalist and expert who regularly appears on Good Morning Britain to discuss the Governemnt’s latest travel updates. This morning, he spoke about the most recent change in travel rules to Malta, as well as other European countries.

“It’s so much uncertainty.

“It looks as though this summer is for the bold and the desperate.”

Speaking to Richard Madeley and Susanna Reid of GMB, Mr Calder added: “The green list, and amber list, and green watchlist, and red list, are only a UK coming back in issue.

“The other half of the equation is exactly as you say Richard – will the destination let me in?”

Mr Calder continued: “My prediction is that if we see a levelling off in the UK and a calming down, gradually we might see some kind of equilibrium and it will be safe to book.

“But probably not until September.”

The travel expert emphasised that it is a “dreadful dreadful time” for people who want to travel.

“And, of course, the people who I do feel for are those who don’t want a holiday – they want to reunite themselves,” he said.

“Reunite themselves with loved ones they haven’t seen for months or over a year.

“And this is such a stressful time for them.”

As well as the news about Malta, the other travel updates include the fact that the Balearic Islands have been removed from the green list and added to the amber list.

Britons travelling from Ibiza, Majorca, and Menorca will now have to quarantine for 10 days on their return to the UK.

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Princess Anne made bold decision to skip major milestone due to her love of travel

Princess Anne is a world-traveller, jetting off all over the world to make public appearances on behalf of the Royal Family. However, it was in her teenage years that the Princess made the bold decision to prioritise travel.

Her older brother, Prince Charles had already decided to pursue his education by studying at Trinity College, Cambridge.

This was a very esteemed move for the future king, however, it was not one his younger sister hoped to epilate.

In the 2020 ITV documentary “Anne: The Princess Royal at 70,” she revealed that in her opinion travelling the world alongside her mother would be far more educational than packing up and heading to university.

Anne said: “So many of my contemporaries, when asked why they were going to university, would say, ‘Well basically because that’s what you do.’

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While Prince Charles achieved a 2:2 grade from Cambridge, and Anne’s younger brother Edward further earned a 2:2 from Cambridge, Prince Andrew did not go to university either.

Instead, he joined the Armed Forces.

Though the Princess may have been a young girl when she made this decision, it is clearly a perspective she still holds today.

Alongside her brother Prince Charles, the Princess Royal is one of the busiest members of the Royal Family when it comes to appearances and engagements.

These tags typically show whom the suitcase belongs to, as well as where it is going.

According to reports, Princess Anne is said to travel with a green baggage tag that displays her name.

The Prince of Wales, meanwhile, has a red one.

Queen Elizabeth’s luggage is tagged with a yellow label that simply reads: “The Queen”.

Prince William, like his father, has been assigned red in the past, meanwhile, his son Prince George has been given a blue tag.

Author: Aimee Robinson
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Royal Ascot 2021: Guests stun in bold hats for day four – giant flower hat leads

Royal Ascot guests showed up with umbrellas at the track today with some matching their hats to them. The five-day event has seen thousands of guests walk through its doors as lockdown restrictions continue to ease.

Another memorable piece of headwear was worn by a guest carrying a matching umbrella.

The black headwear sat on the guest’s head on a slight slant with mesh fabric creating the design of the hat.

Black wiring sat on top of the hat in oval shapes, creating an eye catching look.

One racegoer wore a bright pink boater hat with pieces of mesh fabric coming out from either side of the hat to create a beautiful shape.

It matched the umbrella and dress perfectly.

Royal Family members have also made several appearances over the course of the event.

Yesterday, Sophie, Countess of Wessex stunned fans in a palm print green dress with nude accessories.

It featured a pleated skirt, fitted bodice and the royal added a belt to cinch in her waist.

Zara Tindall also made an appearance for Ladies Day wearing a gorgeous floral dress and a unique dusty pink fascinator.

Her dress had long sleeves and a pleated skirt, reaching just above her knee.

She added a nude pair of block heels to complete the look along with a matching coloured clutch bag.

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George Clooney denied bold claim about Meghan Markle's wedding: 'I didn't!'

Prince Harry and Meghan are celebrating their three-year wedding anniversary today. In 2018, the pair tied the knot in Windsor, an event attended by George Clooney and his human rights lawyer wife, Amal. Not only were the Clooneys invited to the main event at St George’s Chapel, they were also asked to attend the exclusive evening reception at Frogmore House.
George disappointed fans when he denied reports he had danced with “everybody”, insisting he didn’t dance at all.

Attending a ceremony where he received a Lifetime Achievement Award by the American Film Institute at the Los Angeles’ Dolby Theatre, he said: “There were lots of stories, I heard I danced with… everybody.”

Amal added: “Yeah… the bride…”

George quickly clarified; “Yeah, I didn’t dance, I didn’t.

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“There wasn’t beer pong. I heard there was beer pong, no beer pong.”

Tennis star Serena Williams, who also attended the wedding, had already denied that there had been a beer pong contest, despite reports she had won.

Talking to an AP reporter at the French Open in 2018, she said the claim was “not even remotely true”, adding that she doesn’t “even drink beer”.

She was not annoyed about the reports, however, admitting that she and her husband, Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian, had a “big laugh” about it.

There were also reports that George Clooney coaxed guests to the bar and made people laugh by free-pouring shots of tequila at the reception.

The Hollywood star has created his own brand of the spirit called Casamigos, through which he has another royal connection; Princess Eugenie’s husband Jack Brooksbank is its brand ambassador.

In the book ‘Finding Freedom’, co-authors Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand wrote: “George Clooney was also on hand to help.

“Coaxing people to the bar, he had partygoers laughing as he started free-pouring shots of Casamigos tequila, the liquor brand the movie star co-founded.

“‘I wanted to make sure everyone had the best time,’ Clooney said.”

While journalist Rachel Jonhson claimed the Clooneys did not know the Sussexes very well at the time of the wedding, they have since seen each other on a handful of occasions.

The Clooneys invited Meghan and Harry to their villa at Lake Como, and to their home in England twice.

Meghan also invited Amal Clooney to her baby shower in New York in 2019, when she revealed to the lawyer that she was having a boy.

Finding Freedom was written by Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand and published by HQ in August. It is available here.

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Louisiana is making bold climate goals, but still wants its fossil fuels

Earlier this month, Louisiana—one of the country’s largest oil producers and refiners—became the first Deep South state to sign on to an interstate climate compact to achieve the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement.

The move is the latest in a series of steps by Democratic governor John Bel Edwards to develop a climate plan for a state battered by 2020’s record-breaking Atlantic hurricane season. Last year, he used an executive order to set a goal to be net-zero by 2050, and assembled the state’s first climate task force. This most recent agreement, called the US Climate Alliance, also includes goals to cut net emissions 25 percent from 2005 levels by 2025, and 50 percent by 2030.

Those short-term plans might be the most ambitious. In effect, Louisiana has said that it aims to cut its net emissions by a quarter in under 5 years. The state hasn’t done a comprehensive inventory of its carbon emissions since 2010, but according to David Dismukes, an economist at Louisiana State University who is developing an inventory for later this year, “we’re pretty steady at 210 million tons of CO2.”

That means Louisiana will need to cut about 50 million metric tons of emissions—more than its entire transportation sector. “The problem is that Louisiana doesn’t have this long institutional history of doing things that get you to a clean carbon future,” Dismukes says. “To get to 2025 is going to be a bit of a hurdle.”

Louisiana’s emissions come from very different sources than the rest of the country, meaning that decarbonization would have to work differently. Two-thirds of the state’s emissions come from the industrial sector—the huge petrochemical and liquefied natural gas factories along the Mississippi River and southwestern coast—versus about 13 percent nationally.

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Right now, a quarter of Louisiana’s GDP is related to oil and gas. The state has a fifth of the US’s total oil refining capacity, and exports more than half of the country’s liquefied natural gas. (Not all of that industry is counted in Louisiana’s carbon budget, though, because much of the drilling happens in federal waters, and the fuel itself is burned elsewhere.)

“A lot of people hear ‘[decarbonize],’ and they immediately think solar and wind,” Dismuke says. “And that would be true in a lot of places. But that ain’t our deal here. Of that 200 [million tons of carbon], about 30 to 35 is power—so you could replace every power plant in the state and still not get to 50 million.”

Without a comprehensive inventory, no one knows exactly where the state’s carbon savings will come from, though Dismuke thinks that the state will get a big bang for its buck through carbon capture at certain industrial plants.

There are some relatively cheap ways to do that, he says. Ammonia and liquefied natural gas processors both emit large amounts of nearly pure CO2 when manufacturing ‘feedstock’ chemicals, the raw materials for productions, and Dismuke has estimated that capturing those streams could reduce emissions by about 30 million metric tons.

But other carbon capture technology, especially after fuel is burned, is incredibly expensive, and no one has figured out where to store the CO2 itself. Meanwhile, efficiency gains over the past decade have been cancelled out by an expanding number of facilities.

Still, all the lofty goals don’t mean that Louisiana is ready to abandon fossil fuels. In front of Congress last week, Edwards made a more complicated pitch: more investment in green industry, but also an end to the pause on federal oil leasing.

“I urge this Congress and the Biden Administration to pursue a responsible and balanced approach to adapting to the impacts of climate change,” Edwards testified, “while still pursuing safe and responsible oil and gas exploration.”

Not only is the state’s economy heavily dependent on oil and gas, but it also relies on the industry to fund climate adaptation. Louisiana gets a cut of federal revenue from offshore oil production, which it pumps back into its comprehensive coastline protection program, a decade-long “master plan” to shore up fast-eroding wetlands. (Other funding for the program comes from BP’s settlement following the Deepwater Horizon disaster.)

The governor’s climate task force itself contains representatives for the oil and chemical industries, as well as a group that helped develop a Gulf South for a Green New Deal platform.

So the state seems to be pursuing both green industry and oil. In front of Congress, Edwards asked the federal government to begin evaluating the Gulf for offshore wind installations, and touted the announcement of a $ 700 million biodiesel refinery.

It’s possible that coastal restoration itself might figure prominently in its plans. Marshland sequesters carbon, but the Environmental Protection Agency has only recently begun quantifying those savings. Since the state is already creating marshland, it might be able to count those acres towards its carbon goals, like another state might count a reforestation project.

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There are good reasons to think that Louisiana could become a hub for green jobs. The heavy engineering jobs of the oil and gas sector have similar skill sets to renewable energy and coastal restoration.

“Whenever you talk about this, people think you’re going to destroy jobs, or create new kinds of jobs,” says Robert Habans, an economist at the Data Center, a New Orleans-based think tank. They think “all these oil and gas jobs are just going to disappear if we go net-zero, or that we’ll create all these very specialized jobs we haven’t even thought of yet. But the truth is that most of these changes affect existing jobs a lot more than creating new categories of job.”

Habans has written about the poorly defined industry that has formed in part around the state’s enormous coastal restoration projects, called the “water management cluster,” and which employs thousands. “At the core, mostly these are science, design, engineering, and construction activities, but they include a broader set of activities that are related to adapting to environmental change.”

These are growth markets, as other coastlines begin to face the same erosion and encroachment that has chipped away at Louisiana for decades. And no matter how slowly the state winds down its fossil fuel industry, its long-term prospects as an industry don’t look good. “Ultimately,” Habans says, how Louisiana is shaped by the coming energy transition will depend heavily on “whether we are able to capitalize on this kind of spending that we assume is going to happen for renewable energy and what we know is happening in coastal protection and restoration.”

Philip Kiefer

Author: Sara Chodosh
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Mini Review: Picross S6 – A Bold New Direction? A Fresh Take? Eat Your Picross, Son

This post originally appeared on Nintendo Life | Reviews

Let’s get one thing out of the way upfront: Picross S6 is just more Picross. No unique bells or whistles, no interesting gameplay hooks or gimmicks to make this sequel ‘different’, no bold new direction for the franchise. It is simply a new collection of almost 500(!) puzzles for you to solve, all of which are completed in exactly the same manner as the last couple thousand from the previous releases. In most game franchises, such a lack of distinguishing identity would be outright damning for a series on its sixth iteration (not counting spin-offs), and yet Picross shows yet again that it is the exception to this rule.

Picross S6 is nothing outstanding, but neither is it disappointing. If you’re not yet familiar with the franchise — come on, where have you been? — Picross is a relaxing and zen-like puzzle experience wherein you’re tasked with drawing up cute little pixel art drawings cell by cell using numbers along the sides of the frame as a reference. The rules aren’t hard to grasp, but each puzzle requires a certain degree of mental focus as you canvas each row and column in search for numbers that stick out. With each pass, you find cells that you can either fill or cross off, and this methodical process eventually teases out a (dubiously) recognizable image. It could be a cat. It could be a mountain. It could be a train. It could be a hot dog. It’s that ever-enduring question of “What is it?” that proves to be a strong lure, constantly taunting you to try one more puzzle to uncover what’s being obscured.

Considering there’s twenty-something entries in the whole franchise, Jupiter Corporation has gotten it’s tutorializing down to a science, so newcomers don’t face a steep learning curve to get into the groove of things. Not only do these tutorials do a great job of teaching you the underlying concepts, but there are various ‘training wheel’ kinds of mechanics to ease you in. For example, you can opt to have a roulette reveal one full row and column at the start of each puzzle, giving you a solid head start. Or you can have the hint numbers on rows or columns light up blue to show you that there’s something you can note in that region — all of which veterans can disable or bypass.

There are 485 puzzles in total to solve this time, spread across a diverse array of ‘modes’ to keep things interesting. Aside from the standard mode, Mega Picross changes things up by giving you some hint numbers which cover two rows or columns rather than one, which ups the difficulty a bit and gives the standard puzzles a little more replayability. Color Picross gives you the ability to fill in more than just one color for a cell, which adds a cool extra layer of complexity without changing up the ruleset that much. Finally, there’s Clip Picross, which has you doing a series of smaller puzzles which all link up later to form a huge picture. Obviously, if you aren’t swayed by the central idea of this puzzler, these extra modes won’t change your mind, but those of you who have fallen for its wiles will be pleased at how well-rounded the package feels.

Believe it or not, there has been a slight change made with this latest iteration, although it’s so small that it could be easily missed. The gargantuan 30×30 and 40×30 puzzles now have two colors for the underlying grid structure, which alternate to make it easier to count out larger numbers. Nothing world-changing, of course, but at least it shows that Jupiter is committed to improving the Picross experience right down to the smallest details.

Much like its predecessors, Picross S6 is little more than a glorified level pack. But, that’s okay. The addictive nature of its core gameplay is as strong as ever, and those who are hooked will be pleased to know that there’s another ten to twenty hours of new content to chew through. If you’ve still got a few of the past entries in your backlog, we’d recommend you hold off until you’re sure you want even more puzzles to solve; there’s nothing new or exciting here that you’re missing. If you’re a newcomer, however, this is as good a place as any to jump in.

Houston's Instagrammable multi-sensory museum seeks bold artists for new mural

HOUSTON, Texas — Locals who’ve visited west Houston’s utterly Instagrammable, experiential museum (immersive world, really) known as Seismique are well aware of the dazzling visuals that await.A hybrid of a Willy Wonka wonderland, the edgy Meow Wolf (the interactive museum in Santa Fe, New Mexico), and a futuristic theme park, Seismique features works by more than 24 established and emerging artists along with advanced technological elements such as projection mapping from 111 projectors, holograms, augmented reality, light mapping, gamification, and more.

Inside, the cavernous, 40,000-square-foot multi-sensory mecca is an almost overwhelming treat. Now, the museum’s owners want to take the visuals outdoors with a new mural/artistic vision. Seismique (2306 South Highway 6) has announced a call for artists to add to the mural, which will be emblazoned on a wall that is 43 feet wide by 28 feet tall.

Video above from separate reporting.

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Lando Norris gives bold verdict on Max Verstappen's controversial Lewis Hamilton overtake

Formula One steward and former F1 driver Emanuele Pirro was acting steward during the Bahrain Grand Prix and explained that Verstappen and Red Bull were not necessarily under strict instruction to give up first place.

“It was clear that both in the practice sessions and in qualifying, the driver who would come off the track at turn four would lose his lap time. That happened several times to several drivers,” Pirro told Corriere dello Sport

“Hamilton went over the track limits a little too often, creating a repeated advantage. That’s why [FIA race director Michael] Masi, the only one with the authority to talk to the teams, called Mercedes to warn them that if Hamilton did it more often he would get the black and white flag. That could eventually result in a punishment.”