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Azerbaijani Finance Ministry puts up mid-term state bonds for new auction

BAKU, Azerbaijan, July 14

By Zeyni Jafarov – Trend:

The Baku Stock Exchange (BSE) held an auction on the placement of medium-term state bonds of the Azerbaijani Ministry of Finance, Trend reports on July 14 referring to a source in the BSE.

The amount of the bonds was 40 million manat ($ 23.5 million) and the term of maturity – 1,092 days.

During the auction, 14 investors filed 26 bids in the price range from 98.14 manat ($ 57.73) with a yield to maturity (YTM) of 7.2 percent to 100.4 manat ($ 59.06) with a YTM of 6.35 percent.

In accordance with the decision of the finance ministry, the cut-off price of bonds reached 100.296 manat ($ 59) with the YTM of 6.39 percent, and the weighted average price – 100.34 manat or $ 59.02 (6.37 percent).

The total amount of applications at nominal prices amounted to nearly 149.84 million manat ($ 88.14 million) while the volume of placement – 40 million manat ($ 23.5 million).

The maturity date is July 9, 20243.

The auction participants must fulfill their obligations to purchase bonds till July 14, 2021.

(1 USD = 1.7 AZN on July 14)

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NS&I announces U-turn following plans to change Premium Bonds prize cheques system

However, NS&I has currently restored call waiting times to normal levels and cleared outstanding complaints, the savings provider confirmed.

NS&I Chief Executive, Ian Ackerley, said: “In a hugely challenging year, I regret the impact of operational issues on our customers, and apologise that they did not receive the levels of service that they have come to expect from NS&I.

“We are in a better position now, despite the ongoing pandemic, but there is more to do in the months ahead.

“Despite the challenges faced, I am proud of what we have achieved in an exceptional 12 months.

“We have delivered unprecedented levels of financing for Government and served millions of savers, as well as evolving our operation so that we can learn from this year and build a stronger and more resilient business that continues to attract the loyalty of millions of savers.”

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How to buy Premium Bonds: NS&I offers four ways to purchase the savings option

Nowadays there are a range of ways to buy Premium Bonds. Whichever way they are purchased though, each investment must be at least £25.

The odds of winning currently stand at 34,500 to one.

So, how can one buy Premium Bonds?

NS&I explains one way to do this is by buying them online via the NS&I website.

“You can buy Premium Bonds online using our secure online system,” the government-backed savings provider said.


“Please have your debit card details at the ready.”

It’s also possible to buy them from NS&I via telephone.

Again, customers are asked to have their debit card details to hand for this.

There is one caveat – if a person is buying Bonds for someone else’s child, they can’t be bought by phone.

Another option is to buy them via post.

To do so, the relevant application form must be filled out and sent to NS&I.

This must be along with a cheque that is payable to NS&I.

Another option for those who already have Premium Bonds is to make a bank transfer or standing order.

“If you or a child you’re buying for already have some Premium Bonds, you can buy via bank transfer (including standing order),” NS&I explains.

There is a guide available on this option, and it is important to read this first.

It is possible for any adult to buy Premium Bonds for children who are under the age of 16.

However until the child’s 16th birthday, the parent or guardian named on the application looks after the Bonds, and this is regardless of who bought them.

Parents or legal guardians can buy Bonds for their child online, by phone or by post.

When buying for someone else’s child, the options are limited to applying online or by post.

Those in this situation must make sure the parent or guardian is happy to look after the investment for their child, and agrees to their details being given to NS&I.

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Premium Bonds: Have you won in June 2021 prize draw? NS&I releases details of millionaires

Premium Bonds are a popular savings method available through NS&I which give Britons the chance to win big. Each month, under the lottery bond system, NS&I undertakes a prize draw which creates a whole host of winners. Today, there will be individuals who are starting their month off with a bang, as the millionaires’ details have been confirmed.
The first lucky millionaire was revealed to be a woman from Leicester, with a holding of £50,000.

Her winning Bond number was stated to be 404XK887196, and it was purchased less than a year ago in July 2020.

However, the second fortunate winner purchased their Bond a while ago, all the way back in November 2008.

The individual is a woman from Cleveland who has a Bond holding of £41,450.

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A total of five people will be waking up this morning £100,000 richer as the prizes have been released.

These individuals come from Nottinghamshire, Nottingham, South West Wales, Leeds and Inner London.

Some 10 people also secured a prize winning of £50,000 in the June 2021 draw.

One person even secured their £50,000 winning with a Bond worth just £50. 

This month, the prize fund for Premium Bonds stood at a staggering £91million.

NS&I stated this prize fund was shared between over 3.1million lucky winners, who secured a range of prizes.

A life-changing sum of money could be won from NS&I, but there are a range of prizes to be secured.

These range from the staggering £1million, all the way down to the tidy amount of £25.

Regardless of the sum, Premium Bonds holders are likely to want to check if they have secured a winning this month.

However, for those who cannot find their number on the high value winnings at present, or who want to double check, waiting a while longer is necessary.

This is because NS&I has said it is to update its prize checker tomorrow to help Britons see if they have won.

NS&I has stated that using the prize checker is the quickest way to find out if a person has won a prize.

It is available on the NS&I website, updated on the day after the first working day of each month.

The same information is also available via the NS&I Premium Bonds app on smartphone devices. 

Amazon Alexa-enabled devices can also be used to check for prize winnings. 

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Investors can’t get enough of Russian bonds targeted by US sanctions

The Russian Ministry of Finance has issued euro-dominated obligations worth €1.5 billion ($ 1.8 billion), marking the first international bond sale of 2021.

“Despite the widening of anti-Russian sanctions this year, international investors still show sufficient interest in investing in Russian debt instruments,” it said.

The ministry sold €1 billion in a new 15-year Eurobond with a yield of 2.65%, and another €500 million in an issue of 2027 Eurobond at 98.5% of its nominal prices, according to VTB Capital, which arranged the deal together with Russian banking majors Gazprombank and Sberbank.
Also on rt.com Russia looks to retire pricey ruble bonds to ensure economic stability
Russian investors reportedly purchased 47% of the 2036 bond, with 22% allocated to buyers in Germany and Austria, 14% to the Middle East and Asia, seven percent to the UK and six percent to France. Investors from Russia bought 65% of the 2027 issue, while investors from the Middle East and Asia bought 20%, and French investors bought 11%.

The deal comes a month after the US placed sanctions on ruble-denominated debt sales and ahead of a summit between President Vladimir Putin and US President Joe Biden scheduled for next month.

The latest round of anti-Russian penalties bans direct purchases of Russian ruble-denominated sovereign debt from mid-June. The ban comes in addition to the already existing restriction on the direct buying of sovereign Eurobonds issued by the Russian government.
Also on rt.com Russia’s gold & foreign currency reserves break through $ 590 BILLION
Earlier this week, Washington waived sanctions on Nord Stream 2 AG and its German CEO Matthias Warnig, citing concerns for American national interests, though it blacklisted four vessels and four entities involved in the construction of the Russian gas pipeline.

The existing sanctions targeting Russian bonds, and the threat of further punitive measures by the White House, has failed to deter foreign interest. Relatively high yields and low levels of government debt make Russian bonds attractive for foreigners. Non-residents reportedly hold as much as 54% of Russia’s Eurobonds, even as the share of domestic bonds held by foreign investors dropped from 35% last year to 19% last month.

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Global investor appetite for Chinese bonds continues to grow, with holdings up by $10 BILLION in April

The total amount of yuan bonds owned by overseas institutions reached 3.22 trillion yuan (over $ 500 billion) as of the end of last month, according to data from China Central Depository & Clearing (CCDC).

That’s up 64.86 billion yuan (around $ 10 billion) from a month earlier, and almost a $ 90-billion rise since August 2020. Specifically, treasury bonds saw the largest month-on-month growth of 51.74 billion yuan (about $ 8 billion), followed by bonds issued by policy banks, data showed.

Analysts say the stability of yuan-denominated assets will be a major focus of global investors amid the pandemic uncertainties weighing on the world economy.
Also on rt.com China’s foreign exchange reserves soar to $ 3.2 TRILLION
China has the world’s second-largest bond market and the government has been stepping up efforts lately to attract foreign investors.  

Last year, British index provider FTSE Russell gave its final approval for the addition of Chinese government bonds in its flagship World Government Bond Index that includes mostly developed economies. The inclusion of around $ 1.5 trillion out of China’s $ 16 trillion bond market is set to occur in October this year.

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Russia looks to retire pricey ruble bonds to ensure economic stability

Russia’s Ministry of Finance is considering a buyback of floating-rate ruble bonds sold to boost emergency funds amid the Covid-19 pandemic, according to Deputy Finance Minister Timur Maksimov.

“The goal is to restore the right structure of the portfolio so that in the next crisis, government debt can be used to conduct an active economic policy again,” the government official said in an interview with Bloomberg.
Also on rt.com Russia’s gold & foreign currency reserves break through $ 590 BILLION
Returns from floating-rate bonds climb together with the central bank’s key rate. Floating-rate obligations reportedly account for nearly 35% of the ministry’s outstanding local bonds.

According to Maksimov, Russia is planning to cut back the level to 15% or 20% to shift away from the more expensive borrowing in the future.

Last year, the finance ministry had to double the borrowing plan to aid the national economy during the coronavirus pandemic which had been aggravated by plummeting oil prices and Washington’s plan to sanction ruble debt sales.
Also on rt.com Ruble shrugs off latest US sanctions targeting Russian financial market
The White House introduced the long-feared sanctions on Russia’s debt markets earlier this year, citing Moscow’s alleged meddling with US elections and hacking. The penalty comes into effect on June 14.

“If the market situation allows us to borrow more in advance, we may do so, but we’d work on making the borrowing flow more smoothly,” Maksimov said.

“Our weekly needs, taking into account the amount raised, are now at 45 to 50 billion rubles,” he added.

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Man linked to missing Houston tiger bonds out of jail

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — The man linked to a missing tiger that was seen roaming in a west Houston neighborhood over the weekend has bonded out of the Fort Bend County jail Wednesday afternoon.The Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office said Victor Cuevas posted bond at about 2:40 p.m.

Cuevas’ attorney and mother are among those who awaited his release.

Cuevas was being held on a $ 50,000 bond for an unrelated warrant connected to a murder charge stemming from a 2017 incident near his Richmond-area family home.In terms of the wild animal, Cuevas faces an evading charge.

In various videos posted about the tiger, Cuevas was seen ushering the tiger back into the house he lived in. Shortly after that, Houston police said Cuevas put the tiger in a white truck and took off. HPD lost Cuevas in a short chase.

Since Cuevas’ arrest, his attorney insists his client does not own the tiger.

“I want help finding India,” said attorney Michael Elliott, who on Tuesday disclosed the tiger’s name.

Elliott claims the 9-month-old tiger is owned by another man nicknamed “D,” who has texted “death threats” to Cuevas.ABC13 was shown the texted threat, but could not independently verify it.

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Elliott said he finds it hard to believe that HPD lost Cuevas and the tiger during a chase.

“This is Houston, Harris County,” he said. “They have police in every corner, Motorola radios, Fox (helicopter) in the air. How often do you see people running in an SUV that doesn’t get caught? Something doesn’t match up here.”

You can legally own a tiger in Texas, but not inside the city of Houston limits. Cuevas is not charged with anything relating to the tiger specifically.Cuevas’ Instagram feeds show him previously cuddling a baby bear, two monkeys, and a tiger. His attorney says a tiger on his client’s social media page does not prove he owns a tiger.

Houston police call Elliott’s version of events “conflicting,” but did not elaborate.

The whereabouts of the tiger remain a mystery.

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NS&I unveils May winners of £1million Premium Bonds jackpot and one bought Bond this year

The first working day of the month has arrived, and that means NS&I has published some details about the latest Premium Bonds prize draw. This month, there was a prize fund of more than £89million.
The Winning Bond was purchased only a matter of months ago, in February 2021.

Meanwhile, the second Winning Bond was 340LX170519, and it was purchased in September 2018.

It is part of the man’s £34,000 holding.

The second highest high value prize is £100,000.


This month, five payouts for this size of prize were up for grabs.

Winners of this prize were from Surrey, York, Devon, Cambridgeshire and Staffordshire.

There were 10 winners of a £50,000 prize.

In the Premium Bonds prize draw, prizes range from £25 up to £1million.

NS&I says using the prize checker is the quickest way to find out if a person has won a prize.

The prize checker is available on the NS&I website, updated on the day after the first working day of each month.

The same information is also available on the NS&I Premium Bonds app.

Amazon Alexa-enabled devices can also be used to check for prizes.

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Hours to go until NS&I announces May 2021 Premium Bonds winners – how to use prize checker

The Premium Bonds prize draw results are released at the start of each month. However, due to the weekend and the Bank Holiday Monday which followed, information on who scooped a substantial payout this month is yet to be revealed.
As such, it’s only a matter of hours until details about the latest winners of a life-changing sum of money are released.

NS&I always maintains the anonymity of winners, but some information about them is released.

For example, last month, it was announced that the two £1million jackpot winners for April 2021 came from Cumbria and Lothian.

In that month, there was a total of 3,068,376 prizes worth £88,215,800 to be paid out.


For those who want to check whether they’ve won, there is a tool specifically intended to help with the process.

The Premium Bonds prize checker is available on the NS&I website for instance.

It’s also possible to check this information via the official NS&I prize checker app.

Customers can also do this via their Alexa-enabled device.

The odds of winning per £1 Bond number currently stand at 34,500 to one.

There are limits as to how many Premium Bonds a person can hold though.

This currently stands at £50,000 per person.

At the other end of the scale, the minimum investment amount is £25 per person.

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