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Corey Feldman’s The Lost Boys character took inspiration from Sylvester Stallone

Corey Feldman's The Lost Boys character took inspiration from Sylvester Stallone

The Lost Boys is one of the most iconic cult vampire movies of all time. The Joel Schumacher-directed picture was named after the group of boys seen in JM Barrie’s Peter Pan stories while focussing on a handful of young boys to kill the vampires in Santa Carla. One of these actors was Corey Feldman, who turns 50-years-old tomorrow​, Friday July 16, 2021​. His character, Edgar Frog, was one of the standout ​parts of the movie.

Edgar’s low, gravelly voice carried viewers through the film like a macabre narrator, while wielding an assortment of weapons against the living dead.

The comic-book loving character was essentially a walking-talking version of Google when it came to killing creatures of the night.

Some of the character’s iconic features had their origins in some action movies of the same decade.

This was made obvious in the young character’s headband and bandolier that he sported throughout the movie.

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Feldman was told by Schumacher to find some inspiration for his half of the Frog brothers.

In particular, the director told him to look into movies featuring the likes of Sylvester Stallone and Chuck Norris.

Stallone’s 1982 film Rambo (First Blood) featured the titular character wearing a headband through the toughest moments.

He also sported bandoliers of ammo and weapons – both of which Edgar adopted for the film.

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Whedon said years later: “The idea of them [vampires] looking like monsters and then looking like people, that was in [The] Lost Boys.

“​That was very useful for us. You can have somebody fool you.”

The Lost Boys was a monumental time for Feldman’s career​ as it was the first time he worked alongside Corey Haim.

The two Coreys – as they were known – went on to star in a number of films together.

On top of appearing in a number of films together, they also starred in a TV series titled The Two Coreys.

The reality show lasted for two seasons and showed off the pair’s lives on network A&E.


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Backstreet Boys back in Las Vegas for a Christmas residency

Backstreet Boys back in Las Vegas for a Christmas residency

The band will be playing the Zappos Theater at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino from Nov. 11-Dec. 23.

NEW YORK — Everybody, Backstreet’s back — in Vegas.

The pioneering boy band is returning to the Las Vegas Strip with “A Very Backstreet Christmas Party,” a series of 12 holiday shows at the Planet Hollywood resort this November and December.

The band will be playing the Zappos Theater at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino from Nov. 11-Dec. 23. That’s the same place where they created the residency “Backstreet Boys: Larger Than Life” from 2017 to 2018. Tickets start at $ 89.

The current line-up of the band includes Nick Carter, Howie Dorough, Brian Littrell, AJ McLean and Kevin Richardson. Tickets go on sale July 16 with earlier access for fan club members.

The Backstreet Boys formed in 1993 and are best known for such hits as “I Want It That Way,” ″As Long as You Love Me” and “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back).”

Other music acts have done residencies in Sin City, including Britney Spears, Bruno Mars, Mariah Carey, Calvin Harris, Janet Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Aeromsith, Boyz II Men, Pitbull, Gwen Stefani and Shania Twain.

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‘Mickey Mouse goes woke!’ Disney brutally mocked for ditching ‘boys and girls’ greeting

'Mickey Mouse goes woke!' Disney brutally mocked for ditching 'boys and girls' greeting

Disneyland resorts across the world have started to reopen their doors to the public again after Covid restrictions forced the theme parks to shut their doors. Ahead of Orlando theme park’s first ‘Happily Ever After’ fireworks display since it reopened, Disney released a preview in anticipation of the event. However, it appears officials have altered the familiar introduction of “ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls” in a bid to be more inclusive.

Instead of the usual announcement alerting customers to the fireworks display, Disney have replaced the greeting with: “Good evening, friends.”

The updated announcement will be used throughout all of Disney’s 12 parks and will be heard in more than just the fireworks displays, a spokesperson from Toyko Disneyland told Deadline.

They added that the change was to make sure people of all sexual and gender identities felt “comfortable in the park”.

But the new greeting has been heavily mocked and criticised on social media, with many suggesting the change was completely unnnecessary and branded it as “woke”.

One person simply wrote: “Mickey Mouse woke!”, while another branded it as “utter garbage”.

A third said: What a bunch of BS. Disneyland is for the boys as the girls.

“Enough of this woke crap. Stupid asses!!”

Another person fumed: “I think what Mr Walt Disney came up with for HIS Parks…. Should not change.

“His Parks have made children , teenagers, adults happy since 1955.

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Another person said: “Oh, for crying out loud! Really?”

But not everyone was angered by the move, with swathes of people praising the company for making their parks more inclusive.

One person enthused: “REALLY proud of you for the inclusive greeting at your parks. Bravo! Kindness MATTERS.”

Another wrote: “‘I love “Dreamers of all ages” because it really makes that super snuggly and more magical. It’s so heartwarming.”

It is not the first time Disney has made efforts to make its parks and films more inclusive.

It revamped some of its rides, including Splash Mountain and Jungle Cruises, after they were criticised for promoting racial and cultural stereotypes.

The brand also added warning to several of its older films on its streaming platform Disney+, such as Peter Pan, Dumbo and The Muppets.

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Backstreet Boys members joined NSYNC members for sold out 'Back-Sync' performance in LA

Backstreet Boys members joined NSYNC members for sold out 'Back-Sync' performance in LA

The collaboration was meant to be a fun performance for a charity event, but could a mega boyband reunion be on the horizon?

Members of the boy band groups NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys joined up for a fun performance last week in Los Angeles to raise money for charity, but buzz over the event has continued past the weekend leaving people wondering if a mega boyband tour could be on the horizon. 

Backstreet Boys members Nick Carter and AJ McLean joined Lance Bass and Joey Fatone of NSYNC on stage at Bingo Under the Stars, an event at The Grove in Los Angeles celebrating Pride month. Organizers promised to grant a “special gift” to The Trevor Project, and a portion of the ticket sales will go directly to LA Pride, the event organizers said. 

The buzz around the event started when the group members began going on and on about the endless possibilities of a reunion between the members. 

“Everybody’s wanted us to do something together and now we get to come together for an amazing cause,” McLean told Variety while they were rehearsing.

While some of us can remember rivalries between fans during the boy band era, the mood Friday during the performance was just excitement. 

Carter of the Backstreet Boys said, “I still don’t understand why we didn’t get an opportunity to do more things together, but we learned that it was managers and stuff happening behind-the-scenes that prevented it. Better late than never, right?”

Carter also subtly suggested that a supergroup could even be formed with possibilities including members from other boy bands too like New Kids on the Block, O-Town or even 98 Degrees. 

Bass of NSYNC said he and Fatone didn’t mention the reunion in an NSYNC group text the members have, “We kept it so secret from everyone, so they probably don’t even know this is happening. It was a so last-minute, like, ‘You know what? Let’s do something for Pride.’” 

The singers said that the performance is just the start of more. McLean told Variety that he hopes “Back-Sync” can soon earn a Las Vegas residency as the members threw out ideas of everything from an album together and a tour. 

At the event, a cryptocurrency check for one million dollars in $ TKINU tokens was presented to the Trevor Project, as a part of their involvement with the cryptocurrency project Mission Tsuki.

The Trevor Project was founded in 1998, by the makers of the short film “TREVOR,” which won an Academy Award. The project calls itself the “leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queen & questioning (LGBTQ) young people under 25.”

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Stonewall urges teachers to stop using term ‘boys and girls’ in mixed-gender classes

Stonewall urges teachers to stop using term ‘boys and girls’ in mixed-gender classes

Stonewall, a charity founded in 1989 that fights for LGBTQ-inclusive education, has urged educators to ditch gendered language in the classroom. In guidance documents shared by the charity, school staff are encouraged to teach primary school children to use the pronoun “they/them”.

The documents said: “It is unnecessary to say ‘boys and girls’ when referring to learners of all genders, you could instead say ‘learners’.”

Schools have also been urged to check and update their policies.

The charity urged schools to remove “unnecessarily gendered language”.

“Instead of using ‘he’/’she’, you could use ‘they’,” the charity guidance said.

The charity is also championing for schools to ditch policies on gendered uniforms and allow children to compete in mixed-sex sports.

British educational institutions have the opportunity to become a member of the Stonewall School & College Champion schools by paying a yearly fee which can be as much as £800 plus VAT for institutions with over 2,000 pupils.

Once accepted, champion schools can apply for a bronze, silver or gold award to show they are following the “best practice” for inclusive education.

Stonewall advises school staff that they should: “Avoid dividing learners by gender, whether in the classroom (you could divide them by their favourite colour, month of birth or something else) or through uniform, sports activities or other aspects of school life.”

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A Stonewall spokesperson said they were “very proud of all of our work supporting schools to create supportive and inclusive environments which help everyone feel accepted for who they are”.

They added that the advice given to schools is “robust” and “in line with the Department for Education’s guidance for schools in England, and the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s Equality Act Code of Practice”.

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Robert Rinder left 'in shock' after being mugged by 'three boys wearing balaclavas'

Robert Rinder left 'in shock' after being mugged by 'three boys wearing balaclavas'
Robert Rinder, 42, took to Twitter on Wednesday evening to share the terrifying news that he had been mugged and had his phone stolen out of his hands by three boys wearing balaclavas. The star of ITV’s court revealed the boys “laughed” at him as he shouted for them to “drop it”.
Robert sent out a plea to anyone who may have seen or knows anything about the suspects, offering a financial reward if they are found.

Posting to his social media, he penned: “I’ve just had my phone grabbed out my hands by 3 boys wearing balaclavas on bikes (Finchley Road & Canfield gardens).

“They laughed as I shouted to drop it.”

The telly Judge admitted he’s been left in shock but was feeling lucky to be covered by insurance so he can replace his phone.

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A sixth fan snapped: “Find these horrible specimens try them in my court, this shows its not just women that are not safe on streets no one is safe walking the streets of our country. It’s wrong and government MUST do more. Fighting fire with fire is not right but sometimes its the only law they know.”

Another fan tried to lighten the mood: “Oh their panic when they realise they literally robbed Judge Rinder is going to be phenomenal.

Support from Robert’s fellow celebrity pals began to pour in, as singer Aled Jones penned: “Hope you’re ok and sending love.”

His ITV colleage Ranj Singh, also wished him well: “Oh no!! Hope you’re ok love!!”

‘She’s such a tease’: ‘Blonde Bomber’ strips off ‘for the boys’ as Muslim opponent takes scales to toilet for 2nd weigh-in (VIDEO)

‘She’s such a tease’: ‘Blonde Bomber’ strips off ‘for the boys’ as Muslim opponent takes scales to toilet for 2nd weigh-in (VIDEO)

Saucy boxing babe Ebanie Bridges has enjoyed an eventful weigh-in as she prepares to contest the ANBF Australasian belt, stripping off to a bikini before her rival was forced to take the scales to a toilet for a second go.

While social media favorite Bridges feigned annoyance at making the bantamweight limit so easily that she could have treated herself to a pre-weight glass of water, her unfortunate opponent, 45-year-old Carol Earl, weighed in 3.4lb over the maximum.

In accordance with her Muslim faith, Earl, who initially wore a tracksuit and has come out of a three-year retirement to face Bridges for the vacant title, was allowed to take the scales to a bathroom for her second attempt to make weight.

“Of course, in respect of her religion we had to take the scales in the bathroom and get all her clothes off. She was on weight,” said excitable Aussie Bridges, sharing footage of herself showing off her tattooed body and changing into a tiny pair of white shorts in between proudly flexing her muscles. “We have a fight.”

When a Twitter critic asked whether Earl’s religion could be “getting in the way of her sport of choice” and suggested the veteran should “make a decision on which is more important”, Bridges assured them: “It’s not getting in the way.

“Just means we had to take the scales to the bathroom. She made weight. Just got in the way of her getting in her underwear in front of people.

“I don’t think that means she should choose boxing or her religion.”

Earl is a five-time champion who has described her latest shot at a title as “an opportunity that I couldn’t let pass.”

The New Zealander made her debut at the age Bridges is now, 34, and has had 42 fights.

By contrast, newcomer Bridges has had only four including her debut in 2019, winning all of them.

“Her clothes weighed 1.5kg?” laughed one fan of the weigh-in footage, referencing the high-profile ringwear catastrophe suffered by a better-known boxer last year. “She got the same tailor as Deontay Wilder?”

“She had a few layers,” confirmed Bridges.

“For your information, I didn’t want to put my shorts back on. Coach made me.”

A fight video account that shared the scenes said of the show-off: “Ebanie Bridges is about to break the internet with her weigh-in attire.”

It later added: “She’s such a little tease – even says at the end ‘here’s a little treat for the boys’.”

The fight is taking place in New South Wales on Saturday. Bridges confirmed that it will not be televised – much to the disappointment of some of her admirers.
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