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How to live longer: Make breakfast your largest meal of the day to boost longevity – why?

Good sources of protein include chicken breast, tuna, mackerel, salmon, eggs, milk, red lentils, chickpeas, brown bread, nuts and soya.

Regular exercise is also integral to weight loss and overall health.

UK health guidelines advise that adults do some type of physical activity every day – any type of activity is good for you.

For optimal results, you should combine moderate activity with muscle strengthening.

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Dan Walker shuts down BBC Breakfast viewer after coverage complaint 'Never mentioned'

Dan, who also is a keen golf-enthusiast, swiftly shut down the social media user, as he confirmed that Bland’s major golf achievement had been mentioned on more than one occasion on Breakfast.

In view of his 710,000 followers, Dan replied: “Hi… only just seen this.

“@blandy73’s amazing win was on Saturday and the show was on Monday. His win did feature on the Sunday show.

“Despite that, I also spoke at length about his win on Monday and what made it so special. It was wonderful. Have a good one.”

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Louise Minchin's BBC Breakfast co-host Dan Walker gives update after she breaks down

BBC Breakfast’s Louise Minchin found herself getting tearful during a segment on the news show this morning. However, her co-star Dan Walker was quick to tell fans she was “OK” on social media after it happened.
Louise was brought to tears by a segment looking at families around the UK reuniting as restrictions lift.

Following the moment, a concerned fan reached out to Dan to check on Louise.

They penned: “@BBCBreakfast I hope Louise is OK?

“Its great to see such genuine human emotion (sic).

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Dan then asked her: “Has that set you off Louise? Are you alright?

“It just feels like it’s been such a long time, hasn’t it?”

Louise then replied, “No” before adding, “It’s been such a long time.”

As they cut away before the headlines, Dan was heard saying, “Aww” about his co-star’s reaction.

Other followers on Twitter responded about the moment and Louise’s emotional response.

One penned: “Aww bless @louiseminchin she needs one of her lovely giggles.”

A second then added: “I really enjoy watching you two.

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Louise Minchin: BBC Breakfast host warns co-star after mix-up 'Can't be in your head Dan!'

In view of her 207,000 followers, the presenter posted her usual morning selfie with her golf-enthusiast co-star.

Louise captioned the post: “Good morning, after a year and a half I have handed my golf trophy back to @mrdanwalker and am wondering whether I should try and defend my title!”

Fans urged the star to take on the challenge, as one penned: “You must defend your title! Come on Louise, you can do it!!!”

Another quipped: “No, just keep the bragging rights.”

While a third simply added: “Defend!”

BBC Breakfast airs daily on BBC One at 6am.

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Dan Walker in brutal Freddie Mercury jibe about Louise Minchin’s outfit on BBC Breakfast 

Dan Walker, 43, appeared to not be a fan of BBC Breakfast co-host Louise Minchin’s bright yellow jumper, as he hilariously said it resembled that of Queen frontman Freddie Mercury. The former Football Focus presenter shared a snap of him and the marathon runner on the sofa together, before making the unlikely comparison in view of his 710,700 followers.
Louise beamed in her bold knit as she posed for a selfie with Dan.

He then savagely posted the photo alongside a picture of Freddie performing in one of his eccentric outfits, which also included a yellow jacket with silver buckles.

Underneath the 43-year-old TV host typed: “Who wore it better? #BBCBreakfast.”

In response, fans took to the comment section to give their opinion over the “weird” comparison.

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However, over the weekend, the TV personality revealed he had found himself in the doghouse following his date night with Sarah.

Taking to his social media pages, the 44-year-old confessed his spouse has banned him from suggesting movies for the next six months after poorly picking action film Tenet.

“Just watched #Tenet with Mrs Walker… or at least we think we did!

“I have no idea what it was about,” the presenter added.

 “My wife has banned me from making film suggestions for at least six months.”

Dan has been married to Sarah since 2001 and the couple have three children together.

The pair are believed to have met while studying at the University of Sheffield, where Dan graduated with a Masters degree in broadcast journalism in 1999.

Now, the couple continue to live in the city with their three children: son Joe, and two daughters Susanna and Jessica.

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Dan Walker: BBC Breakfast host addresses wife's 'six-month ban' as Eamonn Holmes wades in

The post caused a stir on social media, with people flocking to comment most notably, Eamonn who replied: “Nearly three hours you’ll never get back.”

Others echoed a similar sentiment, as social media users shared their film mistakes with their partners.

One commented: “Haha! I did exactly the same. I get to pick one film I know she’ll hate every few months and then we’re back to rom coms and world cinema.”

Another penned: “Did the same a few weeks ago convincing the wife and kids it was well worth watching. Gave in after an hour, despite me trying to explain what was going on, I had no idea.”

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Naga Munchetty: BBC Breakfast host, 49, awkwardly refused bottle of wine at supermarket 

While fans also commented with their experiences of being ID’d despite being many years above the UK’s legal drinking age of 18.

One said: “This happened to me not so long ago & when I actually said I was thrilled at the compliment the young lad serving said, ‘Yeah it’s only cos of your mask, take it off you’d probably be walking away with the wine’. Talk about crashing & burning…” (sic)

Another replied: “That’s brilliant @TVNaga01, I can fully understand why you had to show your ID! I can beat you though, I had to show my driving licence before the Amazon courier would hand over my bottle of malt whisky, (I’m 73)!”

A third commented: “Happened to me… I was 49 at the time!! Sort of flattered until I queried it, the guy said, ‘It’s not about what you look like it’s just a random check’. I asked what ID as hadn’t needed it to pop to the local shop before & he said a driving licence, ‘So I can buy wine if I’m driving?’.”(sic)

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Naga Munchetty: BBC Breakfast host bids farewell in 'good luck' message as colleague exits

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In view of her 232,000 followers, Naga wished the US correspondent the best with his future endeavours.

She wrote: “Good luck Nick x.”

Former Breakfast presenter Bill Turnbull wrote: “Big loss for the BBC and all of us.

“Nick is an outstanding correspondent and analyst, one of those whose reports always make you listen up and pay attention. A rare breed.”

Traveler busted with crystal meth inside breakfast burrito at Houston airport

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — You can add a lot of ingredients to your breakfast burritos these days, but usually crystal meth isn’t one of them.Still, that didn’t stop TSA officers from finding exactly that during a checkpoint screening at Hobby Airport on April 2.

The TSA said they were doing a routine screening when they noticed an unidentified lump inside of a traveler’s breakfast burrito.The size of the burrito was so unusual, TSA asked to inspect it further, requesting for the traveler to unwrap it.

Officers said the person tried to insist it was just a breakfast burrito.

Once the wrapper was open, authorities said they saw something dark and unusual in the middle of the food that didn’t match the description the passenger gave.

As the breakfast burrito went through the X-ray for a second scan, TSA officers saw what appeared to be black tape and dark wrapping around a large organic mass.Suspecting that it was something illegally hidden in the food, TSA called Houston police, who determined it was crystal meth.

HPD confiscated the drugs, and the traveler was arrested.

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Diabetes type 2: Worst breakfast choices which will increase symptoms of high blood sugar

To follow a healthy diet for your type 2 diabetes, understanding how different foods affect your blood sugar is most crucial.

Carbohydrates, which are found to the largest degree in grains, bread, pasta, milk, sweets, fruit, and starchy vegetables, are broken down into glucose in the blood, which raises blood sugar, potentially leading to hyperglycaemia.  

Proteins and fats have little, if any, impact blood sugar, hence they are often recommended to help keep blood sugars healthy.

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