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Wellerman star Nathan Evans on possible team up with Brian May after Queen legend's hints

Following his rise to stardom over just a few weeks, Wellerman singer Nathan Evans has had two UK No 1s and been signed to a three-album recording contract. Celebrities have cottoned on to the catchy TikTok viral hit, including Queen guitarist Brian May, who’s performed the track on his Instagram page. Evans was amazed to see this, with the 73-year-old even contributing a guitar solo to his Wellerman live performance on Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway.
One of Brian’s biggest hints on Instagram included: “Hope I get the chance to play on his album. Hmmm … I wonder if [Queen track] ‘39 would suit him ?

“Well it IS a kind of sea-faring song – written while sailing on the Milky Way, about 118 years in the future, I guess. What d’ye think ? “Don’t you hear my call…? Bri.’”

While on another occasion the music legend wrote: “I’d enjoy doing something serious with Nathan some time, if the planets aligned … Bri.”

But now Express.co.uk have caught up with both the Queen legend and rising star. Speaking with Brian first about the possibility of the two musicians teaming up, he admitted: “I think it could happen.”

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Brian continued: “We haven’t actually spoken, but we’ve both expressed an interest in doing something if the opportunity comes up.

“To be honest I’m always wary of pushing myself… it’s nice when things happen naturally.

“But I really like what he’s done to the world of current music. A new fresh slant – but grounded in solid history.”

After sharing these comments with Evans, he replied: “Ah nice! That’s amazing. Ah, that’s fantastic, I’ll need to get in touch with him and see if we can work something out.”

Asked if Ed has heard Wellerman, Evans replied: “As far I as I know I don’t think so, but I did see when he turned 30 he uploaded that picture of a cake, that was like a pirate cake. So I don’t know if that was a hint…but I like to tell myself it was anyway!”

The Wellerman star also shared that he intends to release his debut studio album this year, one that will have a variety of music on it.

The 26-year-old said: “I’ve been writing amid all the craziness of the charts. I’ve been recording new music and writing as well, so it’s going to be a mixture of different stuff.

“I’ve got some sea shanties recorded and I’ve got some proper songs that I wrote myself recorded.”

On how his family’s finding his newfound fame, Evans said: “They’re loving it.

“They don’t treat me any different. I imagine if I was a bit younger around 18 or 19 it may be a bit different.”

Aside from an album, Evans is heading off on tour this December, performing in Dublin, Manchester, London and Glasgow, before travelling across Europe in January.

Tickets for Nathan Evans’ debut tour are on sale now and can be purchased here.

Queen guitarist Brian May posts cryptic message ‘Something good is coming!’ – ‘Eeek!’

Although, let’s also not forget that May regularly collaborates with other artists from X Factor’s Talia Dean and We Will Rock You’s Kerry Ellis to fellow guitarist Arielle.

Whatever the case, the 73-year-old’s fans have been responding to the cryptic post in the comments.

One fan wrote, “Bri — what is going on here”, while another responded, “To say I’m confused is an understatement.”

Interestingly, Talia commented with the same emoji which was likes over 700 times, so maybe it’s a new project with her?

Queen’s Brian May performs epic solo on his new guitar model The Arielle – WATCH

Queen guitarist Brian May continues to keep his fans entertained through the third UK lockdown with a series of micro concerts. And the latest sees the 73-year-old showing off the latest model in his Brian May Guitars range. The Arielle is named after the musician of the same name, who the rock legend has collaborated with in the past.
Next to his new Instagram video, May wrote: “Introducing …. The ARIELLE guitar !!! She’s a beaut !! @officialarielle @brianmayguitars Bri.”

While in the actual footage the 73-year-old embarked on an epic guitar solo on his very own Arielle.

He said: “So! Who expected this little beauty? This is the Arielle, finally I have one in my hands.

“And finally I have a moment to play it. This is the new guitar from Brian May Guitars.”

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May continued: “Based on the original design by my dear friend Arielle, who will be demonstrating it.

“And I will also be demonstrating it in the weeks to come, so you’ll be seeing quite a lot more.

“But ain’t she a beauty? We’ll be launching properly pretty soon now. If you want details right now please go to my slink in the bio.”

The Queen legend added that the relevant link would take you to Brian May Guitars where fans can see some pictures and find out a little bit more information on The Arielle.

To mark Mother’s Day last Sunday, May posted a childhood photo with his mum Ruth from 61 years ago. Sporting a good old-fashioned short back and sides was a young Brian aged 13.

He wrote: “This is my own dear Mum and me ‘After a dip at Sidmouth, 1960’. Photo by my dear ol’ Dad, Harold May. Yes – I miss them both terribly.”

“Treasure your Mums and Dads, folks. Tell them you love them. Get them to talk about your childhood (and theirs) on video. Right now.

“Ask them all the questions you never asked. Because one day the door will close … and there will be no one to ask. Bri.”

This year is Queen’s 50th anniversary, marking when John Deacon joined as bassist in 1971 and thus completing the final line-up.

Sadly Queen and Adam Lambert’s UK and European tour has been postponed to 2022 due to the pandemic.

Nevertheless, Queen The Greatest has been announced for the band’s official YouTube channel.

Over the next 50 weeks, a weekly mini-documentary on Queen’s highlights will be released on Fridays. Covering the band’s history chronologically, the first one covers Keep Yourself Alive.

Check out The Arielle guitar here

Brian May performs Wellerman sea shanty with Nathan Evans: Wants 'serious' team up – WATCH

Nathan Evans’ rendition of the Wellerman sea shanty has proven to be a huge success in recent months as the track stormed up the charts. And it wasn’t long before Queen guitarist Brian May was covering the song on his Instagram page, admitting he’d like to team-up with the Scottish TikTok star; leaving Evans speechless. Well, this weekend his dream came true, as the Wellerman singer performed a parody version of the track on Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway.
May joined the Wellerman performance remotely with a recorded guitar solo.

And afterwards post the clip on social media, where the 73-year-old wrote: “Sea Shanty culture goes mainstream !

“A little bit of Ant and Dec silliness tonight to which I contributed a morsel. Makes ya smile ?

“I’d enjoy doing something serious with Nathan some time, if the planets aligned … Bri.”

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May added: “The shirt ? It’s a team shirt from the NASA New Horizons mission to fly-by Pluto – a precious piece of memorabilia for me. And … Ant and Dec – thanks for the invite ! #wellerman —- Bri .”

Meanwhile, the rock legend had hoped to tour the UK and Europe with Queen and Adam Lambert this summer.

However, the on-going pandemic saw the dates – what had already been postponed from last year – delayed to 2022.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Queen’s final line-up when John Deacon joined Freddie Mercury, Roger Taylor and May in the iconic rock band.

To celebrate the milestone, a weekly 50-episode series of the greatest moments from the band’s history will launch on their official YouTube account from this Friday.

According to the synopsis. Queen The Greatest “will take you from Queen’s earliest shows at London’s Rainbow and Odeon through vast arenas across the entire world on a journey culminating with the band’s latest record-setting achievements with Adam Lambert.

“Along with spectacular concert footage, sound checks, backstage and rare after-show access we get to explore the stories behind the songs, hits and album tracks, drawn from the extensive footage that exists in the official archive while also uncovering and sharing rare and previously unseen gems.

 “Some of these moments will be familiar, others rare or forgotten, some record-breaking milestones, others quirky and unusual but all of which remind us of the impact Queen has maintained for five decades and continues through to today.”

Brian May crowns the greatest guitar solo ever and it's not his: 'I'll never get over it'

Unprompted, he then offered up his personal favourite guitar solo of all time.

Brian told Guitar World: “It’s Clapton, Key To Love, from the John Mayall’s Blues Breakers album.

“It’s the hottest burning high-passion piece I’ve ever heard in my life – still to this day. I just love it.

“It totally rips, and I’ll never get over that. That’s one of my great inspirations.”

Asked to describe what it was about the sound Clapton managed to create on the track, Brian waxed poetic.

He said: “Incendiary is a good word, yes. He burned in that solo! The whole track revolves around that solo.” 

Freddie Mercury beautiful gift to Brian May showed his 'pride' and love for Queen bandmate

Freddie Mercury’s generosity was legendary. He carried a little black book with him everywhere and kept constantly noting down friends’ birthdays so that he never forgot a gift. He grandly flew his nearest and dearest to parties all over the world but he also paid for Christmas dinners to be delivered to AIDS patients in hospital. And yet, little is known about any gifts he gave to his Queen bandmates May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon. Until now.
Brian gave a major interview this week based around his musicianship and focussed on his many iconic guitar solos.

While he was discussing the creation of the Bohemian Rhapsody solo, he remembered a wonderful moment in the studio with Freddie during those sessions.

He said: “You know, one day Freddie had a big smile on his face when I came into the studio and he popped a cassette into the player and said, ‘Listen to this, darling. This is going to surprise you.'” 

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Brian said: “And what he’d done was spend the whole morning putting together all the guitar solos that he could find in the work that we’d done, and he’d strung them all together.”

Of course, this was in a time long before digital wizardry when everything had to be done painstakingly by hand, which shows how thoughtful and dedicated a friend Freddie was.

The Queen guitar legend added: “It was quite amazing… Freddie was very proud of the stuff that I’d done and that we’d done together.”

People often forget that, as well as playing air guitar while strutting his stuff on stage, Freddie was also a capable guitarist himself, which made his appreciation of Brian’s talents even more special.

Unfortunately, Brian also had to confess that the story doesn’t quite have a happy ending.

When it came to receiving gifts, Freddie’s needs were simple: “A little gift, a gesture, a nuance…means far more than someone buying you Big Ben. It is totally farcical to assume that people who have money don’t need little gestures like that, like everyone else.”

“There might be people who pooh-pooh that kind of stuff but they must be very boring types.

“Some people think you have all this wealth, so ‘What can I possibly get you as a present? You have everything so I can’t buy you anything.’ I think that’s a cop-out.

“There’s tons of things I need. I hate all those excuses. They think they can’t give you something that doesn’t cost much because it’s going to be beneath you, but that’s absolute cr*p.”

Freddie was certainly extremely generous when he gave gifts but he also spent time choosing what to get, to perfectly suit each person. Even, in fact, after he died.

Elton John described the tearful moment he heard a knock on his door at Christmas in 1991, just weeks after Freddie has passed away.

He said: “My drag name is Sharon and Freddie was Melina. In this beautiful pillowcase was this watercolour painting. The note that went with it said, ‘Dear Sharon, I saw this at auction and I thought you would love it. I love you, Malina’. You can imagine how much I cried.”

Not only was it a beautiful work of art, it was a watercolour by Elton’s favourite artist, the 19th Century painter Henry Scott Tuke.

Elton added: “He was dying and he still thought of his friends.”

Brian May shares the Queen guitar solo he is 'proudest of' and it's NOT Bohemian Rhapsody

May told Total Guitar magazine: “Killer Queen has always been a favourite of mine. And again, that was always in my head.

“It was something a bit more complex, an adventure in putting guitar harmonies into the solo.

“It was quite a step into the unknown, that solo, and it has a melody that I put in there which doesn’t appear anywhere else in the song, so in a sense they’re quite comparable, that and Bohemian Rhapsody.”

The Queen icon also shared the incredible way that the Bohemian Rhapsody guitar solo came about and why, even though it remains the centerpiece of the live shows, he never plays it exactly the same way twice.

Brian May has been working ‘insanely through the night’ on new music – 'It's on the way!'

It’s been almost a year since the UK entered its first lockdown. In that time Queen and Adam Lambert have seen their UK and European tour postponed twice to summer 2022. Nevertheless, the band has been keeping busy in the meantime with other projects at home; none more so than Brian May himself.

UPDATE: Brian May has confirmed he’s working on a new track with long time collaborator Kerry Ellis, which the Queen guitarist has teased is on the way – check out his latest Instagram post below.

May has shared news on his Instagram account of working on new music in a project that’s seen him working through the night.

Alongside a number of guitar pose photos in his loft at home, the 73-year-old wrote: “Videoing in my loft ! For my current project with Kerry [Ellis]… some of you know what that is !!! Swipe away !!! Happy Thursday folks !!! Bri.”

While most recently he shared a snap of the sunrise at 7am from his roof terrace shared by some pigeons.

The Queen legend wrote: “Up on my roof, with my pals. It’s been a while. I think we’re all feeling thankful for the blue sky and sunshine.”

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May continued: “Yes, I did miss most of it, because I insanely worked through the night until 7am.

“It seems my spirit is more or less permanently on LA time – but my body is anchored in the UK.”

The 73-year-old also admitted he’s finding being in a third lockdown hard but remains tenacious in getting through it.

He continued: “Hope you’re all bearing up out there. I think the prolonged restrictions brought about by the mis-management of our response to this challenge to humanity are … now wearing us down.”

Last year Express.co.uk caught up with Ellis, who has previously released albums with May.

During our conversation, we asked about future projects for the duo and the 41-year-old shared how they’re working on a new record together.

The We Will Rock You alumni said: “Ironically, before the first lockdown we were in the studio three songs into a new album.

“This [Christmas song] was to put something out, keep the interest out there, and then hopefully when we can get back into the studio again we’ll carry on with that!”

Ellis added: “It’s been difficult but we’re on the road to a new album…hopefully sometime next year maybe.”

The singer also has an upcoming Queen Machine Symphonic UK tour which has been postponed to October 2021 due to the pandemic.

The new show sees Ellis team up with the top European Queen tribute band and the 15 piece London Symphonic Rock Orchestra.

She teased: “Fans get all the hits, they get everything they want to sing along to. There’s also something slightly different with it because the songs that I’m kind of synonymous with like No-One But You, Love Of My Life and Somebody to Love, that have been part of my history [feature too]. And it’s quite unusual to have an orchestra and a band on stage together. There’s a bit of everything, the lighting is incredible!”

Freddie Mercury: ‘Fun and games’ Queen mystery teased by Brian May and Roger Taylor

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Queen’s final line up in Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon after the latter joined the band as bassist. No doubt there are all sorts of surprises for fans this year to celebrate a half-century of incredible rock. And the latest is something of a mystery teased by May and Taylor on their social media accounts.
The short video includes the text: “This year they will rock you on mobile. 1st March.”

While the footage intriguingly features CGI animated versions of the four Queen band members standing in their iconic Bohemian Rhapsody pose.

May wrote on his Instagram: “Eeek ! Fun and games !!! Bri.” While Taylor simply added: “Coming soon….”

Considering the tease involves 3D characters coming to mobile perhaps there’s a Queen mobile game app about to be announced?

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While Queen drummer Taylor wrote: “When we do eventually get to play in front of live audiences it will be with a ferociously renewed attack….. We are disappointed but we WILL be back!”

And Lambert said: “It’s so disappointing to have to postpone again, but safety comes first!

“Roger Taylor, Brian May and myself look forward to spring 2022 when we will be back, better than ever!”

Queen and Adam Lambert’s UK and European tour will take place in May to June 2022, but will now kick-off in the UK with two shows at the AO Arena Manchester on May 30.

Queen and Adam Lambert’s The Rhapsody Tour 2022 dates

May 30 – Manchester, AO Arena
May 31 – Manchester, AO Arena
June 2 – Glasgow, The SSE Hydro [NEW DATE]
June 3 – Glasgow, The SSE Hydro [NEW DATE]
June 5 – London, The O2
June 6 – London, The O2
June 8 – London, The O2
June 9 – London, The O2
June 11 – Birmingham, Utilita Arena
June 12 – Birmingham, Utilita Arena
June 14 – London, The O2
June 15 – London, The O2
June 17 – London, The O2
June 18 – London, The O2
June 20 – London, The O2
June 21 – London, The O2
June 24 – Berlin, Mercedes–Benz Arena
June 26 – Cologne, Lanxess Arena
June 28 – Zurich, Hallenstadion
June 29 – Munich, Olympiahalle
July 1 – Amsterdam, Ziggo Dome
July 2 – Amsterdam, Ziggo Dome
July 6 – Madrid, Wiznik Centre
July 7 – Madrid, Wiznik Centre
July 11 – Bologna, Unipol Arena
July 13 – Paris, AccorHotels Arena
July 15 – Antwerp, Sportspalais
July 17 – Copenhagen, Royal Arena
July 18 – Copenhagen, Royal Arena

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