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Techland Is Reportedly Bringing Dying Light: Platinum Edition To Switch This October

Dying Light© Techland

Techland will supposedly be bringing Dying Light: Platinum Edition to the Nintendo Switch this October, according to ppe.pl via Nintendo Everything. This version includes all of the DLC from the first game in one “complete” package. All up, that’s four major DLCs and 17 skin bundles.

The survival horror zombie shooter was originally released on PC and multiple other platforms in 2015 and contains co-op play for up to four people. The Switch release will apparently be available in digital and physical form for $ 49.99 USD and hard copies will include a map, survival guide and stickers. Here’s a look:

Dying Light Nintendo Switch

Here’s a general outline, along with an older trailer of the Platinum Edition:

Rove an infected world where only the strongest will make it. Master your combat skills to fight monsters of all kinds, both human and the undead. Parkour through the roofs, craft weapons, and help other survivors while you’re confronting your own nightmares.

Now you can enjoy Dying Light to the fullest with the richest version of the acclaimed open world zombie survival game. Containing four DLCs and seventeen skin bundles, Dying Light: Platinum Edition brings together everything you need to explore all the post-apocalyptic world has to offer. Drive across Harran, as you spread carnage in your buggy, face and survive Bozak’s trials, explore new quarantine zones, and enjoy plenty of new skins and weapons!

Is this a game you would be interested in playing on your Nintendo Switch? Leave a comment down below.

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EE is bringing ultimate upgrade to all customers, but doing so will break some phones

Speaking about the upgrade, Philip Jansen, Chief Executive of BT Group, said: “Over the past 18 months we’ve helped the UK to meet the demands of a pandemic. We must now look ahead to deliver the strongest foundations to drive future growth. We’re making a uniquely ambitious, long-term commitment to drive high performance 5G further and faster, and to integrate it at the core with our fibre network for a seamless customer experience. Openreach was first to fibre, EE was first to 5G and together BT will be first to a fully converged future.”

So that’s the good news but upgrading the UK to 5G does come at a cost. That’s because EE needs to switch off its existing 3G network to make space for better speeds in the future.

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Sky is bringing adverts to NOW TV and you’ll need to pay extra to stop them

Streaming service NOW, formerly NOW TV, is poised to introduce advert breaks in the coming weeks. As it stands, the streaming service, which is owned and operated by Sky TV, doesn’t include any adverts when watching on-demand films or boxsets. But that looks set to change for those unwilling to spend more each month. 

NOW offers contract-free access to a number of exclusive channels from Sky, including Sky Cinema, Sky Sports, and the likes of Sky Atlantic – the home of must-watch US drama series like Mare Of Easttown, Succession, and The Undoing. NOW viewers can stream the live channels, or catch-up on on-demand boxsets. While the live channels already include advert breaks – exactly as they do when tuning in on Sky Q or Virgin Media, NOW is bringing commercial breaks to its on-demand content too.

That contrasts with some of its biggest rivals, including Netflix.

Based on an update to its FAQ help pages, NOW will introduce adverts from July 15, 2021. Unfortunately, the bargain-busting blog doesn’t have any extra details about how the advertisements will work. It’s possible the adverts will be played before and after the show or film – as happens on Amazon Prime Video – or at regular intervals throughout – like you’ll find with terrestrial catch-up services like ITV Hub, All4, and more.

If you don’t want to sit through adverts, NOW will allow subscribers with the optional Boost add-on to skip commercials.

With Sky Q, on-demand episodes and movies are downloaded with adverts at the start – however, these can be fast-forwarded. That will not be possible on NOW, unless subscribers pay the extra £5 a month. The change seems to be part of a broader strategy from NOW to make its optional Boost add-on more appealing to subscribers. While Boost has been around for some time, it has only appealed to those who want the best resolution available from their streaming service.

With the introduction of adverts, not to mention more changes to Boost, the optional add-on might not be quite as “optional” as we first thought…

As well as advert-free streaming, NOW’s Boost add-on bundles High Definition quality (1080p) compared to the standard 720p quality available to everyone else. Boost also brings 50 frames per second streaming to 6 Sky Sports channels, including Main Event, Premier League, F1, Football, Cricket and Golf.

Earlier this year, NOW stripped subscribers of the ability to watch on multiple screens simultaneously. Until recently, all NOW viewers could watch on two screens at the same time – so busy households could stream two different shows in the bedroom on an iPad and on the living room telly at the same time. That feature has now been removed.

Starting July 15, the ability to watch on multiple screens at the same time will also be limited to those who pay extra for NOW Boost.

People who pay for Boost will be able to watch on three screens simultaneously. Finally, Boost improved the audio experience with Dolby Digital 5.1 support too.

With all these new benefits bundled into Boost, it’s no surprise the optional extra is getting a price rise. For new or renewing NOW subscribers, Boost is set to rise by £2 a month. Boost currently costs £3 a month, but will cost £5 a month from July 15, 2021.

Author: Aaron Brown
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F1 2021 Features Trailer Revealed Bringing You Closer to the Action Than Ever Before


  • New trailer reveals more F1 2021 details.
  • Braking Point story mode footage, new gameplay, new feature first looks, and more.
  • F1 2021 launches July 16, pre-order the digital Deluxe Edition to play three days early and unlock seven iconic drivers.

Time flies, doesn’t it? It feels like only yesterday that F1 2021 was revealed to the world, by Codemasters and EA Sports. Yet, in just one month’s time, F1 2021 will be rolling out of the garage and ready for you to get behind the wheel on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Since that reveal in April, we’ve been inundated with requests for gameplay and more information – and today, we’re excited to bring you exactly that!

The official F1 2021 features trailer was unveiled, taking you on a whistle-stop tour of so much that the new official Formula One game has to offer, including brand new features and ways to play. Take a look for yourself with our new video above, then keep reading for more details on everything revealed today for F1 2021

Every Story Has a Beginning

The first major focus of the trailer is on Braking Point, the brand new story experience for F1 2021. Set across three seasons, with five selectable teams, rising from F2 to F1, Braking Point is a thrilling blend of racing and storytelling, with stunning cutscenes and dramatic moments. Navigate the politics, track the hot topics and gossip in the paddock and social media, and outlast rivals (including the returning Devon Butler) in Braking Point, our most immersive mode to date.

F1 2021

New F1 2021 Career Options

From there, we move onto Career mode – a staple of the F1 series that gives you the opportunity to enter the FIA Formula One World Championship, competing against the real-world teams and drivers over multiple seasons. This year, we’re further expanding the ways to play Career, as a new two-player feature is added to let you compete alongside a friend, either co-operatively as a team, or competitively with contract offers and team switches available. Team up or square off – the choice is yours!

Another addition, Real-Season Start, lets you recreate or put your spin on moments from this year’s World Championship, as we add the results and standings from each race to the game and let the player decide when to enter the action. The hotly debated driver ratings for the F1 grid will also be updated in-game after every three races this season, to reflect the form and performance of each driver, bringing your F1 2021 experience even closer to the sport.

My Team Returns

My Team is back this year after its debut in F1 2020 was received so well – your chance to create, manage, and race for your own F1 team, making the big decisions to go from rookie outfit to the top of the podium. Alongside new departmental events that create key moments in your team’s progression, there are the seven iconic F1 drivers, exclusive to digital Deluxe Edition players, to recruit and race alongside. More details on those icons are over here.

F1 2021

F1 2021 – For Everyone

F1 2021 is also the most social and customisable experience of the series, with options and race events to suit every player. Want some fast and fun competitive action? Two-player local split-screen and online quick races are there for you. Looking for more of a challenge? Ranked online play, custom lobbies, weekly global challenges, and a dedicated Esports hub will be ready and waiting.

Whatever your preference, race with style and individuality, with options to customise your driver, livery, helmet, race suit, podium celebration, and even your team radio audio when you win a race! With a streamlined presentation across the game and more options to cater for both casual and expert racers, it’s easier than ever to make F1 2021 the exact experience you’re looking for.

Join the New Generation

What ties this all together is the official Formula 1 content and presentation, with real track-side personalities like David Croft and Will Buxton, and incredible circuits and environments – brought to life even more on Xbox Series X|S, with stunning graphical fidelity.

F1 2021

With Braking Point, new Career options, more ways to play, and a debut on Xbox Series X|S, we are incredibly excited for players across the globe to get their hands on F1 2021 from July 16, or July 13 if you pre-order the digital Deluxe Edition. Don’t just take it from us: We recently gave selected media and creators a first chance to try out F1 2021, and the response has been incredible. We’ve put together handy threads on the official F1 game Twitter accounts for top videos and big articles, so you can see for yourself.

Xbox Live

Xbox Live

F1® 2021 Deluxe Edition

Electronic Arts

• Three days early access • The entire F1® 2021 game • My Team Icons Pack – Seven iconic drivers to enhance your ‘My Team’ game experience: Schumacher, Senna, Prost, Rosberg, Button, Massa and Coulthard. Exclusive in-game customisation items: Car livery | Suit | Gloves | Helmet | Victory radio call.
• Braking Point Content Pack – Celebrate the release of F1® 2021 with exclusive in-game items inspired by the fictional stars of the new ‘Braking Point’ story experience. Equip them to race as Devon Butler, Aiden Jackson, and Casper Akkerman: Character avatar | Car livery | Suit | Gloves | Helmet | Victory radio voices.
• 18,000 PitCoin virtual currency to spend in-game. Every story has a beginning in F1® 2021, the official videogame of the 2021 FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP™. Enjoy the stunning new features of F1® 2021, including the thrilling story experience ‘Braking Point’, two-player Career, and get even closer to the grid with ‘Real-Season Start’.
Take your team to the top in the acclaimed ten-year ‘My Team’ Career mode, or race head-to-head in split-screen and multiplayer. Immerse yourself in the greatest racing spectacle on the planet and race with the authentic lineup of twenty heroic drivers and ten iconic teams from the 2021 season: – ‘Braking Point’ – the thrilling new story experience – New ways to play: two-player Career and ‘Real-Season Start’ – Acclaimed ‘My Team’, split-screen and multiplayer * Online connection required to download the final F1® teams’ 2021 cars, full-season circuit selection, content (as applicable) and F2™ 2021 season update.
F1® 2021 Game – an official product of the FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP. © 2021 Electronic Arts Inc. The F1 logo, F1, FORMULA 1 and related marks are trade marks of Formula One Licensing BV, a Formula 1 company. Licensed by Formula One World Championship Limited.
The F2 FIA FORMULA 2 CHAMPIONSHIP logo, FORMULA 2, F2 and related marks are trade marks of the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile and used exclusively under licence. All rights reserved.

Author: Jennifer Marshall, Social Media Manager, Codemasters
This post originally appeared on Xbox Wire

Microsoft is bringing Xbox Game Pass to TVs and launching new streaming devices

June will see Xbox host a big E3 event, complete with new game news and announcements.

But before that gets underway, Microsoft has revealed that it has big plans for its popular subscription, the Xbox Game Pass.

Available on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X, the XGP makes it possible to access a library of games at a fixed monthly price.

It removes the need to buy games, and makes it possible to play first-party Microsoft games at launch.

The new service has proven very popular with fans and that probably explains why the tech giant wants to bring it to more platforms.

As revealed today in a pre-E3 announcement, Microsoft is planning on launching Xbox Game Pass services onto TV and streaming devices.

It’s part of an aggressive expansion programme that will see the Xbox Game Pass launched on multiple platforms without the need for hardware.

Microsoft has solved this issue by making it possible to stream games using xCloud, something that is currently available on Android phones.

But by removing the need for hardware, the company hopes to expand into a much wider market.

It was revealed today that Xbox is working with global TV manufacturers to embed the Xbox experience directly into internet-connected televisions with no extra hardware required except a controller.

Those partners have not been revealed yet, and it’s hard to say at this point how much such a service would cost.

But that might fit in with another announcement made today by Microsoft; that Xbox is exploring new subscription offerings for Xbox Game Pass so more players around the world can use it.

It would make sense that Microsoft would provide a cheaper alternative for Xbox Game Pass which would appeal to the casual market.

And with the removal of hardware and easier access through TVs, Xbox Game Pass could become a useful tool.

While Xbox Game Pass is coming to TVs, Microsoft has also announced that they are preparing other projects for the market.

This includes Xbox building its own streaming devices for cloud gaming to reach gamers on any TV or monitor without the need for a console.

Stating its intent to shake things up, Microsoft revealed today: “We believe that games, that interactive entertainment, aren’t really about hardware and software.

“It’s not about pixels. It’s about people. Games bring people together,” said Spencer. “Games build bridges and forge bonds, generating mutual empathy among people all over the world. Joy and community – that’s why we’re here.”

“Gaming is fundamentally aligned with our mission as a company.

“When you talk about Xbox’s mission to bring the joy and community of gaming to everyone on the planet, which I absolutely love, that is precisely aligned with Microsoft’s mission, which is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.”

It’s hard to say whether these new projects will prove to be successful for Microsoft as they look to adapt to a changing market.

It will be a challenge to overtake Sony’s PS5 in the hardware stakes, so conquering the casual market could prove incredibly profitable.

Microsoft is hoping that its Xbox App for TVs will help more people play games but it’s hard to say just how palpable it will be, as an Xbox controller will still be required.

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Entertainment Feed

Bringing Horror to History in The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes

Hi everyone!

I’m hugely excited to speak to you today about House of Ashes, the next game in The Dark Pictures Anthology. We’re delighted that the game will launch on Xbox One and will be Optimized for Xbox Series X|S; this is our first opportunity to give you a little more detail about the upcoming game.

For those of you who don’t know, The Dark Pictures Anthology is a series of intense, standalone, branching cinematic horror games. Each game is playable in single-player or in two multiplayer modes: two-player online Shared Story and up to 5-player couch coop Movie Night. In all the games, everyone can live, and everyone can die during the story. It’s all down to the choices you make in the game!

The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes

The Anthology has gone from strength to strength and the reactions we’ve received from the community to both Man of Medan and Little Hope have been fantastic. It was especially exciting to hear from the Xbox community and we had a great reaction to Man of Medan becoming available with Xbox Game Pass earlier this year!

Each game in The Dark Pictures Anthology is a standalone story, and all the games are very different.  We’ve gone from a ghost ship lost in the South Pacific to an abandoned town in New England and now to the Zagros Mountains.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes

Our game is set in Iraq, 2003. As the conflict draws to a close, an elite military unit accompanied by CIA field officer Rachel King is ordered to investigate a suspected underground chemical weapons facility in shadow of the Zagros Mountains.

Arriving at the coordinates, the search party is ambushed by a local patrol. During the battle, an earth tremor opens sinkholes in the ground, pitching both sides into the ruins of a buried Sumerian temple. In the darkness beneath the Arabian Desert, something evil is awakened. Savage and unstoppable, a nest of ancient and unearthly creatures has a new prey to hunt…

The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes

Each game in The Dark Pictures Anthology has some basis in a real-world fact, fiction, or legend and House of Ashes is certainly no different. So, let me tell you more about that ancient temple that our heroes have all just fallen into!

The temple lies at the heart of an area once called Mesopotamia, an historic land that includes what is now modern-day Iraq. This area was the cradle of civilisation, with written records dating back almost six thousand years. The temple at the heart of our game was built by a real-world historical figure, the self-proclaimed god king of the Akkadian empire, Naram-Sin, who reigned around 2250 BC.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes

Naram-Sin is said to have upset the gods and brought a curse down on his people by ransacking a temple belonging to Enlil, the god of earth, wind, and storms. The gods brought war, famine, and plague on his kingdom. In our story, Naram-Sin builds this huge temple as a peace offering to the gods to lift the curse, but his pleas fall on deaf ears. Akkad falls, and Naram-Sin’s temple is buried under the desert sands… only to be re-discovered millennia later!

The temple harks back to a distant and violent past, and as a player you must navigate through a labyrinth of ancient tunnels and vast opulent halls. As you search for a means of escape, you soon become very aware that you’re not the only one down there. Lurking in the shadows is something very real and very, very dangerous.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes

That’s all I can tell you for now, but I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief introduction to House of Ashes and some of the historic elements that make up the game. We can’t wait for you play it!

Author: Will Doyle, Game Director, The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes
This post originally appeared on Xbox Wire

Iceland is bringing back 80s favourite and shoppers are delighted – ‘Used to love these!’

The supermarket giant is taking shoppers back to the 80s with the return of Wall’s Funny Feet Ice Creams. They will be available in Iceland stores from tomorrow (Friday, May 14) and online from Tuesday, May 18.
The summery treats will cost £3 for a pack of six and it will be the first time shoppers have been able to get their hands on them since the 00s.

The ice creams were spotted on the NewFoodsUK Facebook page, where a post read: “Funny Feet Ice Cream Sticks are back and are exclusive to Iceland! These will be officially out next week, but have been spotted in store already!”

Excited shoppers were quick to reminisce about the summer lollies, one said: “Yes! I used to get this when I was wee from the ice cream van. This or a green frog ice lolly thing. Loved a funny feet!”

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Another asked: “Where has the swirls and chocolate big toe gone?” And a third replied: “They are much smaller than they were years ago.”

Last month Iceland released another range of retro ice creams- and they are currently on sale for £2 a pack. 

The flavours include childhood favourites such as Sherbert Fountain, Foam Banana, Nougat, Cola Bottle, Milk Bottle, Wham Bars, Strawberry Milkshake and Anglo Bubbly.

A Barratts range of lollies are dropping back in-store too. The original range of Flump, Fruit Salad, Black Jack and Dip Dab lollies sold out repeatedly in Summer 2020, and now the range is back, bigger and better than ever.

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Life and Style Feed
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Microsoft Teams is FINALLY bringing a change to meetings that was promised a year ago

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Tech Feed

Microsoft Teams users will soon be able to try out a potentially game-changing new tool. The Dynamic View feature was first unveiled by Microsoft last year, with fans going on to face a lengthy wait for its eventual rollout. But Teams users have now moved one step closer to Dynamic View’s general release date, with the feature now available in the Teams preview channel.
When Dynamic View was first announced in July of last year, Microsoft said it would offer Teams users more control over how they see shared content and other participants during a meeting.

Shared content and specific people in a meeting can be shown side-by-side, with this viewpoint able to be personalised to suit a user’s preferences and needs.

The main selling point of Dynamic View though is the way it is capable of automatically adjusting what is displayed on screen during a meeting – thanks to the power of AI.

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As Microsoft explains in the 365 Roadmap: “Dynamic view automatically optimises shared content and video participants in Teams meetings.

“New controls let you personalise the view to suit your preferences and needs, such as the ability to show shared content and specific participants side-by-side.”

The clever new tool could lead to more engagement among participants thanks to the way it can automatically adjust and optimise shared content shown during a meeting.

The Dynamic View feature had previously been pencilled in for a March release date.

But now the 365 Roadmap says it should reach general availability in April.

With time running out in the month though, we’ll have to see if the feature meets that deadline or not.

In other Microsoft Teams news, this week has seen the Breakout rooms feature get a slight tweak.

Organisers that set up a Breakout room in Teams can now set a time limit for a session.

To do this, organisers need to head to the Breakout rooms Settings panel and then toggle on ‘set a time limit’.

The timer kicks in when the first participant enters a Breakout room, and when there’s only 60 seconds left on the clock all attendees will be alerted.

Once the time is up the room will be closed automatically and participants will return to the main meeting. So you’ll have to make sure you’ve rattled through your agenda for the day before the timer hits zero.

What The Dub?! is Bringing Bad Movie Night to an Xbox Near You

We’ve all been there. It’s the end of a long day, you’re looking to kick back, unwind and watch a movie. You start endlessly scrolling through the thousands upon thousands of available titles. Do you dive into “The Godfather,” “Citizen Kane,” or any of the other hundreds of Hollywood classics? Or maybe you lean towards a more modern, big budget superhero flick? 

Well, if you’re like me you’re not looking for the classics, you’re looking for the best of the worst. I’m talking about bad movies. The so-bad-they’re-good movies. The movies that look like they were directed by an alien who has never seen an actually film. Bottom of the barrel schlock. You know, the good stuff!

What the Dub

While making our previous Xbox One title, Freedom Finger, me and my lead developer Mark Zorn discovered that we share a love of these cinematic outcasts, and during the long tedious hours of QA, it felt like these bad movies were the only thing keeping us sane. 

And the only thing better than watching a bad movie, is making fun of them. Adding your own quips, one-liners, and running commentary. Certainly if you’re a fan of “Mystery Science Theater 3000,” “RiffTrax,” or “Cinematic Titanic” you’re no stranger to the subculture that has been born from this late night pastime.

What the Dub

When it came time to think about our next game, the idea of creating a party game where dunking on bad movies is the game, well, that felt like a no-brainer. And so, What The Dub?! was born.

What The Dub?! is a multiplayer party game where each player overdubs missing dialogue from hilariously awful B-movies, woefully outdated PSAs, and bizarre industrial films, with their own witty (or just plain stupid) dubs. Their dubs are then pitted against those of other players in a head-to-head clash of comedy. The players – along with up to 6 audience members – then vote for their favorite dub! 

What the Dub

We also wanted players to be able to hear their witty quips live, so all your replacement dubs are played back seamlessly within the movie clips using text-to-speech. You can even insert sound effects to really sell the brilliance of your dub.

With over 300 movie clips to play with, What The Dub?! takes “bad movie night” and expands it into an interactive, fast-paced, multiplayer game that friends and family, both local and afar, can enjoy together.

What the Dub

What The Dub?! supports up to 12 players and while local play is always ideal, we know it’s not always possible. Luckily, streaming from your Xbox One is incredibly easy and getting connected is only a few clicks away. Speaking of easy, we wanted to make entering your dubs simple and straightforward. In game, players can use any browser enabled device to enter text, add sound effects, and vote. No controller needed.

The best part? What The Dub?! is available today! We couldn’t be more excited to share it with you all. So, the next time you’re on the lookout for a bad movie – instead grab a copy of What The Dub?!, invite a few friends, and indulge yourself in cinema’s most spectacular failures. It’s the best worst time money can buy.

What The Dub?!
Xbox Live

What The Dub?!

Wide Right Interactive, llc

$ 7.99 $ 7.19
What The Dub is a local multiplayer party game where each player overdubs missing dialogue from hilariously awful B-movies, woefully outdated PSAs, and bizarre industrial films, with their own witty (or just plain stupid) dubs. Players watch the dubs and vote on the best one. The player with the highest score at the end of the game wins! It’s just that easy! What The Dub takes “bad movie night” and expands it into an interactive, fast-paced, multiplayer game that friends and family, both local and afar, can enjoy!

Jim Dirschberger, Creative Director, Wide Right Interactive