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Use Chrome, Edge or Firefox? Your private browsing might not be as safe as you think

Microsoft’s Edge browser, which is built with Google’s Chromium source code, has a private browsing mode known as inPrivate.

Like with Chrome, Edge’s private browsing mode will hide your browsing activity on your device.

And the Privacy Statement for this mode says Edge will only collect data that you’ve consented to providing.

But despite this, VPNOveriew says Edge’s inPrivate mode won’t hide your browsing activity from your internet provider, school or workplace.

While collections, favourites and downloaded files will be saved and synced across all your signed-in devices.

Safari, once again, won’t save a user’s search history when they’re surfing the web in Private Mode.

But a user’s IP address can still be visible to any website or service you use, your ISP can still see your search history and your private browsing session will still leave your internet activity exposed to your school or your employer, the study says.