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Luke Bryan Says ‘Make-up Sex’ Is The Secret To His 14-Year Marriage With Wife Caroline

Luke Bryan laughed while spilling the details on how he and his wife Caroline stay close both mentally and physically, in a new interview.

Luke Bryan, 44, is giving his fans an idea of how he and wife Caroline, 41, stay close and make things work with a little humor and honesty. The singer recently gave an interview to theSKIMM and when he was asked what the secret to his 14-year marriage is, he said, “Communicate and make-up sex” with a chuckle. The lovebirds have been married since 2006 and share sons Thomas, 13, and Tatum, 10, together so they definitely know a thing or two about commitment and family life!

In addition to his marriage, Luke opened up about his fellow American Idol judge Katy Perry, 36, and her new baby Daisy, whom she shares with fiance Orlando Bloom, 44, in the interview. Unfortunately due to the pandemic, he hasn’t been able to meet the seven-month-old tot in person just yet, but he has been able to see her on a video call. “I have FaceTimed on set with Katy’s precious daughter Dasiy Dove,” he explained. “But I haven’t been able to do the baby fat, pinching the cheeks stuff yet.”

Luke Bryan, Caroline
Luke Bryan and his wife Caroline have been married since 2006. (Shutterstock)

Luke also answered random questions during the fun interview like what his dream collaboration would be. He picked the talented Rihanna, 33, for that answer. He also said Lionel Richie, 71, would be the one American Idol co-worker he’d want to quarantine with because his house is “ginormous.”

Before Luke made headlines for his latest interview answers, he did so by getting a hook stuck through his hand during a fishing accident last month. He shared a graphic video of his hand after the incident as well as posts of him waiting to get it out, but luckily all was well after and he went back to enjoying the sport. “Got the hook out. We’re back,” he said in a follow-up video of him giving a thumbs up and smile to the camera.

Luke Bryan, Caroline
Luke Bryan said communication and ‘make-up sex’ is the secret to his marriage with his wife Caroline. (Shutterstock)

It’s great to know Luke is both okay and relishing in a joyous and satisfying marriage with Caroline! He recently had to take a break from his position on American Idol after he tested positive for COVID-19, but he’s been posting on his social media regularly and keeping his fans up to date. We hope to see him back on our television screens soon!

Erin Silvia
This article originally appeared on Hollywood Life

New charges added for suspect in Bryan cabinet store shooting

BRYAN, Texas (KXAN) — In addition to an existing murder charge, the man accused of shooting up a Bryan cabinet business, hurting several people and killing one in the process, is facing more charges.

Larry Bollin, 27, was charged with five counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in addition to an existing murder charge related to the Thursday shooting. If convicted, he could face two to 20 years in prison for each aggravated assault charge and a fine.

Bryan Police said Bollin allegedly opened fire at Kent Moore Cabinets off Stone City Drive Thursday afternoon, injuring five people and killing one. He was an employee of the business.

Four victims were taken to the hospital in critical condition, and since then, one has been released. Another victim was transported to a different hospital for minor injuries. Bryan Police said an additional person was taken to the hospital, but for a medical episode and not a gunshot wound.

The person killed was identified as Timothy Smith, 40, who lived in Bryan and worked at Kent Moore, according to his sister.

Bollin faces an additional charge in nearby Grimes County, where he’s accused of shooting and injuring a Texas Department of Public Safety trooper after leaving the scene of the Bryan shooting, online court records show. Bryan Police said this is considered a separate incident from the cabinet store shooting.

On Friday, a Brazos County judge set Bollin’s bond at a combined $ 2.2 million — $ 1.2 million for Smith’s murder and $ 1 million for the attempted murder of the trooper.

Jaclyn Ramkissoon

'I don't understand why': Sister of Bryan shooting victim says family is in shock

BRYAN, Texas (Nexstar) — Three hours after authorities identified 40-year-old Timothy Smith as the man killed in a shooting at a cabinet store, his sister said his family was stunned to learn he was gone.

“We’re all still in shock,” Brittany Jackl said from Jacksonville, Florida. “I don’t think it’s really all hit us yet.”

Smith was at Kent Moore Cabinets on Thursday when one of his colleagues, identified by Bryan Police as Larry Bollin, 27, shot him and 5 others. The Texas Department of Public Safety revealed Trooper Juan Rojas Tovar of the Madisonville Texas Highway Patrol office, was shot during the apprehension of the suspect. As of noon Friday, three people were still in the hospital, including Tovar.

“Trooper Tovar remains in serious but stable condition,” the department shared on social media Friday morning. “He is currently receiving outstanding care, surrounded by his family and friends while his fellow troopers hold watch.”

Texas DPS added that two people were in critical condition, and two other victims are stable.

Police did not know a motive for the mass shooting in the hours after Bollin’s arrest. According to Bryan PD, Bollin was arrested by DPS in Grimes County, charged with murder and booked into the Brazos County Sheriff’s Office.

“My brother was a good loving man, and nobody deserve that, nobody,” Jackl said about her brother’s death. “It’s not okay.”

“I don’t understand why my nephews now have to grow up without a daddy,” Jackl said of his 14- and 8-year-old sons. “I don’t think I’m ever going to understand that.”

Smith has two sons from a previous marriage and lived in Bryan with his wife of two years, according to Jackl. His father lives in Mineola, Texas, a 170-mile drive north.

Jackl said her brother loved working at the cabinet store.

“He’s worked there for a couple years,” she explained. “He was actually super excited to work there.”

“He used to send me Snapchats all the time from work, saying, ‘This is where I work and this is who I work with.’ He was honestly proud of where he worked, and I was proud of him,” Jackl said.

Kent Moore Cabinets released a statement on the shooting, calling the events that took place at the facility “devastating.”

“Our hearts go out to the families and the loved ones of those affected,” the statement read in part. “We want to thank the many members of our law enforcement teams and other emergency personnel who responded so quickly. We are fully cooperating with law enforcement during the investigation of this horrible crime.”

“We ask that you respect the privacy of the family members of those who were involved,” the statement continued. “Right now, our focus is on providing support to and prayers for our employees and the extended Kent Moore Cabinets family during this tragic time.”

Jackl said the marriage between her brother and his wife was “sickeningly sweet.”

“It’s almost annoying, like teenagers in love, the way that they talk to each other, the way they treat each other,” she explained. “They were just madly in love with each other and excited about their life and starting a family.”

And while Smith’s family makes arrangements to travel to town for his funeral, his sister said despite the many unknowns about his death, she believes she knows what he was thinking when he passed away.

“I know my brother, and I know what his last thoughts were. I know the last thing he was thinking about was his wife and his kids,” she said. “And I know that his heart was good, and I know where he is, and I know that he will see them again one day. But from there, I don’t know much else.”

On Friday afternoon, a Brazos County judge set shooting suspect Larry Bollin’s bond at a total of $ 2.2 million — $ 1.2 million for Smith’s murder and another $ 1 million for the attempted murder of Trooper Tovar.

Wes Rapaport

Bryan mass shooting suspect identified, faces murder charge after 1 killed, 4 critically hurt and DPS trooper shot

BRYAN, Texas (KWKT[1]/KXAN) — Police said one person is dead and at least four others were critically hurt after a mass shooting at a Bryan cabinets store Thursday afternoon. The Bryan Police Department identified the suspected gunman as Larry Bollin, 27, of nearby Grimes County.

Bollin was arrested by the Texas Department of Public Safety in Grimes County, charged with murder and booked into the Brazos County Sheriff’s Office, according to Bryan PD. He is an employee at the cabinet business.

Bryan PD said initial calls came in at 2:30 p.m., reporting a shooting with several injured at 350 Stone City Drive. Officers arrived on scene and gave care to the victims while searching for the suspect, now identified as Bollin. He was not at the scene when officers got there.

A total of six people were taken to nearby hospitals like St. Joseph Health Regional Hospital in Bryan and St. Joseph Health College Station Hospital[3], but only four were in critical condition. One person was listed as having non-life-threatening injuries, and another was listed as having a medical episode. All were workers at the business.

One person was found dead at the scene, Bryan PD said. The department will release their name Friday.

Right now, the suspect’s motive is unknown, according to Bryan PD.

A Texas Department of Public Safety trooper was also shot while chasing Bollin, the agency confirmed on social media[5]. The trooper is in serious, but stable condition.

Lt. Craig Cummings with Texas DPS said in an update Thursday night that, “during that [arrest] attempt, the suspect shot at our trooper, injuring our trooper, and that suspect then fled the scene. He was taken into custody at about 4:20 p.m. [Thursday].”

The shooting reportedly happened at the Kent Moore Cabinets store, located in the 500 block of Industrial Boulevard in Bryan. Officers are interviewing other employees at the business as well as collecting evidence from the crime scene.

Marc Baron, an employee at Kent Moore Cabinets, said it was “just a regular day, and you can start hearing… gunshots, slamming, running, people falling, screaming — I fell myself. My whole leg went in the mud.”

Another witness said the suspect didn’t say anything and began shooting at certain workers.

Kent Moore Cabinets released a statement about the shooting on Facebook[7] Thursday night. It said “our hearts are hurting.”

“We’re all devastated by the tragic events at our Stone City manufacturing plant in Bryan on Thursday. Our thoughts are with our workers and their families, and we ask that you join us in keeping everyone touched by this tragedy in your thoughts and prayers. We are fully cooperating with the police who are investigating this horrible crime. We’re thankful that law enforcement officers responded so quickly and are so appreciative of the critical medical care that paramedics provided to our coworkers. Our focus now is on our employees and their families during this most difficult time, and we hope you understand we are not able to respond to your comments. Your concern and kind words are deeply appreciated.”
-Kent Moore Cabinets

Gov. Greg Abbott issued a statement, shown below, talking about how law enforcement handled the investigation and apprehended the suspect.

“I have been working closely with the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Texas Rangers as they assist local law enforcement on a swift response to this criminal act. Their efforts led to the arrest of the shooting suspect. The state will assist in any way needed to help prosecute the suspect. Cecilia and I are praying for the victims and their families and for the law enforcement officer injured while apprehending the suspect.”
-Gov. Greg Abbott

The Brazos County Sheriff’s Office, College Station Police Department, Texas A&M University Police Department and local constables all helped at the scene.

KXAN’s sister station in Waco, FOX44 News, also confirmed a school in the area was on lockdown. Students won’t be released until police give an all-clear signal.

The shooting reportedly happened at the Kent Moore Cabinets store, located in the 500 block of Industrial Boulevard in Bryan. (KAGS)
The shooting reportedly happened at the Kent Moore Cabinets store, located in the 500 block of Industrial Boulevard in Bryan. (KAGS)


At least 1 dead after multiple people shot in Bryan, Texas

Bryan police are investigating the shootings of seven people, including a law enforcement officer, that started at Kent Moore Cabinets, where officials said someone opened fire Thursday afternoon, killing one person and injuring five others.

The Texas Department of Public Safety also said[2] on Twitter that a DPS trooper was shot attempting to arrest the suspect in the shooting. The suspect then fled and was later arrested by Texas Highway Patrol. The officer who was shot was taken to St. Joseph Health Regional hospital in Bryan where he underwent surgery and was in stable condition late Thursday, according to DPS Lt. Craig Cummings. DPS would not release the trooper’s name.

One person shot at Kent Moore died and four others shot there were taken to the hospital in critical condition, according to Bryan police chief Eric Buske. A sixth person was shot but did not sustain critical injuries. Another person was taken to the hospital with asthma-related issues.

Buske said the shooter is an employee of the cabinet business.

There have been three mass shootings, generally defined as a shooting in which at least three people die, in America[3] in less than a month, according to Mother Jones. Texas has experienced seven mass shootings since 2010[4].

Bryan police did not release information on a possible motive or how the shooter obtained a firearm.

Amelia Rodriguez, an employee interviewed on KBTX, said she heard a loud noise and thought it was a broken machine until a coworker grabbed her arm and told her to run.

Rodriguez said as she and her coworkers tried to run outside, they realized the shooter was already outside. She stayed inside with a small group and hid.

Thursday’s shooting happened hours after Democratic President Joe Biden announced a slate of new gun control measures[5]. The actions come after multiple mass shootings across the country in recent weeks, including a shooting at multiple massage parlors in Atlanta and a mass shooting that left 10 people dead at a grocery in Boulder, Colorado.

Biden directed the Department of Justice to create new rules that curb the proliferation of ghost guns, which are difficult to trace, and arm braces for pistols. He also told the department to write model red-flag legislation ,which allows a court to temporarily bar someone from accessing a gun in certain circumstances.

Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott[6] criticized Biden over the measures, hours before the shootings in Bryan. Texas Republicans, who control state government, have long taken pride in the state’s reputation as a bastion for gun ownership.

“Biden is threatening our 2nd Amendment rights,” Abbott tweeted[7]. “He just announced a new liberal power grab to take away our guns. We will NOT allow this in TX. It’s time to get legislation making TX a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary State passed and to my desk for signing.”

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilbert Hinojosa released a statement Thursday evening criticizing the governor for his comments and demanded “common-sense gun reform.”

“Governor Abbott, when you open the door to gun violence, this is not a sanctuary for anyone,” Hinojosa said. “We demand action.”

Abbott’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment on his earlier tweet, but issued a statement saying he and his wife are praying for the victims.

“I have been working closely with the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Texas Rangers as they assist local law enforcement on a swift response to this criminal act,” Abbott said in a statement released by his office. “Their efforts led to the arrest of the shooting suspect. The state will assist in any way needed to help prosecute the suspect.”

Slightly more than half of Texas registered voters in a 2019 University of Texas/Texas Tribune poll[8] said gun control laws should be stricter. A strong majority supported requiring background checks for all gun purchases, and most backed temporarily taking guns away from people deemed dangerous to themselves and others.

Kate McGee