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Random: The Internet Is Dunking On Space Jam 2’s Game Boy Cameo

LeBron plays Game Boy

Pedants and mega-nerds, look away now: Space Jam: A New Legacy had a lovely Game Boy cameo, and in a shocking turn of events, people on the internet are up in arms about it.

In the first five minutes of the movie, amid the usual setup of “young boy has a dream, but also, is sad”, a miniature version of LeBron James is given a Game Boy by a friend, who then walks off, apparently not worried about leaving an expensive console in the hands of another child, or hanging out with his friend.

*squints* Is there even a game cartridge in there?
*squints* Is there even a game cartridge in there?

Lebron’s friend says, as he hands the original DMG Game Boy over, “my dad got me the new color one,” and good lord, is the internet not happy about that. “That is not a f**king Game Boy Color,” says Fanbyte; over on Twitter, people are annoyed that Warner Brothers “couldn’t even bother actually making it a Game Boy Color”.

Now, we’re not averse to yelling at the screen when movies and TV get video games all wrong, because they certainly do it a lot, whether it’s not plugging the controller in or somehow playing a PS4 game on a NES. Hmm. But in our interpretation of the scene, the kid is saying that his dad got him a Game Boy Color, and therefore LeBron can have his old, crappy, non-color one. That’s still rather generous, but not the egregious error that it first seems.

The Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle label is white, not blue. CANCEL THIS MOVIE IMMEDIATELY
The Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle label is white, not blue. CANCEL THIS MOVIE IMMEDIATELY

Shortly after receiving the Game Boy gift, young LeBron starts playing the game that’s also apparently been gifted to him: The Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle, which ties nicely back into Space Jam‘s Looney Tunes-heavy storytelling (LeBron also has a Looney Tunes backpack, because of course he does). As he plays, the game projected behind him slowly turns into full-color detail, which, of course, is way fancier than a Game Boy game would look.

Again, people seemed a little peeved at this, although mostly because the game doesn’t exist and they very much wish it did. Developer Kemco still exists, though; maybe this could become reality.

But don’t we all remember our childhood games through the hazy lens of nostalgia, just as people who grew up with black-and-white television imagined bright, vivid colours? In our interpretation, which is admittedly to be taken with a few grains of salt, little LeBron is seeing the game come alive in his imagination. We’ll give it a pass.

Somebody call the police! That child is using his imagination to create visual storytelling!
Somebody call the police! That child is using his imagination to create visual storytelling!

But the final straw that broke the bunny’s back is what happens to the Game Boy next. LeBron’s coach gets angry disappointed that LeBron’s head wasn’t in the game, and tells him that video games are but a distraction, something that will get in the way of him having a lucrative basketball career. The kid’s about ten, but sure, let’s make him feel guilty for not helping his single mother put food on the table and having one single hobby outside of basketball.

LeBron takes this to heart, of course, and puts the Game Boy in a desk drawer to keep safe THROWS IT IN THE BIN. LeBron! That was a gift! You awful, awful child.

You apologise to Gunpei Yokoi right now, young man
You apologise to Gunpei Yokoi right now, young man

We have to assume that the remaining 110 minutes of the film are dedicated to LeBron atoning for his crimes against video game preservation.

Did this scene bother you? Did you even watch Space Jam: A New Legacy? Are you just upset that the original Space Jam is 25 years old and time is slipping through your fingers? Let us know in the comments!

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Loki cleared up a theory from Thor Ragnarok with an unexpected cameo

Loki cleared up a theory from Thor Ragnarok with an unexpected cameo

WARNING: This article contains full spoilers for Loki episode 5

The thrilling fifth episode of Disney Plus show Loki showed the titular character (Tom Hiddleston) and Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) fighting through the void to whoever is behind the TVA. Before that, however, Loki visited the league of Lokis and saw how they were living underground. During this introduction, viewers were gifted a glimpse of Throg – Frog Thor.

Throg appeared in a 2009 Marvel comic book after Thor was turned into the creature by Loki.

The joke was referenced in Loki by showing a frog version of Thor in a jar underground, right next to an abandoned Mjolnir.

This outrageous turn of events had already been detailed in 2017 film Thor: Ragnarok.

During the film, when Thor (Chris Hemsworth) ventured back to Asgard, he found Loki in charge while disguised as Odin (Anthony Hopkins).

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Thor arrived just as Loki was watching a dramatic telling of his life story

He witnessed Fake Thor (Luke Hemsworth) acting out the story with Fake Loki (Matt Damon).

Fake Loki said: “I’m sorry about that time I turned you into a frog.” Fake Thor replied: “It was a wonderful joke!”

Loki (Odin) laughed: “It was indeed hilarious!”

What do you think?

Will Frog Thor / Throg return?

Join the debate in the comments section here

Thor also recalled a story that involved Loki turning into a snake and attacking him as children.

The latest Loki episode also included a collection of other references.

In particular, viewers were treated to a glimpse at the infamous Thanoscopter.

This helicopter was used in the comic books by Thanos (Josh Brolin).

While never seen in the MCU, it has now been confirmed to have been owned by a variant version of Thanos.

Viewers also spotted the Guardians of the Galaxy’s spaceship, as well as the helmet of Yellowjacket (Corey Stoll), the villain from Ant-Man.

Loki concludes Wednesday on Disney Plus.

Author: Callum Crumlish
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Carrie wins over Jill Biden thanks to Wilfred cameo – new special relationship

Carrie wins over Jill Biden thanks to Wilfred cameo - new special relationship

Carrie and Boris Johnson’s son Wilfred also made an appearance as he was pictured playing on the beach with Mrs Johnson and Dr Biden. The two women were pictured dipping their feet in the sea.

Mrs Johnson wore a red mid-length dress, which appeared to be a £325 gown by London-based designer L.K.Bennett, for the walk.

Dr Biden wore a black and white polka-dot dress with a black blazer.

The First Lady’s blazer, which carried the word “love” on the back in studs, appeared to be by French brand Zadig and Voltaire.

After having tea with Mrs Johnson this afternoon, Dr Biden told reporters: “It’s really nice to be here in Cornwall. It’s my first time.

“Obviously it’s beautiful for those of you who have been here before.”

She said that she and her husband were looking forward to meeting the Queen as part of their visit.

Dr Biden added that the couple hoped to focus on education in their discussions with the royals.

She said: “We’ve looked forward to this for weeks and now it’s finally here. It’s a beautiful beginning.”

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“I’m not going to disagree with you there or indeed on anything else, I think highly likely.”

The two leaders and their wives admired the view near the luxury hotel, with Mr Biden saying: “It’s gorgeous.

“I don’t want to go home.”

It came ahead of a potentially tricky meeting between the two leaders.

Mr Biden expected to use the meeting to warn Mr Johnson not to let the row over Northern Ireland’s Brexit arrangements put the Good Friday Agreement at risk.

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Beyoncé Makes Surprise Cameo On Jay-Z’s New Song With Nas — Listen

Author: Jason Brow
This post originally appeared on Hollywood Life

Beyoncé Makes Surprise Cameo On Jay-Z’s New Song With Nas — Listen

Ex-rivals Jay-Z and Nas collaborating on the same track wasn’t the only surprise that DJ Khaled’s new song, ‘SORRY NOT SORRY,’ brought. If you listen closely, Beyoncé is also on the track!

Hey to you too, Beyoncé! Her husband Jay-Z, 51, made a surprise move by linking up with his former rival Nas, 47, to rap on DJ Khaled‘s new track “SORRY NOT SORRY,” which was track No. 10 on his star-studded project Khaled Khaled that came out on April 30. But their unlikely partnership wasn’t the only surprise on the song: Beyoncé sings one word — “Hey” — after Jay-Z raps, “Sorry, that’s another B / Haters still ain’t recover from the other B, mm / That’s a double B, now that’s a treble B / Can’t forget ’bout the other B.” We see what the power couple did there.

But Beyoncé does more than say “hey.” She also lends her beautiful vocals to harmonize on “SORRY NOT SORRY,” which solves the mystery as to who Harmonies by The Hive is (one of the featured artists on the song, along with James Fauntleroy). While Beyoncé didn’t appear in the song’s accompanying music video, the video does address her surprising cameo: once she sings “Hey,” Jay-Z looks behind his shoulder.

Long before Pusha T versus Drake or Taylor Swift versus Katy Perry (or Taylor Swift versus Kanye West) were the biggest feuds in music, Jay Z and Nas’s rivalry were the definition of beef. The schism began in 1996, according to High Snobiety’s timeline of the feud, after Nas reportedly failed to show up to record verses for Jay’s “Bring It On,” off of Reasonable Doubt. Nas’ second album, It Was Written, starts with “The Message,” which contained the line “Lex with TV sets the minimum,” which was a shot at Hova (who made many references to the luxury brand on Reasonable Doubt.)

“I saw JAY-Z driving a Lexus with the TVs in them. I got rid of my Lexus at that point, and I was looking for the next best thing. It wasn’t a shot at Jay, but it was just saying that’s the minimum you gotta have,” Nas told Complex. “It’s not a shot at him but he inspired that line.” Jay seemingly shot back at Nas on “Where I’m From,” rapping, “I’m from where n—– pull your card, and argue all day about/Who’s the best MC’s, Biggie, Jay-Z, and Nas.” Some would claim that Roc-A-Fella artist/Jay-Z protégé Memphis Bleek was brought in to feud with Nas, but things went problematic when Nas dropped the “Stillmatic Freestyle.” Along with the unfortunate homophobic insults, Nas called out the “fake king of New York,” before rapping, “You show off, I count off when you sample my voice / I rule you, before, you used to rap like the Fu-Schnickens / Nas designed your Blueprint, who you kidding?”

Beyoncé Makes Surprise Cameo On Jay-Z’s New Song With Nas — Listen
Jay-Z, Nas, and DJ Khaled — all on the same track. (Shutterstock)

The pressure from Nas saw Jay respond with “Takeover,” first as a freestyle and then as a polished track on 2001’s The Blueprint. “That’s why your (lame!) career’s come to an end / it’s only so long fake thugs can pretend,” rapped Jay on the track. “ So yeah, I sampled your voice, you was using it wrong / You made it a hot line, I made it a hot song (Woo!).” It was considered a fatal blow – until Nas unleashed “Ether” off his 2001 album, Stillmatic. “I got this, locked since Nine-One (1991), I am the truest/ Name a rapper that I ain’t influenced,” he rapped. Nas would then insinuate that Jay copied his style and sold out. “Y’all n— deal with emotions like bitches/ What’s sad is I love you cause you’re my brother, you traded your soul for riches.”

Most gave the round to Nas, but Jay-Z fired back with “Supa Ugly,” which saw Jay brag about an alleged three-year affair with Nas’ girlfriend at the time, Carmen Bryan (Jay bragging about affairs seems odd in the post-Lemonade era, but these were the early 2000s.) Most listeners thought the response was weak, and Jay’s own mother called him and told him to apologize. “Mom put in a call and said, ‘That went too far.’ And she’s never, ever called me about music,” said Jay, per HipHopDX. “So I was like ‘Okay, okay, okay. I’ll go shut it down.’”

It got shut down – seemingly for good – in 2005. Jay and Nas buried the hatchet during Power 105.1’s Power House concert, per Billboard. Jay suggested that an earlier reunion between Diddy and rapper Lox/D-Block had inspired him, and he brought out Nas “to deafening applause.” The two stood next to each other for two minutes of cheers before launching into a fifteen-minute set that included “The World Is Yours,” “Street Dreams,” and more.

So, when are we getting the JAY-Z/Nas Verzuz?

Pirates of the Caribbean: Johnny Depp called in 'a favour' to get Beatles star cameo

Pirates of the Caribbean: Johnny Depp called in 'a favour' to get Beatles star cameo

McCartney had a small cameo in the beginning of the film, which showed him locked up in prison at the same time as his nephew, Jack Sparrow.

His character was also named Jack Sparrow and was revealed to be the namesake for Depp’s character.

The 78-year-old spoke on set about getting involved with the film: “I’ve known Johnny a while and I’ve always admired him as Jack Sparrow.

“He said: ‘I’d love you to be in the next one!’ I said: ‘What, me a pirate?’ And he said: ‘Yeah, you can do it, we’ll have a lot of fun!’ So he roped me in.”

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