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‘Real rotten time’ Melvyn Bragg reveals health battle with cancers and collapsed lung

However, aside from his health issues, Melvyn will soon be back at a glitzy awards ceremony. He created The South Bank Awards, which will be...

How to live longer: One of the best diets to reduce your risk of cancers and heart disease

Veganism eliminates all animal-based foods, including meat, dairy, eggs, and products derived from them. This usually results in a diet which is rich in fruits,...

Novel Drug Approved by FDA for Some Bile Duct Cancers

A novel drug, infigratinib (Truseltiq), is now available in the United States for adults with previously treated unresectable bile duct cancer harboring a fibroblast...

Cervical Cancer Rates Fall, but Other HPV Cancers Increase

Cervical cancer incidence in the United States decreased by about 1% per year from 2001 to 2017, but at the same time there was...

Blood Test for 50 Cancers Coming to US Clinics Soon

The novel Galleri blood test (GRAIL, Inc.), which claims to detect up to 50 different cancers from single blood draw, is about to make...

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