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Camping, caravan & holidays: Scotland & north east beat south for last-minute summer stay

Although July and August promise the warmest temperatures in the North East and Scotland, with the average highs hitting 18 and 17 degrees Celsius respectively, the later months can offer decent weather too.

“September usually delivers some lovely weather, and a lot of our customers enjoy breaks well into Autumn,” he said.

“And with local indoor tourist attractions opening there are lots of things to do even on rainy days.”

However, while he acknowledges this isn’t an option for everyone, Mr Hodgson insists there are still ways to save during the busy summer months.

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Camping and caravan: UK ‘hidden gems’ where Britons can still bag a summer holiday

As the summer holidays rapidly approach, ever-changing travel restrictions has caused more and more Britons to give up on international vacation plans in favour of something closer to home. However, this surge camping, caravan and UK staycation demand means numerous accommodation providers across the nation are already booked up during the peak season.

Luckily, according to Ed Bassett, UK Country Manager for Camptoo, this doesn’t mean a holiday is completely off the cards.

In fact, Mr Bassett revealed to Express.co.uk that there are still a number of ways to embark on a unique UK adventure.

The key, he says, is to “think outside the box”.

“While staycation bookings are at a record high, there is still availability across the summer months for those wishing to rent a campervan or motorhome with Camptoo,” Mr Bassett told Express.co.uk.

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According to data from Cornwall’s tourism board Visit Cornwall, the May half term alone saw an estimated 390,630 trips within bookings up 70 percent on the previous year before lockdown restrictions had even eased.

Searches for holidays in Scotland during the same period, meanwhile, were reportedly up 255 percent compared to 2019 according to data from holiday rentals search engine HomeToGo.

“Think outside the box when it comes to locations to visit,” continued Mr Bassett.

“We suggest expanding your search to other destinations such as Norfolk, Dorset, Somerset, or the North Yorkshire coast, where you’ll likely find more space and campsite availability.”

However, Britons who are still toying with their summer holiday plans need to act fast.

“Campsites across the country are booking up fast, however, so we advise booking sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment,” Mr Bassett explained.

Britons are also spending more time on their camping and caravan breaks than in previous years, according to Camptoo’s data.

“On average, our customers are booking trips for around five days, which shows that people are seeking longer trips instead of short weekend breaks,” he said.

And while there may still be space available in some campsites, for now, the Camptoo boss says last-minute bookings have become something of a trend this year.

“We expect that July and August are going to be very busy this year, particularly August half-term,” he said.

“We’re seeing a lot of short-lead bookings made just a few weeks in advance of travelling, which is likely due to the very small ‘Green List’ for international destinations Brits can visit.

“Bookings over the past 30 days have been consistently higher compared to the same time period last year, so we expect an even busier staycation market this summer than last.”

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Camping and caravan holidaymakers could be slapped with jail time if new bill is passed

Many Britons are beginning to look for new ways to explore the UK on a budget. However, the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill could soon see some forms of travel slapped with severe consequences.

According to experts, the new bill said to be focus primarily on protestors, could also have major implications for “tens of thousands of unpolitical British citizens who ‘wild camp’ in campervans, motorhomes, caravans, or similar vehicles.”

The impact of this bill could affect camper van and caravaners who choose to wild camp, people embarking on the “van life” movement who do not pitch up in official holiday parks and “Staycationers” who choose to travel in their own vehicles or rented campervans and motorhomes.

The new bill could also impact traditional nomadic communities, such as Irish Travellers and “New Age travellers”.

Wild camping in England and Wales is already illegal, although it is legal in Scotland as long as visitors follow the Scottish Outdoor Access Code.

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In a bid to see the bill overturned or rewritten, a collective of van life and wild camping enthusiasts have come together to launch a petition.

Currently, in Wales and England campers must ask the permission of a landowner before pitching up.

Those found to be in breach of the rule will be found of committing trespass.

However, this is a civil offence and therefore cannot result in arrest.

The only way wild campers will currently be arrested is if they refuse to move on when asked to do so.

If the new bill is passed in its present form, anyone caught flouting wild camping or van restrictions could be slapped with a fine, up to three months in prison and the confiscation of their vehicle and possessions.

For those choosing to live, either permanently or temporarily, from their motorhome, this would mean the loss of their home.

If the new bill is passed in its present form, anyone caught flouting wild camping or van restrictions could be slapped with a fine, up to three months in prison and the confiscation of their vehicle and possessions.

For those choosing to live, either permanently or temporarily, from their motorhome, this would mean the loss of their home.

Of course, Britons booked onto official campsites or pitching up in designated areas will not be affected by the law.

Nick Rosen, author of How to Live Off-Grid and documentary filmmaker, said: “We urgently need 10,000 signatures to the petition as the government is then forced to respond during the bill’s passage through parliament, giving us a good chance of forcing an amendment.

“There are upwards of 60,000 people living off-grid in mobile homes of various sorts in the UK.

“Some are taking a break from their normal life, while others live this way permanently.

“Many people don’t realise that the van-dwelling way of life is under direct threat from the bill, at a time when it has never been more popular and necessary.

“Action is needed urgently to raise awareness and stop this unintended consequence of the crackdown on protesters.”

Author: Aimee Robinson
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Caravan and motorhome owners must follow specific motorway rules to avoid fines

Caravans must only travel up to 60mph on motorways and dual carriageways despite cars usually allowed up to 70mph. Drivers towing a caravan or motorhome are also restricted to 50mph on a single carriageway.

“It can be frustrating if one lorry is overtaking another with barely any difference in speed between them.

“But the rule is there to ease the flow of traffic and make sure the outside lane isn’t clogged with slow-moving vehicles.

“On a two-lane stretch of motorway, it’s fine to use the outside lane to overtake while towing, so long as you return to the inside lane once the manoeuvre has been completed, just as you should when driving without a caravan.”

Drivers who break speeding rules will face a £100 fine and be issued with three penalty points on their licence.

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Camping and caravan: Britons could be slapped with fines of up to £2,500 this summer

Caravan parks and campsites across the UK have reported an uptick in booking this year, with international holidays out of reach for many due to international travel restrictions. What’s more, with coastal cottages and countryside shepherds huts upping costs in line with demand, many Britons may be considering a traditional camping or caravan stay.

For those who are heading out on their first proper camping trip, though, experts from UK private camper rental service PaulCamper have warned of some strict national rules which should not be forgotten.

In fact, campers who are caught making one basic faux pas – even if unintentional – could face whopping fines of up to £2,500.

These come under the guise of “Leave No Trace”, seven camping principals which work to minimise the impact of camping on the natural environment.

“Just as in the streets, when camping the act of littering is illegal,” explained a spokesperson from PaulCamper.

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“A huge benefit of staycations is that you can bring your four-legged friend along. However, there are some things to consider,” continued the expert.

“If you have decided to bring your dog along for the trip, their poo should be picked up and disposed of properly in a waste bin.

“Anyone who fails to clear up after their dog can be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice of up to £100.

“If the case goes to court this could cost the owner or person in charge of the animal up to £1,000.”

“If you are taking an au naturel approach and intend to camp without facilities, you will also need to dispose of your own waste in a way that respects the land,” said the PaulCamper expert.

“Typically this means digging a hole and burying faeces at least 30 metres away from bodies of water.”

Emily Bryce, operations manger at Glencoe national Nature Reserve in the Scottish Highlands says she often faces used wipes and toilet paper across popular camping spots.

“We really need people to come prepared to take away their waste, just like if you’ve got a dog,” she told iNews.

“You’ve got to have a plan, and that plan cannot be ‘leave it’.”

Before heading off on a camping or caravan holiday, Britons should be sure they have ways of disposing of everything they bring with them, in order to leave the land as they found it.

The PaulCamper expert concluded: “It is vital that those camping do their best to preserve the land they are on and respect, and protect, the wildlife that live there.”

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Travel Feed

Older drivers to face different caravan and motorhome rules this summer

Drivers who passed their tests after 1997 face a completely different set of rules surrounding towing than those who have passed since. It means drivers who were born after 1980 face tough rules which could scupper summer staycation plans.

“View your driving licence information to check.

“You’re also allowed to drive a minibus with a trailer over 750kg MAM.”

The 3,500kg limit could make it difficult for some drivers to take larger caravans on trips this summer.

Most medium-sized caravans weigh around 2,000kg meaning road users are not left with much leeway to take into account their vehicle and heavy luggage.

The test will also make sure drivers can uncouple their trailer safely when they stop.

Drivers who wish to carry even heavier items must take the extra Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) test.

Once they have passed this test, drivers cab two vehicles and trailers with a combined weight of 12,000kg MAM.

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Camping and caravan: UK's 'least crowded' destinations with some holidays from £60 a night

However, Mr Bassett has pointed out that camping in certain locations can still be affordable if Britons do their research.

“Camptoo still has availability in June, July and August and with prices starting from £60 per night,” said Mr Bassett.

While holiday cottages or glamping might be the “in” activity for the summer, he also points to alternative options which could reduce costs and allow more freedom.

“Why not try renting a campervan or motorhome for your staycation?” Mr Bassett continued.

“The benefits are that you can enjoy our incredible, diverse country at your own pace whilst remaining within your household bubble.

“Most motorhomes and caravans are also self-contained, which is ideal for self-catering and lessens the need for shared facilities.”

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Caravan and motorhome owners face 'on the spot' checks and fines this summer

Drivers risk being hit with hefty fines and even penalty points on their licence for failing to use caravans or motorhomes safely. The move comes after experts are concerned about a possible surge in staycation holidays due to international travel quarantine rules.

They warn drivers could be issued fines of up to £2,500 for using a vehicle while it is in a dangerous condition.

Breaching this driving rule could also see drivers issued three penalty points or even be temporarily banned from the roads.

Drivers can also be fined up to £1,000 and bet three penalty points if they tow a caravan without proper towing mirrors

GOV.UK said any tow bars must be “type approved” and meet EU regulations for each car.

“It’s great to see caravans and trailers returning to the road but drivers who tow have a special responsibility to ensure they #towsafe4freddie.

“Many caravans and trailers have been parked up over winter, so we’re urging drivers who are new to towing or haven’t towed for a while to carry out some simple checks.

“Our ask is, whatever you’re towing, make it SAFE.”

The Tow Safe 4 Freddie campaign was launched after 3-year-old Freddie Hussey was killed when a trailer became unhitched as he walked near his home.

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Life and Style Feed
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Michelle Dewberry from tragedy to her love of caravan holidays

She is a well-known name in Hull but now former Apprentice star Michelle Dewberry is set to become a more familiar face on the national stage when the current affairs and news channel GB News launches this weekend.

She is one of the faces of the soon-to-be-launched channel, and has been tweeting about the launch, this Sunday, for several weeks, setting out her intentions to cover the stories that ‘matter’ to viewers.

Michelle may seem to have it all, with a new baby and wealthy partner, former Crystal Palace Football Club owner Simon Jordan, however, she has not sought to hide an extraordinarily difficult childhood, which means that her ‘privileged’ label couldn’t be more wrong.

Born in Hull on a council estate on Boothferry Road, she shared a three-bed terraced house with her five brothers and sisters, and says money was tight.

She spent her entire childhood on the ‘at risk’ register and admitted she had a violent father.

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Michelle Dewberry won The Apprentice in 2006, pictured with Sir Alan Sugar
Michelle Dewberry won The Apprentice in 2006, pictured with Sir Alan Sugar

After leaving school at 16 with two GCSEs, she claimed she spent lot of time hanging around estates with her then-boyfriend who was “in and out of prison”.

But the defining moment of her young life came when her sister tragically died at the age of 19, after falling from a tower block. Michelle was just 16 at the time.

It was a turning point in her life.

In a previous interview she said: “I was devastated.

“I felt that she’d been robbed of having a life, so I decided I was going to make mine extraordinary.

“I wanted a life that was good enough for her and me.”

It led to an apprenticeship with St John Ambulance, which in turn took her to employment with KCOM where she excelled in IT, and she was head-hunted by Tiscali, an internet service provider, where she was promoted to project manager.

Michelle Dewberry has had a turbulent life but this weekend sees the start of a new aspect to her career
Michelle Dewberry has had a turbulent life but this weekend sees the start of a new aspect to her career

She started her own business at 24 – which she gave up to join the BBC hit show The Apprentice, which she won and landed herself a job with Sir Alan Sugar.

But it was not to last long. She quit after four months and has never really explained the reasons behind it.

However, since then she’s written a book, stood in local elections, as well as presented on TV.

Her inspirational yet troubled background it sure to help her when tackling a range of issues for GB News.

Feisty and opinionated, she’s not afraid to put people right when they question her sincerity or motives, often through her Twitter account, where she has over 100,000 followers.

She said in the past: “I worked my backside off, to try and become successful.

“I spent most of my adult years with depression and serious suicide ideation. After years of therapy and medication, I am now finally happy. That to me has become my definition of success – my hard-won true internal happiness.”

“Other than that, I’ve been through more challenges, adversity and upset that I hope most of you will ever come close to. And to those who call me privileged – you’re right. I am privileged to be alive, and given how many times I almost chose not to be, I will never take that for granted.”

Michelle Dewberry with her baby born who was born last year, nine weeks early
Michelle Dewberry with her baby born who was born last year, nine weeks early

Her Twitter profile lists her firstly as ‘mum’ and secondly as ‘Hull girl’ with everything else listed afterwards, including business coach, author, speaker, election candidate 2017-2019, politics debater and finally, presenter.

She has described in the past how people wrote her off because of her Northern accent, dismissing her as a “Northern numpty”.

“I just used to laugh and think: ‘More fool you, you’re underestimating me and you’re going to get bitten by it because you can’t see me coming’.”

Indeed, she is unafraid to defend herself against trolls.

When a group calling themselves Stop Funding Hate, who are against the introduction of GB News tweeted recently, she immediately hit back with: “Attempting to dictate what other folk can watch, while bullying brands/advertisers and attempting to cancel any views which differ from your own, is kinda hateful.

“Maybe you need to reconsider what you guys call yourselves. Bully boys is a more accurate name.”

For the past few days she’s been posting polls on Twitter, canvassing public opinion on everything from whether parents will allow their children to have the Covid vaccine, to whether people care about Boris Johnson’s nuptials.

In her personal life, she has recently continued to face the same adversity that she endured as a child.

In July last year, her son was born nine weeks early and she went spent weeks by his incubator at Hull Royal Infirmary’s Neo-Natal ward.

Then in May this year she was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, which she said is linked to the traumatic end to her pregnancy and the early labour she went through with her son.

Despite her ‘starry’ status she remains as down to earth as ever, and recently tweeted how she’d had a family weekend away caravanning in Cleethorpes.

In 2007 she penned her autobiography ‘Anything is Possible’ which charts her extraordinary rags to riches tale.

Now, with the start of a new career this weekend, it seems the headline of Michelle’s book has never been more accurate, or more poignant.

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Gogglebox Jenny leaving caravan for emotional reunion with husband

Gogglebox’s Jenny and Lee have made an announcement about their future on the show.

Earlier this week, panicked fans worried that the funny pair were leaving the hit Channel 4 show after they said Jenny was preparing to leave the caravan.

But Jenny and Lee have confirmed they will be back together and filming for the next series of Gogglebox in September.

And as Jenny goes home, it is time to see her husband once again after three months in the caravan.

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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Jenny was forced to move in with Lee and his husband Steve in their caravan so they could film for Gogglebox and keep fans of the show entertained.

They posted on their Instagram page: “Thanks for watching everyone. Time for Jenny to see her husband after 3 months with me. Really going to miss her tho. Have a great summer everyone. SEE YOU ALL IN SEPTEMBER xx”

The series has ended on a high for the duo though, as they kept fans in stitches with their antics on Friday night’s episode. Lee walked into the room holding what he believed to be a raunchy pair of Jenny’s “knickers”.

“Jenny are these yours?” he asked before a confused Jenny responded: “No they aren’t!”

“Are you sure? Well what is it – I thought it was a pair of your knickers?” Lee asked now making fun of his friend.

A bewildered Jenny then asked: “What me in them?”

“Well, they are not mine,” Lee said, going on to admit: “I looked again and it’s a bag isn’t it?

Lee finds a pair of Jenny's 'knickers'
Lee finds a pair of Jenny’s ‘knickers’

“It’s for the fruit! Did you think I would wear them?” Jenny said as Lee held up a netted shopping bag, accusing his friend of wearing them in place of raunchy underwear.

“Well you never know because some people at a certain age get a second wind!” Lee laughed

“I’m still on my first!” Jenny piped up, the two now creasing.

Author: [email protected] (Sophie Corcoran)
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