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Nectar loyalty card offering new points boost for customers – everything to know

A Nectar card can be used to collect points at Sainsbury’s, Esso, Asos as well as places like eBay. The amount of points customers collect varies, but supermarket giant Sainsbury’s typically offers one point for every £1 spent. In its latest deal, customers can receive free points when connecting their payment card.

There are also bigger offers available including 1,400 points for signing up to Simply Cook and spending at least £9.99.

What’s available on offer will vary as the offers will be based personalised and based on shopping habits.

Once an offer is activated, customers can immediately earn points.

Although the full list of retailers taking part hasn’t been published, Nectar has said hundreds of outlets are included.

Retailers include FatFace, Coach, Kate Spade, Matalan and Pets at Home.

Quick, Five Guys, Harvey Nichols and Hawes & Curtis are other outlets where customers can earn points.

For those who haven’t signed up for a card yet, the app can be downloaded via the App Store or Google Play.

It is important to note that by connecting a debit or credit card means that Nectar holds sensitive information including bank account details and transactions.

Although they only have ‘read-only’ access, it does share the data with processing partner Cardylitics.

Taking to social media to share their thoughts, Nectar card holders shared the benefits of Nectar Connect.

One person said: “I love using it, it means I can save a lot more money. But points can take up to 25 days to be added so just something to be aware of.”

Another wrote: “I would have liked a little more reassurance when signing up but I’m sure all my data will be safe.”

A third tweeted: “I had issues when activating my bank account and I’ve seen a lot of others having the same problem.

“It took a while to connect and I had to keep trying but it worked eventually.”

When shopping at Sainsbury’s, customers can also collect points through personalised offers.

Author: Sophie Harris
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Valorant Duality Redeem Code Latest from Riot Games

With so many people playing Valorant right now, it’s easy to see how issues could arise from a Duality Card giveaway.For those who might have missed it, Riot Games revealed that they were given away a free Duality Player Card, starting this weekend.

However, since the code giveaway began, problems have affected the system to redeem the Duality Card.

This has left gamers a bit flustered, as the Duality Card was only going to be available until June 1 to claim.

The good news is that Riot Games has provided an update regarding the situation, confirming that they have dropped the time limit.

That means there is now no time limit on when you can claim the Duality Card, removing some of the pressure.

The original system provided a Valorant redeem code which could be posted to redeem.playvalorant.com.The Valorant redeem code is YTILAUD – this will unlock the Valorant Duality Card. And the latest information on the current situation reveals that Riot Games are hoping to bring the system back online soon.

The message reads: “We know a lot of you have been trying to claim your free Duality Player Card.

“We’re working with our partners to stabilize the code redemption tool as we continue to experience a high volume of traffic. We’ll be removing the time limit and expiration on the code.

“We will update you once things return to normal.”

Valorant Player Cards are the background pictures that can be unlocked to use for your name in lobbies, or when you load into a match.

“To reiterate; this is because we’re prioritizing quality over speed—VALORANT is a game played on the slimmest of margins and we want to make sure everything we put out has the level of refinement you expect.“That said, expect a new Agent for Patch 3.0. This time around we are throwing in some abilities that should feel familiar to folks who’ve played traditional FPS games their whole lives, but with added elements that will make those recognizable abilities unique within our roster.

“This is an Agent who’s utility can create moments where you must rely on your gunplay.

“Our hope is that the @*&#*&!(&H! #$ &*! *%# &@! *U&^A! “@*!!*(@@*&^” (@&* ^@!^& &@! *&# &^C#^ANG W*^@ $ O )(E&# *[email protected]! S!T#$

“Huh, I’m sorry my keyboard just stopped working there… oh well. The new Agent is coming soon enough, and we’re looking forward to seeing what you think when they finally say hello.”

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Triple your Nectar card points online and in-store with this Argos offer – how to get

Looking to do some shopping over the weekend? Argos is offering customers an exclusive deal where they can earn bonus Nectar points when they spend online and in-store.
Nectar is Sainsbury’s loyalty card scheme and allows customers to get special rewards and discounts.

Customer can spend Nectar points at 450 different retailers including Argos, Vue Cinema, Sky store, Habitat.

To sign up for a Nectar card, please click here.

But be quick to shop – the offer is only available until Tuesday 1 June 2021.

To redeem online, make sure that Nectar and Argos accounts are linked.

Find out how to do so here.

Customers need to bring their Nectar cards to the till if they are shopping in-store.

The bonus points will be added to Nectar accounts within 30 days.

From technology to homeware and appliances, find something for every need at Argos. 

The retailer has recently added thousands of new products to the site.

Shop new in here.

This article contains affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission on any sales of products or services we write about. This article was written completely independently, see more details here.

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Life and Style Feed
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Pokémon Trading Card Scalpers Are Causing Some Ugly Scenes Right Now


Earlier in May, Target stores located in America temporarily suspended sales of various trading cards including Pokémon ones.

It was already fairly obvious tensions were high when a 35-year-old man was assaulted in a Target parking lot for his own purchase, and now video footage has emerged of adults swarming an aisle in another store, and clearing out entire shelves of cards within seconds. Note: this footage contains explicit language.

Pokémon News @TrainerINTEL “If you are lucky enough to spot some #Pokemon cards in the wild, please be respectful and leave some for other Trainers. Everybody deserves to enjoy the hobby and not have it ruined by scalpers.”

This video was originally shared by tcg_grassi on Instagram and shows just how “in-demand” trading cards are in certain locations right now. In saying this, a lot of viewers on social media point out that these people are likely to be scalpers rather than legitimate fans – further stating how the cards and packs will probably end up on sites such as eBay for top dollar.

Many Pokémon Trading Card fans are now calling for more stores to remove the cards from aisles, and instead sell them behind the counter or online as well as limit purchases. Although Target suspended in-store sales, cards can still be purchase from its online shop.

[email protected] “Stores should have a policy where you can only purchase two packs at a time, or perhaps have the cards stocked behind the counter.”

What do you make of the video above? Surprised to see people acting this way over trading cards? Leave a comment down below and stay safe out there.

This post originally appeared on Nintendo Life | Latest News

Great, Now Pokémon Card Scalpers Are Ruining Cereal, Too

Galarian Ponyta General Mills Promo

You may have heard that Pokémon card prices have been going nuts lately, and you may have been thinking, “hm, I should probably try to get in on that.” Well, it’s already too late — Pokémon card scalpers have already taken them all.

Earlier this year, we saw a man forging ice cream sticks, and scalpers and collectors (and, notably, not children) buying up McDonald’s Happy Meals, both in attempts to get free Pokémon cards. Eventually, The Pokémon Company was forced to address the issue of these limited-edition cards being repeatedly taken by scalpers, saying that they would take measures to make sure that everyone would be able to get these cards.

Well, it happened again. After announcing back in March that certain cereal boxes would contain three Pokémon cards, out of a set of 14 in total, it seems like people have been opening cereal boxes in the supermarket to get to the cards.

Some people have been buying up boxes of cereal by the pallet, like Trevor Joe, a “real estate investor” and wholesaler who calls it an “investment”, or the tweet above, which shows one “wealthy” family’s huge stash of already-opened boxes for sale. What a totally normal thing to do!

General Mills TCG Promo

The rarest card from the set — Galarian Ponyta — is already showing up on eBay (alongside many duds), and some enterprising scalpers are selling sealed sets for way more than their initial cereal investment.

It’s worth noting that already-opened cereal boxes are almost certainly going to get thrown out by the supermarket, since they can’t sell goods that have been tampered with.

Garbodor isn’t a role model, folks.

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Moonpig launches new group card signing service

Author: Emily Downes
This post originally appeared on Breaking UK news and exclusives | The Sun

IF you get sweaty palms at the thought of signing a group card, new guidance has been released to help those suffering from anxiety-led writers’ block.

A new study of 2,000 adults found more than half (52 per cent) feel anxious when it comes to signing a card with friends or colleagues.

More than half of us feel anxious signing off a greetings card


More than half of us feel anxious signing off a greetings cardCredit: Getty

A third (32 per cent) don’t want to write anything cliched and 53 per cent feel under pressure to write something funny.

Now, Moonpig, which recently launched a Group Card service to allow 20 people to sign a single card online, has enlisted etiquette authority William Hanson to unveil a humorous new video campaign and advice about how to get over those nerves and stand out on the page for all the right reasons.

Hanson’s tips should help the nation, as an average of three minutes and 52 seconds is spent considering what to write in a group card.

Sarah-Jane Porter, head of cards at Moonpig, said: “While millions of us are eager to be back at work and sharing a slice of cake for an office birthday, we wanted to make sure that those who are still set to be apart for some time, don’t miss out on the little moments that can make our day.


Write from the heart – keep it real

Sometimes, it’s easier to just pick up a pen and write whatever comes naturally. This is the best way to ensure a delicate balance between being overly gushy and sterile. If a colleague is leaving and you’re going to miss them, tell them that. But never write anything that isn’t true.

Keep it universal

What may be found funny or acceptable within your friendship circle may lead to some awkward explaining when Great Aunt Ethel is shown the card at the weekend. Whatever you write – or draw – please bear in mind that we need it to be suitable for all ages.

Draft it first

This one is critical – type or scribble your message first before tattooing it on the group card. Check spellings, legibility and tone before your go anywhere near the real thing.

Don’t reinvent the wheel

Do not feel the pressure to contribute to the group greeting card like you’re writing a holiday fiction bestseller. It’s a card. There really is only so much you can do or say in it.

Don’t be greedy

Good manners are about other people, which is vital when it comes to marking your territory on the card. Hopefully, the group card organiser will give you a steer on how many more people are left to sign so you can make sure your signature and message don’t ‘double park’.

Check what you are signing

Never sign the group card when you are distracted. You don’t want to write  ‘congratulations’ when someone’s been made redundant. If in doubt, ask the card organiser what the card’s purpose or background is and sign it when you have a moment to focus.

Is this actually funny to others?

Humour is so subjective and harder to get right in writing. Think twice, if not three times, about whether what’s in your head is funny to others. Ask around if you aren’t sure.

Treat others how you wish to be treated

A good rule is to think about how you wish to be treated when you sign, when it’s your milestone birthday or when you go on maternity leave. Project your own (reasonable) desires on others, and hopefully, it will work out in the end.

Pointing out typos is okay

By all means, have a scan over everyone else’s messages to get inspiration. However, if you spot a spelling mistake or faux pas, don’t tell the person who wrote it – tell the card’s organiser. They can decide whether it’s a significant enough error to start again or let it slide.

You don’t have to sign it if you don’t want to

Of course, there is a chance that a group card comes around for someone you don’t know – maybe even who you actively avoid speaking to in the office due to office politics. If you get offered the chance to sign the card but would rather not, a polite ‘I’m fine, thank you’ is all that’s needed to the card’s organiser. They should ask no further questions.

“This is why we’ve launched this new service to keep the celebrations going, and better yet – you don’t even have to worry about who to give the card to next.

“We also know that some people might feel anxious when it comes to writing in a group card so we have teamed up with William who eloquently explains how to stand out and not worry about signing cards ever again.

“It’s harder than ever before to get everyone in one place, but now you can write your message anywhere, anytime.”

With the new group card service, users pick a design and choose up to 20 people to sign.

They receive their link, add their message and the card is done – find out how to send a Moonpig group card here.

The survey commissioned by Moonpig also found a whopping 56 per cent are anxious when it’s their turn to sign a group card as they feel pressured to find someone else who hasn’t signed it yet.

Other reasons for group card signing anxiety include feeling embarrassed at what others think of their message and not wanting anyone to read their message.

Brits also confessed to writing the wrong message, getting the recipient’s name wrong and some have also wished ‘happy birthday’ to someone when it was a divorce sympathy card.

On the receiving end, just over one in 10 (11 per cent) claim they would find it offensive if someone else signed a card for them with the wrong message.

William Hanson said: “There are many ways to ensure your message stands out on a group card.

“But there is a skill to good card signing etiquette which will leave a lasting impression of warmth and charm and appropriateness.”

Last year, Susie Dent helped Moonpig launch a new range of birthday cards using ancient English insults.

Moonpig also launched a mental health campaign to urge people to ‘see hidden messages’ when speaking to loved ones.

But dozens of unsuspecting customers of the online greetings card company had their accounts “hacked” last summer – with fraudsters ordering booze, sweets and games for themselves.

Football reporter cites ‘mean’ messages as she ‘checks out’ from Twitter after missing red card in viral TV blunder (VIDEO)

Sky Sports reporter Michelle Owen was targeted by “mean messages” from social media trolls after she was guilty of repeating a classic blunder by missing a red card on live TV during a game in the English fourth tier.

Reporting from the Walsall versus Tranmere clash in League Two, Owen was none the wiser when Sky presenter Jeff Stelling handed over to her for an update after a red card was issued to Tranmere’s Jay Spearing in the 74th minute.

A comical exchange followed in which Owen – a veteran of seven years at Sky Sports – admitted she hadn’t seen the sending off.  

“Not unless I’ve just done a Kammy (Chris Kamara) and completely missed something Jeff. Have I completely missed something?” asked the baffled Owen. 

Stelling responded by asking Owen to count the number of Tranmere players on her fingers to see if one had in fact been given his marching orders. 

The clip was reminiscent of the iconic moment fellow Sky Sports presenter Kamara missed a red card in the Premier League clash between Portsmouth and Blackburn back in 2010. On that occasion, Kamara had responded by bursting out laughing.   

Owen initially took the incident in similarly good spirits, sharing the clip on her Twitter account with a laughing and face-palm emoji. She also received widespread support as others joined in on the gaffe.

However, Owen appears to have been unsettled by a small minority of negative comments, later feeling the need to explain herself for the glaring oversight.

“Here’s full clip, context is everything. There’s a pillar in the way and the action I described just before the sending off proceeded what I couldn’t see,” she wrote to her almost 80,000 followers.

“Justifying it for the trolls. As you can see I am peering round a pillar. Thanks most for seeing the funny side!”

That was followed by a message that she was “checking out” of Twitter for a while, citing “mean messages.”

“I’m checking out for a bit as I’m taking my little boy to see some animals then continuing our charity run. More productive than the small minority that sit on social media being mean. Have a lovely day and thanks for the nice messages.”

Any mean-spirited responses seem to have firmly been in the minority, although one reply to the clip read: “It would have been funny if the reporter had a personality.”

Owen mainly received an avalanche of support or good-natured humour. 

“Career-defining moment Michelle! You’re now, officially, a Soccer Saturday/Special legend alongside [Kamara],” joked one fan.

“Do you need us to check the prescription in those glasses?” addedthe official account for opticians Specsavers.

“Wonder how many times you are going to be reminded of this. Can’t beat live television and you took it in good spirits,” added another fan.

“Very well dealt with, Michelle,” wrote another.

Fellow female presenter Kelly Somers wrote: “Erm has no one complimented you on how WELL you handled this?! This happens ALL the time in live reporting and you’ve dealt with it with humour and class, whilst remaining unflustered. Pro as always x.”

“Omg who is being mean! Obviously just a laugh… I thought it was great and funny! People have zero sense of humour, especially on here these days,” added radio DJ Polly James. 

This article originally appeared on RT Sport News

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Hellish new WhatsApp attack is stealing credit card details from your friends and family

A new breed of Android malware has been discovered hiding in the Google Play Store – and it’s designed to sabotage your WhatsApp chats. Security researchers at Check Point uncovered the dangerous new malware, which spreads itself by sending malicious links to your WhatsApp contacts – from family members to close friends and group chats. Anyone who taps on the link sent from your WhatsApp account will be taken to a fake Netflix site designed to steal login details for your Netflix account or credit card details.
The malware was unearthed inside an app called FlixOnline, which promises unlimited TV show and movie streaming. When discovered by the Check Point team, FlixOnline was available as a free download from the Google Play Store, which is the preinstalled app repository found on almost all Android smartphones and tablets (except the most recent handsets from Huawei, which uses the App Gallery instead).

FlixOnline uses Netflix’s iconic “N” logo as well as artwork from Stranger Things and other Netflix exclusive shows to try to tempt Android smartphone and tablet owners into downloading the app.

Android users unfortunate enough to download FlixOnline will be asked to grant a dizzying number of permissions. This is pretty standard for all third-party Android apps downloaded from the Play Store, so might not raise any alarm bells. However, the permissions requested by FlixOnline are specifically to enable this malware-laced app to continue spreading using your WhatsApp conversations.

WhatsApp ends one of the biggest nightmares when switching from iPhone

Anyone who grants the permissions allows the application to reply to all incoming text messages in WhatsApp with a link to a fraudulent Netflix site. To tempt people into clicking, the message alongside the link promises two months of free Netflix because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. An example of the sort of message sent with the dangerous link reads: “2 Months of Netflix Premium Free at no cost For REASON OF QUARANTINE (CORONA VIRUS) Get 2 Months of Netflix Premium Free anywhere in the world for 60 days. Get it now HERE”

If the person clicks on the link they will either be asked to sign-in with their existing Netflix login (allowing the hackers to steal their email address and password combo – potentially unlocking dozens more of their online accounts) or, if they don’t already have an account, create a new one. If they decide to create a Netflix account when prompted, the hackers will steal their credit or debit card information. Either way, it’s really bad.

With the FlixOnline malware replying to every incoming messages, individual conversations and group chats could be quickly filled with these malicious links… especially if you’re not paying attention.

Security experts from Check Point have already reported the dangerous malware to Google, which has stripped the app from the Play Store. That’s great news as it means nobody else can download the app. However, Google doesn’t remove the apps already installed on Android devices across the world.

So, if you’ve recently downloaded the app, you’ll need to remove its permissions and delete it from your device immediately.

Since the malware seems to have been pretty effective, Check Point researchers believe that FlixOnline will set a trend that numerous apps will copy. That means anyone downloading from the Google Play Store will need to be more cautious than ever before. Check Point recommends users only download apps from trusted developers, always keep their devices running the latest operating system updates, and use a security solution to watch out for malware.

Aviran Hazum, Manager of Mobile Intelligence at Check Point Software said: “The malware’s technique is new and innovative, aiming to hijack users’ WhatsApp account by capturing notifications, along with the ability to take predefined actions, like ‘dismiss’ or ‘reply’ via the Notification Manager. The fact that the malware was able to be disguised so easily and ultimately bypass Play Store’s protections raises some serious red flags. Although we stopped one campaign using this malware, the malware may return hidden in a different app.

“The Play Store’s protections can only go so far, so mobile users need a mobile security solution. Luckily, we detected the malware early, and we quickly disclosed it to Google – who also acted quickly. Users should be wary of download links or attachments that they receive via WhatsApp or other messaging apps, even when they appear to come from trusted contacts or messaging groups. If you think you’re a victim, we recommend immediately removing the application from devices, and changing all passwords.”

Over the course of two months, the FlixOnline app was downloaded approximately 500 times. As well as keeping Google in the loop, Check Point shared its research findings with WhatsApp, though there is no vulnerability on WhatsApp’s end. Instead, the malware uses the ability to reply to text messages from the notification shade.

Should I laminate my vaccine card? What to know about CDC's proof of COVID shot

NEW YORK — Vaccine eligibility in the US is expanding quickly, and so is the popularity of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s little white card.While plans to establish standardized vaccination proof are still being developed, many are holding to their COVID-19 vaccine cards as a potential form of social currency.

And companies, like Staples and Office Depot, are offering to help keep them safe with free lamination.

While it may be tempting to get your vaccine card laminated as soon as possible, you should take your time and make sure you’ve considered a few things beforehand.

Here’s what you should know about laminating your coveted vaccine card.

Double-check your information

If you are getting a two-dose vaccine, make sure that you receive and document both doses on your card before laminating it.

Double-check all of your information — including your name, date of birth, and the date and location of the vaccine — for accuracy.

Make sure you have a backup

You should definitely create a backup of your card before laminating it.

Dr. Leana Wen, an emergency physician and public health professor at George Washington University, told CNN that she recommends taking a photo of the card after each dose.

“Take a picture after getting the first shot, then after the second one too, in case you lose the physical card,” she said. “Keep the picture on your phone, and email yourself a copy to be safe.”Wen said she also recommends photocopying the card and keeping it in the same place as other important documents, like your birth certificate.

After this, if you want to laminate your card, Wen says to “go for it.”

Know what to do if your card gets damaged or lost

There are concerns that the lamination process might damage cards, smudging the ink or making it illegible.

But even if your card is damaged in the lamination process, there are options.

In the case of damage to, or loss of your card, you’ll need to contact your vaccine provider to get another one.

If you’re having trouble contacting your provider, you can visit the CDC directory of state health department immunization information systems (IIS).

While the CDC itself doesn’t have vaccination record information, providers are required to report vaccinations to their state’s respective IIS or registry. Contact your state’s listed phone number or email address to access your record and get your new card.

Proof is the most important thing — laminated or not

Some worry that getting their vaccine cards laminated will cause trouble in the future if COVID-19 vaccine booster shots are needed.Still, Wen says don’t worry.

“If you do end up getting a booster after, you can always get a different card,” she said. “I wouldn’t let that be a deterrent.”

Ultimately, the thing that trumps all is proof — laminated or not.

“Lamination isn’t necessary if you follow all the other steps above, too,” Wen said. “The key is to have proof of vaccination easily accessible.”

As long as you have your card, you’re in a good place. Just remember not to share it on social media.

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