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The Mesothelioma Options Help Center of South Carolina Endorses The Steinberg Law Group as the Top Mesothelioma Law Firm

We support our veterans.

Navy pipefitters were at an extremely high risk of exposure to asbestos for years.

The Steinberg Law Group is affiliated with doctors around the country.

The Steinberg Law Group has the experiences, resources and results to obtain the maximum financial compensation for veterans


The Mesothelioma Options Help Center of South Carolina Endorses The Steinberg Law Group as the Top Mesothelioma Law Firm – Experience/Resources/Results

CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA, USA, July 16, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Mesothelioma Options Help Center of South Carolina is dedicated to providing the best possible legal and medical assistance to those stricken with mesothelioma or asbestos-related lung cancer. Anyone wishing to discuss their legal and/or medical options should call (888) 891-2200 to speak directly with an attorney from The Steinberg Law Group.

The Mesothelioma Options Help Center of South Carolina has endorsed The Steinberg Law Group because of their vast experience in handling mesothelioma and other asbestos-related cases. With offices in New York, California and Texas, The Steinberg Law Group has a national footprint that helps win the best possible financial compensation for clients.

Typically, asbestos exposure will have occurred sometime between the 1950s and the 1980s. Some of the most prevalent professions that encountered large quantities of asbestos include power plant workers, maritime workers, industrial workers, plumbers, pipefitters, electricians, mechanics, machinists, miners, railroad workers and construction workers, to name a few. Since the latency period for mesothelioma patients is approximately 40 years, most people diagnosed with mesothelioma or asbestos-related lung cancer in 2020 were exposed decades ago.

Although the risk of exposure to asbestos in South Carolina used to be a lot worse, vermiculite ore, which can often be contaminated with asbestos, is still mined in the northwest region of the state. In addition, according to the U.S. Geological Survey, South Carolina has 8 known asbestos deposits. Residents of South Carolina who used to work in the shipping, mining and/or textile industries must be particularly mindful of the state’s history with asbestos.

Known jobsites, companies and locations with asbestos exposure in South Carolina include, but are not limited to, Union Carbide, Aerocox Corp, Chapin Company, A.P. Green Industries, Nylon Industries, Inc., A.P. Green Refractory Company, Allied Chemical & Dye Corporation, Armstrong Contracting & Supply, Armstrong Cork Company, Appleton Company, Building Mats Company, A Lynn Thomas Company Inc., America & Brigade, American Agri Chemical Company, Chemstrand Corporation, American Tobacco Company, Avco Lycoming, Bird and Son Inc., Carolina Drywall and Insulation Inc., Braswell Services Group, Carolina Power & Light, Carolina Shipping Company, South Carolina Electric & Gas Company, Continental Can Company, Imperial Manufacturing Company, Clearwater Manufacturing Company, Gaffney Manufacturing Company, Glen Lowry Manufacturing Company, Beaumont Manufacturing Company, Marion Manufacturing Company, United Merchant Manufacturers, South Carolina Manufacturing Company, Pacolet Manufacturing Company, Pacolet Yarns, Darlington Manufacturing Company, Darlington Veneer Company, Inc., Hamilton Veneer Company, Maxwell-Campbell, Inc., Nucor Corporation, Nucor Steel, Perfection Gear Company, Perfection American Company, Wellman, Inc., Alice Manufacturing Company, Cone Mills Corporation, Mccormick Mills Corporation, Blue Bird Ice Cream Company, Bristol Metal Products, Inc., T.E. Wannamaker, Inc., Cox Manufacturing Company, Pine Creek Manufacturing Company, American Lava Corp., BMA Inc., American Lumber and Treating Company, Mauldin Lumber Company, Enterprise Lumber Company, US Plywood Corp., Wanamaker Chemical Company, Quantum Chemical, National Distillers & Chemical, Orangeburg Ice and Fuel Company, Sonoco Product Company, Southern Novelty Company, F W Poe Manufacturing Company, Poe Hardware and Supply Company, Fibre Industries, Inc., Fluor Daniel Corporation, Singer Manufacturing Company, Michelin Tire Corp., Dow Chemical Company, Dow Badische, Eastman Kodak Company, Eastman Chemical Company, Stafford Insulation Company, Bonitz Insulation Company, Derrick Insulation Company, Civil Insulation Company, Covil Insulating Company, Covil Sales, Inc., Industrial Burners, Inc., Standard Oil, Thomas A. Lynn Company, Inc., Macreeves Company, United Dye Works, Alexandra Dyeing and Finishing, Inc., United States Constructing Quartermaster, United States Electric Illuminating Company, University of South Carolina, Clemson College, Clemson University, Columbia College, Erskine College, Bob Jones University, Lander College, South Carolina State College, Citadel Military College, Winthrop College, Winthrop University, Wofford College, Spartanburg High School, Central Roofing & Supply Company, Clark Heating Company, Walker Plumbing and Heating Company, Timmons Plumbing & Heating, Sligh Plumbing & Heating, Sanitary Plumbing & Heating, The Florence Steam Laundry Company, Union Dry Cleaning Company and Steam Laundry, Stone Container Corporation, Columbia Pipe Company, Smurfit-Stone Container Enterprises, Inc., Carolina Fiber Company, Columbia Plastering Company, Waccaman Clay Products Company, Columbia Railroad, Gas & Electric, Columbia St. Railway Light and Power Company, Columbia Supply Company, Tidewater Supply Company, Charleston Consolidated Railway, Gas & Electric, Charleston Drydock, Charleston Hydraulic Cotton Press Company, Port Royal Cotton Compressing Company, Bellemonte Cotton Manufacturing Company, Campbell Soup Company, Exide Battery Company, Charleston Memorial Hospital, Charleston Refinery, Charleston Shipbuilding & Drydock Company, Charleston St. Railway Company, Charleston Supply Company, Chevron, Daniel Construction Company, Inc., Mccrory Sumwalt Construction Company, Camden Forest Products, Inc., Duke Siding, Monsanto Corp, Monsanto Chemical Company, Dupont Chemical, Dupont, E.I. Du Pont De Nemours and Company, Owens Corning Fiberglass Corp., Esso Standard Oil Company, Exxon, Industrial Fire Bricks, Spring Industries, J. R. Deans Company, Inc., J P Stevens and Company, Inc., Lane and Mcdonald, Jim Rast D/W Company, Roberts Foundry Company, Parke Davis and Company, Bigelow-Sanford, Inc., Celotex, Bowaters Carolina Corporation, American Enka Corporation, Basf Corp., Central Mills Company, Marines and River Phosphate Mining and Manufacturing Company, Graniteville Manufacturing Company, Niles Manufacturing Company, National Linen Service Corporation, North Brothers, Inc., Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Palmer Manufacturing Company, Roper Hospital, Sears, Roebuck and Company, Peoples Ice and Fuel Company, McDonald, Wilkins and Company, Sheetmetal Workers Union – Local 399, Boilermakers Union – Local 687. Raybestos-Manhattan, United Office Inc., Victor Monaghan Company, Weyerhauser Company, Richland Shale Product Company, Patterson Vermiculite Company, Zonolite Company, W R Grace, Celanese Corp. of America, Celanese Plastics, Celriver Fibers Company, Rock Hill Lumber Company, Rock Hill Printing & Finishing Company, Sherwin Williams Company, W A Blackstone Company, Toledo Engineering Company, Applied Engineering Company, Inc., Garrett Engineering Company, Hercules, Inc., Hoechst Fibers Inc., Kohler Company, Montgomery Ward Company, Whitney Manufacturing Company, Champion Building Products, Ethyl Corporation, Wickes Corporation, Carolina Vermiculite, Palmetto Vermiculite Company, Palmetto Compress Company, Enoree Minerals, West Virgina Pulp & Paper Company, Westinghouse Turbines, Westvaco Corporation, William Bird & Company, Inc., Milliken & Company, Wood Brothers Thresher Company, Wood Preserving Company, Lyman Printing and Finishing Company, Sumter Lighting Company, Sumter Ice and Fuel Company, Delta Finishing Company, Delta Mills, Inc., Greenwood Mills, Inc., International Paper Company, Southern Kraft Paper Company, Southern Kraft Corp., Reigel Paper, Bowater Paper, Bauwaters Papermill, Carotell Paper Board Corporation, Industrial Firebrick Company, Guignard Brick Works, Ricetex Brick, Broad River Brick Company, Columbia Brick Company, U. S. Rubber Company, Plywood Plastics Corporation, Plywood Products Corp., Reading Power, Piedmont Print Works, Southern Bleachery & Print Works, Duke Power Company, Duke Energy Corp., Georgia Power Company, Catawba New Plant, Skyland Power Plant, Catawba Nuclear Plant, Oconee Nuclear Plant, Utica Mohawk Plant, Keowee Hydro Plant, Wateree Steam Plant, Winyah Electric Generating Plant, Urquhart Powerhouse, Dolphus M. Grainger Power Station, Bob Cook Powerhouse, General Electric Power Company, Riley Stoker Corporation, Charleston Naval Shipyard, Detyen’s Shipyards, Todd Shipyard, Charleston Air Force Base, Donaldson Air Force Base, Shaw Air Force Base, Parris Island Marine Base, the Naval Weapons Station at Goose Creek, Fort Jackson Complex and the Savannah River Site.

For the best possible medical treatment for mesothelioma and asbestos-related lung cancer, call (888) 891-2200 so a member of The Steinberg Law Group can determine which hospital/doctor in our network is most convenient for you.

States with the highest incidence of mesothelioma include Oregon, Washington, Louisiana, Minnesota, North Dakota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Massachusetts, Maine and Connecticut, Florida, Texas and California. For more information about mesothelioma and asbestos-related lung cancer, call (888) 891-2200 or visit www.mesotheliomaoptions.com/contact/ now.

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Ohio man’s rescue of mother and son, 10, at North Carolina beach caught on drone footage

An 18-year-old Ohio man was being praised for saving a mother and her 10-year-old son at a North Carolina beach over the Fourth of July weekend – in a rescue that was caught on video. 

Travis Shrout of Stow, near Cleveland, said he had swum out pretty far at Topsail Beach where his family was vacationing on July 3 when he noticed the woman and her son struggling in the water, FOX 8 of Cleveland reported. 

Shrout’s family had gotten out of the water but family friend Thad Unkefer wanted to test his drone’s tracking features, so Shrout decided to get back in, he told the station. 

Unkefer posted the video on YouTube after the rescue. 

“I thought I heard ‘Help!’ but it was such a weird situation. I said, ‘Are you alright?’ and she said, ‘No,'” Shrout told the Akron Beacon Journal about spotting the mother and her son. “I immediately started swimming out to her.” 

He told FOX 8 when he first started talking to the mother her son was right next to her but “by the time I got to her, he was sucked out probably 15 feet. It’s just crazy how fast that current was moving.”

He said his YMCA lifeguard training kicked in and he gave the mother the bodyboard he had been using while he went to get her son. No lifeguards were on the beach at the time, he said. 


“I just started swimming as fast as I could out to the 10-year-old boy,” he told FOX 8. “He was going up and down in the water. He had probably gone down about four or five times.” 

Shrout told the boy to lean back while he got underneath and held up the boy’s body. Shrout quickly brought the boy back to his mother and the bodyboard. 

“There was a couple of waves that came over our heads and I didn’t know how many more of those waves were gonna come,” he told FOX 8. “They completely submerged all of us. So, that was kind of scary.”

At one point, he told them they should just hold onto the bodyboard and float because they didn’t seem to be getting much closer to shore. “We’re not in any immediate danger anymore. You know, we can get in,” Shrout said he told the pair. 

When they got closer to shore another man, Andrew Leonard, brought out a second bodyboard and helped pull them in, the Beacon Journal reported. 

“I was exhausted that last couple of meters in that push,” Shrout told FOX 8. “I don’t think I would have been able to bring them out without that.” 

He said he had already been swimming for one to two hours before the rescue.

“I was watching him, and I stood up to tell him to come in because he was getting too far out and I couldn’t figure out why he was swimming out so far,” his mother, Gretia Grayson Shrout, who was watching the scene from the shore, said. “Then I saw the splashing and we realized what was going on. Your instinct as a mom is to jump in and help your kid, but I know I’m not a strong enough swimmer to do that. I just had to watch. It was a completely helpless feeling.” 

 She told the Beacon Journal the rescued mother immediately gave Shrout a hug when they were on the shore. “She was crying and she said, ‘God put Travis there to save us because we were dying.’” 


Shrout is expected to receive a proclamation from the Stow, Ohio, city council at the end of the month. 

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2 more Gamecocks commitments boost South Carolina football rankings – South Carolina

South Carolina’s climb in the national recruiting rankings continued last week with two more commitments. The Gamecocks are now 14th by Rivals and 16th in the 247Sports Composite, an improvement of two positions in each over the previous week. And another commitment is expected to go public Wednesday.

Head coach Shane Beamer tweeted a commitment alert Sunday afternoon. A source said this commitment was from a prospect who will be one of the highest rated players in the class, if not the highest rated.

Last week the Gamecocks added commitments from safety Emory Floyd (6-1, 165) of Powder Springs, Ga., and DT Felix Hixon (6-4, 280) of Jackson, Ga. The Gamecocks have filled 18 of their 25 spots for the 2022 class including the new private pledge.

Floyd chose USC over Florida and Georgia. He took official visits last month to USC and Auburn and unofficial visits to Georgia, Florida and Alabama. Floyd said after the USC visit he knew he had found the place he wanted to play his college football. “The atmosphere. I love the coaches and everything,” Floyd said. “I get along with their coaches. I love the system. I got into the program and the playbook real easily. It feels like home down there. I didn’t feel homesick when I went there. It felt like my hometown in Georgia.” Floyd and Gamecocks’ secondary coach Torrian Gray developed a tight relationship thru the recruiting process. “I just love Torrian Gray,” Floyd said. “He’s got that Florida lingo. He came from Florida and moved to South Carolina, and all my family is from Florida. Me and him, our bond is great. He likes how I bring speed to the table. I’m a real quick guy in the secondary. He said he’s never seen quick speed like mine.”

Floyd is ranked the No. 24 safety nationally and the No. 33 prospect in Georgia in the 247Sports Composite. He also has offers from Florida State, Minnesota, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, North Carolina, Florida, Notre Dame, Virginia and Kentucky.

Beamer and defensive line coach Jimmy Lindsey targeted Hixon immediately upon coming to Columbia. Hixon had been offered by the Will Muschamp staff and they picked up right where the old staff left off. Hixon said a major selling point to him on the Gamecocks was the new people in charge. “Mainly the coach staff, especially Coach Lindsey and Coach Beamer,” Hixon said. “Coach Lindsey is my position coach and we’ve been in contact a lot. I feel like he’s a good coach that can develop me to get to the next level. Coach Beamer, he’s stepping in and I like the program he’s building. That’s something to be a part of.”

Hixon chose the Gamecocks over Wisconsin, Illinois, Georgia Tech and Virginia. He took official visits to each. He is rated a three-star and ranked the No. 84 defensive tackle nationally in the 247Sports Composite.

Three more Gamecock targets have dates set for their commitment announcements. CB Nick Cull of Douglasville, Ga., is scheduled to announce on July 30th, DT D’Andre Martin of Durham on August 1st and DE Tomiwa Durojaiye on August 7th.

Martin (6-4, 293) will make a return visit to USC on July 31st for the prospect cookout, and the next day he plans to make his college commitment public. Martin added the USC visit will be the only one he will take that last week in July when visits can be made. Martin attended a USC linemen camp and was offered by Shane Beamer and defensive line coach Jimmy Lindsey after they saw him work out. Martin said since then there’s been a lot of communication between him and the Gamecock coaches. “I try to keep in touch as much as possible,” Martin said. “It’s a very mutual relationship as of right now. Me and the coaches talk to make sure everything is going good both ways and keep the relationship building. Their coaching staff and the atmosphere were really impressive to me.”

Along with USC, he picked up offers from Virginia Tech, Virginia, Florida State, Tennessee, Alabama A&M and Norfolk State. In June, along with the camp stop at USC, Martin also visited or camped at Duke, Tennessee, Norfolk State, Virginia, Florida State, FAMU and Virginia Tech. Martin has named a top five of USC, Duke, Florida State, Tennessee and Virginia Tech. Sunday night he said there was not a leader, and he was communicating with them all equally.

One of the top prospects left on the USC board is four-star CB Tre’Quon Fegans (6-2 181) of Oxford, Ala., and Fegans announced a final five of USC, Alabama, Georgia, Oklahoma and Miami. That’s some heavy competition for the Gamecocks, but Fegans said they deserve to be there based off his official visit the end of June. “The atmosphere, the coaches, the players. My time down there, I enjoyed it,” Fegans said. “South Carolina is a place I can see myself living for four years. What I liked most was they just kept it real with me. The whole time, they didn’t tell me no stories, no lies. They stuck out to me.”

CB Nick Cull (5-11, 175) of Donalsonville, Ga., recently named his top six schools, and USC was on the list. The Gamecocks were joined by Miami, Florida, Mississippi, Auburn and Alabama.

WR Jayden Gibson (6-6, 185) of Winter Garden, Fla., is another major talent the USC staff has impressed enough to earn a spot on his short list. Gibson included the Gamecocks this week when he dropped a top eight that also includes Georgia, Miami, Florida, Baylor, Florida State, Tennessee and Auburn. Gibson made a two-day unofficial visit to USC in June with his father. That visit, and his strong relationship with receivers coach Justin Stepp, convinced him to keep USC in the hunt.

In June, along with the unofficial visit to USC, Gibson made official visits to Miami and Baylor, and unofficial visits to Florida, Florida State and Auburn. The only July visit he knows he will make will be to Georgia. The Bulldogs just offered him in the last week, and he’s not yet had the chance to visit. He said Stepp has been talking with his mother about them coming back to USC for the July 31st cookout, but they’ve made no decision on that. Gibson said he would like to make his decision early in his senior season.

Second QB target for USC?

USC has one quarterback committed for the 2022 class in Braden Davis. With only eight spots remaining to fill in the class, the Gamecocks may not have room for a second quarterback. But if they decide to take a second one, Prometheus Franklin (6-3 190) of Greenville High will be a strong possibility. He threw for quarterbacks coach Marcus Satterfield in a June camp, and since then the two have been in regular contact. “We’ve been talking a lot,” Franklin said. “He’s telling me they’ve got to figure out the numbers. They’ve got some spots that are filling up. He’s telling me to keep doing what I’m doing, keep working.” Franklin said Satterfield has made no promises to him about an offer, but he does get the feeling if Satterfield decides to take a second quarterback in the class, he’s the one.

Franklin has been offered by Charlotte, Marshall, Eastern Kentucky and Lenoir-Rhyne. He said he’s also hearing some from Kentucky. He knows he can get back to a visit to USC at any time, but nothing has been scheduled. He is also planning to visit Charlotte and Marshall, possibly during the quite period the last week of July.

Clemson and Daylen Everette

Clemson target CB Daylen Everette of IMG Academy has set his commitment date for July 17. Clemson, Georgia and North Carolina have been his top three. Everette made an unofficial visit to Clemson in early June. He took official visits last month to North Carolina, Georgia and Florida State. He also took an unofficial visit to North Carolina.

Everette is rated a four-star prospect in the 247Sports Composite and ranked the No. 7 cornerback nationally. He’s a native of Norfolk, Va.

One-time Clemson target four-star DE Enai White (6-5, 225) of Philadelphia apparently is ready to announce, though he has not announced a date. He took visits to Alabama, Ohio State, Texas A&M and Florida in June. He has had Clemson on his short list as well.

Clemson target DE Jeremiah Alexander (6-2, 235) of Alabaster, Ala., committed for a second time to Alabama. He took an unofficial visit to Clemson June 1st, the first day recruits could visit with coaches go inside athletic facilities since the start of the pandemic. He visited Alabama four days later. Alexander is the top ranked edge rusher in the country and the #1 prospect in Alabama.

Clemson target CB Caleb Coley of Warner Robins, Ga., committed to Vanderbilt. Clemson was one of his offers, and he took an unofficial visit in early June. His three official visits in the month were Vanderbilt, Wisconsin and Michigan State.

Clemson is in the top five with SAF Zion Branch (6-2, 190) of Las Vegas. He also named Alabama, Southern Cal, Oklahoma and Ohio State on his short list. He took official visits to Southern Cal, Oklahoma and Ohio State in June. He is scheduled for official visits to Alabama November 5th and Clemson November 12th. Branch is rated a four-star and is ranked the No. 4 safety nationally.

Clemson is in the top 9 with four-star DT Hero Kanu (6-5 293) of Rancho Margarita, Ca. The others on his short list are Oklahoma, Alabama, LSU, Washington, Texas, Southern Cal, Georgia and Ohio State. In June he took official visits to Georgia, LSU and Texas A&M.

Clemson is listed among the top 12 with 2023 ATH Joenel Aguero of IMG Academy. The others are Georgia, Ohio State, Penn State, LSU, Texas, Boston College, Florida State, Alabama, Miami, Florida and Oklahoma.

Clemson is in the top 13 with 5-star 2023 CB AJ Harris (6-2, 180) of Phenix City, Ala. Others are Georgia, Virginia Tech, LSU, Auburn, Alabama, Notre Dame, Texas A&M, Ohio State, Southern Cal, Florida and Miami. He’s ranked the No. 2 CB nationally in his class.

Moussa Kane on Clemson

ATH Moussa Kane (6-1, 176) was one of the prospects brought to Clemson coach Dabo Swinney’s high school camp in June by former Tiger Pat Godfrey. Kane plays for Blair Academy in New Jersey but lives in Harlem, just above Central Park. “I think it was a good thing I got out of New York,” Kane said in reflecting on his trip south. “I’ve been there a long time, and this time of year it gets really dangerous, a lot of shootings just to shoot people. When I came down to Clemson, the first thing I noticed was the surrounding area. I didn’t think this area would look like it does, and it’s beautiful. The facility here at Clemson is beautiful and they really take care of their players. They have a nap room, a film room, a movie room, and their recovery room is beautiful. It’s humongous.”

He worked out with the defensive backs during the camp session, and his hard work paid off. “A bunch of recruits were in the recovery room, and Coach (Brent) Venables told me to stay back. It was me, Coach Venables, Coach Pat Godfrey and also Coach (Mike) Reed, the cornerbacks coach,” Kane noted. “He left for about 30 minutes and then he started giving a speech about how Clemson is a very prestigious school, and they offer the least amount of people. Over the last five years they have offered the least amount of people each year and said because they don’t offer a lot of people, the bridge to Clemson is very narrow.”

Kane also has offers from Purdue, where his brother Sanoussi plays, along with Penn State, Virginia Tech, Boston College, Rutgers, and Syracuse.

Hilton Head LB Jaylen Sneed is set to announce Monday night. Notre Dame and Oregon have been his top two.


Three-star 6-3 Quante Berry of Winston-Salem committed to Providence. He also had USC, Tennessee, Virginia Tech and Texas A&M in his final five.

USC offered 6-8 Elijah Saunders of Phoenix. Some other offers are UNLV, New Mexico, San Diego State, San Francisco, UTEP, Saint Louis, Fresno State, Boston University and Montana.

USC offered three-star 6-8 Ven-Allen Lubin of Orlando. Clemson, Alabama, Georgia Tech and Florida are some other offers.

USC offered 2023 6-4 Marquavious Brown of Covington, GA. He also has offers from Missouri, UAB, Kansas State and George Washington.

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Tennessee & 19 others states support South Carolina in abortion lawsuit

[unable to retrieve full-text content]

… of South Carolina Gov. … South Carolina’s … Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and West Virginia … of South Carolina, …

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North Carolina sees highest number of new COVID-19 cases in 2 months

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) — North Carolina, like many other states across the country, is seeing an uptick in COVID-19 cases.

On Wednesday, the state recorded its highest number of new cases in nearly two months.

The 995 new positive cases Wednesday is more than twice as many as were recorded last Wednesday, and four times higher than two weeks ago.

The percentage of tests coming back positive rose to 5.5 percent, which is higher than the percent positive goal NCDHHS set back at the start of the pandemic.

WATCH: Should we be concerned about NC’s rising percent of positive COVID tests?

State metrics do not explicitly say if those new positive cases were among vaccinated or unvaccinated people, but nationally the director of the National Institutes of Health said unvaccinated people make up 99 percent of the new COVID-19 cases.

“If you’re on the fence about whether vaccination was going to help you, listen to those numbers. Unvaccinated people going into hospital and dying. Vaccinated people essentially not,” NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins said.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said it expects to see COVID-19 hospital admissions to increase over the next four weeks. National COVID-19 hospitalizations had been declining for months.

SEE ALSO: COVID-19 deaths, cases rise again globally

North Carolina will release updated COVID-19 metrics around noon Thursday.

In addition, the state continues to urge citizens to get vaccinated. As part of that push, the two winners in last week’s COVID-19 vaccine lottery drawing will be announced today.

Health Secretary Dr. Mandy Cohen will introduce the $ 1 million winner and the student scholarship winner at 3 p.m. Thursday.

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Missouri joins states supporting South Carolina in abortion lawsuit

[unable to retrieve full-text content]

… requirements without South Carolina’s additional … are: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and West Virginia. All …

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Andrew Brown Jr. family files $30M federal lawsuit in North Carolina

The family of Andrew Brown Jr. – a Black man shot and killed by sheriff’s deputies coming to serve search and arrest warrants at his home in Elizabeth City, N.C. – filed a $ 30 million federal lawsuit on Wednesday. 

The lawsuit filed at the federal courthouse in the Eastern District of North Carolina comes months after 42-year-old Brown was shot and killed by Pasquotank County Sheriff’s deputies serving drug-related warrants at his home in Elizabeth City on April 21. 

Amid ongoing demonstrations at the time, Andrew Womble, the elected district attorney for North Carolina’s Judicial District 1, cleared the deputies of any wrongdoing in May, announcing that the shooting “while tragic, was justified” because Brown allegedly used his vehicle as a deadly weapon. 

Standing outside the courthouse Wednesday, civil rights attorney Bakari Sellers said the federal lawsuit was filed because the family didn’t believe they could get justice in the sheriff’s office or in state court. 


“We had to come where we believe Lady Justice is blind and will have all things be equal,” he said. “We stand in front of this federal courthouse because we believe this is where Andrew Brown will finally get justice because he did not get justice in life and so far hasn’t even gotten justice in death.” 

Harry Daniels, another lawyer representing the Brown family, listed Pasquotank County Sheriff Tommy Wooten II and several deputies as defendants in the lawsuit. He also stressed that he would get all body camera footage of the shooting released despite past limits set by a state Superior Court judge. 

“Justice delayed will not be justice denied,” Daniels said. “Now that we have filed a federal lawsuit, let me be very clear in saying that I and this team have compulsory authority, federal subpoena authority, to get all the videos, all the tapes, all the recordings, all the records. And no district attorney, no county administrator and no state court can stop us from doing that because federal law trumps state law.”  

Andrew Brown Jr.

Andrew Brown Jr.
(Brown Family)

The filing is the latest in a string of federal civil rights lawsuits in the wake of high-profile police shootings of Black people. The family of George Floyd, who was killed in Minneapolis police custody last year, agreed to a $ 27 million settlement in March. In September, the city of Louisville, Kentucky, agreed to pay Breonna Taylor’s family $ 12 million and reform police practices.

Womble has said that Brown’s past involvement with law enforcement included multiple resisting arrest charges and convictions dating back to 1995. Investigators had used an informant to conduct controlled purchases of methamphetamine and cocaine from Brown on two separate occasions in March before obtaining the search and arrest warrants that ultimately resulted in his death. 


Residents have routinely gathered in protest. One of the deputies who fired his gun at Brown’s car has resigned. The FBI also launched a civil rights investigation into the death.

The Associated Press contributed to this report. 

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Record-breaking fish caught in North Carolina: ‘Looked like a whale in the back of the boat’

This is why it’s always a good idea to keep a biologist’s number in your phone.

A fisherman in North Carolina reeled in a massive 127-lb catfish during a recent trip. While actually catching the fish was hard, actually getting weighed on a certified scale by an official was almost as difficult.

Rocky Baker spoke with Fox News about catching the fish, which is in the process of being certified as a new state record.

Rocky Baker spoke with Fox News about catching the fish, which is in the process of being certified as a new state record.
(Brent Townsend)

Rocky Baker spoke with Fox News about catching the fish, which is in the process of being certified as a new state record. According to Baker, a state biologist certified the weight and measurements and the paperwork is in the mail.


Baker caught the fish while out on a trip on the Roanoke River with his buddy, Justin Clifton. According to Baker, if Clifton hadn’t been there, he never would’ve been able to get the record-breaking catfish into the boat.

The fish took the bait just after 9:30 pm on Saturday. Baker said he knew the fish was big, but it wasn’t until he got it into the boat that he realized it might be something special. According to him, it looked like a whale in the back of the boat.


While a scale on the boat measured the fish weighing between 130 to 140 pounds, Baker took the fish to a nearby store, E-Z Bait and Tackle, which had a certified scale. 

Unfortunately, they didn’t arrive until about 1:30 a.m. The state biologist wasn’t able to make it to the store to certify the weight until 5:30 a.m.

Baker explained that he and Clifton spent the hours keeping the fish alive and as comfortable as it could be. While the official was slightly less than what Baker originally thought, it was still big enough to set a new state record.


As for the fish, Baker released it back into the river after everything was finalized. The last he saw the fish, it was swimming back down to the bottom of the water.

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