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Kate Garraway reassures fans as son takes a tumble celebrating England win: ‘No one hurt!’

England have only gone and got themselves into the finals of the Euro 2020, where we will take on Italy on Sunday. And among the millions of people tuning in to support our home team, Kate Garraway and her family were full of a little too much excitement which ended up in a bump on the head.

Wednesday night’s match against Denmark was as tense as it gets, with Harry Kane scoring the winning goal from the penalty spot in extra time.

With celebrations everywhere, Kate shared reaction from the Garraway family home.

Taking to Instagram, the Good Morning Britain host posted a hilarious video of her 11-year-old son Billy zooming around the kitchen with an England flag wrapped around his shoulders.

Blinded by happiness, the youngster accidentally ran into a wall and fell to the floor.

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Kate can be heard in the video pausing their celebrations to ask if he was OK, before he gets back up – and they continued to jump around screaming.

She captioned the funny post: “YAAAAAAAAS!!! #thedreamisalive – #itscominghome The final actually a FINAL.”

She quickly added about Billy’s tumble: “Ps no celebrating 11 yr olds were hurt in the filming of this video. #euro2020.”

Fans found the exchange hysterical, posting laughing faces in the comments section.

Reminiscing about once living next to the presenter, she revealed the reason why Kate actually moved away from her.

The latter explained to the Birds of a Feather actor: “Adil [Ray] was trying to say that you and I had a rift because we used to be neighbours, didn’t we?”

However, Linda was quick to point out: “We never had no rift! No!”

Adil then probed the pair about who left the neighbourhood, leaving Linda to explain: “Kate left the neighbourhood.

Author: Jessica Williams
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Adele shares glimpse inside home in rare Instagram post celebrating England Euros win

Her followers were subjected to crazy movement as she ran around the room in excitement.

“IT’S B***DY COMING HOME,” she captioned the footage with a series of England flags.

As with many sporting event, the comments section was divided between fans from all over the world who had tuned in to watch the Euros.

With some believing that no penalty should have been given, and others cheering on England to the end, there were more fans who were focused on something else entirely.

“My reaction when u finally give us new album,” one joked.

Author: Jessica Williams
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Celebrating Xbox in July

We are continuing the 20 Years of Xbox celebration in July with an epic Xbox FanFest Halo 3 virtual tournament, new Xbox fan toolkit, double points in Xbox Game Pass Quests, and more!

FanFest Halo 3 Tournament

Grab a friend and enter the smash.gg ladder for non-stop 2v2 open matchmaking vs teams of all skill levels. Play for your chance to win part of $ 25,000 in prizes and show your skills off to the world in our broadcasts of the Weekly Qualifiers and Series Finale. Play on Xbox Series X, our fastest most powerful console ever, Xbox Series S, featuring next-gen performance in our smallest console ever, Xbox One, or PC.

This tournament is open to all Xbox FanFest fans in North America (US, Canada, and Mexico). To enter, login or sign up at Xbox.com/FanFest and opt-in on the Xbox FanFest Exclusives page (note: only North American residents will see this exclusive). After opting-in, you’ll receive an email with a registration code to complete the tournament sign up on smash.gg/XboxFanFest.

We invite everyone to watch. Weekly Qualifiers will be broadcast on Sundays (7/11, 7/18, 7/25) at 11 a.m. PT, and do not miss out on the Series Finale on Saturday, July 31 at 11 a.m. PT. Tune in and follow the channel at twitch.tv/Xbox.

Tournament Format

  • 2 days of open matchmaking ladders each Friday and Saturday for points.
  • Weekly qualifiers every Sunday in a double elimination bracket with the top 8 teams from Friday and Saturday each.
  • Series Finale on July 31 in a double elimination bracket featuring the top 16 teams for the month.
  • Each day will feature a different set of maps and game types which players must download to participate. (See smash.gg/XboxFanFest under “Game Types” to learn more.)
  • There will also be an in-game playlist launching on July 7 to allow players to practice.


Ladder Matches: Fridays and Saturdays (7/9, 7/10, 7/16, 7/17, 7/23, 7/24)

  • Ladder Opens: 2 p.m. PT / 5 p.m. ET
  • Ladder Closes: 7 p.m. PT / 10 p.m. ET

Weekly Qualifiers: Sundays (7/11, 7/18, 7/25)

  • Weekly Final Bracket: 11 a.m. PT / 2 p.m. ET

Series Finale (7/31)

  • Series Final Bracket: 11 a.m. PT / 2 p.m. ET

How To Qualify

Ladder Matches

  • Open to Xbox FanFest fans in North America.
  • Players compete to the Top 8 at the end of each day in terms of points.
  • See smash.gg/XboxFanFest page for details about the points system.

Weekly Qualifiers

  • The top 8 teams from each day (16 teams total) advance to Sunday Qualifier.
  • Week 1: Top 4 teams at the end of the bracket advances to the Series Finale.
  • Week 2: Top 4 teams at the end of the bracket advance to the Series Finale.
  • Week 3: Top 8 teams at the end of the bracket advance to the Series Finale.

Series Finale

  • Top 16 teams who advanced from the Weekly Qualifiers compete in a double elimination bracket.

We plan to host more regional FanFest tournaments in the future. Whether you’ll be playing in this tournament or not, we encourage all Xbox fans to sign up for Xbox FanFest at Xbox.com/FanFest to be the first to learn about new exclusives offered.

#Xbox20: Show Off Your Xbox Excitement

Toolkit Page

We love hearing about your favorite Xbox memories – keep posting them using #Xbox20 on your favorite social media platforms, and we may feature them on our Xbox social channels. Now you can also customize your social media profile to showcase your Xbox Excitement with the Xbox 20 Year Toolkit.

Earn 2x Points in Game Pass Quests This Month

Earn 2x Points in Game Pass Quests This Month

Starting on July 6, Xbox Game Pass members can earn 2x points for completing Quests built around select games celebrating 20 Years of Xbox. Check for Quests on your Xbox console or the Xbox Game Pass mobile app. You can also learn more about Xbox Game Pass Quests here.

Take a Trip Through Xbox History with Samsung

Take a Trip Through Xbox History with Samsung

Samsung TVs will also join the celebration this month. As the official TV Partner for Xbox Series X in the U.S. and Canada, Samsung has a wide range of innovative TVs that unlock the performance of next-gen games, including the brand new Samsung Neo QLED. Now, you can take a trip through Xbox history right on your Frame TV. Samsung and Xbox are collaborating on an “Xbox Through The Years” collection of iconic game artwork to be available exclusively for The Frame, a TV with 100% color volume that turns into a beautiful work of art when it’s off. From Halo to BioShock to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Frame owners will be able to find these stunning 4K images featuring their favorite game titles in the Frame Art Store at no additional cost. More to come on this exciting program later in July!

There’s more fun in store as we continue towards the November 15 anniversary date. Continue to keep an eye out here on Xbox Wire or at xbox.com/20years for the latest updates.

Author: Brina Hatcher, FanFest Lead, Xbox
This post originally appeared on Xbox Wire

San Antonio is celebrating a smaller Fiesta to ease back to normal after Covid

SAN ANTONIO — The temperature was rising and the sweat rolling, but the number of people who turned out to celebrate a slimmed-down, delayed Fiesta kept growing Monday.

The majority went maskless at the Mercado, or Market Square, downtown where colorful strings of plastic “papel picado” fluttered in a welcomed breeze, as locals and visitors moved among food and drink stands, band performances, restaurants and stores. The crowd wasn’t as big as a Fiesta, but it was a comfort to many.

“I was scared, thinking people weren’t going to come out, but the first couple of days were pretty good,” said Jay Suarez, 29, who sells turkey legs at several of the events that make up Fiesta.

Fiesta, San Antonio’s signature celebration of its history and culture, yields a $ 340 million economic impact — in normal years, organizers say. It’s such a popular event that its kickoff day is a local holiday.

Covid-19 erased the celebration last year.

This year’s 11-day-event opened Thursday, cautiously. Organizers cut a couple large parades, some events have limited capacity and guests are being reminded to practice Covid-19 prevention protocols. Fiesta also is being held later. Usually, the celebration is in April, when temperatures are lower.

After last year’s hiatus, Juarez was happy to be back selling turkey legs and seeing others just as eager to start life after lockdowns. On Monday, he proudly opened the doors to his “state-of-the-art” oven to show off the food he was selling at Fiesta de los Reyes, one of many Fiesta events.

For many, the annual Fiesta brings needed income. This year many workers are happy to see crowds turning out even if they are not as large.Suzanne Gamboa / NBC News

His booth helps him earns him some disposable income but also helps fund scholarships.

Despite a better turnout than he expected, “people are still scared, but (also) there’s a shortage of a lot of products there’s a shortage of a lot of help also because no one really wants to work,” he said.

Fiesta creates thousands of jobs and generates hundreds of thousands of dollars for charities. The nearly two-week celebration is packed with a carnival, parades, bike rides, music and the Night in Old San Antonio event that draws heavy crowds and many othter events.

Mario Elias, 48, of San Antonio, wore a straw hat to shield himself from the sun as he directed cars to $ 20 parking nearby. He was pleased to see people turning out, after a year of almost no work because of canceled events.

“We are a little surprised that more people are coming. There are quite a few more cars. We thought it would be much slower,” Elias said in Spanish.

Roy and Henry Perez performed an early show with their band Rhythm Kings at one of the stages at the event that had a lineup of bands through the night.

They had not stopped playing during the pandemic but shows were smaller, if anyone showed, and the pay was less, they said.

Jessica Guzman, 23, and David Ramirez, 23, who live in Houston, but are from San Antonio, said they missed the food and culture that is the essence of Fiesta. When they heard it was back on, they made plans to partake.

“It does feel good to see people out and about. We are both vaccinated and we made sure to get that right away … It does feel good to have the opportunity to connect with the community,” Ramirez said.

Seeing everyone out also “makes it feel like staying home and being safe was worth it, to protect people,” Ramirez said.

“Yeah, it’s almost back to normal, but not completely back to normal, yet,” Guzman added.

David Ramirez, 23, and Jessica Guzman, 23, made the trip back home to San Antonio from Houston to partake in the smaller Fiesta celebration that was canceled last year because of Covid-19.Suzanne Gamboa / NBC News

Several of the Fiesta-goers stopped themselves while expressing excitement about returning to normal to acknowledge those lost to Covid or who were infected and hospitalized.

Michael Perez, 51, of San Antonio, wore a multicolored sombrero he had accessorized for Fiesta — wearing decorated hats, wreaths of crepe paper flowers and streamers, custom-made medals and other gear is part of the celebration’s tradition.

Perez had pasted several cards from the Mexican bingo-like game Loteria, except the cards depicted were from the pandemic Loteria deck created by a San Antonio artist.

Michael Perez of San Antonio made a hat for Fiesta festooned with cards similar to those found in the Mexican bingo-like game, Loteria, but with symbols of the coronavirus crisis on the cards.Suzanne Gamboa / NBC News

Perez said he wasn’t trying to make fun of the pandemic but wanted to acknowledge the trying year.

“You might forget what happened five years ago, but you’re never going to forget Covid … It’s something that really happened, that is tragic,” he said.

He was among a smaller number of people who wore a mask at the outdoor events at Market Square. He said he was most concerned that he might cause someone else to be sick, even though he is vaccinated.

Despite those fears, he said he chose to attend the festivities not only to reunite with friends but to help the workers and businesses get back on their feet.

“Everybody wants everything to go back to normal,” he said.

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This post originally appeared on Texas News

Saturday was the 53rd anniversary of 'Loving Day', celebrating landmark interracial marriage ruling

MILFORD, Virgina — On June 12, 1967, the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously struck down 16 state bans on interracial marriage as unconstitutional. The ruling came in a lawsuit brought by Richard and Mildred Loving, a white man and Black woman who had been jailed for being married to each other.

After the court’s decision, the Lovings lived quietly in their native Virginia with their three children until Richard Loving’s death in a 1975 car crash. Mildred Loving, critically injured in that same crash, never remarried and largely shunned publicity.

She granted a rare interview to The Associated Press in 2007, the 40th anniversary of her legal victory, and died the following year.

In observance of the 50th anniversary of the landmark Loving decision, The Associated Press is republishing its last interview with Mildred Loving, by reporter Dionne Walker.

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Reporters no longer beat a path to the modest white house just over the Caroline County border – and that’s fine with its owner, a soft-spoken 67-year-old who never wanted the fame that her marriage brought her.

Born Mildred Jeter, she’s mostly known by the name she took when she – a Black woman living in segregated Virginia – dared to break the rules by marrying a white man named Richard Loving.

The union landed the Lovings in jail, and then before the U.S. Supreme Court, and finally in the history books; 40 years ago Tuesday, the court ruled in favor of the couple, overturning laws prohibiting interracial unions and changing the face of America.

Mildred Loving is a matriarch to thousands of mixed couples now sprinkled in every city. But she hardly considers herself a hero – just a girl who once fell in love with a boy.

“It wasn’t my doing,” Loving told The Associated Press, in a rare interview. “It was God’s work.”

SEE ALSO: Councilman’s opposition to interracial marriage leads to his resignation

While the rest of the Jim Crow South struggled to divide the races in the early ’50s, Blacks and whites in tiny Central Point had long been intertwined. They worked together on farms, raising chickens and tobacco. And often, they were intimate, explained Edward Clarke, who grew up in the town an hour outside Richmond, today little more than vast fields, ragtag homes and weed-choked farm houses.

Standing in the hilly cemetery which Richard Loving is buried, he swept his hand out over the markers reading Jeter, Byrd and Fortune – Black folks, he explained, many so pale they could pass for white.

“The white people were just like the Black people,” said Clarke, a Black man. “You lived and survived … it was a sharing thing.”

It was in this setting that a skinny 11-year-old nicknamed “Bean” met a 17-year-old boy who was a family friend, according to Phyl Newbeck, a Vermont author who detailed the case in the 2004 book, “Virginia Hasn’t Always Been for Lovers.”

Over the years, friendship led to courtship – but their relationship took an abrupt turn when an 18-year-old Mildred became pregnant.

“We’re talking the early ’50s, when an illegitimate child was far more of a stigma,” Newbeck said. “I don’t think Richard wanted her to have to bear that.”

And so, they drove some 80 miles to Washington, D.C., in 1958, married and returned to Central Point to start a new life.

“I think he thought (if) we were married, they couldn’t bother us,” Mildred said.

Within a month, they were in jail.

Now 84, then-Sheriff Garnett Brooks vividly recalls bursting into the Lovings’ home at 2 a.m., rousing the couple out of their sleep and hauling them off to face the law. Word of their marriage – nobody’s sure who complained – had reached the commonwealth’s attorney.

“He told me to go and check on them and if they are (married), arrest them,” said Brooks, who insists the case wasn’t about race but about illegal cohabitation. “I told him I’d be glad to do it.”

A 28-year-old Phil Hirschkop was just a few months out of law school when he overheard a professor discussing the Lovings with another lawyer, Bernard Cohen.

It was 1964, and the Lovings had spent the past few years living in exile in Washington after being convicted on charges of “cohabitating as man and wife, against the peace and dignity of the Commonwealth,” according to their indictments. Laws banning racially mixed marriages existed in at least 17 states.

The couple had avoided a year in jail by agreeing to a sentencing mandating, “both accused leave Caroline County and the state of Virginia at once, and do not return together or at the same time to said county and state for a period of 25 years.”

They got around it, recalls University of Georgia professor and family friend Robert Pratt, by riding back in separate cars and meeting up.

The frustrated young wife had written to then-Attorney General Robert Kennedy, who referred her to the ACLU for help returning to their Virginia home permanently. Cohen filed a motion to vacate the 1959 sentence against the couple, but hit a dead end when the courts refused to respond.

American courts had proven tough on race-mixing in the past: A handful of cases similar to the Lovings’ had come up before in other places, but were stuck in a thicket of state-sanctioned racism and red tape.

But lawmakers had just passed the Civil Rights Act, and across the South, Blacks were defying Jim Crows’ hold.

Hirschkop was convinced the Supreme Court was ready for change, too – but the right case had to come before the justices, free of any legal loopholes the state could seize upon. The Lovings presented such a case.

Hirschkop argued that the laws must treat each citizen equally, and that “when a law is based on race, it is immediately suspect and the burden is shifted to the state to show there is a compelling interest to have that sort of racial differentiation.”

On June 12, 1967, the court agreed.

“The country was ready, the Supreme Court was ready …” Hirschkop said. “They were going to do the right thing.”

Richard, by all accounts a stoic, blue-collar man content to let Mildred do the talking, moved his family into a small house on Passing Road, and tried to live happily ever after.

That ended when a drunken driver struck their car in 1975, killing Richard and costing Mildred her right eye. The small cemetery where he is buried is just a few minutes from their home.

Over the years, Mildred has granted few interviews, letting others tell her story through books, articles and a Showtime film, “Mr. and Mrs. Loving.”

“Not much of it was very true,” she said on a recent Thursday afternoon. “The only part of it right was I had three children.”

Her hands are curled by arthritis and her right eye is just a lidded hollow now. Still, Mildred’s face lights up as she talks about Richard. She thinks about him every day.

Each June 12, Loving Day events around the country mark the advances of mixed-race couples. Mildred doesn’t pay much attention to the grassroots celebrations.

Mostly she spends time enjoying her family, two dogs, and the countryside she fought so fiercely to again call home.

She wishes her husband was there to enjoy it with her.

“He used to take care of me,” said Mildred Loving. “He was my support, he was my rock.”

Video above is from previous post.

Copyright © 2021 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.

Author: AP

This post originally appeared on ABC13 RSS Feed

Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Jet Out Of Miami After Celebrating His Birthday Together

Kylie Jenner flew all the way to Miami to celebrate ex Travis Scott’s birthday. Now the pair has hopped aboard her private plane back to L.A. together, sparking reconciliation speculation.

Is this another sign that Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are rekindling their romance? The parents of three-year-old daughter Stormi Webster have been spending a lot of time together lately, and their latest plane ride has fans talking. The 23-year-old cosmetics mogul flew to Miami aboard her $ 72 million pink private plane, to take part in the “Sicko Mode” rapper’s blowout birthday bash. Travis then hitched a flight back to L.A. aboard Kylie Air with his former girlfriend on Monday, May 3, after flying into Miami from the Bahamas late last week on an even bigger private jet.

Kylie was photographed wearing a black sweatsuit with her hoodie pulled up and over her head to hide her face as she walked the steps to board her jet. Her long manicure could be seen as she held on to the guardrail, and Ky appeared to be carrying a dark tan leather Hermes Birkin bag from her amazing purse collection. She later showed in an Instagram story on the floor of her plane.

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner boards her private plane just ahead of ex Travis Scott as they two left Miami to fly back to Los Angeles on May 3, 2021. Photo credit: MEGA.
Travis Scott
Travis Scott is seen boarding Kylie Jenner’s private pink plane just after the cosmetics mogul. The two flew back to L.A. together on May 3, 2021 following his weekend birthday celebrations in Miami. Photo credit: MEGA.

Travis followed closely behind, and he didn’t try to cover up and go incognito like Kylie. The birthday boy — who turned 29 on Apr. 30 — wore a black short-sleeved t-shirt and jeans, and donned bright white sneakers along with a black baseball cap. But it didn’t hide his signature thin braids, which could be seen easily seen.

Kylie and Travis were practically joined at the hip during his birthday weekend in Miami. The pair had dinner at a “bird’s nest” booth at Komodo restaurant on May 2. They also partied together at LIV nightclub, where Kylie shared an Instagram stories video of Travis dancing in front of her. She put her open-toe red heeled shoe up to his chest, where he gave her foot several playful slaps.

Kylie and Travis were also caught on camera by partygoers by each other’s sides, leaning in close and smiling at each other during the party at LIV. The mother of one also shared a photo of one of her outfits to her IG stories, which she later posted to the ”gram proper. Travis left a fire emoji in the comments, and then called his birthday bash with Kylie the “Best Time Ever” in his IG stories.

In other fan videos, Kylie was seen hugging Travis and the pair seemed very much like a couple again. The two split in early Oct. 2019 after over two years and a baby girl together. The breakup wasn’t a dramatic one though, and the pair has remained friends as well as loving co-parents to Stormi. Kylie even shared a birthday tribute to Travis on Apr. 30, posting never before seen photos of him, including one where he was seen in a pink ball pit holding on to Stormi.

It was followed by a snapshot of the daddy and daughter all dressed up, with precious Stormi giving her father a kiss on the cheek. Kylie also included a sweet picture from a trip to the zoo of Travis proudly holding his little girl in his arms. Kylie, Travis and Stormi make for such an adorable family, so it’s no wonder fans are hoping that the cosmetics queen and the rapper are on their way to reuniting for good.

Author: bshilliday
This post originally appeared on Hollywood Life

Drake’s Son, 3, Flashes A Huge Smile While Celebrating Earth Day In The Cutest Sweatsuit — Pic

Author Sarah Jones
This post originally appeared on Hollywood Life

Sophie Brussaux took to Instagram to share a new photo of her and Drake’s adorable son Adonis as he celebrated Earth Day while posing in front of one of her paintings.

Drake‘s son Adonis looked adorable as ever in a new photo shared by his mom Sophie Brussaux, 31, via Instagram on April 23. The three-year-old flashed a huge smile for the camera and looked as cute as can be while sporting his curly blond hair for the snapshot.

Adonis sported blue sweatpants and a matching sweatshirt which bore an image of the planet in celebration of Earth Day. He pointed to the art piece by mom who had painted a matching earth on her canvas. “Everyday is #EarthDay!! My fav little human proudly showcasing mommy’s painting [heart emoji] hoping to give you a better world mon amoureux,” Sophie captioned the post.

Fans flooded to the comments section to gush over the “Toosie Slide” rapper’s son. “It’s the curly hair and the mega watt smile for me,” one follower replied. “Awww he’s just the cutest! Love his curls! Great smile,” another commented. One Instagram follower @elishaangel clearly knew Sophie and replied, “He’s getting so big.” Sophie responded, “They do get big fast these little monsters…remember when we were FaceTiming 1yo little Cam, and now your son is pretty much going to college.” Her friend offered some advice, “Cherish this age because soon that’s gonna be Adonis.”

Adonis has grown up in front of our eyes and luckily we’ve been able to see it through the numerous photos his doting parents post on social media. One of the most recent showed the 34-year-old rapper resting his head on the tot’s shoulder while laying down and closing his eyes. Drake’s sweet little boy tilted his head to comfort his father as he held a bowlful of snacks. He captioned the heartwarming pic with a fingers crossed emoji.

‘Win a trophy instead of celebrating this s**t’: Barcelona pip Madrid as most valuable football club but announcement splits fans

Barcelona have earned a mixed response after being named the world’s most valuable football club for the first time, seeing off the likes of Real Madrid, Champions League holders Bayern and English giants Man United and Chelsea.

The Catalans were valued at $ 4.76 billion, edging out bitter rivals Real Madrid, who came in at $ 4.75 billion, by the narrowest of margins in the annual list put together by financial experts Forbes.

Less than 48 hours after Lionel Messi and his teammates were beaten 2-1 at the Alfredo Di Stefano Stadium on Saturday in El Clasico, Barca failed to rise to the La Liga summit but have taken pride in topping these rankings instead.

The club announced on social media that it had achieved the feat and ran the news on its official website, receiving a range of reactions from fans. 

“Another trophy in the cabinet,” said one, while another responded “tell us something we don’t know” by way of celebration. 

Despite the club finishing more than half a billion dollars above the third-placed German champions and Manchester United in fourth, others were less receptive of the valuation.

“Win a trophy instead of celebrating this sh*t” demanded one punter, while another referred to Sunday’s decider in the Copa del Rey, when Athletic Bilbao await them, by saying: “Don’t care, win the final.”

“Valuable when the fans are being humiliated with heartbreak and [a] lack of trust due to our current performance?” asked one.

“[The] days are gone when some of us watched matches with full confidence. [The] majority of our fans are just enduring the moment rather than enjoying it.”

Madridistas weren’t far away to mock and rub salt into the wound. 

“Lost to the biggest club in history three times in a row,” scoffed one, adding a disturbing double image of smiling Madrid boss Zinedine Zidane.

With the weekend’s win, the France legend is the first coach to clinch three consecutive installments of the biggest derby in club football since 1979.

“This tweet just made me realize that Real Madrid is the biggest team in sports history,” stated another Los Blancos supporter.

There were also calls of Barca being “finished” and questions over how a club mired in more than $ 1 billion of debt can be the most valuable on the planet.

Elsewhere on the money list, Russian owner Roman Abramovich’s Chelsea slipped from third to seventh, valued at $ 3.2 billion.

That put the Blues ahead of Arsenal, mega-rich Paris Saint-Germain and 10th-placed Tottenham.
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Heidi Klum, 47, Dances In A Striped Bikini While Celebrating Monday: ‘Yippee’ — Watch

Heidi Klum showed off her amazing tight body while doing a sexy dance in a bikini. The mom of four busted out her incredible moves in a video for fans.

Heidi Klum[1] wanted to make sure she helped her fans kick off their Monday in a good mood by doing a bikini dance for them. The 47-year-old model still has a killer body of someone 20 years younger, and donned a horizontal striped two piece Frankie‘s number for her Mar. 29 Instagram video dance session. Heidi showed off how her tummy is so tight and toned, and waistline so trim even after having four kids[2]. The former model’s legs are still long and lean, and her figure looked nearly identical as to when she was a Victoria’s Secret Angel[3] in the aughts.

Heidi didn’t need a pool or beach occasion to put on a bikini[4], as she could be seen inside of a sun-drenched bedroom in the light and dark blue striped number. It featured a triangle top and low slung bottoms with high a high cut hipline. The nearly-thong back showed off Heidi’s perky behind as she did some sultry twirls to the beat of sexy dance music with a heavy baseline.

The America’s Got Talent judge ran her hands through her long blonde locks as she swayed her hips to the tune. She made sure to show off the bikini from every angle via her super sizzling dance moves. Heidi posted the video to get her followers jazzed to get up to start their work weeks, writing in the caption, “Yiippppiii it’s Monday. lots to do, but first let’s DANCE.”

Heidi has been flaunting her incredible body quite a bit lately. She enjoyed the warm spring L.A. weather in a Mar. 27 IG photo next to her pool were the Germany’s Next Top Model host could be seen wearing only black thong bikini bottoms. She covered up the rest of her body in a giant, oversized straw sun-hat, so that only her long legs and pert behind were visible. Heidi told fans “Sun’s out, Bum’s out” in the caption.

Heidi Klum
Heidi Klum always knows how to rock a bikini with her killer figure. Photo credit: Shutterstock.

The former Project Runway host has also been showing off her top curves, as she gave herself bangs in black lingerie[5] to please husband[6] Tom Kaulitz, 31, in a Mar. 26 IG video. While first wearing a heavy white monogrammed bathrobe, Heidi brushed her long locks and said, “I just asked my husband what his favorite hairstyle is and he said long hair with bangs….after I just grew mine out for the last four months,” she said wistfully while in her bathroom.

Heidi stripped down her robe to her waist, showing off a tiny black bra as she gushed in a sexy whisper, “the husband should get what the husband wants.” After some delicate trimming of her bangs, she danced around in the lingerie and put some dark eyeliner on her makeup free face. Heidi then flirted at the camera by saying “This one’s for you baby” to Tom of her hair makeover.


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Razzie nominees: '365 Days,' 'Dolittle' top nominations celebrating year's worst movies

The Oscar nominations will be revealed on Monday morning. But first, the Razzie Awards have unveiled its list of nominees celebrating the worst films of the year.

WASHINGTON — While the Oscars will soon celebrate 2020’s best films, the Razzies are highlighting the movies from the past year that Hollywood would rather forget. 

The Razzie Awards, also known as the Golden Raspberry Awards, celebrates the worst films of the year. 
Topping the nominations list this year is the “Dolittle” remake, starring Robert Downey Jr., and the Polish film “365 Days.” Both movies received six Razzie nominations. 
Other Worst Picture nominees include Sia’s “Music,” “Fantasy Island” and “Absolute Proof,” a movie from My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell about unfounded claims of election fraud.
The Razzies revealed the nominees Thursday night for Worst Picture, Worst Actor and Worst Actress. The full nominations list was announced on Friday morning. 
Glenn Close was nominated for worst supporting actress for “Hillbilly Elegy,” but could wind up receiving an Oscar nomination for that same role. If that happens, according to the BBC, it’d be only the third time an actor has been nominated for both an Oscar and a Razzie for the same role

Full list of Razzie nominations

Worst Picture 
Absolute Proof
Fantasy Island
Worst Actor
Robert Downey, Jr. – Dolittle
Mike Lindell (“My Pillow” CEO) – Absolute Proof
Michele Morrone – 365 Days
Adam Sandler – Hubie Halloween
David Spade – The Wrong Missy
Worst Actress
Anne Hathaway – The Last Thing He Wanted and Roald Dahl’s The Witches
Katie Holmes – Brahms: The Boy II and The Secret: Dare to Dream
Kate Hudson – Music
Lauren Lapkus – The Wrong Missy
Anna-Maria Sieklucka – 365 Days
Worst Supporting Actress 
Glenn Close – Hillbilly Elegy
Lucy Hale – Fantasy Island 
Maggie Q – Fantasy Island
Kristen Wiig – Wonder Woman 1984
Maddie Ziegler – Music
Worst Supporting Actor
Chevy Chase – The Very Excellent Mr. Dundee
Rudy Giuliani (As “Himself”) Borat, Subsequent Movie-Film
Shia LeBeouf – The Tax Collector
Arnold Schwarzeneggar – Iron Mask
Bruce Willis – Breach, Hard Kill AND Survive the Night
Worst Screen Combo
Maria Bakalova & Rudy Giuliani –  Borat Subsequent Movie-Film
Robert Downey Jr. & His Utterly Unconvincing “Welsh” Accent – Doolittle
Harrison Ford & That Totally Fake-Looking CGI “Dog” – Call of the Wild
Lauren Lapkus & David Spade – The Wrong Missy
Adam Sandler & His Grating Simpleton Voice – Hubie Halloween
Worst Director
Charles Band – All 3 “Barbie & Kendra” movies
Barbara Bialowas & Tomasz Mandes – 365 Days
Stephen Gaghan – Dolittle
Ron Howard – Hillbilly Elegy
Sia – Music 
Worst Screenplay 
365 Days 
All 3 Barbie & Kendra Movies
Fantasy Island
Hillbilly Elegy
Worst Remake, Rip-Off or Sequel 
365 Days (Polish Remake/Rip-Off of Fifty Shades of Grey)
Dolittle (Remake)
Fantasy Island (Remake/”Re-Imagining”)
Hubie Halloween (Remake/Rip-Off of Ernest Scared Stupid
Wonder Woman 1984 (Sequel)
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