Get Sky for free by making a very simple change to how you watch

If you fancy giving something new a try then there’s a very enticing best Sky deal that’s offering exactly that. The premium telly firm has just launched a brand new incentive that allows customers to take delivery of its new Sky Stream box and give it a go for a month without paying a penny. […]


Government to announce major change to train ticketing next week

Due to a successful trial of single-leg tickets by LNER in 2020, there is hope that this new initiative will make train travel easier. At the time, LNER commented: “Rail tickets can be confusing. We want to make choosing and buying rail tickets simpler and more transparent. “We hope this new structure is more straightforward: […]


Daughter’s life saved after mum noticed small change to skin

A mother helped save her 21-year-old daughter’s life after noticing a changing mole on her chest. Darcy had the mole for her whole life, meaning she wouldn’t have otherwise been concerned about it. But when she came back home to Salford from university, her mother noticed that the shape of the mole had changed. Darcy […]


Scientists Discover a Weird New Form of Ice That May Change How

Scientists rattling normal frozen water around in a jar of ultracold steel balls have discovered a previously unknown form of ice, closer to liquid water than any other ice yet. This is amorphous ice, a form not found in nature on Earth. That’s because its atoms are arranged not in a neat repeating crystalline pattern, […]


Tesla raises Model Y pricing following federal tax credit change

Tesla has quietly raised the price of its best-selling Model Y crossover. As of Saturday, the lists the Long Range and Performance models at $54,990 and $57,990, respectively. For the former, that represents a $2,000 increase from the all-time low it hit when Tesla in the middle of January. As for the Performance variant, it’s […]


Savers ‘won’t see change overnight’ as BoE raises Base Rate again

But while easy access accounts may offer lower rates, these can allow greater flexibility and typically permit free and easy withdrawals whenever necessary. Ms O’Brien said: “That kind of flexibility could be very useful in the current climate, where switching accounts frequently could be beneficial.” She added that it could be “wise” to diversify funds […]


Not a fan of cruising? The hack that could change your mind

Canadian Tammy Cecco wasn’t a fan of cruising. “The thought of being on a ship with thousands of other people and not being able to get off,” she said, “was something that I wanted to avoid.” That didn’t change when Cecco, a travel magazine publisher, boarded a surprise cruise booked by her husband to renew […]


Society isn’t changing fast enough to stop climate change: study

A new report has found that significant social change is needed to halt catastrophic climate change — and society isn’t changing fast enough.   Keeping global warming below 1.5 degrees Celsius — the limit set in the Paris Agreement — is implausible for social reasons, not technical ones, according to the Hamburg Climate Outlook, published Wednesday. The annual […]


Analysis | The argument for why the West should change course on

Comment on this story Comment You’re reading an excerpt from the Today’s WorldView newsletter. Sign up to get the rest free, including news from around the globe and interesting ideas and opinions to know, sent to your inbox every weekday. The war in Ukraine, at least for some policymakers in Western capitals, can be measured […]


Harry Styles Has Offended Fans After He Made A Shady Lyric Change

We all know Harry Styles. Born and raised in the United Kingdom, Harry spent much of his childhood in the small village of Holmes Chapel in Cheshire, England. At the age of 16, the aspiring singer took himself off to the Manchester auditions for the British version of The X Factor — a decision that […]