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GMB chaos as Kerry Katona fumes at guest over OnlyFans photos

Good Morning Britain sparked another controversial debate on Wednesday morning – and this time it was about bikinis.

Host Richard Madeley was forced to intervene when a debate on the show became ‘lively’.

The presenter and co-host Susanna Reid were joined on Wednesday’s show by Kerry Katona and Tessa Hartman.

The pair were debating about the appropriateness of bikinis for children, Manchester Evening News reports.

It comes after high-street retailer New Look was heavily criticised last week for one of its kids’ bikinis.

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Tessa Hartman from The Real Housewives of Jersey hit back at Kerry’s argument

The bikini set went viral on Twitter after one shopper pointed out it contains padding – despite being for young girls.

A spokesperson for New Look responded to the backlash and said the shaped foam cups were to “offer structure to the garment and to provide modesty for the wearer.”

They added: “This type of swimwear is widely available from other brands on the high street. We always listen to our customers and comply with all the British Retail Consortium (BRC) Responsible Retailing guidelines to create products that are age appropriate and best suit their needs.”

Discussing the outrage on GMB, former Atomic Kitten singer Kerry argued that padded bikinis were sexualising children while Real Housewives of Jersey star Tessa argued they’re “cool” and that there isn’t a problem.

Good Morning Britain discussed whether the New Look bikini was inappropriate or not
Good Morning Britain discussed whether the New Look bikini was inappropriate or not

“I’m really gobsmacked,” Kerry began. “I expect to see my nine-year-old maybe in a two-piece with a bit of Frozen, wearing Trolls.

“Putting padding in a bikini for a nine-year-old child I really think it is making them self-conscious of their bodies. I wouldn’t want my nine-year-old child to say to me, ‘Mummy, why are my breasts not like that other little girl’s?’

“Its so wrong, especially with social media right now.”

She added: “Are we going to start putting padding in trunks for nine-year-old boys? The world’s gone mad Richard.”

But Tessa argued she didn’t define what was in the bikini as padding and saw it as “protecting modesty”.

“For me, my girls would love these, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with them.”

“You’ll put them in thongs next,” Kerry chirped in.

But things soon became heated as the hosts and guests all began to speak over each other with both Susanna and Richard disagreeing with Tessa.

Tessa then argued; “There are a lot of things out there that sexualise children and there are bad influences like these social media sites like OnlyFans,” before then commenting that the padded bikini should be considered OK for a body-conscious nine-year-old.

Kerry, who has been honest about her use of OnlyFans, began to laugh and hit back: “Sorry to interrupt but OnlyFans is over 18. No one is actually putting that to a nine-year-old child and second of all, when I go on holiday to a resort with my children and there are a bunch of strangers there, I am not going to put my nine-year-old in a padded bikini bra which is sexualising them and not knowing who is stood there watching.”

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Tessa then interrupted; “But it’s OK for your teenage daughter to take the photos, your naked pictures to put on a social media site but you won’t let them wear a bikini to cover their modesty?

A fuming Kerry then fired: ” First of all darling, my children… no.

“My children do not take pictures of me naked and whatever you have read there you are completely wrong. My children take pictures of me in a bikini or in my underwear.

“I am a 40-year-old, darling.”

Kerry also argued that what she does on OnlyFans is “completely different” to then giving a nine-year-old a padded bikini top.

The pair then continued to argue over each other with Richard repeatedly saying: “Time. Time, girls.

“Folks, hang on a second. Kerry, Kerry… hang on a sec. We just want to get a bit of order back into the discussion.”

While the debate seemingly could have gone back and forth for much longer, Susanna had to cut in and end the chat as they were due to speak to a government minister.

Author: [email protected] (Lucy Marshall)
This post originally appeared on Hull Live – Celebs & TV

Jet2 cancels all international flights and holidays until July 1 amid green list chaos

Jet2 cancels all international flights and holidays until July 1 amid green list chaos

The Government yesterday announced changes to its travel traffic light system. Most notably, Portugal is being removed from the green list and added to the amber list next Tuesday. This news has caused chaos within the travel sector.

Mr Heapy said: “We know how disappointed our customers and independent travel agency partners will be following today’s announcement, and we share their concerns and frustrations.

“We are now calling for complete openness and transparency when it comes to the data, so that customers and the industry can really understand what is driving these decisions.”

The Jet2 boss added: “We agree that public health must be the number one priority.

“However, despite all the evidence and data showing that travel can restart safely and at scale, the UK continues to remain largely grounded whilst the rest of Europe opens up.”

Customers affected by Jet2’s changes will have their bookings automatically cancelled and given a full refund.

Another travel company to update its plans this summer is EasyJet.

The budget airline said it is reviewing flights to Portugal after the nation was removed from the green list yesterday.

A spokesperson for EasyJet said: “As a result of the Government’s sudden announcement placing Portugal on the amber list from next week, we are currently reviewing our flying programme to the country in the coming days.

“If customers want to change their plans, we offer the option to transfer their flights to another date or destination on EasyJet’s network without a change fee up to two hours before departure.”

The spokesperson added: “Any customers whose flights are cancelled will be provided with their options which include receiving a full refund or transferring to an alternative flight free of charge.”

Many travel experts have criticised the Government’s decision to axe Portugal from the green list, claiming it will hugely impact both holidaymakers and those working in the travel sector.

Travel consultant Paul Charles said this morning that the changes to the travel traffic light system will result in “hundreds and thousands of job losses”.

He went on to criticise both the system and the Government’s approach saying that Portugal should have been moved “from green to the green watch list” instead of the amber list to “give people more time to work out their plans”.

“It flies in the face of all the advice they were giving and the reason why they set up the travel traffic light system in the first place and I think that system is now seriously under question.”

Mr Charles added: “The travel sector has been pulled from pillar to post for at least 12 months now and dogged by inconsistencies of government policy.

“The sector needs a good summer this summer.”

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Travel Feed

'Good for the Swiss!' Brexiteers celebrate as EU trade deal collapses into chaos

'Good for the Swiss!' Brexiteers celebrate as EU trade deal collapses into chaos

Ignazio Cassis, the Swiss foreign minister, said his countries demands were “not met” by Brussels. In response, David C Bannerman, a Brexiteer and former Tory MEP, said Switzerland could cancel all of its deal with the EU.

He tweeted: “It is now increasingly likely that Switzerland abandons the 120 bilateral agreements it has with the EU, steps away from the EU Single Market, and adopts a similar trade deal to the UK’s TCA [Trade and Cooperation Agreement].”

Brussels was mocked for its short-sightedness by Express.co.uk readers.

One commented: “Everyone grows up to be a Brexiteer.

“It is called wisdom, comes from experience, and is why the remoaners are fading away.”

Another added: “The Swiss chose freedom, how very date they?”

A third remarked: “And what will the EU’s answer to this latest event be? ‘More Europe?’”

Switzerland and the EU clashed during negotiations over free movement rules.

Brussels demanded free movement for all EU citizens, regardless of whether they have employment in the country.

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Swiss President Guy Parmelin added: “The government found that the talks with the EU in three areas did not lead to the necessary solutions.

“That is why the government decided to end the negotiations.”

Several Express.co.uk readers commented on how strong the Swiss position is, and asked if the UK could offer assistance.

One said: “Good for the Swiss.

“We should form a free trade zone that enables other EU states to leave.”

A second noted: “The Swiss could make life very difficult for the EU if they stopped access to EU goods using the tunnels and rail network.”

Another wrote: “Anyone who thinks membership of an EU electricity union or health “co-operation” would be a good thing is being rather economical with the truth.

“The vaccine debacle has shown that very clearly on health.

“What Switzerland are realising is that the EU’s share of world trade and GDP has fallen year on year.

“This socialist Ponzi scheme is failing and it’s time to get out and follow the UK into prioritising trade with the rest of the world.”

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: World Feed

Holiday warning: Ibiza and Mallorca could stay on amber list to avoid border chaos

Holiday warning: Ibiza and Mallorca could stay on amber list to avoid border chaos
Some of Britain’s favourite island holiday destinations, including Ibiza and Mallorca, could stay on the list. Travellers returning to the UK from amber list countries must self isolate at home upon return.
Speaking to the Times, one source explained concerns surrounding UK Border controls as the influx of holidaymakers increases.

The insider said: “The Balearics are hugely popular and the Government is worried about opening up too quickly.

“Opening up to the Balearics would mean a huge increase in Brits leaving the UK.

“There are fears that opening up to hugely popular destinations like the Balearics would overwhelm Border Force while the 100 percent passenger location form checks remain in place.”

It follows Spain’s announcement of plans to take part in a pilot test for the European Union’s COVID digital travel certificate.

As of June 7, the nation is set to implement a pilot scheme trialling out the EU’s “digital green pass”.

The document will hold the medical data of those entering or leaving the country.

Spain’s president Pedro Sánchez hailed the move as “great news for the tourism sector in the new stage of hope” that has opened with vaccination.

He added that the creation of the certificate will facilitate mobility among European nations.

He confirmed Spain’s participation in the trial stage in his speech at the opening in Soria of the IV National Fair for the Repopulation of Rural Spain.

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Travel Feed

Boris Johnson blasted for 'utterly chaotic' travel system as Heathrow descends into chaos

Boris Johnson blasted for 'utterly chaotic' travel system as Heathrow descends into chaos
The accusation comes after photos emerged of crowded arrival halls at Heathrow where passengers from red, amber and green list countries were forced to queue together without any social distancing measures. An image obtained by iNews shows passengers who had arrived from red and amber listed countries queuing at immigration just a few feet from one another. Lucy Moreton, professional officer at the Immigration Service Union, told the media outlet: “There is all but no social distancing.
“This is a very common scene at our airports.”

She added: “All passengers, from whichever country, are mixing.

“It’s the same at other airports like Manchester and Gatwick.”

The chaotic scenes at Heathrow, where only Terminals 2 and 5 are open, were blasted by the Shadow Home Secretary.

Labour’s Nick Thomas-Symonds told iNews: “Conservative ministers are overseeing an utterly chaotic travel system that is recklessly increasing the risk of further variants reaching the UK.”

In a later tweet he went on to criticise the Government’s overall policy towards international travel during the Covid crisis.

He posted: “Time and time again we at Labour have argued for a comprehensive hotel quarantine system for all international arrivals to guard against new variants.

“It’s the Conservative Government’s failure to listen and act that has left us in this deeply worrying place.”

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However, Sky News economics and data editor Ed Conway conducted his own analysis of Government figures and reached the opposite conclusion.

He wrote: “In the period from March 25 to April 7, some 5.1 percent of passengers coming to the UK from India tested positive for Covid-19, not far below the 6.2 percent level recorded by passengers from Pakistan, and comfortably higher than the 3.7 percent of passengers coming from Bangladesh.

“And far from being three times higher than in India, the Covid positivity rate in Pakistan was only slightly above India; the rate of passengers coming from Bangladesh was considerably lower than that of those coming from India.”

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: UK Feed

Nicola Sturgeon fumes at Boris Johnson over Glasgow chaos – demands 'urgent' answers

Nicola Sturgeon fumes at Boris Johnson over Glasgow chaos – demands 'urgent' answers

This was met with mass protests during which demonstrators surrounded a Home Office vehicle and refused to move. Police moved in but decided the two men should be released to defuse the situation.

They had been detained over “suspected immigration offences”.

Ms Sturgeon tweeted: “Today’s events were entirely down to Home Office actions.

“Police Scotland were in an invidious position – they do not assist in the removal of asylum seekers but do have a duty to protect public safety.

“Both as MSP and as FM [First Minister], I will be demanding assurances from the UK government that they will never again create, through their actions, such a dangerous situation.

“No assurances were given – and frankly no empathy shown – when I managed to speak to a junior minister earlier.

“I am proud to represent a constituency and lead a country that welcomes and shows support to asylum seekers and refugees.”

Police were deployed after the Home Office vehicle was surrounded, but following a “suitable risk assessment” decided the two men should be released.

In a statement Police Scotland said: “In order to protest the safety, public health and well-being of all people involved in the detention and subsequent protest in Kenmure Street, Pollockshields, today, Chief Superintendent Mark Sutherland has, following a suitable risk assessment, taken the operational decision to release the men detained by UK Immigration Enforcement back into their community meantime.

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Whilst many of the protestors wore masks they did not appear to be socially distancing.

Large public events remain illegal under coronavirus regulations.

In a statement the Home Office said: “The UK Government is tackling illegal immigration and the harm it causes, often to the most vulnerable people by removing those with no right to be in the UK.

“The operation in Glasgow was conducted in relation to suspected immigration offences and the two Indian nationals complied with officers at all times.

“The UK Government continues to tackle illegal migration in all its forms and our New Plan for Immigration will speed up the removal of those who have entered the UK illegally.”

Ms Sturgeon claimed the Home Office operation was a “health and safety risk”.

She commented: “I disagree fundamentally with UK Home Office immigration policy but even putting that aside, this action was unacceptable.

“To act in this way, in the heart of a Muslim community as they celebrated Eid, and in an area experiencing a Covid outbreak was a health and safety risk.”

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: UK Feed

The chaos and fun of Britain's biggest families juggling 31 kids

Small families may think that they spend a lot of money of food every week, but imagine if you had to budget for a super-sized brood?

One of Britain’s biggest families, the Sullivans, spend around four times the average family spend of £80 on their weekly food shop.

Britain’s biggest families are letting us see into their lives and what is it really like to live with a family the size of a school class.

A conveyor belt of birthdays must also be planned, along with huge energy bills and clothes for growing children, the Mirror reports.

As for holidays, sleep or an empty washing basket? Forget about it.

Follow three bumper-pack families in an ITV documentary tomorrow evening (Thursday, May 13) that captures the chaos, and fun.

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Nicole and Joseph Sutton and their 11 children are on a food budget of up to £200-a-week, Ben and Zoe Sullivan and their 11 offspring spend £300, while Fran and Layden Seymour and their brood of nine have no limit.

Each child on average in Britain costs £150,000 to raise, so what motivates these families to keep on growing?

“Bigger is better,” says Fran. “There’s never a dull moment!”

Here the three families talk about what it’s like to live in heaving homes…

The Suttons: Tight budget doesn’t stop the laughter

The Sutton family

11 Children

Weekly shop: £80-200

“Big families have more fun than little families,” grins 11-year-old McKenzie Sutton, who lives in a very noisy home in Cumbria with mum Nicole, dad Joseph and 10 siblings – Rhiannon, 14, Lacey, 12, Skylar, nine, Henley, seven, twins Cobi and Parker, six, Hadley, four, River, three, Ocean, two, and six-month-old Navy.

As the 11 youngsters wrap each other up in reams of toilet roll on Halloween, they are all having an absolute blast, which is all Nicole really wants.

Having had a tough childhood, 30-year-old supermum Nicole just wants to have fun with the kids and be there for them. “If you can’t have a laugh with your mum, what have we got?” she chuckles.

She says they survive paycheck to paycheck on Joseph’s £400-a-week coach driver salary. But the savvy mum counts every penny. “That will last at least a week,” she says, as the massive weekly food shop arrives, containing four loaves of sliced bread and five boxes of cereal.

Video Loading

The food shop costs her between £100 and £200, but if they’re having a tough month, she can do it for £80.

“I go round the supermarket and add everything up, I know exactly what I’m spending,” she says, scolding 35-year-old Joseph for buying unnecessary cake bars.

“If something is twice the price it normally is, I’m not buying it. Meals depend on what food is on offer.”

On Sunday, she works at a chocolate shop in Keswick. Working in the week isn’t possible as childcare is too costly.

Joseph is on daddy day care. “It’s hard because Dad just can’t handle us all by himself can he!” says McKenzie.

Each £95 shift Nicole earns goes in the present kitty – they spend £100 on birthdays and she does all the baking.

Family days out are rare, but Nicole prides herself on being able to budget with next to nothing.

Nicole says: “We embrace everything – the mess, fun, laughter, crying, arguing, I’d never change it.”

The Seymours: Power couple admit a large wallet is help

The Seymours

Nine children

Weekly shop: No limit!

A barbecue at the Seymour house includes around 30 sausages and a couple of dozen burgers.

Layden and Fran Seymour live in a lavish home in Suffolk with their nine children – Taylor, 21, Oliver, 19, Morgan, 17, Ashton, 15, Jenson, 13, Tristan, 11, Gemma, nine, Xavier, five, and three-year-old Radley.

The “power couple” set up a string of businesses, including a soft play centre and a planned boutique B&B pub, and don’t spend too much time counting the pennies.

Mum Frances and Dad Layden with their nine children

Layden, 50, who has a Rolex collection worth £70,000, says: “We work hard to give our children some luxuries in life. We are not ones to analyse what we need, but it’s a phenomenal amount of money, so I prefer not to think about it.”

They have spent £30,000 on tech for the family, and Oliver shows off his sneaker collection, including a £450 pair he’s worn once or twice.

“Currently I think I’ve got more cars than children,” says Layden.

Fran, 48, spends £800 buying all the school uniforms.

“When you have a big family, you have to have a big wallet,” says Layden.

But it hasn’t always been easy for the family, who fell on hard times and were forced to live in a friend’s caravan.

“We couldn’t afford to feed all of us, so Fran and I went without,” says Layden.

They opened the play centre business leaving pennies in their account, but it changed their luck. For Fran’s birthday, after she’s done five washes and three dishwasher loads before lunch, Layden splurges £2,300 on a helicopter ride and a couple’s massage.

Taylor, left to babysit her siblings, says: “If I had to do this every day I’d be exhausted. I can appreciate why they need a break.”

But Fran says without a big family, they’d be bored. “Bigger is better,” she says.

Layden adds: “To be a dad and to see my children follow their dreams, it’s the best thing in life.”

The Sullivans: We need our own cow the milk we use

The Sullivans are one of Britain’s biggest families

11 children

Weekly shop: £300

In the Sullivan household, the alarm goes off at 5am and Ben and Zoe begin their non-stop routine of breakfast-making, teeth-brushing and getting their children dressed.

“You have to literally be on it from the minute you open your eyes,” says Ben.

By 7.30am, Ben heads off to work as an RAF aircraft engineer, while Zoe makes sure Elizabeth, 15, Olivia, 13, twins Isabelle and Charlotte, 12, Noah, 10, Eva, eight and twins Leah and Erin, four, all get to school and nursery.

Then she heads home to look after three-year-old Agnes May and Joseph, two – and to clean up their house with one bathroom.

“It wasn’t a conscious decision to have this many children, we just did,” says 45-year-old Ben.

The couple and their 11 children live in Lossiemouth, Scotland. “Life in a big family is fun, but pretty crazy and noisy,” says Eva.

Charlotte agrees: “It’s never too quiet. That’s a bad thing if it’s quiet, it means one of the little ones has escaped or something.”

With an income of around £600 a week, they spend £300 a week on food.

“It’s like a Travelodge,” says Ben, glancing at 15 boxes of cereal. “The milk we get through, we need our own cow!” says 42-year-old Zoe.

She adds: “There are things that we don’t do. We don’t really have holidays.”

The couple save all year for Christmas, budgeting for £3,000 (three times the average family spend).

“Seeing their faces is magical,” says Zoe, who would like another baby.

Author: [email protected] (Sara Wallis, Lucy Marshall)
This post originally appeared on Hull Live – Celebs & TV

India & EU agree to revive long-stalled trade talks amid pandemic chaos

India & EU agree to revive long-stalled trade talks amid pandemic chaos

The European Union and India have moved to resume negotiations on a free trade deal. The talks have been frozen since 2013 due to various differences between the two sides.

The two sides have reached an agreement that paves the way to boost bilateral trade, at a virtual summit between EU leaders and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday. In addition to discussing tariff-free trade, the EU and India will also work on two separate agreements – on investment protection and geographical indications which can protect products that have a specific place of origin.
Also on rt.com India’s economy may shrink amid soaring Covid-19 cases, analysts warn
“We have today agreed on concrete steps to expand this strategic partnership,” EU Council President Charles Michel said after Saturday’s summit.

The two sides tried to hammer out an agreement between 2007 and 2013. Multiple rounds of talks failed to resolve differences over tariff rules, among other issues, and the talks were suspended in 2013. Nothing happened in between, according to EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

“It was a remarkable summit because it widened the scope and the view of the untapped potential in the relationship of the European Union and India,” von der Leyen said at a media conference.
Also on rt.com EU response to Covid-19 pandemic has cost six million jobs, young workers worst affected
According to a last year’s study by the European Parliament, the EU-India trade deal could bring €8.5 billion ($ 10.3 billion) in benefits. The calculations were made before the UK left the bloc, but London is currently working on its own agreement with New Delhi.

The talks took place as India faces a severe health crisis due to the second wave of Covid-19. On Saturday, the country saw its highest single-day death toll from the virus, with 4,187 fatalities recorded.

For more stories on economy & finance visit RT’s business section

Author: RT
This post originally appeared on RT Business News

Nvidia warns users of new security threat following Windows 10 update chaos

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Tech Feed

Nvidia warns users of new security threat following Windows 10 update chaos

These malicious files are be anything – from known malware to a new breed that we don’t know how to fight yet.

This in turn can lead to code execution, escalation of privileges, denial of service, or information disclosure. This flaw, which has a 7.5 out of 10 CVSS vulnerability score, was found in the GPU’s installer.

Other vulnerabilities that Nvidia highlighted could also lead to Windows 10 system crashes, data corruption, information disclosure as well as denial of service and code execution attacks.

Nvidia also revealed a further eight vulnerabilities with its vGPU software, with five of these flaws ranked as 7.8 on the CVSS scale. These five bugs could lead to information disclosure, tampering of data, and denial of service.

While the other three flaws could result in integrity and confidentiality loss as well as denial of service attacks among other things.

Man Utd in chaos with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer 'disturbed' by Carrington training hijack

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Sport Feed

Man Utd in chaos with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer 'disturbed' by Carrington training hijack

United will be reportedly stepping up security measures for Sunday’s trip to Leeds as they fear more backlash.

But former Crystal Palace owner Simon Jordan has taken aim at the Red Devils supporters who broke into the training ground on Thursday morning.

“The fans have done what they needed to do… but the Manchester United situation is probably more unique than anyone else, because they loathe the Glazers,” he told talkSPORT.

“They loathe the way they bought the club and everybody knows from a business point of view it was a smart as paint move, but for the fans who have watched the Glazers effectively fund their club with its own money, it causes uproar.