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Royal snub: Charles dubbed ‘worryingly out of touch’ with UK over XR claims

Royal snub: Charles dubbed 'worryingly out of touch' with UK over XR claims

Charles, 72, has shown he cares deeply about the future of this country and the planet. During his time as a senior member of the Royal Family, the heir apparent has often spoken out about climate change.

Charles spoke of his concern about man-made damage to nature beginning several decades ago with the grubbing of countless hedgerows, the draining of wetlands and the destruction of woodland.

However, his concern came under fire by Daily Mail columnist Stephen Glover who believes the Prince has become “increasingly alarmed by climate change, sometimes to the point of being apocalyptic.”

He believes mainstream opinion and UK politics “have more or less caught up with him”.

Mr Glover went on to express that Britons should “on the whole be grateful that the heir to the throne cares so much, and is generally so knowledgeable about the issues he embraces”.

However, he then suggested he is “out of touch with the lives of ordinary people”.

He wrote: “It can hardly be denied that he sometimes sounds like an interesting though dotty professor who is worryingly out of touch with the lives of ordinary people.”

His commentary came after Charles was asked by Justin Rowlatt, the BBC’s climate editor, what he thought about the eco-protestors who have caused major delays through demonstrations on the M25 in recent weeks.

The royal replied to this by saying he “totally understood the frustration”.

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On climate activists like Extinction Rebellion, Insulate Britain and Greta Thunberg, Charles said: “All these young people feel nothing is ever happening so of course they’re going to get frustrated. I totally understand because nobody would listen and they see their future being totally destroyed.

“The point is, people should really notice how despairing so many young are.”

However, Mr Glover went on to explain that many “ordinary people” who had been stuck in the endless queues by the protesters, or that were late for work or hospital appointments “will have been taken back by his somewhat forgiving remark that it isn’t ‘helpful to do [protests] in a way that alienates people’.”

He believes Charles “could and should” have pointed out that the actions from groups like Insulate Britain who have made headlines for their numerous M25 stunts are “preventing hard-pressed folk from going about their business”.

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He added that the prince should have expressed the actions are “not only utterly pointless and extremely anti-social. It is also now illegal.”

The British columnist claims that the royal may be out of touch with the population impacted by the incidents, remarking: “I suppose Charles has very little experience of being stuck in traffic jams, whether caused by eco-warriors or anything else.”

He refers to the action as one of the “privileges of princes” and said the Queen’s son “needs to make an extra effort” to understand how “normal drivers” were impacted by the protesters.

Elsewhere in the BBC interview, Charles was asked about his own carbon footprint and provided answers which Mr Glover suggests give an “unworldly quality” to the prince.

He says that Charles “proudly revealed” his vintage Aston Martin runs on surplus white wine and whey from cheese-making.

Mr Glover also says the prince makes a “supposed sacrifice” by not eating dairy foods on Mondays, and by avoiding fish and meat two days a week.

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Charles’ planning permission nightmare escalates as locals turn on prince’s ‘monstrosity’

Charles' planning permission nightmare escalates as locals turn on prince's 'monstrosity'

The Duchy of Cornwall has been slammed over proposals to build 2,500 homes on Grade I agricultural land in the market town of Faversham in Kent. The Prince of Wales has been accused of “spearheading a monstrosity” by furious local residents in Faversham. One couple who lived in the area for 25 years said it persuaded them to leave the area.

Marion Sutton her husband Tim have claimed the proposals are causing them to leave the area after 25 years.

Speaking to the Daily Mail she said: “It is unbelievable that Prince Charles lectures on being kind to the environment and his own duchy is spearheading this monstrosity.”

The plan for the site is to deliver the “most sustainable” homes possible.

The Prince’s estate said that the homes will address a housing crisis in Faversham.

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The groups are also joined by the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE).

Doctor Hilary Newport, director of CPRE Kent, said they “do not believe the plans are environmentally sustainable”.

She added: “Grade one agricultural land is a scarce resource we can’t be squandering.

“Kent is called the Garden of England for a reason.”

Speaking to the Daily Mail, local history teacher Anthony Kemp said: “Out of all the developments in Faversham, I think this will be the best one.

“However, I feel it is completely inappropriate for a market town like Faversham to have been given too large a housing allocation.”

Also, speaking to the Daily Mail, councillor Ben Martin added: “We do need housing because we have a housing crisis.

“There seems to be an appreciation for the town from the Duchy’s representatives, they’re willing to engage.”

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Prince Charles heartbreak: Duke ‘bullied’ at school – Pupils tried to ‘flog’ tape of heir

Prince Charles heartbreak: Duke 'bullied' at school - Pupils tried to 'flog' tape of heir

Editor of Majesty magazine Ingrid Seward told GB News a story of Prince Charles while he attended Gordonstoun when he was younger. Ms Seward revealed her late husband, Ross Benson, went to school with Prince Charles and was fairly close to the future king. But the royal commentator explained how Prince Charles struggled at the boarding school and was the victim of bullying, recalling a story from her husband which saw pupils attempt to record the Prince of Wales’ snoring to sell on. 

Speaking on GB News, host Nigel Farage asked Ms Seward if she was close to the Royal Family and asked about her husband attending Gordonstoun.

She explained: “He let everyone know that, yeah he was at Gordonstoun with Prince Charles, in the same class.

“They became great friends and knowing Ross as I did he made sure he became friends with Prince Charles.

“[Ross] loved Gordonstoun and he said that Charles had a really hard time there because… if you were friendly with Charles they accused you of being a sycophant.

“And if you weren’t friends with him they would call you a bully, and Charles did get bullied there.

“There was this one story I really love, and I only discovered it much later when Ross wrote it for an article.

“He tells this wonderful story because Prince Charles used to snore and [he was] in one of those beds by the window which was kept open all summer.

“So the boys in the dorm above put down a little speaker attached to a tape recorder and they recorded him snoring…

“And they were going to flog the tape as ‘this is the future king snoring’, well you can imagine when the headmaster found out.”

Ms Seward added the tape likely still exists somewhere and was asked by Mr Farage whether she was a friend of the royals.

She explained none of the Royal Family were real friends of hers as many are “only friends within themselves”.

When Charles was younger he did not have kind words to say about Gordonstroun, which he described as “Colditz in kilts”, but he would later change his mind.

In a 1975 interview, the Prince of Wales praised the institution, which he credits for teaching him “a great deal about my own abilities and disabilities. It taught me to accept challenges and take initiative”.

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In the same interview, he said he was “glad” to have attended Gordonstroun and admitted the “toughness of the place” was “much exaggerated”.

The heir apparent also spent two terms in 1966 at the Timbertop campus of Geelong Grammar School in Victoria, Australia.

Letters published from the then-teenage royal show off how Charles felt about the college.

He said in 1964: “It’s such hell here especially at night. I don’t get any sleep practically at all nowadays..

“The people in my dormitory are foul. Goodness they are horrid, I don’t know how anyone could be so foul.

“They throw slippers all night long or hit me with pillows or rush across the room and hit me as hard as they can, then beetle back again as fast as they can, waking up everyone else in the dormitory at the same time.

“I still wish I could come home. It’s such a hole this place!”

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Royal Family LIVE: Charles could deny Meghan and Harry major royal perk

Royal Family LIVE: Charles could deny Meghan and Harry major royal perk

According to a royal expert, several fashion outlets are “beating at Kate’s door” to feature her in their magazines, which could help reach a new audience in promoting her and Prince William’s various charity work.

Royal commentator Neil Sean claimed: “All the major glamour houses in the world are now beating at Kate’s door wanting to dress her after that spectacular gold affair on the red carpet, but it’s more than that.

“The Jenny Packham dress will now go into the historical vaults and will be brought out, I can’t wait to see that up close.

“More than that now, all of her charitable ventures which she wants to really shine a light on, all the glossy magazines like the Tatlers and Vogues, they all want Kate on the front cover.

“Let me tell you, some of them will be featuring Kate on that front cover in that dress, detailing how she wowed the crowds and reinvented herself as more of a glamorous icon as well as a Queen-in-waiting.

“For Kate it’s good news because if people like Vogue, Tatler, and Harper’s Bazaar all want to do features on her, it can only benefit the good work that her and William are doing, and once again this snatches away some of the lesser, preachy work of Harry and Meghan.”

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Camilla has ‘traditional’ engagement ring from Charles while Diana’s was ‘unexpected’

Camilla has ‘traditional’ engagement ring from Charles while Diana’s was ‘unexpected’

ROYAL FAMILY members are known for their gorgeous and luxurious jewellery collections, including engagement rings. One expert has commented on the differences between Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and Princess Diana’s rings from Prince Charles.

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Prince Charles’ charity begins partnership with Johnnie Walker over a unique Scottish dram

Prince Charles’ charity begins partnership with Johnnie Walker over a unique Scottish dram

Charles, Camilla and the Queen herself were all in Scotland on Friday attending a multitude of royal engagements including a tree planting. The Prince of Wales, known as the Duke of Rothesay in Scotland, also had on his agenda the opening of Edinburgh’s new tourist attraction: Johnnie Walker Princes Street.

As a matter of fact, the whisky temple opened its doors a few weeks ago.

The building, which used to be the House of Fraser, represents an investment of £185m for Johnnie Walker’s parent company Diego.

Charles visited the 8-floor distillery-museum-school-rooftop bar complex before unveiling an official plaque on the 1820 terrace bar that has the privilege of a stunning view over Edinburg Castle and the city’s skyline.

His charity, The Prince’s Trust, is now set to work hand in hand with the Johnnie Walker Learning for Life Academy.

The company will deliver training and employment opportunities to support the recovery of hospitality and tourism across Scotland and the people who knock on The Prince’s Trust’s door in need of help.

The students of the said Walker Academy even prepared a special drink for Prince Charles.

Named after him, the “Duke of Rothesay” cocktail was made with Johnnie Walker Autumn (the first seasonal whisky exclusive to Johnnie Walker Princes Street) and garnished with ingredients from the gardens at Dumfries House estate.

In the Johnnie Walker Archive, His Royal Highness explored historical documents from the origins of Johnnie Walker and relating to the first granting of a Royal Warrant for the supply of its Scotch whiskies to the Royal Household by King George V in 1934.

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Ivan Menezes, CEO of Diego, said: “It has been an honour to welcome His Royal Highness The Duke of Rothesay to officially open Johnnie Walker Princes Street and a pleasure to celebrate this special moment with our people and the students we are training for an exciting future in the hospitality industry.

“We are grateful to His Royal Highness for the interest he has shown in the Scotch whisky industry and we look forward to working in partnership with The Prince’s Foundation to create opportunities for people in communities across Scotland to get into training and employment in hospitality and tourism.”

Earlier in the day, the Prince of Wales joined his mother the Queen and schoolchildren from nearby Crathie Primary at Balmoral Castle to plant a tree.

As part of a special initiative marking her Platinum Jubilee, the tree represented the start of the planting season for a scheme called the Queen’s Green Canopy (QGC).

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The project will encourage everyone to “plant a tree for the jubilee” between October and March.

“Let’s hope it will survive,” said Charles as he and his mother poured soil around the copper beech young tree.

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Prince Harry’s ‘hellbent’ agenda when it comes to Prince Charles

Prince Harry's 'hellbent' agenda when it comes to Prince Charles

Prince Harry has been accused of having a “hellbent” agenda when it comes to Prince Charles, his dad.

The 36 year old Duke of Sussex – who has quit the United Kingdom for the United States – intends “on trashing” dad Charles, it is claimed.

But the Prince of Wales, Harry’s dad, feels his string of attacks this year have been “unjust”.

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A royal source told The Mirror : “Prince Charles can certainly be accused of being somewhat old school in his emotions at times, but he loves both his sons dearly and has done the very best for them throughout their lives.

“It would be correct to say he is concerned over Prince Harry’s chosen path and does feel the constant attacks on his parenting style and other hurtful comments of members of the family are completely unjust.”

The senior royal source added: “He would never want to push Harry further away than he already is doing already but it’s a difficult situation.”

The Prince of Wales was all smiles during a visit to the Isles of Scilly, as the fallout from the Duke of Sussex’s memoirs continued.

Charles and Camilla were greeted by beaming schoolchildren when they arrived at the Five Islands Academy, as royal aides contemplated the possible disclosures in Harry’s tell-all book.

The 36 year old Duke of Sussex has reportedly been working on a first draft for a year and the book could be published at the end of 2022, coinciding with the Queen’s platinum jubilee.

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