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How long has Charlie Watts been in Rolling Stones?

Charlie Watts has been an integral member of The Rolling Stones for many years. The drums provide the backbone to any song, and his work has seen Modern Drummer induct him into their hall of fame. But how long has Charlie Watts actually been in the band, and is he a founder?

Contrary to popular belief, Charlie Watts was not a founder of The Rolling Stones.

Given his name is synonymous with the band’s many have assumed this was where he started.

However, Charlie was in another band before he joined The Rolling Stones, who had already begun to form at the time.

Charlie was born in London on June 2, 1941, and grew up in Wembley near jazz musician Dave Green, with whom Charlie played some early gigs.

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Charlie and Dave used to play jazz records together in Charlie’s room, and at the age of 13 he started playing the drums and was given his first drum kit in 1955.

The drummer would play along with the records he owned in the evenings after school, but attended Harrow Art School until 1960, where he learned how to do graphic design.

He worked in this field for an advertising company, but would still play drums with local bands, as well as performing with Dave in 1958 and 1959.

Charlie transitioned to more rhythm and blues music, telling The New Yorker: “I went into rhythm and blues. When they asked me to play, I didn’t know what it was. I thought it meant Charlie Parker, played slow.”

In 1961 he met Alexis Korner, the founder of band Blues Incorporated, which once also included Brian Jones and Ian Stewart.

He kept a job at an advertising company doing graphic design while he played with Alexis, and in 1962 he met his future Rolling Stones colleagues.

However, it was Brian who brought the original group together after he advertised for new bandmates, which saw Sir Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Ian reply.

For a while, the band had a few different drummers keeping them afloat, but they always wanted Charlie to come and join them.

In the end, in January 1963, about six months after the band formed, Charlie joined the group and has remained with the band until the present day.

Other than Keith and Sir Mick, Charlie is one of the only early members to still be part of the band, though he is not considered to be a founder of the group.

One thing which sets Charlie apart from his band members is his activities outside of the band, which have been many and varied.

At first, he contributed graphic art to records from the band, including the Between the Buttons record sleeve and the tour announcement in New York City in 1975.

He and Sir Mick also designed elaborate stages for their tours, with Charlie’s graphic skills coming in handy.

Charlie has made various comic strips, including Ode to a High Flying Bird in tribute to Charlie Parker, who was truly a love of his from the early days.

He performed in jazz troupes throughout his career with the Rolling Stones, even organising a tribute to Charlie Parker in 1991 and forming a quintet and a tentet to perform around the world, most prominently at Ronnie Scott’s jazz club.

In his private life, Charlie married his wife Shirley before the band became famous, on October 14, 1964.

They have one daughter, Seraphina, who was born in March 1968.

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Charlie Crist Challenges DeSantis in Florida Governor's Race

MIAMI — Representative Charlie Crist, Democrat of Florida, entered the race for governor on Tuesday, becoming the first challenger to Ron DeSantis, a Republican who raised his profile during the pandemic and is now one of the best-known governors in the country and a leading contender for his party’s presidential nomination in 2024.

“Today, Florida has a governor that’s only focused on his future, not yours,” Mr. Crist said in a video posted on Twitter, ahead of a planned announcement later in the morning in his hometown of St. Petersburg.

Mr. Crist has a long political history in Florida and is widely known throughout the state. He served as governor as a Republican from 2007 to 2011 before running unsuccessfully for the U.S. Senate as an independent, losing to Marco Rubio. After switching parties, he later lost a Democratic bid for governor in 2014 against the incumbent, Rick Scott.

But Mr. Crist’s experience is unlikely to deter other Democratic candidates. His clout has been diminished by years of electoral failures and by a party that is increasingly open to a wider range of more diverse public figures to be its standard bearers. Two women, Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried and Representative Val Demings of Orlando, are considering their own Democratic runs for the governor’s mansion.

In advance of Mr. Crist’s announcement, Mr. DeSantis held an official event Monday in St. Petersburg, touting the wins he racked up during the annual legislative session that concluded last week — a session that he and Republicans in control of the Legislature used to champion policies that will appeal to Florida’s increasingly conservative electorate.

Author: Patricia Mazzei
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‘Waka & Tammy’ Preview: Tammy’s Daughter Charlie, 15, Breaks Down In Tears Over Drama

Author Avery Thompson
This post originally appeared on Hollywood Life

Tammy Rivera finds Charlie crying over dating problems in this EXCLUSIVE preview of ‘Waka & Tammy’ and thinks it may be time for Charlie to figure things out herself.

Tammy Rivera stumbles upon some teenage drama in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the April 22 episode of Waka & Tammy: What the Flocka. Charlie’s friend explains what’s going on. According to another girl, Charlie didn’t tell her that she went on a date with a guy. The girl found out because Charlie was on his live. Tammy tries to get to the bottom of the drama.

Tammy knows that Charlie’s beefing with this girl. “Why the f**k are you going to let someone make you cry?” Tammy asks Charlie. Tammy doesn’t care what’s going on, Charlie shouldn’t be crying over this. Tammy admits that she doesn’t have any “patience” for this kind of drama.

Waka and Tammy
Tammy’s daughter Charlie cries in this exclusive preview. (WE tv)

“I came to Baltimore to try to get some type of… just a little bit of peace and try to reground myself, and now I found myself in the middle of what Charlie has going on in her drama,” Tammy says in her confessional. “I think this is the hardest part about being a parent because you want to keep your children with you every step of the way and you want to be there for them as much as possible, but I’m realizing that there’s going to come a time where even I might have to let her figure it out. Because if I don’t, I’m going to go crazy.”

As they’re walking out, Tammy tells Charlie, “That’s exactly why I don’t want your ass dealing with nobody.” When Charlie turns around, she’s got tears in her eyes. Tammy says Charlie needs to fix her face because she doesn’t want people thinking she’s all upset over a girl. Charlie begins sobbing in front of her mom.

Waka and Tammy
Waka Flocka & Tammy Rivera have been married since 2014. (Rob Latour/Shutterstock)

In a previous episode, Charlie told her stepdad, Waka Flocka Flame, that her girlfriend was going to be her date to her quinceañera. “Charlie is just a huge inspiration,” Waka recently told The Mix. “She’s just the apple of my eye. I thank God I had the opportunity to raise her because it showed me another side of females.” Waka told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY during our podcast interview that his bond with Charlie strengthened during the pandemic. “She literally is my life,” Waka said. Waka & Tammy: What the Flocka airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on WE tv.

Monty Don reacts after BBC’s Charlie Stayt questions his absence from garden ‘I'm out!'

Monty Don, 65, took BBC Breakfast host Charlie Stayt, 58, by surprise when he appeared via video link for an interview on the show this morning from his study. The presenter arrived on the programme to discuss the upcoming series of his hit BBC show Gardeners’ World with Charlie and his co-host Naga Munchetty, 46.
However, as he is most often seen tending to his garden in most of his TV appearances, Charlie was left questioning why the horticulturalist was chatting to them from inside his home for a change.

Charlie began by saying: “Good morning Monty!

“Not in the garden, in your study I believe, is that right?”

Explaining his choice of location for the live interview, Monty declared: “Yes. 

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Monty replied: “I love filming and I think you want to do well – the whole team wants to do well – and just because it’s a very calm programme. 

“What you see is gentle and flows, you know as well as I do there’s a lot of paddling under the surface to made that happen and there’s a lot of skill – not from me in particular – but everybody involved is really good at it. 

“And so, I certainly feel, ‘today this could be our last programme ever, let’s make it the best we’ve ever done. Let’s really go out on a high’, and tomorrow we’ll do the same!’

“And, that way, it ups the ante a bit,” he continued to explain. 

It comes as Monty will be back in Longmeadow welcoming viewers and Spring into his garden on the popular show. 

He took to Twitter to announce the return of the programme in view of his 214,000 followers this morning.

The gardening enthusiast penned: “You have waited all winter – but the new series of Gardeners World is back tonight at 9pm on BBC2.

“See you then.”

BBC Breakfast airs every day at 6am on ITV and Gardeners’ World returns this evening on BBC Two at 9pm with a brand new series.