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Coronation Street star Charlotte Jordan left fearing for her life after being followed

Charlotte Jordan, known for playing calculating Daisy Midgeley in Coronation Street, has said she “thought she was going to die” while out for a leisurely stroll with her dog, Olive. The actress was followed by a stranger, who later turned out to be a super-fan of Corrie.

However, the experience left Charlotte feeling very shaken up.

The soap star has now spoke about the moment she thought she was about to be attacked, before finding out the guy only wanted a snap with her.

“I did have an experience where I was walking the dog – I was just a bit confused because you know when you can tell someone’s following you?” she explained to The Sun’s TV mag.

“This grown man was following me and I picked up the pace and then he was walking faster and I thought, ‘Oh my God, this is how I die’.

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But when a planned gig gets cancelled, Daisy ushers Ryan into the back room and plies him with cocktails and even when Alya calls in the Rovers looking for Ryan, Daisy keeps schtum about his whereabouts.

Placing her hand on Ryan’s leg, Daisy wonders which cocktail he’d prefer, the naggy girlfriend or the night of wild passion.

But it wasn’t Ryan’s thigh at all – or actor Ryan Prescott’s – as it was in fact a thigh double, her real-life boyfriend.

The soap star confessed: “They roped my boyfriend in because we’re shooting socially distanced, we can’t touch props, we can’t touch humans, we can’t touch anything.

“And so my boyfriend got the long-awaited call he was hoping for his entire life – Coronation Street wanted him to come to work as Ryan’s thigh double.

“He’s not an actor but he grew up watching Coronation Street, so it was really fun just to see his little face when he looked at all the sets and stuff,” she added.

The star confirmed back in March she would be sticking around on the cobbles after her contract with extended by ITV.

Charlotte explained to Digital Spy: “They picked up my second option, yes, so I’m definitely around until September hopefully and then who knows. I’ve moved up here to Manchester now, just in time for it to start kicking off for Daisy. It’s amazing.”

Author: Holly Fleet
This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Celebrity News

Charlotte Smith health: 'I could die in 10 years' – Countryfile host on her 'rare' disease

Diagnosed in 2016, the doctor told it straight to Charlotte Smith – in 10 years time she’ll need a lung transplant or she may die. “All I could focus on was the thought that I could die in 10 years,” said the mum-of-two. In complete “shock”, Charlotte said the diagnosis didn’t kick in “like it was supposed to”, she told The Mirror. Although the impending year is fast approaching – now only five years away – Charlotte is grateful she is alive.
Plus, Charlotte’s doctor reassured her that death was the “worst-case scenario” and probably wouldn’t happen to her.

When questioned what LAM was, Charlotte replied: “LAM is the abnormal growth of smooth muscle cells, especially in the lungs, which can lead to loss of lung functions.”

Lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM)

The British Lung Foundation (BLF) said the condition occurs “almost exclusively in women”.

The cause behind the rare disease is unknown, but the condition is a result of an abnormal mutation of the LAM cells.

The symptoms of LAM:

  • Breathlessness
  • Fatigue

Women with LAM may develop a collapsed lung (pneumothorax), which is when air gets into the space between the outside of the lung and the inside of the rib cage.

Speaking exclusive to Express.co.uk, Charlotte revealed that her “lungs had collapsed” and she was “in the hospital for two weeks”.

In LAM, if the lymphatic tissues are blocked, then there may be a bloated stomach and fluid around the lungs.

Inhalers may be prescribed to help ease breathlessness and oxygen therapy could be an option.

In the UK, the National Centre for LAM is at Nottingham University Hospital.

This is where the diagnosis and treatment of LAM will be instigated.

Charlotte Smith will return to BBC One’s Countryfile for a special community gardens episode on Sunday, May 23 at 6pm.

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Health Feed
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Charlotte Crosby reveals plans to move to Australia

CHARLOTTE Crosby has revealed her plans to move to Australia.

The 30-year-old’s revelation comes after she was left heartbroken by Channel 5’s shocking documentary Celebrities: What’s Happened To Your Face? which aired last week.

Charlotte Crosby has revealed her future living plans - which include a BIG move


Charlotte Crosby has revealed her future living plans – which include a BIG moveCredit: instagram @charlottegshore

The show caused uproar after they claimed she spent £20k to get a ‘plastic face’ and described her as “rubber-lipped Charlotte”.

The Geordie Shore star slammed the programme for being “insensitive and immoral” in a lengthy statement on social media the evening that it aired.

Despite being left devastated by some of their harsh words, it hasn’t stopped Charlotte from getting excited about future plans – which include moving over 9000 miles away from her hometown of Newcastle.

She recently told Who magazine: “I think I will live in Australia in about 10 to 12 years.

The telly star has revealed she wants to move Down Under


The telly star has revealed she wants to move Down UnderCredit: instagram

“I have two online businesses that I started about two years ago and I want to get them to the point where I can sell them for a lot of money and I think I’ll give myself a 10 year limit for that so it’s all based around that.”

The telly star knows the country very well as she’s filmed The Charlotte Show, Geordie Shore and even starred in the sixth series of the Australian version of I’m a Celebrity too.

The northern lass became a huge hit in the jungle with Aussie viewers and even struck up a romance with Married At First Sight star Ryan Gallagher.

Charlotte has thought long and hard about where she would like to settle down and replied: “Gold Coast! Absolutely bloody gorgeous, can’t even think about it because it gets us so excited!”

Charlotte was a huge hit with Aussie viewers in the jungle


Charlotte was a huge hit with Aussie viewers in the jungleCredit: Channel Ten

Charlotte found love with Ryan on I'm A Celebrity last year


Charlotte found love with Ryan on I’m A Celebrity last yearCredit: Refer to Caption

The Just Tattoo of Us presenter made headlines last week when she hit back at C5 for airing a programme where surgeons criticised her “plastic face” and “duck lips”.

Charlotte – who has been very honest in the past about what surgery she has had done – took to Twitter to express her shock and upset, declaring that “enough is enough”.

In an impassioned post, she wrote: “I cannot quite believe I am saying this but here goes. Last night, Channel 5 & Crackit Productions put out a one-hour documentary called ‘Celebrities – What Happened To Your Face – Charlotte Crosby.

“In 2021 a main UK channel & production company believed it would be a good use of airtime to dissect my physical appearance.

Charlotte pictured in 2011 before having lip fillers


Charlotte pictured in 2011 before having lip fillersCredit: Rex

Charlotte has altered her looks over the years


Charlotte has altered her looks over the yearsCredit: Instagram

“I have seen how many of you saw it, switched off & complained – many not even “fans” of me, just good people who know right from wrong. Thank you for that, and for your messages of love and support.”

“Dealing with trolls is one thing, you ignore, you block,” she said. “BUT where are we as a society when the trolls are the mainstream TV channels? Will they now take responsibility for my dip in mental health and my plummeted self-esteem?”

She added: “When is enough enough? Just because we’re in the public eye, doesn’t mean we aren’t human. Fortunately I’m strong enough to deal with it but many aren’t!”

In the programme Dr Sabrina Shah-Desai looked at pictures of Charlotte from 2018 and said: “She’s getting to visible signs of having fillers. Good jobs are not visible, bad jobs are extremely visible.

The star was described as "rubber lipped Charlotte"


The star was described as “rubber lipped Charlotte”Credit: instagram

Charlotte shot to fame in 2011 on the first series of Geordie Shore


Charlotte shot to fame in 2011 on the first series of Geordie ShoreCredit: Rex Features

“You can see her lips are too full, the apple of her cheek is too big, almost like a golf ball. That’s looking slightly unreal.”

A number of famous faces including Geordie Shore co-star Holly Hagan and Jacqueline Jossa jumped to her defence after being left “disgusted” by the show.

The next day Charlotte broke down in tears on Instagram after fans backed her over the “insensitive” documentary.

After seeing the uproar that they had caused, later that evening Channel 5 apologised for airing the show, and also yanked it from its streaming service.

Charlotte was overwhelmed by all the support she received


Charlotte was overwhelmed by all the support she receivedCredit: Instagram

The broadcaster stated: “Channel 5 and the programme’s producers, Crackit Productions, take duty of care very seriously.

“While we acknowledge that the programme was OFCOM compliant, we have taken on board Charlotte’s feedback and removed the episode from our streaming platform My5.”

It added: “We apologise for any upset caused.”

Last month Charlotte told fans she’s glad she got rid of the “hook” in her nose as she shared before and after pictures of her cosmetic surgery.

Charlotte has been open about all her surgery - including her nose job


Charlotte has been open about all her surgery – including her nose jobCredit: Not known, clear with picture desk

Charlotte, pictured in 2014, before getting lip filler


Charlotte, pictured in 2014, before getting lip fillerCredit: Rex Features

Charlotte has her boobs done in 2017 to correct her 'uniboob'


Charlotte has her boobs done in 2017 to correct her ‘uniboob’Credit: instagram

The star had her first nose job back in 2016 after becoming self conscious on the MTV show.

A year later Charlotte went under the knife to correct her ‘uniboob’ after trolls commented on her boobs.

She also has lip filler to keep her pout looking full.

Charlotte Crosby breaks down in tears as fans back her over ‘insensitive’ Channel 5 doc about her face

Author: Lucy Murgatroyd
This post originally appeared on Showbiz – latest celebrity news, gossip, photos, TV and film reviews | The Sun

Kate Middleton spotted in Chelsea using parenting trick with George and Charlotte

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Life and Style Feed

“She is a wonderful mum, who devotes her life to them, her husband, the Monarchy, and her patronages. Its nice to hear she equally beautiful on the inside and the children too,” one said.

Another wrote: “She never puts a foot wrong, even on a very bad day. She’s so dignified and was made for the job. Catherine the Great, indeed.”

Kate Middleton’s funeral appearance wowed a number of fans as she tackled cobblestones in killer heels to pay her respects to Prince Philip. ‘How on earth?’ Princes criticised as Kate tackles cobblestones in skyscraper heels

The Duchess wore a pair of towering black heels, in black suede.

The Duchess also wore a pair of towering black heels, in black suede.

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Charlotte Smith health: ‘Started feeling breathless’ Presenter's first sign of condition

Countryfile presenter Charlotte Smith, 57, opened up about her diagnosis with Lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM), which is a rare lung disease. The star candidly discussed her health concerns after being told the shocking news by doctors that she could only have 10 years left to live in an interview from back in 2016.

Charlotte explained to The Mirror that she sought medical advice when she “started feeling breathless” following her brother’s wedding in 2010.

Charlotte said in the interview: “I saw a specialist at London’s University College Hospital and an MRI scan identified multiple cystic air spaces in both lungs. They realised it was LAM.

“LAM is the abnormal growth of smooth muscle cells, especially in the lungs, which can lead to loss of lung functions. In the States, it’s classed as similar to cancer but grows very slowly in comparison to lung cancer.”

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LAM is found almost exclusively in women, said Medline Plus.

The health site continued: “It often occurs as a feature of an inherited syndrome called tuberous sclerosis complex.  

“When LAM occurs alone it is called isolated or sporadic LAM.

“Signs and symptoms of LAM most often appear during a woman’s thirties.

“Affected women have an overgrowth of abnormal-like cells (LAM cells) in the lungs, resulting in the formation of lung cysts and the destruction of normal lung tissue.

“They may also have an accumulation of fluid in the cavity around the lungs (chylothorax).”

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LAM occurs in approximately 30 percent of women with tuberous sclerosis complex.

Sporadic LAM, which occurs without tuberous sclerosis complex, is estimated to affect 3.3 to 7.4 per million women worldwide.

This condition may be underdiagnosed because its symptoms are similar to those of other lung disorders such as asthma, bronchitis, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

“When I heard I probably had this very rare, potentially serious disease with an unpronounceable name I went into shock,” Charlotte said.

“The doctor was honest and told me all the stats, including it being 10 years, on average, between diagnosis and needing a lung transplant – or even death.

“He went on to say that this was the worst-case scenario and probably wouldn’t be me. But all I could focus on was the thought that I could die in 10 years.”

Lymphangioleiomyomatosis manifests itself in a wide variety of ways, so it is sometimes difficult to diagnose, explained the LAM Foundation.

It added: “The difficulty of the diagnosis is compounded by the fact that many of the symptoms of LAM are similar to those of other lung diseases such as asthma, emphysema, and bronchitis.

“Chest x-rays are not usually sufficient to detect LAM, but high-resolution chest CT scans can detect the characteristic cystic structure of LAM, thus providing an accurate diagnosis especially if other manifestations of the disease (e.g., benign kidney tumour, lung collapse, or fluid in the lungs) are present.”

This article originally appeared on Daily Express :: Health Feed
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Charlotte Rampling confirms 50-year rumour that she lived with two lovers in flat share

The actress, 75, at last came clean about the “unconventional” set-up with her agent Bryan Southcombe and Randall Laurence, who have since died. She said: “Well, I did have two boyfriends which was racy at the time.We were all very young. It was all chop and change. Quite a lot of things were experimental.”
The star of Georgy Girl,The Damned and TV’s Broadchurch admitted the main reason she kept quiet was to protect her family.

She said: “You still had parents who were quite conventional and you needed to protect them, and I didn’t want people in the golf club thinking…you have to keep up appearances, don’t you?” Colonel’s daughter Charlotte married Bryan in 1972 after she became pregnant with their son Barnaby, now a successful film maker.

She said: “Sometimes choices have to be made and I chose Bryan because I got pregnant.

“And you will say, ‘How do you know it was his?’ I won’t go any further. But I chose Bryan and Bryan is Barnaby’s father.”

She divorced Bryan in 1976 after falling in love with French composer Jean-Michel Jarre. Randall was later in a relationship with another male model.

Charlotte says she is now enjoying an “amitie amoureuse” with an unnamed “friend” in Paris, where she lives.

She said: “The French do have ways of talking about love that the rest of the world don’t.

“Amitie is friendship, amoureuse is loving… so it’s an ‘in-love’ friendship.”

Kate Middleton ‘enjoys’ playing an ‘active’ parenting role for George, Charlotte and Louis

Kate Middleton and Prince William are both senior working members of the Royal Family which means they must adhere to and follow certain parenting techniques. However, the Duke and Duchess have also been known to step away from traditional rules and implement their own. 
Kate joined the Royal Family in 2011 when she married Prince William in Westminster Abbey. 

The couple had met previously while studying at university.

Since then, they have had three royal children, Prince George, seven, Princess Charlotte, five, and Prince Louis, two.

The children are regularly seen with their parents for royal engagements although this has been paused due to the pandemic.

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Sophie explained: “Having multiple children is difficult, as any parent of two or more will attest to. 

“You can’t meet all their needs at once and there is always a time when all three need you and you only have two hands. 

“It seems as if Kate is coping admirably with the joys and strains that three children bring – as well as any mum in her position would. 

“Kate and William could have easily hired more staff to help with childcare but chose to keep just one nanny, showing that Kate enjoys playing an active and present role in the lives of her three children.”

The Duchess will often be seen showing affection towards her children in public and has a huge interest in early years education.

Last year, she launched a campaign which encouraged parents across the country to answer questions on what they thought on early years education.

This might mean that she likes being involved in bringing up George, Charlotte and Louis because she knows how important their early years are.

The expert added: “Kate is a very involved mum and clearly wants to influence the way in which her children are raised, how they are educated and the morals that they will value. 

“Employing just one nanny, rather than a team, means that Kate can be actively involved in her children’s upbringing while still having help and support with day-to-day childcare.”

Due to the pandemic, the royal children have been kept out of the spotlight for several months.

The last time they were seen as a family of five was back in December when they attended a special pantomime performance.

Sophie explained: “Keeping children out of the spotlight will never be a negative thing. 

“Children in the public eye have to deal with so much more than others the same age and allowing them time away from cameras and public appearances means that they have the opportunity to be normal children.”

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Charlotte Church’s Comic Relief appearance sparks huge sexism row ‘Depraved!’

She said: “I would love to introduce you to my little baby. Covid realness, honey.”

The former child star has daughter Ruby, 12, and son Dexter, 11, with her ex-partner, former Wales rugby player Gavin Henson, 39, and raises the family’s new addition with her husband musician Johnny Powell.

Last week, Charlotte revealed she had given birth to her third child during an appearance on This Morning.

Holly Willoughby shared the news, saying: “You’ve got three kids now!”