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The Russian Church: If you don’t get vaccinated, you will regret it for the rest of your life

The Russian Orthodox Church has accused people who do not want to be vaccinated against COVID-19 and called them sinners who will atone for their guilt for the rest of their lives.

The statement comes amid a new jump in the number of infected and dead in Russia, Reuters reported.

The call came as 24,353 new cases were reported, including 6,557 in Moscow, bringing the official total to 5,635,294 since the start of the pandemic.

Speaking on state television, Metropolitan Hilarion said those who refused to be vaccinated were committing “a sin they will have to atone for throughout their lives.”

The metropolitan added: “Every day I see cases of people going to a priest to confess that they refused to be vaccinated or to vaccinate their relatives and inadvertently caused someone’s death.” “It is a sin to think of ourselves, but not of others,” Hilarion said.

The Patriarchate of Moscow donated vaccines to the Church of Antioch

The Patriarchate of Antioch received a donation from the Russian vaccine against the Sputnik-V coronavirus, the official website of the Russian Orthodox Church announced. The donation was organized by the External Department of the Moscow Patriarchate and handed over on June 25 at Rafik Hariri International Airport in Lebanon to the abbot of the Patriarchal Monastery of the Assumption in Balamand Archim. Roman (Hanat), from the head of the court of the ROC-MP in Beirut, archim. Philip (Vasiltsev) and the Russian ambassador to the country R. Mamaev.

With the blessing of Patriarch John of Antioch, on June 1, the donated vaccines were officially handed over to the Vaccination Center at Balamand University, a higher education institution of the Patriarchate of Antioch whose jurisdiction covers Syria, Lebanon and Iraq. The Russian ambassador said the donation of Russian vaccines was an expression of concern for the Lebanese people and the Orthodox community and was proof of the ongoing cooperation between the Orthodox Churches of Russia and Antioch in both Lebanon and Syria.

Archim. Philip said members of the Russian-speaking Orthodox community in Lebanon would also be vaccinated at the Balamand Vaccination Center.

Author: News desk
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Lately, it is talked more and more of Islamic banking and Islamic insurance, penetrating Europe. Little is known, however, of the initiatives of Christian churches for regulating the financial situation of religious Christian organizations in the age of global secularism.

In January 2005 financial world was blown up by the great success of the Investment Fund to the Anglican Church in Great Britain, which realized huge incomes. It is an example of profitable, sound, risk-free and at the same time covering matters of ethnic nature investments, made in companies, which observe all normative acts on environmental protection, guarantee for non-discrimination of any kind and provide safe working and living conditions.

Another very successful fund is The Century Fund, established in 1994 by World Student Christian Federation, which is an ecumenical organization, existing since 1895. It works in beneficial partnership with the Churches and student and youth movements all over the world. Having started with the amount of 1 million US dollars, the Fund combines Christian ethics and investment in different spheres of activity with the purpose of raising resources for a Christian association among Christian students. The interests and earnings, received by the fund, are used for international programmes, international and regional cooperation as well as for supporting the Programme for Ecumenical Assistance through humanitarian initiatives for churches in developing and non-developing countries: higher education, settlement of conflicts and peace-making, theology and spirituality and other spheres of present interest. More than one hundred national movements are members of the Federation as they both make a profit of and give their contribution to the prosperity and activity of the World Student Christian Federation. This Investment Ecumenical Fund is a real opportunity for investing in the future and is established as a legal entity in Geneva.

On its part, in the period from 10th to 16th of April 2005 the World Council of Churches in Geneva initiated the organization of World Week of Initiatives on matters of commerce, as it encouraged all member-churches (347 in number from more than 120 countries) and other organizations from the non-governmental sector to participate in it.

In Geneva the delegation of “To Respond Together” Ecumenical Alliance, led by Pastor Samuel Cobia, Secretary-General of the World Council of Churches ат тхат тиме handed the Petition to the leaders of the World Trade Organization. The Petition is entitled “Trade at the Service of People” and has been signed by more than 180 religious leaders. Business circles are called to change the rules of international trade with the purpose of protecting the rights of all countries, including the rights of Man, the Creation /of Nature/ and economic equity.
During the last three decades microcredits revolutionized the financial world. Microfinancial institutions knocked down the financial rules, which seemed unshakeable, with the purpose of offering their services to the poor by granting credits with minimum interests and at the same time minimizing the formalities and bureaucracy. They proved that banks could grant loans not only to the rich, but also to small entrepreneurs from marginalized groups and their families. The United Nations Organization declared the year of 2005 for World Year of Microcredit. An Ecumenical Interchristian Organization called Oikocredit holds paramount position in the sector of microfinancing. It also played an active part in the international symposium, held on 10th of June, this year, in the former German Parliament in Bonn under the motto of “The small loans that change our life.” Since its establishment up to the present moment Oikocredit has supported 234 financial intermediary groups and many projects in Latin America, Asia, Africa, Central and Eastern Europe (including Bulgaria), as unlike the other financial institutions, which grant credits for short terms (for a period of one to two years), Oikocredit offers crediting on a long-term plan (for a period of two to ten years) and is also one of the few institutions, which could afford to grant credits in local currencies.
Most of the private investment funds, engaged in microfinancing are qualified as “social investment funds”. Only few of them like SIDI in France, Calvert in the United States of America and Oikocredit are called “social funds.” The fact that the word “investment” was left out reveals that with these funds the social aspect is much more important than the financial yield.
To millions of people around the world, microredits changed the concept of charity. Even at a catastrophe with the magnitude of the disasters, caused by the tsunami or floods in Louisiana, microcredit has its place and specific significance since after the priority of the aid of vital necessity, a long-term restructuring aid is offered, which represents the very power of microfinancing.

Author: Petar Gramatikov
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'Grave Sin!' Bishops move to punish Biden for pro-abortion stance with Church ban

The former Delaware Senator is only the second Catholic to be elected US President, after John F Kennedy. He regularly attends Church services, where the ritual of the Holy Communion (Eucharist) is performed. The act commemorates Jesus’ Last Supper with his disciples and is the most important ritual in the Catholic Christian faith.

However, conservative bishops are reportedly angry that Mr Biden supports the right of women to have abortions.

On Thursday, prelates debated at the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) a motion that called for a teaching document on politicians who support abortion.

This could potentially bar the US President from receiving the Eucharist.

Bishops voted overwhelmingly to adopt the motion, by a majority of 168 to 55, with 6 abstentions.

The decision to put the motion to the conference has divided the US Catholic community.

Marianne Duddy-Burke, the executive director of Dignity USA which supports LGBTQ Catholics, accused bishops of behaving “in a brazenly partisan manner”.

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In proposing the motion, he said: “We weren’t targeting particular individuals or limited to one issue, but I think we need to accept the [Church’s] discipline that those who obstinately persist in grave sin are not to be admitted to Holy Communion.”

The document will now be drafted by the doctrine committee of US bishops and will be debated again at the next bi-annual US Catholic Bishops Conference in November.

When asked about the bishops’ decision, the US President replied: “That’s a private matter and I don’t think that’s gonna happen.”

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Virgin of Guadalupe statue replaced after previous gunfire incident at SE Houston church

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — A statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe that was found vandalized outside of a southeast Houston church in January was finally replaced Sunday morning.Queen of Peace Catholic Church held a replacement statue inauguration in the 3000 block of Telephone Road at 9 a.m., honoring the new Virgin Mary as parishioners adorned the area with flowers.

The video above shows the new statue living on top of a few steps outside in the church’s green space.According to parishioners, the statue was hit by at least six bullets back in December of 2020, leaving holes in the venerated object.

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Witnesses said the person responsible is a man who was wearing a red suit and a black hat.

“I just think it’s something evil, you know? It’s something that’s not good. We were scared because it’s right across the street,” said Ruby Garcia, who lives in the area.

Garcia’s mother cleaned the previous statue every other day and said she was extremely upset.

“It’s just ridiculous. The first thing I thought about, I said, ‘Well, what if someone had been there and gotten shot accidently because some stupid person passed by shooting it?'” wondered Irene Garcia, another resident of the area.Anyone with information on the suspect is urged to contact authorities.

The site, located just feet away from Telephone Road, is visited often by parishioners and others in the area for prayer and inspiration.

Queen of Peace Catholic Church was established in 1945. It wasn’t clear when the statue was installed.

Our Lady of Guadalupe traces its roots back to 1531 when an apparition of Mary, the mother of Jesus, appeared five times in Mexico, according to historical accounts[2]. A cloak containing an image of her is located at the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City and is one of the most popular pilgrimage sites[3] for the Catholic faithful.

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Easter Sunday church services to resume in person this year

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Easter Sunday is the first major holiday to happen since COVID-19 vaccines became available widespread. It’s also the first time celebrations are looking closer to normal.

This time last year, most churches were forced to go virtual. Katrina Darby says not this year.

“I’m looking forward to having that community, relationships with other people and reconnecting again,” said Katrina Darby.

Darby spent her Saturday before Easter Sunday at Mozart’s Coffee Roasters.

“I’ve notice there’s been more people feeling comfortable being out,” said Darby.

The flowers were in full bloom at Mozart’s Saturday, and so were the people. Mozart’s owner says she’s starting to see people young and old trickle in.

“I think we’ve seen a little bit of everybody. Tours are starting to come back into Austin as well, which we have not seen at all during COVID.” said Anastasia Leonard. “The spring weather has really been bringing everyone out to celebrate the Easter season.”

Last year, Mozart’s business was down by 95%. With the tables full Saturday, the difference is stark.

COVID-19 robbed many people of their favorite holidays and celebrations. Azuzena Perez and her friend spent their Saturday at Mozart’s celebrating their past birthdays.

“We’re so excited to just be outside,” said Perez.

With zero capacity restrictions, churches are also expecting to see their biggest influx of people on Sunday. Most of them aren’t fully back to normal yet with masks still being required.

“We’re still spaced out, it’s kinda uncomfortable but the masks are okay,” said Perez. “I prefer to see people wearing the mask actually.”

Kaitlyn Karmout