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DEAL OF THE DAY: Shark vacuum cleaner discounted by over 30 percent off – shop now

One of the most popular cleaning products, the Shark Powered Lift Away Vacuum Cleaner is now on offer for a bargain price. Ideal for all household cleaning, don’t miss out on this limited-time deal.

From carpets to hard floors, the vacuum cleaner is designed to clean all surfaces, making it ideal to use around the house.

It’s got bagless cleaning which makes it easy to empty once full, and there’s no need to buy any bags.

It’s also designed with unique Lift-Away technology, which allows you to remove the cylinder from the base and reach every corner.

In addition, there’s a HEPA filtration system which removes allergens from the air, making it a must-have for those who suffer from hay fever.

It’s now available for £189 – shop it here on ao.com.

The discount saves customers £90 off its original price.

Free next day delivery is also available with this purchase.

One of the highest rated products on ao.com, it’s sure to sell out.

There are more deals on vacuum cleaners available on ao.com.

Discover deals here.

Free pickup is also available on items.

This article contains affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission on any sales of products or services we write about. This article was written completely independently, see more details here.

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Jason Manford admits he 'went absolutely nuts' at daughter over remark about their cleaner

Comedian Jason Manford, 40, has candidly opened up on his worst moment as a parent to his six children. The star revealed that he has a “brilliant” cleaner who has been working with his family “for years”.

However, Jason was left furious when his daughter began to take advantage of their cleaner’s hard work around the house rather than taking on chores herself.

Speaking about the moment on Dave Berry’s Dadpod podcast, Jason said: “This is something I would never usually admit to, but we’ve got a cleaner, you know, comes in and cleans the house, and she’s brilliant. 

“We’ve had her for years, and this was probably the worst moment of my parenting career. 

“So, Suzanne comes in all the time… And my daughter had not tidied her bedroom and I come upstairs, she’s about seven at the time, and I said, ‘what’s going on? Why’s your bedroom such a mess?’ 

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“She was like, ‘what do you mean?’ I said, ‘make your bed’. She said, ‘I don’t want to’. 

“I said, ‘well if you’re not gonna make it, who’s gonna make it?’ And she said, ‘Suzanne, the cleaner’, and I went absolutely nuts.”

Jason went on to inform Dave that he told Suzanne to avoid making his children’s beds following the incident.

He added: “So, that was four years ago and she’s never made their beds since.”


“I found out later because at the time, I didn’t know. 

“I just, I had nothing to compare it against and I just spent my childhood laughing and having a good time and playing and, you know. I didn’t really notice it. 

“But my kids obviously have got all these opportunities and I think I’m a bit pushy when it comes to certain things.”

Elsewhere, Jason previously shared in an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk that one of his daughters “wasn’t happy” with his “secretive” antics when he appeared as Hedgehog on The Masked Singer UK in 2020. 

He recalled: “My daughter wasn’t happy when she found out I was on The Masked Singer because everyone at school was saying, ‘That’s your dad’.

“And she was saying, ‘I think I would know!’

“I loved it, it was great, a really fun experience. 

“Very different, the team are great fun, and the whole secretive thing was nuts, but it was a lot of fun,” the star added, despite the youngster’s frustrations.

‘Dave Berry’s Dadpod’ is available from Apple PodcastsSpotify, the Absolute Radio app, absoluteradio.co.uk, and all mainstream podcast providers.

Listen to the full episode here: https://planetradio.co.uk/podcasts/dave-berry-dadpod/

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Shark cordless vaccum cleaner discounted by 50 percent off for Prime Day – one day only

Cordless in design, it’s easy to use around the house or flat and has 40 minutes of run time, giving customers plenty of time to clean the house. 

From carpets to hard surfaces, the vacuum cleaner is designed with a DuoClean floorhead, which means that customers can also use it on sofas, window blinds and more.

It’s also got Anti Hair Wrap technology, which actively removes hair from surfaces while in use.

But be quick, this is a lightning offer from Prime Day and only available from now until Monday 21 June 2021, 23:59PM.

It’s now available for £199 – shop it here.

The discount saves customers a whopping £200 off its original price.

To get the discount, customers need to be Prime members.

This is one of Amazon’s biggest Prime Day discounts and it’s sure to sell out.

The Lithium ION battery pack can be recharged on or off the vacuum at any plug socket for extra convenience.

There is also a boost mode which gives customers extra power so they can clean in a flash.

Make your home sparkling clean and get this lightning deal on Prime Day.

This article contains affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission on any sales of products or services we write about. This article was written completely independently, see more details here.

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Life and Style Feed
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Dyson fans warned about dangerous vacuum cleaner scam sweeping the UK

A number of UK residents have started to receive emails claiming to be from well-known high street stores, like Currys PC World, congratulating them on winning a Dyson vacuum cleaner. If you’ve recently bought something from Currys PC World – or simply logged onto their site to check out the latest Bank Holiday deals – there’s a good chance you might assume this prize draw is the real deal. The email includes a prominent “Get Started” button that supposedly takes you through the process to redeem the prize.

Unfortunately, it’s all a scam.

Currys PC World isn’t dishing out free Dyson vacuum cleaners at the moment. The email has been crafted to try to steal your bank details. To do that, the fraudulent Currys PC World giveaway team ask for a small £1 charge to cover the cost of delivery of your prize. If you input your credit or debit card details, this information is passed directly to the cyber crooks behind the email scam – enabling them to start their own shopping spree behind your back.

“You are the lucky online winner of a brand new Sweepstakes Dyson Vacuum entry for FREE! It will only take a minute to receive this fantastic prize,” one example of the scam email promises.

DHL, Hermes and other parcel delivery text scams are on the rise

A few variations of this scam are currently circulating in the UK, with some versions promising a free MacBook Pro or Nespresso Coffee Machine as the prize. Needless to say, all of these are fake and are designed to use the same £1 delivery charge to get access to your bank details.

Speaking about the recent email, Ray Walsh, a digital privacy expert at ProPrivacy, told Express.co.uk, “Consumers in the UK need to be on the lookout for unexpected emails from Currys PC World to avoid being scammed by a bogus competition. The email looks genuine and includes all the official logos and lettering you would expect to see from the electrical giant.

“If you follow the Get Started link to claim sought after rewards such as a Dyson vacuum cleaner or a Nespresso coffee machine – you will be asked to fill in a questionnaire. This will allow hackers to steal your information for identity theft purposes and further phishing campaigns. Some versions of the phishing email have been forwarding the recipient to a page that asks for a £1 delivery fee to post the prize. If payment details are provided, the victim will be providing their address and banking details to criminals.

“While this is a sophisticated phishing scam that successfully impersonates the popular brand, there are some clues that it is not legit. If you look carefully you will see that the emails are coming from [email protected] and not an official corporate email account. As is always the case, if something appears to be too good to be true then it is probably a scam.”

If you’re reading this article a little too late and you’ve fallen for one of these growing number of email scams, you need to act fast.

First up, report the scam to Action Fraud by calling 0300 123 2040. If you’ve entered your payment details into a website or online form that you believe was set-up by hackers, you should contact your bank to flag the mistake. This ensures they will be on high alert for any potential fraud. It also means they can provide you with a new card if they believe the details are already compromised.

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