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Bowel cancer symptoms: A ‘change in the look’ of your poo is a warning sign – visual clues

Bowel cancer symptoms: A 'change in the look' of your poo is a warning sign - visual clues

The link between diet and cancer is complex and inconclusive, but certain foods have been shown to definitely raise your risk.

Many studies have shown that eating lots of red and processed meat increases the risk of bowel cancer.

According to Cancer Research UK, it is estimated that around 13 out of 100 bowel cancer cases (around 13 percent) in the UK are linked to eating these meats.

Processed meat is any meat that has been treated to preserve it or add flavour – for example, bacon, salami, sausages, canned meat, or chicken nuggets.

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Fortnite search farm for clues Week 7 Legendary challenge map locations REVEALED

Fortnite search farm for clues Week 7 Legendary challenge map locations REVEALED

Fortnite fans can earn XP by completing the latest set of weekly challenges.

Fortnite developer Epic Games releases a fresh batch of challenges each week.

More traditional challenges are classed as Epic Quests, while Legendary Quests are more in depth and provide extra bonus XP.

This week’s Epic Quests task players with dealing damage near an Abductor, destroying hiding places, and destroying objects.

You’ll earn additional XP for hunting an infected animal, travelling in a saucer, and experiencing low gravity.

One final challenge tasks players with abducting an opponent with a saucer tractor beam.

As for the Legendary Quests, players can earn XP by placing missing person signs and collecting doomsday preppers guides.

One of the more interesting challenges involves visiting Farmer Steel’s favourite places, while another tasks users with searching the farm for clues.

Fortunately, this challenge is very easy once you know where to look.

As you can see from the video above, you only actually need to search for two clues out of a possible four.

One of the clues can be found in the southern corn field, while another is north of the house by the bushes.

Other clues can be found by rocks in the north part of the farm, as well as another rock formation in the south of the farm.

Once you’ve found two clues, the challenge is complete and you’ll gain a massive 45,000 XP.

You can see the remaining Fortnite Week 4 challenges below…

Fortnite Week 4 Epic Quests in full…

• Deal damage near an Abductor (1000)

• Destroy hiding places (3)

• Destroy Objects at Retail Row, Lazy Lake, Pleasant Park, or Holly Hatchery (5)

• Experience low gravity with Alien Nanites or on the Mothership (1)

• Hunt an infected animal (1)

• Travel in a Saucer (1000)

• Abduct an opponent with a saucer tractor beam (1)

Fortnite Week 4 Legendary Challenges in full…

• Search the farm for clues (2) – 45,000 XP

• Visit Farmer Steel’s favorite places (3) – 30,000 XP

• Place missing person signs in Weeping Woods and Misty Meadows (4) – 30,000 XP

• Collect doomsday preppers guide (1) – 30,000 XP

• Forage for food, need supplies (5) – 30,000 XP

Author: Liam Martin
This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Gaming

The Masked Dancer Frog 'rumbled' as clues point to Strictly star

After just two performances, viewers think they have sussed out who The Masked Dancer’s Frog is.

And they have concluded that This Morning presenter and former Strictly finalist Lisa Snowdon could be the frog, The Chronicle reports.

Frog graced the stage for the first time on Sunday and they were back on Tuesday for a ballet/commercial routine to Somewhere Over The Rainbow.

But it was two clues that gave it away; one before and one after their performance that alerted viewers to Frog potentially being Lisa Snowdon.

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The viewers suspect the frog is Lisa Snowden

A pirate ship appeared in Frog’s VT and on it was the word Clooney, with the C missing, hinting at Lisa from dating and then splitting from A-list actor George Clooney.

And then, giving two truths and one lie after her performance, Frog teased that her career ‘peaked in Wales’, which could most definitely be interpreted as a clear link to Mount Snowdon, a nod to This Morning fashion expert Lisa’ s second name.

Picking up on both clues, one viewer tweeted: “I thought Frog was Lisa Snowdon from the Looney/Clooney reference, then the peak in Wales clue”.

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Another added: “I think Lisa Snowdon, it’s her figure, she once dated George Clooney (clue on ship) and highest peak in Wales Snowdon…. and wasn’t she on strictly.”

Another clue in Frog’s VT pointed to the fact they’d lived in America for some time, something which Lisa did and a fact that definitely didn’t go un-noticed by panellist Jonathan Ross who also guessed Lisa.

One more viewer, also sharing in the theory that Lisa could be Frog, commented: “I think Lisa Snowdon, it’s her figure, she once dated George Clooney (clue on ship) and highest peak in Wales Snowdon….and wasn’t she on strictly.”

Author: [email protected] (Simon Duke, Lucy Marshall)
This post originally appeared on Hull Live – Celebs & TV

Gut health: Sounds, taste and visual clues indicating poor gut health – how to remedy it

Gut health: Sounds, taste and visual clues indicating poor gut health - how to remedy it

Many people may be surprised to know but you can also taste if your gut is unhealthy.

Sufferers of acid reflux may experience a sour taste caused by regurgitated stomach acid and could indicate poor gut health.

Jo added: “Another common symptom of acid reflux is heartburn, a burning sensation in the middle of your chest and you may also experience bloating and feeling sick.

“Acid reflux and heartburn can be caused or made worse by eating certain food and drink, such as coffee, tomatoes, alcohol, chocolate or fatty/spicy foods, as well as if you smoke, are pregnant, have stress and anxiety, or are obese.

“Simple lifestyle changes can help stop or reduce heart burn and acid reflux, including eating smaller and more frequent meals, losing weight and finding ways to relax.

“Reflux can be very painful but is so straightforward to manage that you should see your GP or a dietitian if you have it regularly.

“However, if left untreated, stomach acid moving up into the base of the oesophagus can, over time increase your risk of developing oesophageal cancer.”

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Health Feed
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Type 2 diabetes symptoms: Dr Sarah Jarvis points out three of the 'most common' clues

Type 2 diabetes symptoms: Dr Sarah Jarvis points out three of the 'most common' clues
“You may not recognise for some time that you are ill,” said Dr Jarvis, explaining you can become “used to being thirsty and tired”. These are two hallmark signs of type 2 diabetes. The third sign being the need to urinate frequently and “passing large amounts of urine”. “The reason why you make a lot of urine and become thirsty is that if your blood sugar rises too high, the excess sugar leaks into your urine.
Taking a clothing tape measure can identify if you have “central obesity”.

Women who have a waist measurement of 31.5 inches (80cm) or more are classified as at risk.

Men who have a waist measurement of 37 inches (94cm) or more are also at risk.

Increased blood sugar levels can have short-term and long-term consequences.

Short-term effects include dehydration and drowsiness, but it’s the long-term effects that are most frightening.

Persistently raised blood sugar levels can lead to blood vessel damage, and may lead to:

  • Impotence
  • Foot ulcers
  • Nerve damage
  • Vision problems
  • Kidney damage
  • Hardening of the arteries
  • Angina
  • Heart attacks
  • Stroke
  • Poor circulation

The earlier type 2 diabetes is diagnosed, the sooner treatment can begin and the less damage that will be done.

A blood test arranged by your doctor can check blood sugar levels, giving a definite diagnosis.

“Lifestyle changes are an essential part of treatment for all people with type 2 diabetes,” said Dr Jarvis.

“What you eat is absolutely central to your blood glucose control, as well as your general health.

“Lose weight if you are overweight… and do some physical activity regularly,” she added.

Anything “more vigorous” and “more often” than 30 minutes of brisk walking, five times per week, is “even better” for controlling blood sugar levels.

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One Direction reunion: Niall Horan Instagram post 'holds clues to band reuniting'

One Direction reunion: Niall Horan Instagram post 'holds clues to band reuniting'
Former One Direction star Niall has sent his fans into turmoil with his latest social media antics. The Instagram post included a collection of photos from around his studio and home. While a few were selfies and images of his car, fans believe one image in particular holds clues about the band’s reunion.
An eagle-eyes TikTok user pointed out the photo of Niall’s studio includes a number of clues to other members of the band.

They also reference the recording of their final album, Made in the AM.

First, the headphone sticker on the wall was last seen when Liam Payne was recording vocals during their One Direction days.

The image in question showed him staring at the sticker while singing into a microphone.

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A reunion has long been expected from the band since before their 10-year-anniversary, which was July 23, 2020.

Earlier this month the odds on the band reuniting as a five-piece were slashed after Zayn Malik spoke out about his former bandmates.

In an interview Zayn revealed he prefers Niall’s music over the rest of the band’s work.

Since then, the odds on Zayn being a part of any kind of reunion have been slashed to a fantastic 1/2 from Ladbrokes.

The chances of a band reunion in 2021 have also improved.

At the moment, odds on the gang getting back together this year are at 1/4 – the best they have ever been.

Ladbrokes’ Alex Apati commented: “1D fans will be delighted Zayn is even talking about his old bandmates, but news that his odds have been slashed to take part in the reunion will be even more music to their ears.”