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Can you find this secret cocktail bar hiding in a Manchester laundrette?

The Washhouse in Shudehill, is one of many trendy locations that’s caught the attention of city dwellers thanks to it’s uncanny resemblance to a real dry cleaners. Locals have even been so convinced of the narrow-looking facility’s appearance close to The Arndale Centre – that they have actually turned up to their weekly wash.

Leave your dirty laundry at home and step through the washing machine-shaped door to find a modern-day bar with laundry themed touches surrounded in low mood lighting.

Once inside, pay no attention to the man pretending to wait for his spin cycle to end, head for the 1970’s phone and tell the operator that you have some clothes to clean.

The owners have gone all out to create an air of mystery about this secretive drinking spot, you’ll soon get suspicious if you spot a well-dressed crowd heading towards this themed bar.

For those hoping for a glimpse of the menu before you arrive, you can’t. The website also plays along with The Washhouse’s Secret nature, but some snaps have been spotted across social media.

Cocktails, ranging from the classic to the experimental, as well as spirits, beers and champagne are all served at table, to a soundtrack of dirty deep house.

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This post originally posted here Daily Express

Jilted husband takes revenge on ex-wife by blowing up her car

Author: Jon Lockett
This post originally appeared on World News – breaking international headlines and exclusives | The Sun

A JILTED husband took revenge on his ex-wife by blowing up her pick-up truck as she slept inside it with her new lover, it’s claimed.

Shocking CCTV footage is said to show the heartbroken man fleeing after throwing a molotov cocktail – petrol bomb – at the vehicle in Thailand.

CCTV shows flames quickly engulfing the truck parked near a petrol station in Thailand


CCTV shows flames quickly engulfing the truck parked near a petrol station in ThailandCredit: ViralPress

The suspect, later identified by cops as Niwat Chankaew, allegedly tracked his ex-lover’s truck to a petrol station and erupted in rage on seeing she was with another man.

Niwat is then said to have returned with his home-made bomb and hurled it at the truck while his ex and another man were sleeping.

The terrifying footage shows flames quickly engulfing the truck as a man in a red shirt is seen fleeing the scene.

The woman Pattarapond Kongsidee, 26, scrambled to safety with only minor burns along with her new man.

She told police they stopped over at the gas station to rest while travelling to deliver fruit with her new boyfriend when the incident happened.

She said: “He was my ex-husband. We have one child together but I had to leave him after I found out he was dealing drugs.

Footage is said to show the heartbroken man fleeing after throwing the petrol bomb


Footage is said to show the heartbroken man fleeing after throwing the petrol bombCredit: ViralPress

The suspect was made to take part in a re-encatment of his alleged crime


The suspect was made to take part in a re-encatment of his alleged crimeCredit: ViralPress

“I was shocked. I tried to maintain a good relationship with him and I thought we had an understanding. Now I am confused what made him do it.

“I thought we were going to die. He smashed the window which sent glass everywhere and made it even harder to escape and put out the fire.

“We covered the 170,000 baht (£3,900) repair bill by ourselves. We also lost the watermelons we were supposed to deliver which cost us another 50,000 baht (£1,150).”

She added that they reported the incident to the police, who later arrested Niwat and made him take part in a re-enactment of the attack in Nakhon Si Thammarat province.

He reportedly confessed to setting his ex-lover’s car alight be cause he was devastated over the split and said that she owed him money.

Niwat told local media he was not hiding from the police and was waiting for them to arrest him.

He reportedly confessed to setting his ex-lover’s car alight


He reportedly confessed to setting his ex-lover’s car alightCredit: ViralPress

Cops say they are still working on the case


Cops say they are still working on the caseCredit: ViralPress

He said: “My heart was still broken. I told her not to come to Nakhon Si Thammarat until I get better.

“She took everything from me and now she’s giving it to the other person.

“I have not been hiding from the police. They just didn’t arrest me.

“I’m ready to be imprisoned but she has to pay me what she owes me so we can be fair.’

Police Captain Rakkiat Chotsak said that officers are still working on the case.

He said: “We interviewed and interrogated all witnesses and the evidence was already collected.

“We initially invited the man who was allegedly on the video for questioning but he did not show up.

“An arrest warrant was issued and we found him and he confessed to starting the fire.

“We’re not gathering his testimony and interviewing all the witnesses to know the full situation before he can be charged.”

Tom Cruise saved Elisabeth Shue from 'certain death' on Cocktail set

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Entertainment Feed

Cruise is nothing more than a real-life action hero. The 58-year-old still does all of his own stunts on the Mission: Impossible franchise, showcasing his fearlessness on such feats as scaling the Burj Khalifa, jumping out of airplanes and riding a jet on the outside of its wings. It has now been revealed the star actually prevented the freak-accidental death of his Cocktail co-star Shue in 1988 during filming.

Bill Bennett ASC, an aerial camera operator who worked on the raunchy movie, revealed the story in a Facebook group.

According to The Sun, Bennett said: “I witnessed Tom Cruise save Elisabeth Shue’s life, for real.

“We were filming the scene from a helicopter, where Tom and Elisabeth are riding horses along the beach. We were shooting film, but I had a video recorder in the helicopter to record the camera’s video tap images.

“After a couple takes, the pilot would land the helicopter on the beach, and Tom and Elisabeth would come over to watch the shot recordings and get notes from the director. The only monitor was at my operating position in the left front seat of the helicopter.”

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Bennett explained the helicopter’s engine would remain on between takes and both the overhead rota and the tail rota would keep spinning, creating a dangerous scenario.

He went on: “It was also quite loud, and you had to shout to be heard over the noise of the engine. You have to know, when you are working around helicopters, that the area at the back of the helicopter, where the tail rotor is spinning, is deadly.

“The rotor is invisible when it is spinning, and if you walk into it, it will kill you instantly. It is a totally ‘no go’ area when working around helicopters.”

Disaster struck when Shue presumably forgot this golden rule between a subsequent take on the beach.

Bennett went on: “So, after we had landed for the second or third time, Tom and Elisabeth came over, I opened the side door of the helicopter and they leaned in to watch the shot on the monitor.

“The director gave them a couple notes, and Elisabeth, getting quite excited, took off suddenly, running towards the back of the helicopter. Just at that same moment that Tom saw where Elisabeth was going.”

Cruise didn’t waste a second and jumped into action, the camera operator revealed. He said: “Tom is a pilot, rated in both airplanes and helicopters, and instantly saw the danger. He lunged after her, but only was able grab her legs, tackling her to the ground.

“He rolled her over, dragging her at the same time, and you could see the momentary anger on her face while she was yelling: ‘Why did you do that?’ But by that time he is pointing at the tail rotor which is now a couple feet away, screaming at her that she almost died.”

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Bennett explained Shue “turned white” when she realised what had almost happened to her.

He added: “All of us in the helicopter were quite shaken up by the close call, but there was nothing to be said. Tom had, in that instant, truly saved her life.”

He also explained how today this almost-tragedy would not have happened, as a formal safety meeting would have been carried out before the helicopter ever arrived.

In a surprising turn of events, writer Mike Timm saw the story and took it to Mission: Impossible director Christopher McQuarrie, who showed it to Cruise recently.

Timm told Bennett: “I sent this post to Christopher McQuarrie, who’s working with Tom on [Mission: Impossible 7]. He loved the story and, of course, Tom confirmed it.”

Cruise is still taking on crazy stunts in the latest film in the bombastic franchise.

Director McQuarrie’s latest image of Cruise shows him literally hanging off of a train in Yorkshire, England.

Mission: Impossible 7 is due out in cinemas May 27, 2022.

Cocktail is available on Disney Plus now.