Britain’s economic situation compared to 2008 recession

Hunt: UK ‘not out of the woods’ after narrowly avoiding recession After months of speculation, the UK officially made it through 2022 without slipping into a recession. Such economic slumps are, however, not uncommon. The Great Recession—still vivid in memory for most—was the deepest the country had endured for 100 years. As the economy teeters on […]

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Djokovic ‘misunderstood’ as Nadal relationship compared to

“In tennis, everyone is very closed to their team. The same thing happened to us, they are different habits, you have different schedules, another way of being… Just as Federer and Nadal had a rivalry but turned it into something closer, Djokovic and Nadal have been on opposite paths at the level of ideals and […]


Lisa Marie Presley’s life compared to Harry and Meghan at

Lisa Marie died after a cardiac arrest at home on January 12. She was just 54 years old. The singer was buried earlier today at Graceland, her childhood home. The ceremony was followed by a public memorial held on the lawn of the Memphis mansion. Among close family friends, Axl Rose and Sarah Ferguson shared […]


Noah Schnapp Just Came Out As Gay And Compared Himself To His

One of the biggest pop culture stories of last year was whether or not Noah Schnapp’s Stranger Things character, Will, was gay or not. While it was heavily hinted at throughout Season 4, we never got a real answer and we were left with a rather ambiguous confirmation in the season finale. After the season […]


A TikToker Compared A Florida Map To New York Cities & Viewers

Florida was recently ranked the most popular place for winter travel, and, with the amount of New Yorkers that visit seasonally, a local TikToker shared which Sunshine State cities are comparable to those in the Empire State. Content creator Franky Bernstein (@frankybernstein) posted a video on Wednesday of a map of Florida with New York […]


Dyson vacuums look cheap compared to the price of its new

Dyson might be famed for producing some of the best dust-busting devices on the planet but now it’s turning its attention to a unique pair of headphones. The Dyson Zone, which was first announced earlier this year, not only boom audio right into your ears but also purifies the oxygen you are breathing in at […]


Meghan ‘meticulously compared herself’ to John Lennon and Yoko Ono

Commentators claim there are some similarities in the black and white images of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and historic images of the late Beatle and his wife and artist, Yoko Ono. The royal couple’s trailer opens with a collection of personal snaps and photographs of Harry and Meghan during the early days of […]


“I would certainly win some matches, but so would she” – When Martina Navratilova compared herself with Serena Williams

Martina Navratilova said that she could’ve won a few matches if she had faced Serena Williams during her mid-80s peak. The Czech-American spoke to British media house Guardian in November 2003, a few days before the United States of America’s Fed Cup semifinal against Belgium, about a variety of topics, including the state of women’s […]


John Lennon Compared Being in The Beatles to Getting Crucified

TL;DR: John Lennon criticized some of The Beatles’ fans. He compared being in The Beatles to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. He said he and the other former Beatles were not “withholding” anything from fans. The Beatles’ John Lennon | Harry Benson/Express/Getty Images John Lennon wasn’t always a fan of The Beatles’ fans. For example, […]


Kendall Is Being Called Out For “Always Photoshopping Her Waist” After Fans Compared Pap Pics To Instagram Posts

Last year, Kendall Jenner sparked backlash when she was exposed for apparently photoshopping images that had triggered widespread body insecurity among fans. The model had taken part in a photo shoot for her sister Kim Kardashian’s Skims brand and shared several photos of herself wearing a “micro thong” to Instagram. Kendall looked sensational in the […]