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Holidays in amber list countries ‘rather complicated’ warns expert

“Countries such as Spain, France and Italy can change their rules for travellers coming in at any time, especially as UK COVID-19 infections continue to rise.”

From July 19, double-jabbed travellers will be able to go on holiday to amber list countries without having to quarantine for 10 days on return.

Most European countries, including Britain’s favourite holiday spots, are on the UK’s amber list, including destinations such as Spain, Croatia or Greece.

But for families with kids or people that don’t travel often, the experience can be quite stressful.

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Moscow specialists put 12yo Russian diver into induced coma after ‘difficult and complicated’ surgery following competition horror

A 12-year-old competitor is in a coma and his mother is being given financial and psychological support after he suffered severe injuries in a diving competition in Russia, needing specialist treatment after hitting a springboard.

The ‘Kremlin Cup’ event in Moscow was proceeding as planned when a tragic incident involving a young competitor from Kazan interrupted the contest.

The boy, whose name has not been revealed, hit the springboard during one of his attempts, sustaining injuries which forced doctors to put him into a medically induced coma.

The promising athlete was immediately taken to hospital, where he underwent surgery on Sunday.

According to medical reports, the child is in a critical condition and will require a long rehabilitation period to fully recover from his injuries.

Tatarstan’s Sports Minister, Vladimir Leonov, said that he was in close contact with the Moscow-based doctors, adding that the boy’s family were being given help.

“The surgery was conducted by the country’s best specialists,” Leonov said. “The situation is really difficult and complicated.

“The boy’s condition is serious. His mother receives all necessary financial and psychological help.”

The nature of the boy’s injuries remains unknown, as does the length of time he will be forced to spend while he gradually recovers in the Russian capital.
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